Your MP’s Question of the Week #2

Should the Ministry of the Federal Territory be abolished given the fact that it is only a political ministry of patronage, and, it duplicates the functions of the office of the Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur which has sole vested executive power as provided in the Federal Territory Act?

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Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #2
Patutkah Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan dimansuhkan kerana ia mempunyai tugas yang sama dengan Datuk bandar Kuala Lumpur yang telahpun diberikan kuasa mutlak exekutif seperti yang termaktub dalam Akta Wilayah Persekutuan?

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阿強每週一問 #2


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  1. every dog has his day

    What’s the point of appointing a Federal Territories Minister when the Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur is the head honcho in his political capacity as Lord Mayor of London! The former portfolio is solely one of patronage – to reward the lackey boy of the neo-Nazi UMNO goons. Except for cutting a few ribbons here and there to open a brothel or a chicken shed in town, the guy is merely a stooge to shore up his political master’s puppet-show.Let’s save us ordinary taxpayers another useless paycheck for worthless publicity not to our advantage. BTW, we should also throw the BUM out, I mean the Lord Mayor of Kuala Lumpur. What worth has he done for the common good? You tell me. We should hole elections for his post! Period. The guy is just another sycophant of the wretched BN hangers-on. Our corrupt and inept local councils speaks volumes for their abject incompetence and lackadaisicalism.

  2. Anonymous

    ada dgn tak ada ada beza kah? kita jugak kena bayar dia punya gaji.Saya rasa YB tolong cakap dalam dewan rakyat tentang kementerian W.P ini,atau mungkin tak payah kot! mungkin BA jadi kerajaan sebelum sidang parlimen?

  3. Anonymous

    Kuala Lumpur must be the only place in the world where there is a Mayor and a Federal Territory Minister.Why just ask the senile old man who created the post??????Other cities have their Mayor for Malaysia the supporter of UMNO rewarded……….Of course must be abolished….

  4. rosso

    YB, why not start a public petition that the Datuk Bandar of Kuala Lumpur should be nominated by the Pakatan Rakyat (no more “Barisan” please – sounds cheap and shitty) MPS of Kuala Lumpur since all of you have in actual fact secured “two-thirds majority” in KL ? This is what the Rakyat in KL wants.

  5. Anonymous

    Read that Malaysia Today’s RPK has been ordered to pay damages for libel. YB Wee, can you please help him to set aside the case or help him to fight the case?I believe that the public will be ready to contribute to a fund to help pay for the legal cost.

  6. Anonymous

    Minister of FT is just a poltiical post to help the PM’s crony. It has no power to make any changes for the rakyat. All powers are vested in the hand of Datuk Bandar. So why waste the taxpsayer monies to keep this Minister for Undi Pos comfortable and without any useful purpose at all.Zulhasnan please do not fool uis anymore. Please also has self respect and resign afterall you are the only one MP that rely on Unid Pos to win. How shameful!! Tak malukah??????????????

  7. Anonymous

    Zulhasnan ialah Menteri Undi Pos kerana dia benang dengan undi pos. We do not need a Menteri FT. It is a waste of the rakyat monies. Zulhasnan, aren’t you not ashamed of yourself that you won the Setiawangsa with the magic Undi Pos. Anyway Ibrahim Yaacob is the wakil rakyat. I hope that the 10 MPs will adrress Zulhasnan as the Menteri Undi Pos in and out of Parliament. Zulhasnan has no right to call himself as MP because he rely on Undi Pos to win.Kl residents do not need FT Minister because it is a waste of taxpayers money. As YB Wee has said that he has no power whatsoever. He can only make recommendations. Datuk Bandar can just ignore his recommendations and tell himn to go and fly kite. Thats nothing he can do. If Zulhasnan has any self respect, he would not wnat ot waste taxpayer monies. Zulhasnan, Do you have concience??? MOST PROBABLY NOT OTHERWISE HE WILL NOT BE AN UMNO MINISTER WITH NO POWER AND PURPOSE.

  8. Anonymous

    Zulhasnan is a Menteri Undi Pos. Correct!Correct!Correct!Correct!BN is good in wasting the rakyat monies that’s why it sets up a special Ministry for FT, which has no purpose whatsoever accept doing duplicating works of Datuk Bandar and at the same time he has no power at all.This is how UMNO/BN reward its crony by abusing taxpayers money. UMNO/BN does not believe in democracy at all otherwise they would have to take note of 10 Barisan Rakyat MPs and 1 miserable UMNO MP. Therefore, the 10 Barisan Rakyat MPs must not recognise Zulhasnan as Minister of FT. Classify him as Menteri Undi Pos whenever he is referred to anywhere in and out of Parliament.

  9. Anonymous

    Just wondering, since he’s having the same function as the Mayor of KL (which need to be chosen by the people too), would the abolishment of his post actually affects the Labuan and Putrajaya? I think Putrajaya has its own Administration to function like a Mayor, but what about Labuan? If these two places will not get affected, then, kindly kick Menteri Undi Pos out. On second thought, it seems FT Minister is ignoring Labuan anyway, just kick him out

  10. Anonymous

    i just wanna to say, anyone got this song by Petula Clark- kiss me goodbye!opps…kiss BN goodbye! then play to bodowi and the kroni

  11. 我们一家都是人

    The juction in front your new office is having 2 car accidents today. (The junction which opposite the Carrfour Express.) We saw many cases happen here but today is special! Today, 2 motors slip at different time. Today! Please refer to the kopitiam officiers such as (1010 restaurant). They will tell u what they saw.Yang Berhormat. Please look into it seriously.Then what happen to the 1-4400 policeman-resident issue?Yang Berkhidmat,弟子们的老子清明节时雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。笑问弟子何处去?老子摇头四方来。

  12. zorro

    In any organisation we have what is called the Job Description of each position in the organisation. It is this that determines the job grade the incumbent is slotted in. as such the wage-scale is determined. It would be great if somebody in HR can get hold of this. Both are political appointees? I surmise they do “different” things but “collection” has a similar trend…..on the golf courses these days. YB you should have no difficult getting hold of their job descriptions, on second thought.Go for it, Sir.

  13. Anonymous

    We don’t need a FT Minister. Pleasedo all you can to get rid of this redundant Ministry, which is a total waste of tax payers money.We in KL voted for a change and a that is what we want, a big change.Please raise the heat on them, especially on DBKL.

  14. Elen

    YB, my family & I (total of 5 votes fm Setapak Garden) voted for you, and we have no regrets. The previous BN MP was a total goon, who is only good at officiating functions ( as per his attractive brochures sent to our hse prior to the election, and that too using our money to print & publish). I hv heard you speak at the ceramahs & know your capability. This Blog as well as your MP question of the week, is a good avenue for voters in this region to provide our comments & suggestions, so Well Done! This week’s answer to your question from the 5 votes we represent, is a definite YES! Get rid of the totally useless FT Ministry as well as the Undi Pos Minister associated with it. We gave you our votes, and now we ask you to act on behalf of us to bring justice & fairplay. No more using tax payers money for redundant ministries.

  15. Anonymous

    YB Wee,Kenapakah Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan perlu dimansuhkan?Tugas YB yang hanya menang majoriti undi sebanyak 150 undi , itupun daripada bantuan undi pos yang melayakkan YB bergelar sebagai Ahli Parlimen Undi Pos – ialah untuk membantu menyelesaikan beban masyarakat Wangsa Maju.Pergilah tengok dan turun padang ke kawasan Wangsa Maju- khususnya di Danau Kota, Belakang LRT Wangsa Maju dan juga beberapa masalah penjaja di Jalan Genting Klang.Kami bukan mengundi YB untuk bermain politik untuk kepentingan diri sendiri sepertimana parti – parti pembangkang biasa sebelum ini.Kami mahu trend seperti tersebut tukar.Minggu lepas Ahli – Ahli Parlimen termasuk YB hantar surat kepada DBKL membantah tindakan DBKL terhadap peniaga dan penjaja di Pudu tetapi peniaga – peniaga di sana menafikan sama sekali DBKL bertindak sedemikan.Sila rujuk laporan NST semalam bertarikh 29hb March.Kenapa YB sibuk sangat jaga tepi kain orang lain? sedangkan banyak masalah penjaja di Wangsa Maju.Pergi turun padang tengok di sekitar kawasan Danau Kota, Belakang LRT Wangsa Maju dan Jalan Genting Klang – banyak masalah penjaja.YB kena ingat, YB pun menang dengan undi pos dan tiada majoriti dua pertiga di Wangsa Maju.Jangan terlalu angkuh dan guna cara pendekatan politik personal terhadap orang lain.Kerajaan menubuhkan kementerian WP untuk menyelaraskan dan memantau ketiga – tiga PBT di WP- DBKL, Putrajaya dan Labuan.Dalam tempoh 4 tahun banyak telah dilakukan oleh Kementerian WP dan banyak lagi boleh diperbaiki lagi dengan kerjasama orang – orang seperti YB sendiri.SILA BACA JUGA UNTUK dapatkan beberapa perkara yang menarik.

  16. Elen

    Kepada Anonymous, 30 March 15:20,Kamu ada bukti ke yang YB Wee menang dgn undi pos? Sedar sikit la, mana ada pembangkang yang boleh menang dengan undi pos di Malaysia ini? Jangan jadi ibarat katak di bawah tempurung. Kamu masih lagi percaya kepada apa yang di tulis di akhbar harian yang menipu tu? Saya pun kampung kat sana jugak la, dan masalah penjaja dan kawasan kat Danau Kota, belakang LRT itu bukan masalah baru, tapi dah bertahun-tahun. Apa yang dilaksanakan oleh MP BN yang lalu. Kalau, MP yang lalu betul-betul prihatin dengan masalah rakyat, benda-benda macam tu sudah lama di-selesaikan. Tidak perlu seseorang yang cerdik atau ber-ijazah untuk menyelesaikan masalah tersebut. Orang biasa macam awak dan saya pun dah lama boleh selesaikan. Pernahkan awak melihat batang hidung MP yang lalu turun padang? Kita tak perlu MP yang sekadar turun padang untuk jamuan pembukaan rasmi atau untuk bodek semata-mata kerana menteri ada. Kita baru aje 3 minggu selepas pilihan raya. Awak ingat Danau Kota aje satu konstitusi di Parlimen W.Maju? Ada banyak kawasan-kawasan yang lain juga. Bagi lah YB Wee masa untuk membetulkan keadaan dan janganlah cepat sangat untuk menunding jari.YB Wee adalah 100% lebih bermakna untuk W.Maju daripada kroni-kroni BN yang lalu, yang lebih mementingkan kuasa & harta untuk diri sendiri.

  17. Anonymous

    Kickdefellafront page About Myself Now Showing Say NO To NSTP ← Dollah Derhaka Malaysia Will Get A New Prime Minister on Friday? → Deep Shit Fishing for Dollah DehakaMarch 26, 2008 · 95 CommentsUpdateGlobal Media Channel reported that Idris Jusoh, Rasol Wahid and Din Adam has lost their Datukship with immediate effect. Original News HRH The Agong has spoken. The King has sent Dollah on a deep shit expedition. It surely will not be an easy one for Dollah especially after he was given the ultimatum to accept the appointment of the Terengganu Menteri Besar or face more shit on his face. Dollah was asked to provide the detail expenditure of the RM1.2B a year that Idris Jusoh received from the federal government since he became the MB of Terengganu.Are we going to see the establishment of a Royal Commission if Dollah fails to present to the King the detail expenditure?Are we also going to know who is the real MB of Terengganu from 2004 until March 2008? Who is Patrick Badawi and what is his relationship with Kamaluddin Abdullah’s wife? What is the business relationship between Kamaluddin and Patrick Badawi? Why is the RM50M Crystal Mosque actually cost ten times higher upon finishing? Why is RM350M was spent annually on Monsoon Cup and how has it benefits the poor in Terengganu? With only four years to go for Terengganu to enjoy the gas and petroleum, why are Terengganu still listed amongst the poorest state in Malaysia and with such a huge default in federal loans, etc, etc, etc and etc……. the list continues.Surely, this is really a deep shit fishing trip for Dollah Derhaka. How will Khairy Jamaluddin comes handy this time.


    There are 14 units under the Ministry of Federal Territories- of which 3 are directly related to administration of state matters- DBKL, Perbadanan Labuan, Perbadanan Putrajaya. Kuala Lumpur is governed by the following statutory laws- Federal Capital Act 1960, Local Government Act 1976 and City of Kuala Lumpur Act 1971. The Federal Capital Act 1960 places the federal government in charge of the DBKL which is in turn in charge of Kuala Lumpur. DBKL inspite being a form of local government, is prevented by the Local Government Act 1976 to be governed like the state councils in Selangor and other states. S8 in the LGA 1976 provides that the FCA 1960 shall prevail should there be conflict in the law. This means, whatever happens (despite the outcome of national election results), the Federal Government still runs Kuala Lumpur.The power of FCA 1960 is very noticeable especially in the following sections:-S4 gives power to the King to hire and/or fire the Datuk Bandar. This is contrary to popular belief that the PM selects the Datuk Bandar but it is noted that the PM holds significant influence over the selection of candidates. The same section allows the King to sack or determine the serving period of the Datuk Bandar as well. If the Datuk Bandar is unfit to act in his capacity, subsection 7 says the Ministry of Federal Territory could take charge.-S10 gives the Datuk Bandar veto power over the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is a panel of advisers appointed to assist the mayor in policy matters. The Advisory Board members, by law, are appointed by the King, save a couple of members who could be appointed by the Selangor Menteri Besar.-S13(1) allows the Ministry of Federal Territories to give the Datuk Bandar instructions ‘from time to time’ eventhough the instructions are inconsistent to the FCA 1960. Subsection 2 further states that the mayor reports only to Ministry and no one else. S13 very clearly vests power in Pak Lah to control Kuala Lumpur.The laws are highly dictatorial and undemocratic- it dissallows the 1.6 million people in Kuala Lumpur to be represented by the people they elected. Down on the ground the DBKL is notorious for its questionable enforcement of city law and other dubious practices which the city folk do not hold high regard for. This includes non/little -disclosure of accounts, budgets and city expenditure and revenue. The public, especially the 1.6 million KL residents, will never know the actual usage of ratepayers’ funds.The DBKL has been a political clout of the government and will always be part of the Government’s political agenda unless the Acts mentioned above are repealed. The elected MPs of Kuala Lumpur should jointly fight for the change in law so that the DBKL is returned to the people’s hands. For the MPs, even in their own constituencies, it is an uphill task for the MPs to ensure the DBKL carries out the garbage collection function properly; maintain pot-hole free roads and so on.

  19. Anonymous

    Elen said:Kamu ada bukti ke yang YB Wee menang dgn undi pos? Sedar sikit la, mana ada pembangkang yang boleh menang dengan undi pos di Malaysia ini? Jangan jadi ibarat katak di bawah tempurung. Kamu masih lagi percaya kepada apa yang di tulis di akhbar harian yang menipu tu?Memang saya tak percaya. Tapi bukan akhbar yang tulis. maksud saya pabila para politikus pembangkang memberi memo kepad DBKL kononnya DBKL menggertak serta menghukum para penjaja dibeberapa tempat diKL kerana menggundi Pembangkang. Tapi, dua hari kemudian, ketua persatuan penjaja Pudu Jeff Tan memanggil pihak akhbar memberi penjelesan bahawa DBKL langsung tidak berbuat demikian, malahan telah mengambil tindakan keatas para penjaja haram. Inilah perkara yang amat mamalukan – tidakkah tindakan melulu memberi memo kepada DBKL tanpa usual periksa mendatangkan malu? Jangan kata akhbar harian tidak telus kerana yang memanggil pihak untuk membuat penjelasan itu adalah ketua persatuan penjaja sendiri.

  20. Anonymous

    Yep, abolish that stupid ministry and bring back elections to vote in the mayor.No taxation without representation. How can they charge us, when they are not even elected by us.By the way, since 10 out of 11 MPs in KL are from the Barisan Rakyat, perhaps it is time to seek an audience with the the Agong to ask His Majesty reappoint someone else to be the mayor in the meantime.After all, the current bugger is doing a lousy job. The city is still crime ridden, filthy as ever, the flash floods still occur despite the much vaunted SMART tunnel, and the traffic jams are getting worse by the day….

  21. Anonymous

    there is no point to have federal territories minister since there is a Mayor. If we need a minister then we should have one choosen from Barisan Rakyat since they won the most seats in FT. In my humble opinion, FT minister is just to promote some umno-putras to have ministerial post.

  22. Wee Choo Keong

    rosso:I am pleased to inform you that the 10 MPs from Barisan Rakyat will launch a petition campaign to have an elected Datuk Bandar KL. Once it is ready I shall inform you all in this blog and trust that you all will help out to get the signatures. Thank you

  23. tehsin mukhtar

    YB Wee…I would like to know the outcome of our police personnel to penduduk ratio problem.Were there any temporary solutions/measures that the cops have come up with?We know the ratio is worrying, so what are we going to do about it?I know it’s still early, but maybe your discussions with the chief has resulted in something?Thanks…

  24. Anonymous

    YB Wee,Tahnniah kerana diatas kemenangan undi majoriti yang nipis iaitu 150 dan YB juga mendapat sebanyak 318 undi pos dan Datuk Yew Teong Look pula mendapat sebanyak 1383 undi pos.Sekiranya YB tak dapat sebanyak 318 undi pos , sudah tentu YB juga akan kalah.Bagi saya kenapa kita nak mempertikaikan undi pos sedangkan kedua – dua pihak juga mendapat undi pos dan boleh menentukan nasib seseorang calon.Adakah undi pos itu tak di iktiraf atau undi hantu? Mereka – mereka yang mengundi undi pos adalah juga rakan – rakan kita daripada pasukan beruniform yang tidak dapat mengundi pada hari mengundi kerana tanggungjawab rasmi demi negara dan keselamatan.Justeru itu mereka diberi peluang untuk mengundi beberapa hari sebelum gari mengundi dan mereka juga mengunakan hak dan tanggungjawab mereka dengan sebaiknya.Bukanya orang lain yang mengundi untuk mereka dan YB kena faham.seramai 318 orang pengundi pos dari Kew Wardieburn telah mengundi kepada YB juga dan undi kami juga telah mwenjadi salah satu faktor menentukan kemenangan YB juga.Jangan memperlekehkan atau mempermainkan undi pos.Mengenai Kementerian WP, itu adalah tanggungjawab dibawah kerajaan persekutuan dibawah Perdana Menteri.Dalam tempoh 4 tahun kementerian WP diwujudkan kembali banyak kebaikan telah dirasakan bermula dari identiti baru kepada WP dari bendera hingga lagu dan bagi mengusahakan satu sistem penyampaian banyak tindakan telah diambil.Kita juga perlu memberi masa kepada Kementerian WP untuk membuktikan kemampuan mereka.

  25. KWLee

    I don’t think we need a FT Minister. Even if we need one, the candidate should be from Barisan Rakyat, the coalition party that the rakyat of FT loves and supported and won more seats than the BN in the GE.Scrap the FT Minister post and spend the money to buy more dustbins to make FT a cleaner place.

  26. nobita1403

    I agreed with the re-elect Mayor petition. And because i think the mayor should be someone that favors what the “Rakyat” of KL wants and needs; a FT minister is not needed.I am curious on the progress of police or security issue brought up earlier…any progress at all with our “protector”??

  27. nobita1403

    Dear sir,Despite the FT ministry issue, i would like to raise my concern on the cut down of trees along jalan genting kelang (from platinum victory condo till the traffic light junction to go into Danau Kota). Why are the tress being chop down? If it’s because of the broken branches that troubles us during heavy rains then, the trees should be trimmed not chop down. I remember for each tree planted in the city it cost a lot. So to chop down those trees and later re-plant it again…it sound fishy here. Can you look into the above mention issue?? Thanks!

  28. clearwater

    For the life of me I cannot understand why there is a ‘FT’ ministry and what purpose it serves other than adding to the Cabinet headcount. There is no ‘States’ ministry, is there, to duplicate the work done by chief ministers. The Cabinet is bloated and unwieldy, run like an inefficient government department except that the public now will not hesitate to kick ministerial ass come next election if reform does not come. We are also strongly for local elections so we can kick mayorial ass as well.

  29. Wee Choo Keong

    nobita 1403 31-3-08 @ 9:45Thank you for your and others constructive comments.I am just as curious as you to find out why almost immediately after the GE DBKL chopped down alla the trees along Jqalan Genting Kelang. I will try my best to find out and post the reasons in this blog later. I do take note that the general feeling from the commentors is that FT does not need a special Minister of FT, who has no executive power. Furhter, it is a waste of taxpayers money to pay for the salaries of the Minister of FT and his staff, and other expenses. These unnecessary expenses can be put to good use for the KL residents.Your responds have been very helpful and I shall act accordingly.Thank you for the constructive engagement.

  30. Anonymous

    Bro Wee,We like the engagements in your blog. We do not need a FT Minister to help out UMNO and BN. It is a waste of public fund. Please launch the signature campaign for the Datuk Bandar KL to be elected by the residnets fo KL. The Menteri Undi Pos should immediately resign to save public fund from being abused by the “Perdana Menteri yang tertidur”. Zulhasnan should know that without the ten over thousand Undi Pos that he had received he would have to join Zaid Ibrahim as Senator, the political tong sampah for BN losers in GE.

  31. shanghaistephen

    YB Wee,So this Zulhasan has 2 pay packets to collect each month huh ?? hmmm ! No need to have dummy positions which cannot even compliment the job scope.Just do away with all these extra baggage in THAT FT ministry which is being paid for by the rakyat.Just look at the number of port-holes, missing man-hole covers , vandalised lamp/traffic light posts along the pavements of the city !!! Could use these “saved” monies to repair these aminities !Great job you’re doing so far…..!Cheers bro !

  32. pjboy

    Can you also put another question for next week?Should Kuala Lumpur be returned to Selangor? And yes, we don’t want an FT minister but we do need an elected Datuk Bandar.

  33. remie

    The running of Kuala Lumpur FT should be left in the hands of our elected MPs of KLFT.The Federal Government has no business administering the most important city in the country, when only ONE of their kind represents the people of KLFTI guess the issue is moot when the dust settles in June 2008.

  34. Sayed

    I agree if we have an election for the mayor. Not only KL but for all the cities in Malaysia. As for FT Minister, why we need one? I think the ministry should be merged with other ministry, like kerajaan tempatan for example. I’m a non-partisan person myself and I would strongly suggest that we give chance to the newly-elected MPs to prove themselves regardless of their political affliation.Just out of curiousity, does the election paper (the one that we use to vote) have the serial number? It may sound a dumb question because EC said that there will be no serial number on the paper. But, in the last election, I did see the serial number and in fact the election clerks write our IC number on their paper portion. So, technically, your vote is not secret at all. Before, I go any further, I casted my vote last election in Kuching.

  35. Anonymous

    Mr Wee,If you happen to cruise along Jln Genting Klang and Wangsa Maju – Section 2’s main road (these are the 2 areas I normally passed by, but I bet there are more than this 2), you will see lotsa once used to be healthy, big leafy tree now left with nothing but all BOTAK!!Not just regular trim, but some smart “contractor” cut off all branches, foliage and every single green leaf! PLAIN BOTAK TREE!! It was so sad as these trees provide cooling shade along the road. Will you please look into this matter and am afraid they are preparing the tree to uproot them altogether? One tree has been felled down (despite it was a healthy tree and did not cause any accident nor kill anybody during thunderstorm or whatsoever!!!) and I bet the rest of the trees are facing a similar fate soon!!Mr Wee..please help us!! Wangsa Maju is losing more trees as the days go by!

  36. Wee Choo Keong

    PJboyThnakyou for your comment about returning WP to Selangor. I take note of this important comment. I do agree because WP was artifical created in order to ensure BN winning all the time in Selangor. Now it is no longer the case.Sayed:Yes there is a serial number on the voting papers. THe serial number is to control the number of ballot papers issued and the votes cast. There is no record of how the voters voted in the GE. So please be assured that there is still secrecy in the voting system. Of course, the election laws are still not fair and had to be amended.Thank you so much for your comments.

  37. Wee Choo Keong

    bobita 1403:Other comentors:Regarding the arbitarily chopping down of healthy trees in Jalan Genting Kelang without public notice.I am shocked the chopping of trees. I have heard various rummours about this “special project” but I do not have the evidence yet. So cannot jump to the conclusion. However, I have telephoned the the senior officer in DBKL, who dare not comments about this matter, and this speak volume about this matter. SO I have decided to write an offical letter to Datuk Bandar KL for answers. Below is the contents of the letter:Wee Choo Keong S.M.KAhli Parlimen Wangsa Majuc/o Wee Choo Keong & FaaizP.O Box 1143950746 Kuala LumpurTel: 03-21619688, Fax: 03-2163763331hb Mac, 2008Yg Bhg Dato’ Ab Hakim Bin BorhanDatuk Bandar Kuala LumpurDewan Bandaraya Kuala LumpurTingkat 27, Bangunan DBKLJalan Raja Laut50350 Kuala Lumpur Dengan Faks 26919664 / PosYg. Bhg. Dato’,PER : PENEBANGAN POKOK DI SEPANJANG JALAN GENTING-KELANGDengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada perkara yang tersebut di atas.Untuk makluman pihak tuan, saya telah menerima banyak aduan daripada penduduk-penduduk Wangsa Maju bahawa sejurus selepas Pilihanraya Umum ke-12 diadakan, banyak pokok-pokok matang di sepanjang Jalan Genting-Kelang telah ditebang tanpa apa-apa notis.Amatlah dihargai sekiranya pihak tuan dapat memaklumkan kepada saya dengan kadar seberapa segera atas perkara-perkara berikut:-i) kenapa pokok-pokok matang tersebut ditebang tanpa pemberian notis awam dan ditebang selepas Pilihanraya Umum; ii) sekiranya pokok-pokok matang tersebut ditebang untuk tujuan sesebuah projek, sila maklumkan secara terperinci berkenaan dengan projek tersebut seperti “nature of project”, syarikat mana yang telah diberikan projek tersebut dan nilai projek tersebut; dan iii) sama ada pemberian projek tersebut telah diadakan secara tender terbuka dan sekiranya bukan melalui tender terbuka, alasan kenapa tiada tender terbuka dilakukan.Saya berharap perkara tersebut di atas dapat diperjelaskan dengan seberapa segera supaya saya dapat memaklumkan perkara berkenaan kepada penduduk-penduduk Wangsa Maju sewajarnya.Sekian, terima kasih.Yang benar,s/k: Penduduk-penduduk Wangsa Maju – melalui blog

  38. rational thinker

    mp wEE is not really asking a question, given the rhetoric nature of the question.Do we need to stop genocide?Do we need to consider global warming?Do we need dictatorial leaders?Do we need corruption?on the same vein, do we NEED a ministry for federal terrority?? Datuk Bandar of KL used to be an esteemed position. no more! Time to bring back the local election! winning KL mayoral election is probably harder than winning any constituency in this country.


    YB,I’m just assuming that it’s a road widening project supposed to be initiated pre-election time. But this is just an assumption. Some of the trees fell are very old judging from the thickness of the tree trunks. It’s a waste that the trees have to make way some kind of project. Anyway, DBKL should have publicly notified us of any project(s) before taking such a drastic action.

  40. Anonymous

    Another question for your consideration (my apologies if this question has been suggested before.):Should the Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) be scrapped? I believe this will affect all parents regardless of whether youre opposition or BN supporters.

  41. Anonymous

    No to Minister for FT. It is redundant and waste of public fund. Zulhasnan is the only opposition mp in KL. So Zulhasnan forget about Minister of FT. Most appropriate post Minister Undi Pos!

  42. anak bangsa msia

    simple – ask zulhasnan for his full itinerary and output (ie reports, white papers, policy papers, passing of regulations, committee minutes etc and not opening the latest nasi kandar shop) for a week and see if they add any value/ duplicates someone else’s job. If there is value/ does not duplicate someone else’s job, then don’t abolish. And vice versa.

  43. Anonymous

    FT Ministry is for UMNOputras and not for the rakyat. If it is for the rakyat then we do not need a Ministry for FT at all. There is already Datuk bandar KL as provided under the Federal Territory Act. Zulhasnan won with Unid Pos and dia tak malu need jadi Menteri WP. Sudahlah Zulhasnan, Rakyat bukanlah bodoh saperti awak fikir. Kita tahu awak sepatutnya dilantik sebagai Menteri Uni Pos!Kami harap ahli parlimen yang lain harulah menggunakan Menteri Undi Pos unutk Zulhasnan di parlimen atau di luar Parlimen!Zulhasnan adalah seorang yang tak malu.

  44. pjboy

    Dear YB Wee,thank you for responding to my and many other comments here.May you be the MP that will heal the artificial lines between Selangor and KL. Some other thoughts:Now that the Federal Govt has Putrajaya for its administrative functions, it no longer requires KL. However, KL can still play host to the Agong’s palace and the parliament house if need be.

  45. pjboy

    Dear YB Wee,just a comment about chopping of trees. It happens in PJ too. I suspect contractors are paid by the kg of brances they chop. Otherwise, why do they have to chop down so much of the trees? Trees in Subang and PJ are suffering badly. Also, many landscape contractors plant skinny palm trees which do not provide shade. If I may make another suggestion – get landscape contractors to plant the majestic raintrees and banyan trees that used to grace Malaysia’s towns.

  46. Anonymous

    No Need Minister for WP period. Rakyat monies should not be used to please the UMNOputras, who no longer received the support of the people. Zulhasnan please resign. When you resign you will get some respect from the people. By holding on the position, which is redundant, you are to susceptible to public opinion. You are no different to your boss (who is the sleeping PM) who is holding on to his position at the expense of the country. The whole world is laughing at Malaysia. Hope Zulhasnan will realise his position as well.

  47. Anonymous

    Can the Menteri Undi Pos tells us what Golden Hope and Landmark denote? Wow! We are getting nearer to the things that matters. I am curious too.

  48. Anonymous

    Congratulation on your victory in the current election. I am a resident of Genting Court Condominium which is under the Wangsa Maju constituency. The reason I voted for you was because I hoped you could address some of the unresolved issues that the residents face around this area. I shall list all the following issues:1) Traffic congestion in front of Genting Court, at Jalan Prima Setapak and around Prima setapak commercial centre. The reasons are the restaurants are allowed to place their tables on the road. Not enough enforcement from DBKL. ( probably the enforcement officers are under their payroll ) One particular restaurant ( Bo Bo ) in front of Genting Court took over the garbage house and the vacant land beside his restaurant with the ‘consent of DBKL’. 2. Every thirty feet or so, DBKL built a hump in Taman P. Ramlee. Every year, I had seen the contractors enlarging the humps. This taman must have the record of having the most number of humps in the world. Is this the way for DBKL to keep the F class contractors in business. This is sheer waste of public fund.3. Why did DBKL allow a car service centre ( Perodua ) to operate in a residential area ( Taman P. Ramlee ) ? Who gave them the consent to take over a piece of vacant land to store the new cars? They also cut down the beautiful , matured trees to do so. Don’t tell me the enforcement officers from DBKL is not aware of it. ( probably they are on the take too )4. The area around Prima Setapak, Sri Pelangi and Genting Court is very dirty. I hardly see any sweepers around this area. The high assessment fees that we pay every year is hardly justified at all.5. What DBKL did to the devider along Jalan Pahang was a sheer waste of public fund. Initially the divider was planted with many small plants which was maintenance free and look so refreshing and pleasing to the eyes. To be patriotic, DBKL removed them and planted them with hibiscus plants which can hardly grow. Later this was removed, they built big flower pots and planted one or two small plants. DBKL hardly carried out any plans before they do anything. Maybe, this was purposely done to enrich themselves and the F class contractors.I just hope that YB will bring these issues to the attention of DBKL.

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