Your MP’s Question of the Week #1

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UPDATE, 28 March: To Anonymous of 23 March, 15:14 – Be informed that I have spoken to the Selangor Education Department in Shah Alam today. The person in charge promised to look into your ‘complaint’ and will be speaking to the headmaster concerned. The ministry further added that that kind of request is totally unacceptable and should not have happened. Thank you.

UPDATE: Some pixs of the Jamuan Makan Malam at Taman Bunga Raya on 19 March 2008. To view, please click here.

Starting today, I will be writing a weekly ‘blog-lumn’ (as in a newspaper’s weekly column) called Your MP’s Question of the Week.

The questions I will be asking in this blog-lumn will usually be in reference to issues which are of public or national interest.

I hope they will be interesting enough to generate a discussion of some sort regarding the topic and for me to gauge the response that would be forthcoming from my readers. This will, in a way, help me in my parliamentary work when the session begins soon.

Your feedback for this week’s inaugural question is most welcome. Please participate in the discussion responsibly. Thank you.

Your MP’s Question of the Week #1 is :

Should Badawi’s administration use taxpayers’ money to grant more subsidy to AirAsia, and, also build a bigger airport for its exclusive use as planned so that AirAsia can effectively compete with our national carrier, MAS, in the fastest time possible?

– Terjemahan oleh buaya69 – Ucapan ribuan terima kasih dari Wee Choo Keong –
Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #1

Mulai hari ini (21 Mac 2008), saya memperkenalkan ‘Blog-lumn’ mingguan saya (seperti mana column/rencana mingguan dalam suratkhabar). Blog-lumn ini akan dikenali sebagai Soalan Mingguan Wakil Rakyat Anda.

Persoalan yang saya akan bentangkan dalam blog-lumn ini lebih kepada isu-isu yang mempunyai kepentingan negara ataupun rakyat.

Saya berharap persoalan-persoalan dalam blog-lumn akan membangkitkan perbincangan bernas daripada para pembaca blog ini, seterusnya membolehkan saya mendekati pendapat-pendapat pembaca. Semua ini, sedikit sebanyak akan menolong dalam menjalankan tugas parlimen saya (sebagai wakil rakyat) apabila parlimen bersidang kelak.

Pendapat anda untuk persoalan minggu ini amat dialu-alukan. Harap semua memberi pendapat secara ikhlas dan penuh tanggungjawab. Sekian, terimakasih.

Soalan Mingguan WR Anda #1 ialah :

Patutkah kerajaan dibawah pimpinan Abdullah Badawi memberi lebih subsidi kepada AirAsia, dan juga untuk membolehkannya membina sebuah lapangan terbang untuk kegunaannya sahaja (secara eksklusif) dengan menggunakan wang rakyat (daripada kutipan cukai)? Tidakkah ini secara langsung membolehkan AirAsia untuk bertanding dengan MAS, syarikat pernerbangan negara, dalam masa yang paling singkat?

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意
阿強每週一問 #1






[巴達威政權是否應該繼續動用納稅人的錢來給予亞洲航空更多津貼﹐ 和為它建造更大的專屬飛機場以便最快時間內讓亞航能更有效的和我們的國家航空公司馬航競爭﹖]

180 thoughts on “Your MP’s Question of the Week #1

  1. Anonymous

    How can a small company like Air Asia with only RM 5 bn in assets agree to a committment of RM 30 bn in the purchase of 200 new planes?Overconfidence of political support even for a future rescue? I think taxpayer money should not finance these plans.

  2. Anonymous

    Hedging oil price through options is expensive and was improper when it hit over 100 US. Again a grant is needed to cover a bad management?

  3. Anonymous

    After milking MAS high and dry and subjecting us poor wage-earners to a lousy bailout of the flopping national carrier with our hard-earned EPF monies, those wretched BN bastards wanna screw another airline in the name of pseudo-competition to loot us all over again? Everything smacks of a get-rich-quick scam by the CORRUPT and CROOKED cronies of Bolehland.

  4. Anonymous

    Tony,Aziz adalah lanun cetak rompak dan fahmin adalah pengarah lanun J.P.J (bekas)macammana ketiga-tiga ini dapat membuka airasia dengan bermodal RM1? Korek,Korek,Korek!

  5. Nizam

    Dear YB WEE,For me, the issue here is Airasia is taking advantage on the govt by using taxpayer money. They should use the existing facilities in KLIA which is still under utilised. Why on earth they have guts to ask for a new airport or hub since that they are not our national carrier? Because,they have corrupted politicians supported them all the way from a RM1 buyout from DRB until become one of the biggest LOW FARE carrier in the region. I don’t agree. Just ask Tony’s ass to use existing facilities. Just negotiate with MAB on the handling charges. Why use GOOD MONEY to pamper them. Infact their fares also are not cheap if compared with Tigers Airways. STOP THEM from stealing OUR MONEY, THE TAXPAYER MONEY.

  6. richard

    Mr Wee,My answer would be an absolute NO!!MAS has already milked a huge amount of the Rakyat’s money; the Govt should be thinking of subsidising this over-ambitious, aloof Air Asia. Why is there a need to compete with MAS? I’m lost here.Need a bigger, exclusive airport? Go build one yourself and more importantly, let it be self-financed i.e. don’t touch the Rakyat’s money.Makes sense now eh? Ever wondered why the Tony guy campaigned for one female BN candidate recently – confirmed he’s also a ‘kaki-bodek’.

  7. richard

    Mr Wee,sorry, it should read as:MAS has already milked a huge amount of the Rakyat’s money; the Govt should NOT be thinking of subsidising this over-ambitious, aloof Air Asia.

  8. Angel_X

    從今天起﹐我將會開始連載一個部落格專欄(就跟報紙雜誌的一樣)叫做[阿強每週一問]我在這個專欄內所提出的問題通常是環繞在公眾和國家利益等課題。我希望他們(讀者﹖)會對我的問題產生興趣並激發網上討論。這樣能讓我評估讀者的反應﹐這也將會當來臨的國會開會時對我的國會議程有所幫助。您對這星期的問題的意見是最珍貴的。請以負責任的態度參與討論。謝謝。這星期的[您的議員每週問題]是﹕[巴達威政權是否應該繼續動用納稅人的錢來給予亞洲航空更多津貼﹐ 和為它建造更大的專屬飛機場以便最快時間內讓亞航能更有效的和我們的國家航空公司馬航競爭﹖]—-hehehe, hope you like the chinese title…. I feel not nice to read la, if translate “Your MP’s Question of the Week.” word by word…. “Ah Keong” seems more common-people friendly. Just my two cents worth. You can freely alter my translation.

  9. Anonymous

    Wee,Issue ini tak pernah saya tahu, Jika betul, ia sungguh memalukan untuk Malaysia, orang-orang macam saya membanting tulang untuk menyara hidup keluarga, mereka (BN) suka suka membuat rencana tanpa jiwa rakyat di hati mereka.

  10. mangchikla

    Err tak dibentangkan ke parlimen ke? Buta Perlembagaan sket kawan..Eveything possible tapi at wat cost n time..tapi RM 30 billion, fuiyooh….rasanyer manyak mende nak buatlagi…yg boncit perut dua tiga kerat jer berbanding 23 juta org

  11. Anonymous

    Tell Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah go to hell if they want more subsidy. The government must claim back RM40 million that they subsidised FAKS for the rural flight in Sabah and Sarawak because FAKS (assciated with AirAsia) gave back to MAS but they kept the RM40 million subsidy.AIrasia also owed MAB for the service charges which airasia didn’t pay. The Minister of Transport must also instruct MAB to demand for payment.YB Wee you better speak up in Parliamnent about the abused by Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah.Enough is enough of pbulic monies being abused by Tony Fernandez and Airasia.

  12. Anonymous

    Why should tax payer monies to be sued to subsidise a private company to fight against our own national carrier (MAS), whihc was set up by our money.Tony Fernandez must not be allowed to abuse tax payer monies. Minsiter of Transport shouled investigate into how Airasia has been getting all the privilleges at the expense of MAS. MAB must charge Airasia for the use of the airport (LCCT). The governmentshould not build airport for Airasia. If Airasia want a new airport lease theland to them and Airasia use their own fund to build, after all Tony Fernadnez has said that Airasia has made a lot of profit. Show us your rela profit Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah.

  13. Anonymous

    On what basis Airasia was given tax allowance of RM100 million? On what baiss was Airasia allowed to treat tax allowance as part of its profit in its account?Security Commission and Bursa KL should look into these irregularities.The Minsitry of Transport must probe into these matters and the airasia set up. I am sure that it will discover alot of irregularities given the super power of Tony Fernandez plus his relationship with son-in-law andKalimullah!

  14. Anonymous

    NO NO NO NO! Airasia find their own mones. Airasia should borrow from Kalimullah, son-in-law and ECM Libra. Bursa KL and Security Commission should now investigate into the creativve accounting of Airasia where it has inflated their profits by including the taz allowance granted by the government. Now that Malaysians have spoken loud and clear that they rejected all the abused and corrupt practices, teh Security Commission and Bursa KL should not fear any more.Teach Tony Fernandez, son in law and Kalimullah a good lesson that no one should be allowed to abused tax payers monies.

  15. Anonymous

    No PM in his right mind will subsidise a private company like Airasia to complete and kill its own antional carrier, MAS, which was funded with public monies. The PM will subsidise Airasia to kill MAS if he or his SIL or cronies have interest in Airasia.You must oppose any more move to subsidise or help Airasia. In fact you must expose what you have discovered in all the comments. I hope that more people will provide more info on the hanky panky between Airasia, SIL and the cronies. These crooks must be exposed in Parliament and actions be taken later.

  16. Anonymous

    Expose these crooks. They must not be allowed to steal more public monies for their won benefit. We know what they have been doing. Stop all subsidies and privilleges to Airasia. Let them compete with any airline and let see whether they can survive without allt he abuses by the son in law and his cronies. Now that the Son in law is in deep shit, Tony and SIL cronies will be in deep trouble. Mark my words!Fight them in Parliametn YB. We are with you.

  17. Anonymous

    The nation have had enough of SIL, Tony and kalimullah. Exposed them in Parliament and see how the PM protect them. Stop the rots.

  18. zorro

    Not to worry…the UMNO assembly in august would decide. BTW didn’t tony campaign for BN at Bangsar Village? time will tell.

  19. A true Malaysian

    No wonder AirAsia can offer RM1 seats by using tax payers’ money to ‘subsidise’ such cheap seats.Badawi’s administration should in fact using this money to subsidise public transport system in Klang Valley so to alleviate traffic jam problems. New Selangor government should learn from its Singapore counterpart in this. You can fly there using AirAsia, ‘rugi’ if you don’t use it since already subsidised using your own money.

  20. koolgeek

    What a question. Of course NO!Government’s job is to regulate business. Not participate!Also, GLC is a vehicle for corrupt government.

  21. Anonymous

    Aiyah, besides getting free govt subsidy, Air Asia is also frauding by boosting its profits just like Tranmile. Why not investigating? Becos they all are scratching each others back. Disgusting.Just see their Air Asia accounts on website. How can profit after tax [RM425m]be higher than profit before tax [RM276m]. Ini semua main main. Should ask tax dept to explain.

  22. Chee

    Minimal government intervention in business will encourage more open and competitive economy. Let the Invisible Hand do its job.

  23. Anonymous

    I think this is risk to use tax payers money for this investment. Should not use tax payers money to gamble on this.But, if they still proceed with this investment, then the profits should be given back to tax payers. Either directly in cash tax rebate) or in reducing price in toll, petrol etc. — WL —

  24. Anonymous

    En. Wee,Soalan yang lebih menguntungkan rakyat ialah bagaimana rakyat boleh travel dengan lebih selesa, selamat,tidak membebankan saya financially dan on time.How they do this, saya tak perduli asalkan gaya hidup saya lebih selesa, selamat dan tidak membuang masa dan saya jadi rakyat yang lebih produktif agar negara kita lebih maju.Jangan buang masa di parlimen tanpa memberi kesan yang baik pada rakyat.Nanti wakil-wakil asyik berdebat tapi rakyat masih tak untung apa-apa (dan wang untuk biayai tuan2 dan puan2 berdebat pun KAMI yang tanggung)


    Not necessary to be like this- Tony says a few words for Lembah Pantai UMNO.. and wallah… new airport for him.The government should concentrate on creating a conducive level-playing field for both airlines MAS and Air Asia- and stay away from any handouts subsidized by taxpayer funds. I personally think the spending on airports is not necessary- the KLIA is already under utilized and the LCCT was a waste of funds (even though it served a specific purpose).Badawi should prioritize in handling country matters- what about the LRT system which is frequently breaking down; the messy public road transport system; the sloppy road and sidewalk conditions around KL. My message is- think, old fool.

  26. Ling Long Sick

    Question: Is Air Asia sitting on a potential big loss on speculating oil futures? Will it bankrupt the company soon? Will it seek a bailout by the gomen?

  27. Zhuang Tze (庄子)

    How can our Government allocated such a big sum of money to help a private company? I smell rat in the deal.Hope you can bring this up for debate in the comming parliament session.You have my full support!

  28. BohMiaLang

    Dear Wee Choo KeongWhy are you dealing with this menial task? We at Wangsa maju elected you to look into the welfare of Wangsa Maju Constituency P116 and you are busy setting up a Blog-lumn? What the heck and waste of taxpayer’s money putting you in Parliament for P116.Have you looked into the rubbish around restaurant Ganda in Danau Kota where you held your ceramah two nights before election?Have you gone to Section 2 Wangsa Maju and look into the rats problem and parking woes there?Have you gone to Chong Hwa school Gombak and look into the traffic jams each evening when school is over?Have you considered for one moment why you were put into Parliamant in place of Yew Teong Look? Please – use your time wisely. You only have four years. Don’t let the constituents of Wangsa Maju down by petty issues like Air Asia for instance. You will hear from us who put you into parliament.

  29. Anonymous

    BohMiaLang gave a good point there!!saya rasa ahli parlimen amat perlu untuk turun ke bawah juga sebagaimana adun2 yang telah dipilih.isu negara amat penting, tetapi isu kecil-kecilan, yang terkena kat atas kepala rakyat kebanyakkan lebih penting!!oleh itu, YB wajib,harus,mesti mengambil inisiatif dan usaha yang lebih untuk undi yang telah dipangkah untuk YB.apapun, usaha blog-lumn ini AMAT BAGUS, dan rakyat didalam parlimen P116 boleh memberikan sebarang komen dan pendapat kepada YB WCK secara langsung di sini.Buat BohMiaLang, tahniah kerana anda yang pertama mengutarakan permasalahan di kawasan YB WCY.Ajaklah,serulah ramai lagi kawan2 anda, keluarga anda untuk singgah di blog ini, semoga interaksi antara rakyat dan YB WCK dapat menyelesaikan pelbagai masalah.

  30. Anonymous

    Hi YB. Excellent idea, this question of the week. As for BohMiaLang, well, there is more to an MP than merely clogged drains and piling rubbish. Equally important is to clear the clogged minds and mounting rubbish Malaysians are accustomed to from Parliament. Malaysians boleh!

  31. Anonymous

    Should Badawi’s administration use taxpayers’ money to grant more subsidy to AirAsia, and, also build a bigger airport for its exclusive use as planned so that AirAsia can effectively compete with our national carrier, MAS, in the fastest time possible?Question we should ask: 1. How much subsidy was already granted to AirAsia2. Why was subsidy (which are tax-payers money) granted to a private company?3. How much more subsidary do the Paklah’s Administration intended to grant some-more to AirAsia?4. Will AirAsia refund back the cost for building the LCCT? How could the Paklah’s govt. recovered within such a short period the total amount spend on LCCT? And now to build a bigger airport for sole AirAsia usage, how long it takes the govt. to rediscover the sum spend, while the beneficary of this AirAsia need not come out with capital expenditure on infrastructure for plane/airport/terminal.


    how about a translation in tamil?just kidding. But if you can do it, I will be extremely happy… tamil is bad. :-)

  33. Anonymous

    if AirAsia got it’s exclusive airport, then the KLIA is doomed to fail. Period.Why? I’ve seen many of my colleagues, taking AirAsia direct to Singapore Changi airport, then from Changi taking SIA to other countries for their vacation or business trips.KLIA is bypassed. Changi is the one that get tremendous benefits after the KL-Singapore route was opened up to AirAsia. And if AirAsia is to get it’s exclusive airport, why in first place spending RM1billion building the LCCT?

  34. Wee Choo Keong

    To bohmialang …I am surprised at your “menial task” comment and your view that the AirAsia issue is a “petty” problem. Whilst looking into local issues are important, as your MP looking into national issues which also ultimately affect you and your family, are equally important. Because it’s also your tax money that is at stake.Let me assure you that starting a blog-lumn is not an all-time consuming activity and it serves two purposes.The first is to highlight national issues that may have escaped many of us because of the mainstream media’s habit of ‘hiding’ and twisting the facts. Secondly, it also provides an opportunity for people like you to voice your opinions so that parliament can be informed of the rakyat’s displeasure and therefore not to take matters lightly.Do you know that I have initiated talks with DBKL to address some of the issues that you have highlighted? My objective is to get to the root of the problem rather than handling the situation in a piece-meal manner. Let’s be fair also that DBKL be given some time to study the matter comprehensively and for them to come up with a long-term solution in due course.I can understand your frustration but let’s not be too quick on the draw for something that may appear ‘slow’ to take effect.I hope I have managed to convince you that I have spent my time wisely. But please continue to engage me so that I may know what really bugs my constituents. Thank you.

  35. Wee Choo Keong

    To millioneyes …I hope I can convince some of our readers to volunteer to do so. Any takers for translating into Tamil?I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have helped to translate some of my blogs into BM and B/Cina.I am most humbled that we have rakyat of Wangsa Maju who will volunteer their time and effort to help make this blog into a multi-lingual one. Many thanks, people!To citizen monitor …Yes, please feel free to link. Thank you.

  36. Anonymous

    to bohmialang,u elect a Member of Parliament to take care of your rubbish and rat problems? so badawi is suppose to be elected to do what? to be a father-in-law izzit? never use your brains.

  37. Angel_X

    But it was really wierd…. I was wondering…. how can AirAsia survive if they allow RM10 OR even RM1 air tickets?And, my frnd recently got selected to be trained as an air stewardess of AirAsia, and her salary is RM5000! (heard from her). Wonder how AirAsia can profit?Subsidize seems to be the only sensible answer.

  38. Anonymous

    also bohmialang,the reason you still hv rats & rubbish problems becos the BN gov didn’t let u elect the datuk bandar of kl. all rubbish & rat problems r suppose to be resolve by town councils not MPs. do u know DBKL got diferent depts to handle rat problems and oso rubbish problems?

  39. Angel_X

    To bohmialang,mr wee just been here not even a month. You still can’t compare him with that chair-thrower.You musn’t forget that an MP is actually suppose to look into big matters about a country, e.g making/changing laws, debate things that may alter a nation’s path. Not just looking at drains or parking, or traffic congestion…. that’s actually the job scope of member of municipal council… which is why mr wee and other opposition leaders have been shouting about voting those DBKL council members, not being appointed by BN.Now mr wee is lacking of man power and support. We have to back him up and not pullig him down.The rubbish and traffic thingie, i believe, that mr wee will try to look into it ASAP.Remember this is not entirely his responsibility, but ours too.

  40. Anonymous

    All these MCA cyber troopers think that we Wangsa Maju netizens are stupid. When they fail to stir trouble, the next thing they’ll do is to hack this site. No worries Yang Berhormat Wee. If that happens we’ll know how to counter them.

  41. Nizam

    Hello bohmialang,An MP is not only elected to take care of your rubbish problem. They’re elected coz we need them to address our nation’s problem. They’re a LAWMAKER not Rubbish or Garbage Collector. Things to do with Taxpayer’s money is a serious matter. If not Mr Wee will end-up like bodohwi. A stupid ignorance person. I hope you understand what is MP all about.

  42. Anonymous

    I got a suggestion. Yang Berhormat Wee, maybe you can start another column here so that we can all put the rubbish, rats, traffic, longkang problems in one place, and every week we send a note the Datuk Bandar for further action. Let’s see who’s not doing what they are suppose to be doing! Then the MCA fellas will be happy.

  43. zoz

    The Auditor General should carry out immediate inspection of such wasteful spending of public fund for the benefit of sellected few. Aren’t such act be classified as illegal? Missuse of power? corrupted act?But such post-mortem by the Auditor General is only available after 4 or 5 years.It is time that the Auditor General’s Department be made accountable to Parliament, so that an independant check abd balance scrutiny could happened.It is time that the Prime Minister’s power should be clipped, because so many of his actions and decisions clearly point to one DIRECTION> > > BLOODY CORRUPT !!!

  44. Wee Choo Keong

    dear Rockybru and ZorroThank you so much for visiting my blog. People like you all give me all the encouragement to blog. Please advise me as to how I cn improve this blog.Thank you once again for visitng.regardswee

  45. Xavier

    Those issues raised by bohmialang sounds like problems that have been plaguing WMaju before you took over. It probably came from YTL’s service center. As an individual, if I make a complain, I won’t so accurate with so many different issues located at so many different places. May be WMaju people have complained to MCA before and they did nothing. As an individual also, I won’t be able to quote the P116 thing so correctly. Only politicians or those involved in campaigning can be that accurate. That’s why till today, Ong Ka Ting is still scratching his head and cannot figure out what had hit them. Look at his bunch of reps here; they don’t even know what an MP is suppose to be responsible for. Nevermind, they have become obsolete. Let them stay that way.

  46. Anonymous

    MAS is making lost every year. Passenger or cargo capacity is down compare to previous year. Major oversea sector is suspend or cancelled altogether.The government should not be HELPING Air Asia but should put all it focus on MAS so that it’s not a laughing stock among the world. Mas may be crowned the best cabin crew award but as long as it’s still not making profit, we should forget about Air Asia.

  47. mekyam

    Salam YB Wee,Kudoz on reaching out to us like this… definitely EXEMPLARY!Thank you also to sdr buaya69 for such an excellent BM translation.


    It’s a heavy job, yes, as an MP who needs to tackle this country’s issues and problems at the constituency level. Make no mistake though- the cleanliness issues in Wangsa Maju are very real and at certain parts- intolerable. Who is to blame? DBKL and certain residents themselves of course:DBKL- for failure to carry out a proper garbage collection jobCertain residents- for throwing rubbish in drains, roadside, etc indiscriminately.Hence, we need to play our part too in tackling this rubbish problem.YB- I’m not sure whether talking to DBKL will improve the situation effectively, eventhough talking is a good start. As we all know, the DBKL is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Federal Territories. s13(1) of the Federal Capital Act 1960 states Pak Lah (‘jangan cabar saya’)has the power to instruct the Datuk Bandar on matters relating to the ‘city’s interests’. s13(2) goes on to say the Datuk Bandar rightfully reports only to this Ministry. In the eyes of the law DBKL does not answer to KL folk nor the elected representatives in the KL constituencies- it answers only to the Federal Government- BN. BN of course will use DBKL as a political clout to punish KL folk for electing out BN, and make it difficult for the elected representatives to carry out their jobs at the local constituencies. In the coming 4 years we are done for. Wee Choo Keong- you are not a Chew Mei Fun- do what you do best- get the Federal Capital Act 1960 repealed and return the DBKL into the KL people’s hands.

  49. Madam Curi

    AirAsia is a private company yes? So they have to figure this one out. Look for money elsewhere like us the normal people. Forking out our hard-earned money if we want to extend our house!

  50. BohMiaLang

    >>>Anonymous: u elect a Member of Parliament to take care of your rubbish and rat problems? so badawi is suppose to be elected to do what? to be a father-in-law izzit? never use your brains.<<<To Anon above, did I call you names? If you do not have a sense of civility, at least have some courtesy for other posters.>>>23 March, 2008 01:09 Anonymous said… also bohmialang,the reason you still hv rats & rubbish problems becos the BN gov didn’t let u elect the datuk bandar of kl. all rubbish & rat problems r suppose to be resolve by town councils not MPs. do u know DBKL got diferent depts to handle rat problems and oso rubbish problems?<<<Anon, I agree. How about Mr Wee propose an election for Council posts?>>>23 March, 2008 01:16 Angel_X said… To bohmialang,mr wee just been here not even a month. You still can’t compare him with that chair-thrower.You musn’t forget that an MP is actually suppose to look into big matters about a country, e.g making/changing laws, debate things that may alter a nation’s path. <<<Agreed, too. But how is Air Asia now affecting the smaller folk of Wangsa Maju? The people who live near the dirty hawkers and rat infested areas who have no choice of moving because economic restraints and educational deprivation? Of course, we must elect MPs to fight for big issues. Who then fights for the small men in the street who have no alternative because of educational and financial means – and who may not be as savvy so as to put their two cents on blogs or even log on? Let’s face one bitter fact – not everyone can afford to see the world on rose rimmed glasses. Having said that, I agree to a suggestion that we elect the City Council. It was done in Penang years ago and I think KL should also do the same now. >>>Now mr wee is lacking of man power and support. We have to back him up and not pullig him down.<<<If every comment means pulling the commented down, or taken to mean attacking that person and drawn out of context, then I resign my case. So sorry to trouble Yang Berkhidmat Mr Wee. >>>23 March, 2008 01:20 Anonymous said… All these MCA cyber troopers think that we Wangsa Maju netizens are stupid. When they fail to stir trouble, the next thing they’ll do is to hack this site. No worries Yang Berhormat Wee. If that happens we’ll know how to counter them.<<<Interesting proposition but certainly the result of an idle mind. And if that was any implication to my comment, rest assured that I am not one. Indeed the places I have mentioned are valid and so are the comments on them. The responses were triggered out of sincerity and was aimed as time-check for Mr Wee. Four years is not long. But if we get cracking, then perhaps we have a reasonable sliver of an chance to make Wangsa Maju the constituency a better place to stay.>>>23 March, 2008 01:46 Nizam said… Hello bohmialang,An MP is not only elected to take care of your rubbish problem. They’re elected coz we need them to address our nation’s problem. They’re a LAWMAKER not Rubbish or Garbage Collector. Things to do with Taxpayer’s money is a serious matter. If not Mr Wee will end-up like bodohwi. A stupid ignorance person. I hope you understand what is MP all about.<<<Agreed Nizam. But lets have some semblance of civility. Do we need to call others names? If you think PM is not as intelligent, keep your views to yourself. No need to turn this blog into a ditch for mud-slinging and name calling. When it was started, Mr Wee was not an MP. Now that he is one, I am sure there will need to be some decorum. Or would anyone rather portray him like the samsengs we know?>>>23 March, 2008 01:50 Anonymous said… I got a suggestion. Yang Berhormat Wee, maybe you can start another column here so that we can all put the rubbish, rats, traffic, longkang problems in one place, and every week we send a note the Datuk Bandar for further action. <<<This is the wisest comment I see so far. Indeed. And a forum would not be too far fetched. There are many free forums that you can link to if financial constraints are prohibitive. Think about it a second. I rest my case and leave it to your conscience, Mr Wee. I do hope you will do a good job that you have been elected to do. Only then can Wangsa Maju residents who are not so fortunate nor vocal can sleep easy at night. And hopefully, you too. Thank you for tending to my comments.>>>Those issues raised by bohmialang sounds like problems that have been plaguing WMaju before you took over. It probably came from YTL’s service center. As an individual, if I make a complain, I won’t so accurate with so many different issues located at so many different places. May be WMaju people have complained to MCA before and they did nothing As an individual also, I won’t be able to quote the P116 thing so correctly. <<<Nota bene: Speculations again – and if you dont know P116, what the heck are you doing here? I think Mr Wee, you need to specify what the Wangsa Maju constituency comprises. Otherwise Wangsa Maju residents will think that you represent them and only them when the constituency’s borders extend beyond the limits of the capability of some commenters’ imagination.

  51. Anonymous

    just oppose whatever way to enrich badawi cronies. i hate cronism!! we shall not abuse taxpayer money for airasia and the goverment should reform MAS and divide mas into MAS and Budget MAS, they(airasia) should fund themselves to cover their losses. Remember, the government has the way to reform MAS to make profitable like Singapore airlines.

  52. Khun Pana

    Airasia is not of national interest,therefore subsidy must NOT be granted.It should survives on its on.NEVER gives any chances to bn cronies to rips us off.The way bn clears licenses,permits,grants,landing rights and returns non-profitable routes back to MAS are already proofs needed to shut down airasia and lands those involved in jail.

  53. Anonymous

    Airasia has been abusing and taking advantage of the Sleepy Head administration through the son in law and Kalimullah. Kalimullah also used his closed relationship with the Sleepy Head adminsitration to help his businessman “firends” to get things approved expediently. Please check on how the assets of MBf Group of Companies being given to Loy Teik Ngan before Danaharta sold them to AMbank.We must probe into all teh “deals” done by Kalimullah and son in law, these are the two culprits.

  54. Anonymous

    The BN government should now demand Airasia to pay back the cost of building LCCT, which was totally unnecessary whentthe KLIA was underused.The son in law got the  LCCT project.  The taxi service at LCCT also connected to son in law.YB Wee you are duty bound to stop the abused by Airasia and the son in law. Outlaw whatever connected to the son in law. It will never be good for the nation.

  55. Anonymous

    The airasia is not taking care of its employees properly. I heard that its air stewardess get only 2 weeks annual holidays. This is exploitation.A thorough investigation into the accountof the Airasia must be launched by the government. It is a scamp!

  56. Anonymous

    Asas kepada kemelut pembaziran dan ketidak kehemahan dalam perbelanjaan dana awam adalah nilai pegangan pegawai awam tentang tanggungjawab dan amanah yang dikelirukan dengan hak peribadi.Dana awam adalah untuk manfaat kepada semua rakyat yang membayar cukai sebagai pertimbangan utama.Maka perbelanjaan mesti mencapai objektif ini secara adil dan saksama, yakni dengan harga perolehan yang berpatutan. Usaha ini boleh digunakan untuk memberi peluang untuk membantu kontraktor secara adil, yakni dengan tender terbuka/tertutup supaya peluang ini juga mengujudkan kontraktor yang berwibawa dan cekap, bukan peminta sedekah yang menjadi parasit sepanjang hayat.Dana awam adalah jikapun untuk membina lapangan terbang harus memanfaatkan semua rakyat.Apakah alasan kerajaan membina lapangan terbang untuk sebuah syarikat merai keuntungan persendirian.Apakah bantuan ini menterjemah sebagai kemudahan kepada rakyat? Apakah bantuan ini akan mengujudkan ketidaksaksamaan kepada pihak MAS (hakmilik rakyat) terpaksa menanggung beban untuk bersaing secara persendirian dengan segala tanggungjawab untuk menyediaakan kemudahan penerbangan ke destinasi yang tidak berdaya maju.Pihak-pihak di Kementerian Pengangkutan dan kerajaan mesti mengumumkan kepentingan dalam syarikat yang berkaitan, jika ada, supaya keputusan bukan berdasarkan kepentingan bercanggah (conflict of interest).Dengar-dengar pejabat pegawai-pegawai kementerian dihiasi model-model Air Asia sahaja? Ada apa-apa ke?

  57. Anak Bangsa Msia

    If AirAsia believes in competition, then it should do what its Thai operations do – compete, on a level playing field no less, but compete.The govt’s duty is to ensure that there is a level playing field – not to tilt it in favour of a company with well known links to the Son in Law.For example, it shouldn’t have been given the profitable domestic routes for MAS. There was no necessity for the LCCT to be built. after all KLIA is still underutilised.AirAsia X should fly from KLIA like everybody else.Tony Fernandes is a great businessman and he doesn’t need leg ups from the govt to succeed. The govt should now honour its pledge to integrity and good governance and keep Air Asia at an arms’ length.

  58. param

    Dear YB Wee,I have been following your blog since day one it started. By starting one, you are on the right track giving residents direct access to you. Good job, YB.I agree with Xavier. Let’s not forget that Datuk Yew was both MP here and FT Ministry Parliamentary Secretary. He have access to dbkl topguns and could have done more for us. If anyone is to be blamed for the woes we’re facing here it should be Datuk Yew himself and no one else. Majority voted for YB because just like the rest in MCA, we don’t see Datuk Yew as being relevant anymore.YB, I don’t need you to build big schools or pave my roads new every year. Small but meaningful changes is all I ask. To start with, just be the champion for reform, freedom and justice that all malaysians are crying out loud for. I want to see a TOTAL end to race based politics. That’s all I ask and I don’t care if dbkl is not interested to serve me here. That’s their problem, not mine and not yours. If you keep your stand as an active reformist, you’ll have my vote again and again in future elections.

  59. Anonymous

    I’m sorry to digress from the main strain of topics here. I just would like to get Mr Wee’s help in looking into the problem in my school, Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Batu 14, Puchong.Thing is, the Headmaster is about to retire. Problem is, he DEMANDS that the teachers pool their OWN resources to throw a farewell do at a hotel. It is an order. The teachers are afraid to voice out although they have been told to dig out from the teachers welfare fund piggy.We tried to call up the new ADUN in Puchong but to no avail.Mr Wee, I plead you to come to our assistance in highlighting this matter.Thank you very much

  60. Anonymous

    Those interested in other political, social & economic issues can join us at Also, please consider using Yahoo Groups for discussions as a blog is not for discussions. You can add a link to it on the blog.What’s a Yahoo! GroupIt’s where people with a shared interest meet, get to know each other, and stay informed. Your group gives you instant access to: * Shared message archives * Photos and photo albums * Group event calendars * Member polls and shared linksAnd best of all, it’s free.

  61. Penulis Tamu

    air asia ialah entiti swasta, oleh yang demikian mereka tidak layak untuk menggunakan wang rakyat semata – mata untuk memudahkan urusan mereka. adalah lebih baik jika wang rakyat digunakan untuk memperbaiki mutu perkhidmatan polis, mutu pendidikan, perkhidmatan awam dan sebagainya….Bagi syarikat swasta seperti air asia, yang beroperasi dengan motif keuntungan, mereka perlu membiayai sendiri kos pembinaan lapangan terbang eksekutif, atau memohon pinjaman dari mana – mana pihak, atau menyewa mana – mana lapangan terbang secara eksklusif dengan kadar sewa yang sepatutnya.P.S terdapat khabar yang mengatakan menantu PM ada kepentingan di Air Asia.

  62. doff

    Dear YB Wee Choo Keong,I am a resident of Wangsa Waju for the past 13 years. I have seen how MP come and go. However, we don’t see much improvement in our daily lives. We see or under impression that the MP are not effective. They talk from high horse or some are just want to talk thing which we the ordinary citizen hardly can relate to. For us, issues such as drainage, cleanliness of public areas, illegal hawkers etc are real as they are affecting our well being. For example, we feel that the silent majority are living at the mercy of selfish minority. Mr. Wee, please go to the ground and see for yourself with both of your eyes open! Please see how the pedestrian walk at Jalan 4A/27A Section 2, has been taken over by some people to built restaurant (not a stall) on it. And I don’t think the owner is poor because I see him drive a luxury imported car. Please, don’t get it wrong. I am happy to see people make it in their chosen endeavour. But I feel we still can be successful without creating hardship to other people.As a result of their action, our school going children were forced to walk on the road in the busy traffic, thus putting unnecessary risk to their life and limb. Not to forget also the old men and ladies.Our wish is to have a proper pedestrian walk like what DBKL are building in Kg. Baru Kuala Lumpur. Over there they also plant trees to act as barriers separating pedestrian from the road and protecting pedestrians from snatch thieves. Mr. Wee, some people are your hardcore supporter. But I think you also get a lot of vote from people who are unhappy and look at you as their new hope. And next four years is not a very long time. You have all the opportunity to maintain them as your supporter.My last request is please continue with your noble cause in fighting corruption, as I feel they are the disease that make Wangsa Maju especially Section 2 such unbearable place to live and suffering in silent.

  63. Bernard

    YB WeeAir Asia should operate without financial subsidies, period. If they need an air terminal, KLIA is underutilized and the Government should instruct them to use KLIA instead. The added traffic will improve operational efficiencies at KLIA and this can only help reduce costs for everyone – commuters, airlines; perhaps in the process also making KLIA competitve enough to be the air transportation hub for SE Asia rather than Singapore presently.I see far less airlines flying into KLIA than when Subang Airport was operational. Just can’t help wondering why the drop in air traffic.

  64. EH

    When the country leadership changes, there is always a new group of cronies supplanting the old ones linked to the previous leader. Tony and co. are just the new ones. So we rakyat will always be at the shorter end of the deal. We have to break this vicious cycle, so, YB Wee, no to using our tax money to subsidize Tony’s personal ambition, no to further plundering of our national coffer.

  65. Anonymous

    Dear YB Wee,Nice to see you working so fast. Bravo. Public money must NEVER be used to subsidize Air Asia. The allocation of money, which is a scarce resource must be allocated to activity that brings the maximun benefit to the Raayat. So what is the activity that will bring maximum benefit to the populace?Many, let’s start with Health care, then Education, then public services and so on…YB, you need to educate the politicians of the day to be learned and work towards the betterment of the country and not their selfish own pockets.Keep up the good work.

  66. Gan

    Wee – personally I think you are on the right track.Main focus as MP is the big issues eg your current question – abusing country funds to subsidise public enterprises when the funds could be use towards for betterment of the rakyats.Where possible and if energy/time permits – engage/shame or wield the rotan on City Hall if they fail to execute their roles/responsibilities. No bug passing will be tolerated – they will need to resolve reported issues together with rest of other government agencies or contractors. Repeated complaints after “x” fixes will attract a penalty.Basic services such as garbage disposal, public areas maintenance, drainage etc are given amenities and it really is a major embarassment when City Hall cannot even can it right after achieving city status.P.S. In this instance, rakyats must also be responsible – 1. we MUST not buang sampah all over.2. abandon our pets (dogs especially) when we no longer want them.3. Report constructively and objectively4. Take ownership when using public utilities eg parks and playgrounds5. parking vehicles with due consideration for othersThese are a few I can think off, I guess there are many good things we can do.Maybe should downgrade status, right?

  67. patrickteoh

    My answer as is that of most people who have answered you, Mr. Wee is “NO”.If this is really going to be a regular thing I would much rather you ask questions that require not so obvious answers. Can ah?

  68. Anonymous

    Dear YB.Your question left me with 2 answers.If I am a BN supporter,the answer is yes.But since I am a DAPper,the answer is SHIT NO!

  69. tehsin mukhtar

    Air Asia is a private entity..why the hell should we be subsidizing it? Tony brought Richard Branson over…konon nak samakan VIRGIN dengan Air Asia…did Richard get handouts at taxpayers’ expense? Tak malu betul la Tony…giving the impression that finally Malaysia could produce the likes of Richard..tapi rupanya harapkan spoonfeeding and jadi frontman saja…kill Air Asia off…better…we are subsidizing their damn RM1 seats…Msians should stop flying the CROOKED AIRLINE…BTW… MP Wee and others…issues on the ground are also so very important…wangsa maju has been neglected by the ex MP who was also FT Parliament Sec under the corrupt BN FT Kementerian under Zulhasnan the party man (the rats in nearby Setiawangsa also migrating to Wangsa Maju)…it is a cesspool of filthy drainage, dirt, crime and rats…we also need MP Wee’s political will and voice at the ground level because currently, the local councils and DBKL are just too deep in shit for words and cannot function…MP wee, please also stop the proposed billions suggested by IGP Musa to be spent on the high tech equipment for the police force…WE NEED MORE WELL TRAINED COPS WITH BETTER PAY AND MORE PONDOKS AND FOOT AND CAR PATROLS…WITHOUT BASIC SECURITY, CLEAN ENVIRONMENT AND KESELESAAN HIDUP, HOW CAN MOST OF US EVEN WORRY ABOUT BIGGER ISSUES AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL?

  70. Wee Choo Keong

    To all commenters …Didn’t know that you public are fully aware of the abuses. I need to shore up my research. If any of you have any information on AirAsia, please provide. Thank you.To patrickteoh …Thank you for your observation and opinion. Will try to comply. Cheers.

  71. Anonymous

    No wonder Tony can so proudly said in an interview published by a main stream media, that to succeed one must has a dream. I think most of us can have such a dream of success if each of us has a ‘godfather’ like him.Wonder why Berjaya Air not that successful compared Air Asia! Perhaps the godfather of Berjaya Air not that powerful!

  72. Anonymous

    During the election campaign period, Tony Fernandez even went to give a ceramah for Sharizat in Bangsar. No wonder Sharizat lost miserably. Tony Fernandez is only good in giving ceramah to SIL and the Sleeping PM. After his ceramah everything is ok including the 2nd LCCT. Now that we have so many opposition MPs in Parliament, I want to see how arrogance can Tony Fernandez be and also how effewctive his ceramah is too?

  73. Anonymous

    Can some out there tell us how much it cost the BN governmetn to build LCCT for Tony Fernandez Airais? How is this ECM Libra and Son in law connected with Airasia? Once we get the answers then it will also show the connections between Tony, son in law and Kalimullah.

  74. Anonymous

    YB WeeLet me give you teh actual facts about the con job of Tony: 1.-Now Airasia have 71 airplanes and they plan to buy 200 new ones.2.- An estimate of the cost of one airplane is RM144 million.3.- For 200 planes they need to raise RM 28,8 billion.4.- Now their assets are only around Rm 5 billion, his debt is about RM 2 billion already, and revenues are only about RM 2 billion. This are the figures we got from Tony and his gangs. We cannot verify these figures. 5.- The purchase of 200 new planes is a great commitment for the company. Where is teh money Tony and gang going to get?Don’t tell me Bodohwi is going to ask the Minister of Finance to give some of the money to them by way of subsidy.All Malaysians msut say NO NO NO to Tony and SIL. We must ask TOny and his gang to pay back the cost of building the LCCT. YB Wee you better get other MPs to stop teh stupid PM from saying yes to Tony and SIL and demand for repayment of the cost of LCCT.

  75. Anonymous

    I am very certain that Airasia has been doing all kinds of creative accounting. Please come through their audited accounts. Please get to the bottom of it. Whacked that Tony and son in law in parlaimetn and stop all subsidies and privilleges for airasia. Thes Tony and SIL are bleeding our country economy. So lets all get rid of them from Malaysia.

  76. Antares

    AirAsia seemed like a real success story – and Tony Fernandez an honest-to-goodness entrepreneurial hero – until I found out through a blogpost that Badawi, Khairy, and Kalimullah have a personal stake in the company. That’s outrageous! This is what happens when businessmen jump into bed with politicians: they get all cozy and comfy while the rest of us get screwed! Time to put an end to this sort of nonsense that only enrichesthe privileged few while the publicpicks up the tab and bears all the risks.

  77. Anonymous

    Patrick Teoh why say no to such a question by our MP? Such question must be asked in order to provoke Malaysians to think and participate in a debate about the question.I know it was an obvious question but to soem Malaysians they didn’t know what the hell was going on in Airasia except all the good things that appeared in the Star and NST almost every other day. If you were to read in the papers Airasia was a gift to Malaysians and we should cherish without knowing all the help and subsidies that have been quietly given by the Sleepy Head PM.Just ignore Patrick Teoh. He is a bit too old for such discussion.

  78. The Watchman

    I think the culture of using taxpayers’ money to finance private sector projects to stop at once. It is not fair to the taxpayers to begin with and certainly inappropriate in every sense of the word because the taxpayers are not made owners of the businesses that take the money.Take a good look at Petronas. It technically belongs to the rakyat. But who is actually taking out money from Petronas and to do what exactly?You don’t need brains to do business if taxpayers’ money are used. These people cannot be regarded as tokoh korporat. It’s a no-brainer when taxpayers’ money is available to you to do business. It doesn’t take a genius to be a good entrepreneur.And lastly the government should stop fleecing the rakyat. Those responsible should be jailed and punished to the full letter of the law.

  79. Anonymous

    Fasten Your Seat Belts : The Air Asia, Badawi, Singapore, Kamaludin, Tg Adnan, Kalimullah StoryWednesday, 27 February 2008By Little BirdKawan-kawan, please fasten your seat belts now. I thought that I knew something about what is really going on in the administration of Abdullah Badawi. Today I found out I have not even scratched the surface. The following is panas-panas news. You may want to hit the ejection button (not yours but theirs) after reading this.Firstly, the shareholders and/or stakeholders of Air Asia (directly, indirectly, through proxies, etc.) include Kamaluddin bin Abdullah Badawi, Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan (also into Tune Hotels), Khairy Jamaluddin, Tony Fernandez, etc.We all know the story of Air Asia. Well, we all thought it was a rags to riches story. It is actually a story about riches. The rags part is actually very hazy.When MAS entered into a phase of ‘restructuring’ about three years ago, Air Asia, through Tony Fernandez, struck fast and furious.Before we go further, you may want to ask why did MAS have to suffer yet another ‘restructuring’? That is a story by itself for another day but just bear in mind that Badawi’s brother, Ibrahim, is the owner of the catering company (Skychef?) that used to supply mineral water at RM35 a case to MAS.With that kind of pricing, surely MAS would need ‘restructuring’.Anyway, Air Asia stepped in and pushed the Gomen for a ‘rationalisation’ of the domestic air routes in Malaysia. Air Asia asked to be given MAS’ Sabah and Sarawak routes. MAS could keep flying in Semenanjung, they said. Despite objections by MAS, Air Asia was granted its wish.But the wish did not just happen. Zaki, a fourth floor boy at the PM’s office, helped Air Asia make its wish come true.Once MAS lost its Sabah and Sarawak routes to Air Asia, there was a staff redundancy. So MAS had to organise a VSS. MAS demanded that since Air Asia was taking over their Sabah and Sarawak routes it would make some of their staff redundant so Air Asia should pay MAS some compensation.Everyone (MAS, Gomen and even Air Asia) agreed that compensation was payable to MAS. But Air Asia would not pay anything. Finally, the Gomen (err that means you and me lah, Encik Taxpayer) paid the compensation to MAS, which MAS promptly used in one of the most expensive VSS payments in our history.If your blood is starting to boil, stop reading and better cool off because it does not get better.Then, within one year, Air Asia realised that the Sabah and Sarawak routes were not profitable. They never were. MAS was performing national service in Sabah and Sarawak. Flying chickens and goats is not a money-making venture.No problem. Air Asia made another wish. They told the Gomen, we have to return these air routes back to MAS. Again MAS objected. Again overruled. Not relevant.Then came the handing over ceremony of the air routes and the airplanes. When they took over the Sabah/Sarawak routes, Air Asia had ‘acquired’ seven airplanes from MAS in perfect working condition. (MAS does have one of the best safety records in the world.)However, when Air Asia ‘returned’ the planes to MAS, only one was left in working condition. The other six planes were grounded, not fit for flying and could not fly.In actual fact, Air Asia was cannibalising parts from the six planes to keep the seventh one flying. Again MAS objected. Again overruled. Not relevant. It eventually cost MAS in excess of RM50 million to make the planes flyable again. This was a direct subsidy to ‘rags to riches’ Air Asia’s profits.Then Air Asia started eyeing the lucrative KL-Singapore routes. Tighten your seat belts. This one will really jolt. But they went about it the roundabout way. They said they wanted to go international. They did (some) but international routes are tough. No Zaki, Badawi, Khairy, Kalimullah or Kamaluddin to make your wishes come true.But the KL-Singapore sector was generating RM40 million in PROFITS to MAS. This was the plum in the pudding. Air Asia wanted it badly.So they made another wish. It came true. This is how they did it. Air Asia’s bid to break into the KL-Singapore sector was first discussed in Cabinet when Badawi was on holiday overseas. Najib chaired the meeting and Air Asia’s application was rejected.The application was rejected for two main reasons:i. By 2009 the whole of ASEAN becomes open sky anyway. ASEAN airlines can fly to all ASEAN capitals without restrictions. So why open up KL-Singapore in double quick time?ii. If budget flights are allowed between KL-Singapore, KLIA will die an unnatural death. KLIA will become a feeder airport for Singapore’s Changi. People will fly from KL to Singapore and then fly off from Singapore to the rest of the world. MAS will then die a natural death. So the request was declined.Then Badawi came back from his travels and asked Tengku Adnan the Minister of Tourism to prepare a paper on tourism, linking MAS, Air Asia, SIA, etc., to tourist arrivals. At the next Cabinet meeting chaired by Badawi, he asked Tengku Adnan to present the ‘Cabinet paper’.Insiders say that the paper was an ‘out of Agenda’ item – meaning it surprised everyone, but the dunggus approved it nonetheless. Air Asia got its wish again. Tengku Adnan also secured his Putrajaya seat.Now here is the killer. Soon after Air Asia started flying the KL-Singapore sector, they started giving away 300,000 free tickets, 5 sen tickets and all the other gimmicks. Singapore is believed to be subsidising Air Asia for all these expensive gimmicks.For SIA, losing RM40 million (S$17 million) profit from the KL-Singapore sector is chicken feed. Air Asia is feeding thousands of transit passengers from KL to Changi . Air Asia is providing RM19 bus rides from KL to KLIA. From KLIA, passengers fly almost free to Changi. From Changi the passengers can connect to the world.Now, Air Asia is making another wish – they want to fly direct from Kuching, KK, Penang, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, etc., to Changi. They will earn even more ‘subsidies’ from Singapore. KLIA will drop dead later, MAS will die first.This is how we go from ‘rags to riches’. And we all thought Tony Fernandez was such a great guy too. The shareholders and/or stakeholders of Air Asia (directly, indirectly, through proxies, etc.) include Kamaluddin bin Abdullah Badawi, Kalimullah Maseerul Hassan (also into Tune Hotels), Khairy Jamaluddin, Tony Fernandez, etc.Yes, we believe in open skies, competition and all that. But friends, fellow Malaysians, this is the PM, his son, his S-I-L and his cronies lah. How can they sell out their own country? But this is what they are doing.Kawan-kawan, come March 8th, 2008 you have an opportunity to hit the button for the ejecion seat. Hit the ejection button and send these people out into oblivion. Don’t give them any parachutes either.

  80. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Wee,Perhaps the opposition should take initiative to introduced “anti-competition/monopoly law” and let the free market takes its course.Reason being , if such law were introduced to level the playing field, then either Mas or Air Asia will have to wise up as they do not have monopoly position. The biggest trouble now is Mas used to have monopoly position and they never gave a damn about their customer. When Air Asia comes in, people started seeing alternative and used it instead. Government also should NOT get sucked into to take side with Air Asia to build airport or attempting to rescue Mas in any financial trouble. Let them fight it out, if one collapses, issue another license to a 3rd airlines and make sure none of them are subsidiary of another. Create a open sky policies for airlines to compete. Now these airlines are trying to create monopoly in their own turf to rip off customers at the expense of Taxpayer money from government. We should stop that !!!

  81. Anonymous

    the previouss minister of transport, after punching the biggest financial hole in public’s purse via PKFA, became the minister for Airasia. Why? For Kali and his group? Why should the taxpayer’s money be used to subsidise which is essentially a private venture. afterall, the same tony has castigated MAS for being given special treatment by the government. But then, MAS is substantially owned by the people thru Khazanah.In short, tell Tony to find his own money if he wants to continue to expand at neck breaking speed for his Air Asia. Oops, not his alone but Kali and gang.

  82. Anonymous

    Why do we even need to waste more money building a new dedicated airport for Air Asia’s use? Money is too easy to come by, is it? Someone just have to look at the current utilization of KLIA and come up with means to fill it up. From the few ocassions when I had to travel overseas, the whole airport and the runway was like a ghost town – deserted.

  83. Anonymous

    anon 10:30 amGreat stuff brother. You know a lot of shit in Airasia. I am sure our YB Wee will be happy with the details info on that Indian and Penang mamak fellas.We all knwo the nonsense in Airasia but lack of details. After reading through YB Wee’s blog I am elated becasue at least now I do know about the nonsense in Airasia.We beter stop that stuper PM from dishing out our hard earned monies to Tony, Kali and gang.Glad the son-in-law is very quiet these days. Quiet for the moment I suppose why?

  84. juz wan justis

    YB,Air asia exploits its employees by paying very low pay. Cabin crew gets RM1000 per month and RM20 per flying hour with no pay for duty hour which can be same length or longer then actual flying hours. i.e flying hours 70 hours but duty time 120 hours so you only get paid for 70 hours! Sales commission on board slashed to zero thru on line booking. Work conditions so bad worse with drunk passengers on air asia X flights cos they sell unlimited amount of booze on board.Sexual harrasment is very common and if a female crew reports, she will most likely get demoted, sent as ground crew or pushed to resign with inquiries and wicked cold shoulder treatment cos mgt treats “customer is always right” syndrome. Tony- bear in mind low cost airline gets low mentality people sometime who don’t even know how to flush toilets let alone treat female crew decently!Salary never reach RM5K, mostly RM3,200. Factor in petrol, toll, cost of living and forced grooming i.e make up etc, the take home pay is about RM1200 per month. Rent at monthly RM600, family etc and what you have is a very dissapointed malaysian.The fat cats at air asia has been exploiting the corrupt system for far too long, enuf is enuf. Tony always say “if you dun like air asia, the door is always open and you can get out! Come on Tony, dun pretend to be Mr nice guy on TV, everybody just wants a decent life and fair play, no exploitation. Thank you YB for this space, we support you!

  85. Anonymous

    Juz Wan Justis Thank you very much for telling us the otherside of Airasia i.e. how the staff being mistreated. Tony Fernandez has been getting good publicities in the NST and Star all the times. Now we know the rela Tony, whom we suspected he was not what he has been protrayed by NST and Star. NST is controlled by Kalmullah and Kalimullah has influence over Star. I am sure YB Wee is looking forward to hear more information regarding Airasia.We hope more people will tell us more things abotu the nonsense in Airasia.

  86. Anonymous

    Whatever the case may be, I hope that this Bodohwi will stop bleeding the nation by granting more subsidies to Airasia, which is a private company.I think that Bodohwi must resign as PM as he has lsot the confidence of the Malaysian people. Bodohwi tak malukah?

  87. Anonymous

    I love to read the comments here. Now I understand how my monies have been wasted by this useless PM.Can anyone else tell me what I can do to get rid of this useless PM?

  88. Anonymous

    To demonstrate as it is after all now the budaya of UMNOputras to demonstrate. They have demonstrated in Penang. Today in Kuala Terengganu. UMNOputras are running out of ideas.

  89. Anonymous

    YB Wee,Begitu banyak maklumat dan komen yang telah di’post’kan oleh kami dalam blog YB berhubung isu yang dibawa oleh YB. Komen-komen itu ada yang memberikan maklumat yang selama ini tidak diketahui umum dan dapat menambah gambaran berlaku dalam skandal yang berlaku.Sehubungan itu, mungkin YB boleh menimbulkan persoalan berkenaan skandal-skandal lain yang umumnya diketahui sedikit oleh rakyat atau fakta-fakta yang telah diputar belit atau diselewengkan oleh pihak-pihak yang terlibat. Contohnya seperti skandal PKFA, projek pelupusan sampah bermula dari tapak asalnya yang dicadangkan di Puchong membawa ke Broga kemudian dibatalkan, Projek Global City di Pulau Pinang dan lain-lain.

  90. Anonymous

    All help for Airasia must be stopped now. We cannot allow this stupid PM to help Airasia to fight against our national carrier. Cukuplah and UndurLAH, you are wasting our country monies. YB you better whack them in Parliament.

  91. Anonymous

    Luckily this General Elections the rakyat rejected BN in 5 states and denied BN the 2/3 majority otherwise they will step all over us. Even now the BN still try to fool us. Badawi said he will resign when he lost in the UMNO party elections. Of course, if he were to lose he need not resign at all – he will have to disappear together with his SIL, Kamaludin and Kalimulah. He is just a big joke for the nation. His days are numbered and we all must make sure that he and his son and SIL do not abscond with the country monies.We also hope that the Sultan of Terenganu, who is also the Agung, will stand firm on the issue of MB. We must all stand behind the Agung against this discredited UMNOputra.

  92. Ben

    YB, please send the message loud and clear in Parliament, “NO”!Enough is enough. The bn’ses have wasted enough. No more. We wage war against corruption and waste on all fronts. Penang, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Terengganu, Selangor, WP and coming soon Johor, Melaka, NS, East Malaysia and Pahang. We don’t need badawi, sil, etc anymore; good riddance.God has put you and your comrades there for a reason. If it is not to stop this decay then what? The smell of decay is so disgusting. It is so bad you can’t just brush or file it away. You need to operate and give it the deep root canal treatment NOW. If they scream murder, tell them its good for their soul before they meet their Creator. May God’s grace go with you into the battle fields with a few good men. Amen.

  93. Anonymous

    I am sure that there are more nsight stories about Airasia. Please post it here for all to read and understand the real Airasia. I am sure that we cannot rely on NST story about Airasia because Kalimullah is in full control. So NST will only publish all the flowery things about Airasia whihc may not be the truth.It is hope that some one some where will shed more light about this corporate web involving the cronies useless PM.

  94. ck

    All this while, our Government is too kind to the Big Corporations as well as MNC alike..and our Laws/Acts enacted were too-pro to these companies. This method of job-creation policy may have no problem during “good time” i.e. booming econ. But during the recession, Big C will have no problem as compare to SMI/SMEs. They have capital, expertise and ability to relocating their operation. But not the SMI/SMEs.It’s time for the Law makers like you to look into establishing law and beside looking into the “Economic Structural Change” for the neglected SMI/SMEs..Ask the farmers in Cameron H & Ulu Yam, do they get any “real” helps from the Fed/State or even Local govn….the answer are very obvious . Time to change!

  95. Anonymous

    It is obvious that we must change for teh better. To effect change we must get rid of that Sleepy Head, who can no longer govern.But he is holding on at all costs to protect his cronies and son in law. General Elections came and gone, and yet there is no news of the date for swearing in of MP and teh opening of Parliament. Once the Sleeping Head is thrown out of office that will be the begining of changes because that will be the day when the son in law and his cronies will be without protections.

  96. Anonymous

    Now I know how great are Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah. I can do better than them if I got protections and helps from teh Government. But what must the government used taxpayers’ money to help Airasia which has no connection with the government except that Tony Fernandez and Kalimullah are cronies of the PM and his SIL.I pray that the PM will be forced out of office by the nation as soon as possilbe so that the country wealth will not be robbed by these crooks.


    BohMiaLang,One of the best things about remaining anonymous is the freedom of speech. There’s no need for commentors to publish their names here according to your agenda.

  98. Anonymous

    good. let the lawsuits begin. it will give us the chance to start a small fund campaign to finance YB’s defense. let’s put the government to the test, they just announce they’ll reach out to bloggers yesterday. bomialang, juat like u never use your brains, you have lost touch with reality also.

  99. Anonymous

    Bohmialang, go ask Yew Teong Look to start his own blog so that you can comment and he can say all nice things about you.

  100. Anonymous

    eh…no more rubbish & longkang problems anymore izzit bohmialang? u cleaned up wangsa maju by yourself yesterday izzit? goodlah. when your uncle ong ka chuan starts local council elections then we can all vote u in as our new datuk bandar.

  101. Wee Choo Keong

    To anonymous of 23 March, 2008 15:14What I will do is call up the Ministry of Education of Selangor and highlight the case. Normally the administration will follow up with a phone call and inquire into the ‘allegation’ and I believe the phone call itself will be sufficient to put an end to the matter.On the other hand, you and your fellow teachers should not feel ‘pressured.’ The headmaster is retiring and there’s not much he/she can do after his/her term. Just ignore the request.Anyway, thank you for visiting and have a good day. God bless you.

  102. Anonymous

    To Bohmialang,Wake up!! please don’t just think about rubbish & longkang problems. rubbish and longkang no longer priority. Think about your future. Your thought really like MCA. You should wash Ong Kah Ting’s toilet if you have time. Don’t waste your precious time here. Go and do some cleaning.

  103. Anonymous

    To Bohmialang,Where is your brain? Think Big!! I live in Johor, should I ask Bodohwi to clean my longkang as well since he is the prime minister of Malaysia. And he should kill the rats behind my kitchen.

  104. richard

    yB Wee,sorry for this sidetrack: you’d like to bring up this Storm Tunnel closure issue in Parliament or maybe as your next ‘blog-lumn’. During it’s conception, the Rakyat was made to understand that the tunnel will serve to DIVERT rain water to a holding pond in Tmn Desa before being discharged into Sg Kerayong. Also, it was mentioned that it’ll take app. 6 hrs to clean and reopen the tunnel to traffic.Apparently, now this tunnel is being used to STORE the diverted water – that’s why the tunnel still being closed since Saturday evening!!Something’s wrong somewhere – either way, the Rakyat’s the loser again.

  105. BohMiaLang

    Looks like many of you anonymous fellas could be Umno cybertroopers. Otherwise how could you even think of getting your host into trouble of lawsuits? Remember, YB Wee is your host. You are his guest here. So, like all bodoh guests, BEHAVE. That is all. Dont spew shit all over and I urge the YB to censor comments that can draw trouble. Including those who can be civil and act like gangsters behind the veil of anonymity – throw stones and hide the hands and blame others.By the way, Anon of 14:04Thanks for enlightening my Hokkien. Mia, in case your Hainanese fails you, also means Name in Hokkien.

  106. BohMiaLang

    CORRECTION – I mean: Dont spew shit all over and I urge the YB to censor comments that can draw trouble. Including those who CANNOT (AND DONT KNOW HOW TO) be civil and act like gangsters behind the veil of anonymity – throw stones and hide the hands and blame others.

  107. Anonymous

    bohmialang, for your information, the UMNO cybertroopers have been disbanded when Azalina was transferred out from Youth & Sports. Thanks a lot for reminding us your nick also means Anonymous in hokkien. In blogging, the onus is on the reader, after you read, either you stay or you leave, the call is yours. Just leave if you don’t agree YB should start this Blog-Lumn.

  108. Anonymous

    Well, there were plenty of evidence already to justify all the nonsense that took place in Airasia with Tony and Kali around. So sorry lah Bohmialan you better go and kiss your MCA boss (Chan Kong Choy, the ex-Minister of Transport). We like YB Wee’s blog especially the Bloglum. You don’t like it please go to some other MCA blogs of your choice. We, the residents of Wangsa Maju, want to engage with our MP and vice-versa. If youdon’t want pleae go to hell.

  109. Eway

    Just use KLIA. It Iis so underutilised that most baggage carousels stay empty for the day.Another thing is , I don’t see how Air Asia can sustain its business in the midst of so much competition from other budget airlines.Most of the other budget airlines are subsidiaries of a major player ie. SIA, Cathay, Jetstar etc. They already have an established brand. If they go bankrupt in ten years, what will happen to their new airport? PS.An MPs job is not just the longkang part they do other things too like enact laws! Do you want Mr Wee to be just a Longkang MP and keep quiet when your money is being stolen? By the way, thank DBKL for your dirty longkangs!

  110. Anonymous

    All those who want to sue over issue like this because they have to hide alot of things. The best defence is still justification.Who does not know that Airasia, Tony, Kali and son-in-law are inter-connected. If not how could the Bodohwi’s administration built the Lcct in such a short itme and the semua boleh at LCCT. Even the taxi service in LCCT has been monopolised by certain cronies of son in law. To hell with the stupid head. All the best YB Wee don’t be intimidated by tyhis cyber idiot.

  111. Pratamad

    The answer is “NO”. What is the basis of the so-called grant and special treatment to AirAsia? Is there even a clearly spelt out government policy for this? And if there is one, what are the criteria and transparent processes for the help? If I set up an AirDunia tomorrow, why won’t I get the same assistance? The government action has already failed a simple test of fairness and transparency.

  112. Anonymous

    YB,If we accept your logic, does it mean that the govt does not need to provide facilities to private companies? Thus for example, all bus companies build their own bus stops; MISC build their own port?; etc etc.I have a question of my own: is it right that the Penang Govt forgo rakyat’s money by waiving fines issued to a few people?cheers,Mus

  113. Anonymous

    Most hawkers and restaurants throughout Malaysia have no clue what a grease trap is. I think the local govts have no clue what it is as well, or else they would impose that requirement on restaurants. If the food trails in the drains are not eliminated, then the rat problem would persists.Even if the local govts impose the grease trap requirement, the problem would still be there because many do the dishwashing on the backstreet with plastic basins. Maybe they never heard of the automatic dishwasher.cc74

  114. Spock

    Dear YB Wee,I think Wangsa Maju can take the lead in urging Election for City Councils. When the team is elected, then they are accountable for most things, including keeping the Longkang, Grass and Sampah spick and span. Right now, there are many things which are wrong with the City Hall. For instance, we can see the lack of enforcement at business areas – double parking but no action taken. Or too much enforcement – ie. having a team of six to patrol makan areas but not taking any action on Mamaks who take up the car parking areas. One good example is in Wangsa Maju section 2. They start as early as 4pm, depriving others of parking spots. So, other have to double park. And so are other areas.If City Hall is elected, then the rakyat like you and me determine their term. Try to act funny, out you go Mr Mayor. Right now, who can do a thing?Just my duasen.

  115. Anonymous

    spock, i think that’s precisely what the opposition guys are aiming to achieve. city council elections will most probably be a real thing if the opposition takes federal power 4-5 years from now. just keep on voting them in lah.

  116. Wee Choo Keong

    Sdr Anon 25-03-08 @ 17:24Please do not be mistaken that I don’t want the government to support private companies like bus services. What we shuld be addressing was whether the government should build another airport in the light of two existing airports namnely KLIA, which is under used, and LCCT. In fact, LCCT should not have been built for the exclusive use by Airasia or any other airline for that matter because of the under used KLIA. Spok 26-03-08 @ 08.02 I have been calling for Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur to be elected by the people of KL ever since I was the MP for Bukit Bintang in 1990. But it fell on deaf ears of the BN.Please be informed that the 10 opposition MPs met last night at Federal Hotel and it was the unanimous view that Datuk Bandar KL must be elected by the people.Furhter, it was also agreed that we should have a council in KL to look after the welfare of the KL residents. THe 10 MPs also agreed to launch a petition cmapaign with regards to the above. Thereafter, we shall table a Private Members Bill in Parliament to amend the necessary laws to facilitate the election of Datuk Bandar and set up council for KL.Thank you very much to all the contributors in my blog and I do appreciate your valuable comments. They are great inputs to me and I am enlighten by them.Thank you once again and I hope to receive more.Any suggestion for the next Question Of The Week, please. It will be posted on my blog every Friday. RegardsChoo Keong

  117. Gan

    I smell a rat in the Storm Tunnel project !!Cannot imagine the worse scenario when tunnel is in used by the rakyats when the flood alleviation mechanism kicks in !!I hope there is somekind of tested emergency plan in place.

  118. Anonymous

    YB, i suggest we talk about DBKL and the pressing needs for local council elections. All these longkang and rubbish issues stillneed some kind of resolution, though not at your level, but at DBKL’s. Like it or not, it’s a topic that cannot be ignored. It’s also the talk of the town now. Let’s blog about it and let the gov know we are serious about this.

  119. Anonymous

    Can we also get all 10 MPs to produce evidence from their respective areas of local authorities victimizing and issuing summonses to petty traders and contrast it against the uncollected garbage and clogged drains all over town? If all 10 MPs can do this concurrently on a single day and say, present a joint memo to DBKL in the presence of the press, it will give big a boost to the the call for local council elections.

  120. Spock

    Great work Wee! My suggestion for question of the week:Question: All City Councils should be elected by the ratepayers. As much as we are obliged to pay quit rent and assessments, we should also have a say on how runs City Hall. And if we are not satisfied with the services provided, we should not need to pay quit rent or assessment. We can include the services part as the blog post comments grow. Then once we have a full set, we send to City Hall as memorandum from Wangsa Maju – Wangsa Semaju leading the way! Of course, any constituency in DBKL jurisdiction can take part.My Duasen again.


    I commented earlier on this matter in the same thread- why the DBKL should not be under federal jurisdiction.The acts which need to be looked at are- Local Govt Act 1976; Fed Cap Act 1960; City of KL Act 1971. I am particulary concerned on the Fed Cap Act 1960- s13(1) & (2) which arms the Govt with dbkl as a politcal clout regardless of the outcome of the elections. All is ok if the dbkl properly runs the city but this is not the case. KL is plagued with black markets- prostitution, narcotics, smuggling, bribery, etc; and poor administration of public services. These issues if traced properly have direct links to dbkl. The worst part is that KL ratepayers are not represented on the Advisory Board thus they are not given the right to correct the misdoings of dbkl. With these matters at hand I urge the public to have this in mind while settling their rates to dbkl.Unless I read the Fed Cap Act 1960 wrong s7 of the Act grants the King powers to appoint members of the Advisory Board so not all hope is lost. I trust that, with the persuasive power of all the KL MPs a bill can be tabled to amend the relevant acts. Let the people have dbkl back so that we can start rebuilding the city.

  122. Anonymous

    The smart tunnel is nothing but a VERY VERY EXPENSIVE LONGKANG. Someone ripped the Raayat and the Goverment and is now laughing all the way to the bank.Why are we so STupid one hah?

  123. Wee Choo Keong

    Thank you so much to all the contributors to my blog. I am enlightened by what have been posted.Now that you have commented. I shall tabulate some pertient questions regarding Airasia for their management to answer. The tabulated questions shall be posted in my blog soon.Once again thank you so much for your time and contributions.

  124. Anonymous

    We all are looking forward to your tabulated questions for the “wonder boy” Tony Fernandes, who has been receiving all kinds of awards but very quiet lately.YB Wee, please remember to ask him whether he has already joined BN since he was actively campaigning for Sharizat in Lembah Pantai.Please also ask him about Airasia’s future after Sharizat and BN defeat in the last GE.

  125. Anonymous

    Dear YB Wee,With respect, allow me to correct you regarding your posting which you mentioned “Education Ministry in Shah Alam”. That one is not the Education Ministry but is the Selangor Education Department. I have to say this because I am afraid those who are against you will take it as an issue though it is ‘remeh temeh’. Good to know that you took up the complaint from your voter. In fact not only that school only got such thing happened, many more power abuses and ‘little napoleon’ behavior are happening in our schools. These ‘little napoleons’ with the ‘small power’ in their hands simply executing some decisions at their own fancy disregarding the surrounding.

  126. Anonymous

    I had the ” luck” to fly Air Asia back to KL from Tawau on 23rd Mar 2008 and after the plane has landed at LCCT , we (all the passengers) were told that we cannot disembark due to heavy rain! We thought it was because Air Asia didnt have enough umbrellas for passengers to use but later the pilot “enlightened” us (announcement filled with sincere apologies) that it was his decision to “detain” us because it was for our safety!!! Huh? Questions thrown to stewardess on how long we were supposed to wait…”dont know” they are doing their best. Steward on duty said when we choose to fly AirAsia, it being a cheap flight so we have to “understand”. Moreover, We were supposed to remain calm because hey our plane was NOT the only AirAsia flight involved….due to this SO CALLED heavy rain, there were altogether 3 AirAsia’s planes all of whose passengers are in the same boat(sorry predicament)!!Some passengers started to complain that the rain was only a drizzle and if the stewards could open the door, they could just dash out because the plane was already very very nearby the luggage clearance area; hardly 50 feet away….no, they cant do that because the rain would enter and damage the plane was the reply heard. This mind boggling inefficiency is of such third world mentality I wouldnt hv believed it to be true if I wasnt there to experience it personally!!!! After nearly 1.5 hours detention, passengers finally could disembark and we manage to board our taxi home 10 mins before midnight charges came into place. Sadly we noted there were so many fellow travelers who were not so fortunate and so who ever says traveling AirAsia is Cheap better do more calculations properly. Our friendly taxi driver commented that what we went through is but such a common occurence on rainy days in LCCT. Jeez how much does a covered ramp cost these days????? Talk about lousy management, Tony. How come this common practise of holding passengers hostage in the AirAsia planes never ever get reported in the mainstream media ?????? If we added in all the lousy customer service, rude & inconsistent arbritrary interpretations by AirAsia’s staff at LCCT & Tawau airports of definition on “sports” equipment charges and the FOC 15Kg limitations….please just scrap the whole idea of AirAsia which can only be an embarrasment to Malaysia’s reputation in the eyes of foreign travelers here.

  127. Anonymous

    Dear YB Wee,Allow me to say the following matter which is not related to AirAsia. It is about the traffic jam that occurs on the roads to Nirwarna Memorial Park in Semenyih every year during the peak Sunday of Chin Ming. I have written this problem and appealing for action from the new Selangor state government in Elizaberth Wong blog, perhaps you can read from there. Over here, I am appealing to you to help to solve the problem which I think is an cursing and annoying situation for many who directly or indirectly affected by the jam.Thank you.KL

  128. Anonymous

    YB Wee it seems that the BN government should really consider their standing on all issues affecting governance and the people especially after the 12th GE. the BN government should not entertain the idea of giving further subsidies to any private investment or enterprise without any form of consultation and open discussions on the merits of it. in the past the BN government have mistreated the rakyat and treating us like juveniles and if they continue to do so, why dont the BN government just group all of us the rakyat- and sell us off as slaves to the US and then slowly sub-divide the whole nation and sell them to rich multi-billionaires and include some malaysians as their servants whilst they can live off from the proceeds and migrate over to London or US. that’s how i view the government for the past few years – acting as the country and the people exclusively belonging to them and i have had enough and now contemplating of using further tax payers money for Air Asia. if Tony Fernandez is so good as the press had portrayed him in the past then why need government funds/subsidies – go on your own and tap on international funds since Sir Richard Branson is one of the shareholders of Air Asia and is wealthy then Tony should not hv any problems in finding financiers- unless he is just a ‘fake’ like so many of those bumiputra business people who depended so much on govt financial assistance and cant survive without handouts from the govt.

  129. Flowing Stream

    YB Wee,Are you using populist polls to decide government policies? Singapore, HK, and the Thai government are funding their own Cheap-o-airline to compete with our AirAsia. Losing out means consumer get cheaper flights, but the money goes to neighbouring governments (through tax).I think we need more data on competition to decide which action by the government generates most externalities to the citizens of Malaysia. In the event that other governments are biasing competition through intervention, it is only fair that Malaysia does the same.

  130. Rah rah

    Dear YB Wee,Please help to stop our gove lavish spending on such idiotic move. We have enough of their spending. What the focus should be on is our daily essential goods which has been on inflation. My baby’s milk has been increasing almost every 6 months. If it continues to be like this, we’ll find it more difficult to live a life in Klang Valley. Petrol, inflation, corruption, education and crimes are the main focus the govt should put priority first. They should be pumping in money to help lighten our daily spending. Take for example of LDP, every morning we have to waste petrol in the jam and pay the increased toll daily just to get to work and back. It’s no fun living like this. Please help.

  131. Anonymous

    Our country politicians had been abusing their power to do wonders for the benefit of their wallets. Can the oppositon help us check whether they also had their Midas touch on our banking system, taking full loans without any collateral assets? Can opposition also help us check how loan allocations were done in our banks? Is it mainly to their “family” ? Cos I found our banks had been too conservative in giving out loan during the past 4 years.

  132. Anonymous

    Do you remember the tv programme “Myteam” headed by KJ the SIL, coached by Shebby and Bojan, where nationwide footballer hopefuls were scouted? Do you remember, the selected players were specially flown to Manchester on an Airasia plane solely chartered for the team? Put two and two together, and you won’t miss a thing.

  133. Anonymous

    What nonsense is this Tony is getting subsidies or fund from the govt for his operations.He must take us Malaysians for idiots.Let me ask – does the govt get a share of the net profits that AirAsia gets?Only Badawi’s family and SIL gets.Why should 26 million people pay AirAsia just so a few get the profits.We should get the BN govt to stop this foolish nonsense.And get AisAsia to pay back to govt whatever was paid to them.Now we know what it means – MALAYSIA BOLEHor rather BN BOLEH!!!

  134. Wak Segen

    This only proof again that Tony Fernandez is not such a fantastic business wizard at all. He is more like the many UMNOputra ‘Ali Baba’ so called businessmen. To Tony , If you really want to prove your mettle..go built your own airport, with foreign financing or what then make it viable.I challenge you!!

  135. Anonymous

    Subsidise Air Asia with my money? Absolutely not! Surely there are many, many, many other projects more beneficial to the rakyat.Mr. Tony and Mr. Kali, if your airline is so sound and good go get your own financing… and your staff (both ground and air) are just plain rude. Seems they’re more concerned with how their ‘karat’ colored hair look than really having any care for their paying customers….and Mr. Bohmialang, you certainly have a lot to say. I suggest you save them for own blog.

  136. Starbug

    I smell something fishy here:First there’s Patrick BadawiNow we have Tony Badawi…..AirAsia, don’t bite more that you could chew. PM, don’t waste our MONEY!!!!!

  137. Anonymous

    I am a highly educated 30+ young man. So, can somebody please lend me a few hundred million ringgit so that I can set up (or even better, take over) a financial / investment firm?…please…

  138. skilgannon1066

    Wee Choo KeongI am surprised that you are targetting AirAsia. Why, precisely, are you doing this?Can you list out exactly what “subsidies” AirAsia received from the Msian govt?As for the cost of building the LCCT at KLIA, the cost was borne by Msia Airports. What’s wrong with that?Look at Singapore where CAAS, the owner of Changi Airport, built the Budget Terminal for the use of low-cost carriers. Only 2 low-cost carriers, Tiger Airways and Cebu Pacific, use Changi’s Budget Terminal. Not Jetstar Asia/Valuair. And not AirAsia, which uses Changi’s Terminal 1 (yup, with aerobridges!).Spore Airlines (SIA) has a 49% stake in Tiger Airways. Likewise, Qantas has a substantial stake in Jetstar Asia. Temasek Holdings, one of Spore’s sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), is the majority shareholder of SIA. Which means, indirectly, that it has an interest in Tiger Airways.Has Khazanah Nasional a similar substantial stake in AirAsia?These are public facts that can easily be checked.Next, the question over AirAsia’s profit figures. As far as I know, AirAsia, a public listed company on Bursa Msia, has it’s accounts audited by a respectable auditing firm. Are you implying that their external auditors have been remiss in signing off on AirAsia’s accounts, especially with regard to revenues, profits, expenses, bank borrowings, depreciation, tax liabilities, fuel hedging policies etc?Coming to fleet size, according to the Airbus website, AirAsia has 175 A320 aircraft on order. Out of these, 37 aircraft have been delivered and are in operation.Tiger Airways has 66 A320s on order. 8 have been delivered and it has 12 A320s in operation (4 being leased aircraft).Jetstar Asia/Valuair have 7 A320s in operation (all leased) and none on order from Airbus.AirAsia X, the long-haul offshoot of AirAsia, has 15 A330-300 aircraft on order. An order for an additional 10 aircraft was announced recently by the CEO of Airbus, bringing the total to 25 A330-300s ordered by AirAsia X.It seems to me that AirAsia is doing the sensible thing by standardising on one aircraft type (A320) for it’s local and regional operations – which generate efficiencies and economies of scale for pilot training and maintenance.I am not aware that AirAsia and Airasia X are using Msian taxpayers’ or public funds to bankroll their purchase of Airbus aircraft. Do you have evidence to the contrary?AirAsia, as a public listed company, has a duty to it’s shareholders to maximise it’s profits and shareholder returns in the form of dividends. Which means making a profit on every route it flies, and dropping unprofitable routes. Is that such a difficult business concept to understand?Or do you have something against companies that are unabashedly out to make profits? I might point you in the direction of MAS and Proton, both of which, until recently, were hung up on the notion of “national service”.Ask SIA about doing “national service” for Spore. You will get a swift kick in the pants from Spore’s Minister Mentor!

  139. Anonymous

    YB,The answer is big “NO”.. as u hv said, they can use the existing airports.. stop wasting rakyat money!!! and this is the case of LCCT in Kota Kinabalu too.. i totally see no reason to built it as our KKIA is under major reno.. and it shld be efficient… but then we all knw some ppl made money out of the project lah… forgive my ignorence.. never know air asia story until i came to yr blog.. i wonder how many more skeletons r still in this stupid govt’s closet!!! ** to BohMiaLang, do u knw why u r attack up down left right & center? go read yr own comment, ppl can differential contstructive criticism & attack… if u want others to respect u, pls do the same!!GBUWillWin

  140. Eddie

    Mas owned by Malaysian public money where else Air Asia owned by . … . Please people , the government should protect our money. What the politician doesnt know that by opening up the Singapore route to Air Asia , Singapore Airport will be stronger and more important in this region . If I am the international airline , i will choose to fly to Singapore and not KLIA . Why should i choose KLIA if , from Singapore there are many options for my passengers to go to KL. and it doesnt make sense for me to fly to both destination.Now, who’s loosing ….???

  141. skilgannon1066

    anonymous 14:08What’s ECM Libre (sic) got to do with AirAsia?The questions are whether AirAsia received public funds in it’s setting-up. And whether the LCCT was built for the sole benefit of AirAsia. And whether Airasia is going cap-in-hand to the govt to pay for the 175 Airbus A320 aircraft it has ordered.anonymous 14:39No, I am not from AirAsia. I have nothing to do with the company, I don’t own shares in the company and I do not know Tony Fernandes or any of the other AirAsia directors or managers. My preferred airlines are SIA, Cathay Pacific and Qantas.eddie 15:35Why is Changi Airport a major regional air hub while KLIA is a distant also-ran? Blame the govt and Malaysia Airports for sleeping on the job. Blame it on the lack of a well-thought out national aviation policy. And blame it on MAS which went from a viable, profitable airline under Saw Huat Lye to a flying basket case under you-know-who.The Spore govt made it crystal-clear to SIA that it had to be profitable from day one. No bail outs, no subsidies using public funds, no “national service”. And in choosing between SIA’s survival and Changi’s regional air hub position, the Spore govt would give priority to Changi.A strong air hub requires a strong carrier to service it. Think Changi-SIA, Heathrow-British Airways, Hong Kong-Cathay Pacific, Tokyo Narita-Japan Airlines, Paris Charles de Gaulle-Air France/KLM etc.

  142. Anonymous

    Dear skilgannon1066, how bout this ? does it got something to do with your company?? Maybe this will be part of the funding for purchasing of new aircraft from And lets face it, our country is sandwiched by bangkok and Singapore. Bangkok can offer tourism at a much lower cost and Singapore can offer business plus sophisticate leisure. Seriously speaking, anyone with a wise mind will know, by opening up sin-kul route will only accelerate klia death sentence and make it the biggest white elephant in m’sia AKA selling the country out. Ask our self,anything unique or special that we can offer to the tourist/business traveller compared to bangkok and sing? By doing this, klia will only be the feeder airport for sing and bkk. nothing more nothing less.

  143. Anonymous

    Hi Wee, brilliant initiatives.MAS is not giving a good fight to Air Asia. Why … becos Munir is Kali’s partner in crime (they went to ‘Hajj” together few years back) and Idris is a highly paid guitarist who plays to his master’s tune .KOREK, KOREK, KOREK !!!

  144. skilgannon1066

    anonymous 20:58I think it is Azman Yahya and Idris Jala who call the shots at MAS. Not Munir Majid.The grapevine has it that the MAS’s board of directors will see a number of significant changes with the possible appointment of some prominent foreign business personalities to the board.And in any case, MAS, AirAsia, Msia Airports and the govt (i.e. the Transport Ministry) have to figure out how to maximise the use of KLIA.Don’t forget that Msia has 4 main international airports – KLIA, Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching – as well as a “subsidiary” international airport in Senai, Johor.KK and Kuching are pushing for more direct flights from overseas destinations to benefit their tourism industries. Singapore is a prime source of tourist and business traffic and is being courted as such.anonymous 19:34Malaysia has always been sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore. It is nothing new.If KLIA is a distant third behind Changi Airport and Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport, the parties to be blamed are:- the Msian govt- Msia Airports- MASWhy did British Airways and Qantas stop flying to KL? But Changi is an important hub for both airlines. Why are there no US airlines flying to KL, when United Airlines and Northwest Airlines both have daily flights from Changi to the US?Even the airlines from India, like Air India and Jet Airways have more flights from Changi to Indian destinations than from KL. Why is this?How many “open skies” agreements has Malaysia concluded with other countries? Have the benefits from these been maximised?

  145. Anonymous

    skilgannon1066 01 April, 2008 21:58 If KLIA is a distant third behind Changi Airport and Bangkok’s new Suvarnabhumi Airport, the parties to be blamed are:- the Msian govt- Msia Airports- MAS Why did British Airways and Qantas stop flying to KL? But Changi is an important hub for both airlines. Finally, you manage to grasp the reality, Its the total package of the whole country no longer attractive and conductive for business and to some extand, our tourism. Its the country policies that are making her losing her shine as a credible competitor in this region. If malaysia one day concluded all the ‘open skies’ agreements. The only party that will benefit from it will be airasia. The whole country will be on the loosing side. KLIA wil always be just a transit hub instead of a business/tourist destination. Nothing more, nothing less. That why we must stop the rot in this country. Korek..korek..korek!!!

  146. skilgannon1066

    anonymous 3 April, 20:28Your logic is astounding, but flawed.Why should AirAsia be blamed if MAS got itself into excrement (aka “s**t)? MAS was in dire straits long before AirAsia appeared on the horizon.”Open skies” agreements are essentially bilateral between 2 governments (except in the case of the recent EU-US open skies agreement). Designated airlines of the 2 countries that have an open skies agreement can take advantage of the agreement.So, if AirAsia is a designated airline in Malaysia, why can’t it take advantage of the open skies agreements that Malaysia has with other countries? Should it wait until MAS has remade itself into a profitable entity?The rot in the Malaysian aviation industry has everything to do with the govt wanting to protect MAS.And MAS has failed in that it has not been able, until now, to get its act together to improve the connectivity of KLIA to regional and international destinations.Singapore has a small domestic market of 4.8 million people. Yet Changi Airport is served by 80 airlines that now have 4,100 weekly scheduled flights to 180 cities in 57 countries.Malaysia has, what, a population of 25 million? Yet KLIA’s connectivity is nowhere near that of Changi’s? Why is this?It is ironic that Malaysians have better choices of flights, and more competitive airfares, out of Singapore than from KL.A simple question: who or what was responsible for running MAS into the ground? And a corollary: why didn’t the govt do anything about it?And another simple question: what is AirAsia doing that is not beneficial to the Malaysian aviation and tourism industries?Of course, if you are still hung on concepts like “national champions” and “national service”, then the blinkers are well and truly on. Which means that commercial logic and hardheaded business practises are anathema to you (and, I daresay, to many in the govt today).

  147. Anonymous

    holy s**t..i never know that b4..i used to fly with AA frequently but after knowing all these things….damn i dont want to pay my money to those crooks..

  148. Anonymous

    skilgannon1066 said…07 April, 2008 10:44 Are you tyring to tell us a robber is better than a thieve? I’m really thrill by your logic. We need to guard our country and the people rights. Thats the only point we need to drive instead of harping on how good AK is or how bad MH was. Korek…korek..korek!!!

  149. Anonymous

    Hi WCK,I think the next topic of discussion in your blog should be what can be done when the federal government intention to withhold funds or managed on their own projects undertaken by them in PR controlled states.My thinking is when ever BN undertake a project and the amount of each project is disclosed. PR should come out with a comparative valuation of the project if it is undertaken by the PR government. In that way we can see how much the tax payers lost in negotiated contracts and wasted taxpayers money.

  150. Anonymous

    about the SMART tunnel. The construction was featured in Discovery Channel. I briefly recall (i might be wrong) that it is a dual function thingy, ie cars travel above ground, and water travels underground. I stand corrected.

  151. menggatal

    It is sad to read here that there are so many self centered people around. Many are just looking within themselves and community. MP to look into clogged drain and rubbish is itself total rubbish. One should look further and bigger picture. How AirAsia disappoints so many people, how the poor think they can save by flying low cost but actually end up paying more because various clauses and extra charges, how tax payers and public’s money benefit only certain parties and how we get cheated in many other ways by various actions? All thse if can be seen by an elected MP, shows how far sighted and detailed he is because all these actaully affects the public. The MP is not there just for his area. He shows that he is not selfish by working and thinking for the affected public of the nation. YB Mr Wee, keep up the good work and don’t let the few short sighted peanut brains affect your mission. For the rest of the supportive people, keep it up. Your points are valid. You will see the results soon enough provided things are planned well to expose the scams and scums!Purchasing new planes are ways some people make extra money.

  152. Jason Ong

    FYI, Ong Tee Keat owns a travel company, Hwajing Travels & Tours Sdn Bhd (03-92002929) which is the preferred ticketing agent of AirAsia since early 2000.

  153. Jason Ong

    My previous info on Hwajing Travel And Tours was not correct.It does not belong to Ong Tee Keat.My apologies.

  154. Anonymous

    This comment has nothing to do with ‘MP Question…’ Since you are going to demo at DBKL, why not propose that Wilayah KL is returned back to Selangor, and the Ministry of WP to be moved to Labuan, lock, stock and barrel with that Zulhisham and the Tambi Deputy Min. The Federal Capital is effectively now in Putra Jaya and thus KL is just a big commercial centre.

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