Calling all Wangsa Maju-ians to look out for suspicious characters and suspected criminals!


After I got back from my trip, I am saddened to learn that 2 of our residents in Wangsa Maju are victims of car thefts.

My sympathy goes to Ms Siew Ping Ping and Encik Junaidy’s father.

I have since contacted Chief Inspector Tuan Mispani concerning the 2 cases and he has given his assurance that the matter will be urgently looked into. Tuan Mispani has also agreed to step up surveillance of the hot spots.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all Wangsa Maju-ians to help cooperate with the police by reporting any suspicious character or suspected criminal near or within your vicinity. The Wangsa Maju police station telephone number is 03-4149 2222.

As I see it, fighting crime in our constituency should be a joint effort between our police and our residents. So let us ‘declare war’ against the perpetrators of crimes in Wangsa Maju from this day onward. Let us work together to help make Wangsa Maju a safer place for us and our families.

Please continue to leave a comment on this blog or email me at every time a crime has taken place in Wangsa Maju so that I can follow up with the police regarding the matter.

Thank you.

– 翻译员:angel_x , Wee Choo Keong 致于万二分谢意

我對 SIEW PING PING 小姐 和 JUNAIDY 先生的父親表示慰問。

我已就上述兩宗案件與 TUAN MISPANI 總警長取得聯繫。他保證將會徹查此事。 TUAN MISPANI 也同意加強監督一些犯罪黑區。


旺沙馬珠警局的電話號碼是 03-4149 2222。


每當罪案發生時請在此部落格留言或傳電郵到 給我, 好讓我能夠與警方跟進案件。

28 thoughts on “Calling all Wangsa Maju-ians to look out for suspicious characters and suspected criminals!

  1. Anonymous

    Sdr WeeGlad to learn that yu are back in action. You are absolute correct to say that fighting crime is a joint effort between the police and the people. But the police must play their effective role and making their presence felt in those crime proned areas. We also hope that the police is serious in their investigation works and prosecute the criminal to the hilt. This is to ensure that those intended criminal will know that crime does not pay.Keep it Sdr Wee. You are a model MP. You are so different to the MCA chair thrower ex-MP, who never bothered about the people problems. Keep it up and we are behind you.

  2. every dog has his day

    LATEST NEWS IN ON THE GRAPEVINE-Zakaria Deros of Kelang didn’t die but fled to Indonesia om news that the Selangor Government fell into the hands of the Barisan Rakyat. Hie death and disappearance were “engineered” by unknown forces immediately the results of GE12 were announced for the state of Selangor.The dead body they put on public display before burial belongs to some other deceased person. Perhaps it would be interesting if the matter is pursued further by interested quarters or the body exhumed for a post-mortem or DNA analysis. The circumstances surrounding the death and disappearance of Zakaria Deros is indeed fascinating. The so-called demise kept buried plenty of dark secrets that certain quarters still alive and kicking today do not wish exposed.And this is just the tip of the iceberg and the aftermath of GE12 does give rise to plenty for us to conjure about the previous BN administration in Selangor.No wonder they shred and destroy all the incriminating evidence in the government offices.

  3. Anonymous

    Let’s forget crime for the time being. This morning while waiting for the traffic to turn green in Wangsa Maju my rickety boneshaker suffered a standstill. Instead of incessant honing and honking that used to be the habit of impatient drivers, seems every chap behind the queue stepped out to help me push my stalled car to the side. One offered me a fag seeing I was very disconcerted while another gave me a contact number for the mechanic he trusted. All these chaps are really a mix lot – Malays, Chinese and Indians. It seems the aftermath of GE12 makes the country a more friendlier and united lot. It brought us together. If that is so, I say Syabas, Malaysia! Similarly, let’s hope the Royal Malaysian Police will act and behave likewise. Make a change in Wangsa Maju. Show the way for the rest of the country, Inspektor Mispani. Cops should genuinely be as helpful as their Mesra Rakyat motto. It should not be chemical-laced water cannons and tear gas anymore.

  4. bukit bintang lion

    One disillusioned Bukit Bintang resident asked me whether you have forgotten all about Bukit Bintang after you secured victory in Wangsa Maju. He said: Looks like the guy already withdrew the bridge after crossing the river to Wangsa Maju!Another one also told me “Hahh! the bugger must have dismissed the monks after the burial rites in Bukit Bintang (Chinese proverb).You catch the drift and get the gist of the matter, YB Wee?

  5. 我们一家都是人


  6. ZhouYu

    bukit bintang lion :First and foremost, Mr wee contested twice in Bukit Bintang but he lost because people are voting based on party and not the candidate.Secondly, I think he has already given face to DAP for not contesting in Bukit Bintang.

  7. Anonymous

    I fully agree with Zhouyu. YB Wee contested twice in Bukit Bintang but his qualities as a person have not been appreciated by the people in Bukit Bintang, who voted blindly for a used car dealer jsut because he stood as a DAP candidate. As a rakyat we must look at the candidate and judge whether he can perform or not. The party cannot represent because the party cannot speak in Parliament but the MP is able to speak and represent us. I am glad that YB chose to come to Wangsa Maju. IN a way YB Wee sacrificed to come to Wangsa Maju. I know YB Wee will work for the people instead of himself like the MCA and DAP candidate. YB Wee please show them in Parliament that youj can perform better than the DAP and others. We have a lot of hope in you. Please do not let us down.

  8. Anonymous

    How one asked the wangsa maju people to forget about crime? To forget about crime is just like forget about eating.If one live in Wangsa Maju one will understand why security is an issue that everyone is very concern and want to eradicate crime.Please ignore those who asked you to ignore crimes. This type of people is deinitely not from Wangsa Maju. We know Wangsa Maju better will want crime to be reduced if not eradicate. Please help us to reduce crime. The previous YB from MCA didn’t bother about the security in Wangsa Maju that’s why we are facing major problems now.YB Wee please look after Wangsa Maju well and we all of all races will support you. You are our hope and you have started to show us the light. God bless you. I really am happy that YB Wee is taking an interest in eradicating crimes.

  9. Anonymous

    How can a person ask YB Wee to ignore about crimes when crimes are the most important matter in the country. He must be a BN supporter that’s why he is talking that way. Wnags Maju people live in fear for themselves and their children.So YB Wee youmust take a special interest in eradicating crimes.

  10. Anonymous

    YB Wee you must make sure that you speak up agasint crimes in Malaysia in Parliametn. I must confess that I am not from Wangsa Maju but I am appreciative of the stand you took against crimes.I will tell my friends in Wnagsa Maju to support you inyour fight against crime. I am a Malay and I want you to get rid of those Indonesian criminals out of Malaysia. Please continue to speak up.

  11. 我们一家都是人

    当我们向犯罪者说“不!”的同时,我们应该检讨自己。这并不意味着我叫人遗忘犯罪案。2007年,我们居住在genting court的其中一个单位。我和马来同事的钱财被窃,结果马来同事报警,而我被马来同事怀疑偷窃,只有我被警方要求到sentul警察局打母指印。当时我不但失去了钱财,我失去了友谊,失去了对警方的信任,我和那马来同事都是牺牲者。种族政治夺取了我作为男人的自尊!可幸的是当时并没有人阉割了我男性的器官,只是让它萎缩不振。当我们向犯罪者说“不!”的同时,我们应该检讨自己。这并不意味着我叫人遗忘犯罪案。反之,我叫人更关切它!我们绝对不能忘记,当时美国政府是如何阉割美国男人。那时他说:“战争是为了和平!”弟子们的老子上

  12. Anonymous

    YB Wee, you must also bear in mind that the police is no angel. Some of them taking bribes and let the culprits/criminals go scot free by their useless investigations. Of course, useless investigation because they have been paid. A few high profile cases showed that the police became very amaturish and incompetent when they want to. Just like the million Mr Koh, who has been alleged to have killed the 14 years old boy from China, was acquitted by the High Court and the case is pending appeal.Of course, there may be cases where the judiciary is involved in the corruption. We can not put pass corruption in the judiciary after what have been revealed in the Lingam video Clip. Therefore, the whole justice system is in disaray that casue the increase of crime rate. I sincerely hope that YB Wee should bring the above to the attention of Parliament so that the useless BN government had to do something about the rotten system that we now have.

  13. Zawi

    Mr.Wee,You are on the right track with your constituents. Show the other MPs how it is done. Wangsa Maju is yours for keep. Keep it up.

  14. Anonymous

    Bukit Bintang Lion: I think to stand for an election in Wangsa Maju is a better decision for Mr.Wee. In fact, we will proud of Mr.Wee as Wangsa Maju is a tougher place if compare to Bukit Bintang. We will glad that residents from Wangsa Maju regardless of any races voted for him especially the Malay votes. Anyhow, Bukit Bintang is not far from Wangsa Maju, I think if you all have any problem, I think Mr.Wee is also willing to offer his help. That all of us be open mined and support Mr.Wee as an MP of Malaysia and what he fight for will certainly benefit all the Malaysian. I wish all of us can give some time range to all new MP.I am not a resident of Wangsa Maju.But I do hope that Wangsa Maju is a safer place for all and also the students in UTAR and TAR college.

  15. darkstarr

    Im a Wangsa Maju resident and currently studying in Kuantan. Besides a joint force between police and residents, I think more frequent police rounds has to be made at certain crime hotspots. And what happened to the previously installed CCTVs? Snatch theft is almost a daily occurance here along Jalan 39/27B, Taman Desa Setapak. I even witnessed few of them in front of my very eyes. My mother has gone to the extent of reminding passers by to be very careful at all times. I’m glad YB has taken this matter seriously and I hope we can come out with some solid solutions to the ever rising crime rates here in this constituency.


    I read that Yew Teong Look was doing a cctv project before the election. My opinion is that cctvs are a good supplement to crime prevention, but increased police presence will be a greater deterrence. I’ve seen a 7-Eleven store in Wangsa Melawati plastered with cctv stills of 3 chaps who robbed the store. I don’t think they are caught yet. The weak police force are outnumbered when it comes to enforcement.I’m also tired of police staff who just appear to take down reports with no proactive action later on. I’m glad we have a YB who’ll roll up his sleeves and make himself accessible to the people when it comes to crime prevention. We are not alone anymore.

  17. Yuen-Chi Lian

    You know how my mom parks her car every day? :-) She has to use my brother’s car to block hers.I really hope I can take away her worries. She just can’t sleep peacefully and I believe a lot of car owners are like her.- yc

  18. Anonymous

    Here’s a tip I learn from crime prevention on TV. Criminals watch people. Unlike normal people who do the things that needs doing, criminals spend their time watching people to find victims. Keep an eye out for people who watch people.

  19. Dandelion

    Dearest our Yang Berkhidmat Wee Choo Keong… First of all, it’s not too late to say congrats. ;) We’re SO glad you’re here. We will surely walk with you, help you to help all of us better with God’s blessing. I agree on some of the comments here to help bring out Wangsa Maju area to a much much more better environment. Security and safety are the main issues for sure and not to forget cleanliness.I would also like to highlight on the residences of TBR (Taman Bunga Raya) issues: 1. The side road parking area and some of it are too near to the bus stop and road corners. The 2 way road are already small without the parking. Troublesome for elders/children to view the road clearly especially during peak hours if they need to go to the shop or anything. 2. A lot TAR college students car’s will be seen parked at every lorong nearest to the TAR College and even in front of our houses where we usually park our car. We don’t have our privacy anymore. This is housing area not a commercial area. Our TBR representative have been seeking help from TAR College Admin, DBKL, JPJ and former BN-YB but still this issue continues without any change. Really hope you could come, see and do something about this issue which has been going on for years now. Poor us TBRians.3. Cleanliness of ouf respective area. No more maintenance to keep the main roads or lorong-lorong near the houses clean. Even the longkang sometimes tersumbat and full of sampah-sarap. Once in a blue moon, we’re able to see 1-2 lady/guy wearing uniform sweeping off the rubbish (to the side walk! and not collecting them and throwing them away). I can remember way way way back then when the contract workers (quite a number of them) came every month to clean up every each longkang and lorong, cut the tree branches, potong rumput and doing actuall real clean up of our area. Those have been gone for years now and we really start to wonder why? I think this happens around wangsa maju area also. We’re really seeking your good attention on this matter, dear YB.

  20. Anonymous

    Dear YB WeeCongrats for your winning & all the others. My comments1. There are still Keadilan flags around Jalan Genting Kelang & along MRR2 near Taman Permata / Taman Melawati, pls remove b4 the EC has any reason to forfeit ur deposit2. The traffic in Jalan Genting Kelang is always jam – my suggestion, allow vehicles from Jln Perusahaan to turn right to Jln Usahawan will ease some traffic at Jln Genting Kelang (as some years ago the juction allow us to turn right). Part of the reason for the jam is people from Rumah Pangsa Danau Kota (just new about 6 mths) wanting to get to the other side of Jln Genting Kelang to go to KL town.We will always be supporting you.Thanks

  21. Anonymous

    Dear Mr WeeI know you don’t like to be called YB like other elected MPs especially the MCA and the DAP.I like your blog as you are updating it almost every other day. I would say your blog is most up to date unlike other MPs or state assemblymen. I know tha it is not easy and time consuming to do it. This shows that you do for the people of Wangsa Maju and we are proud of that. Of course, we are happy and proud of you for coming to Wangsa Maju.You make the right decision to come to Wangsa Maju after all the blinded DAP supporters in B.Bintang do not appreciate you.Let work together to make Wangsa Maju a great place. I know it is not easy. The residents of Wangsa Maju had to also help you to make this place a better place.To do it, we must not burden you too much with the smaller issue so that you will have more time to look at the more important matters affecting hte resident like securities and traffic jam.So residents please do not bother Mr Wee with matters like cloaked drains and other DBKL related matters.We are with you all the way. That former MCA guy was just useless and he was only helping the developer like Platinum.

  22. Angel_X

    I would suggest you organize a taskforce that uses an online forum to collect all the complaints and reports of Wangsa Maju in a forum-like virtual environment, then appoint some of your assistants as the admin of that forum to organize and sort them out, so to ease your burden later on.Also I would suggest the people bring some sort of weapon to protect themselves, such as pocket knives, pepper sprays or like me, a short aluminium staff…

  23. Wee Choo Keong

    To angel_x …Good suggestion. I will action this once I have firmed up the Bilek Gerakan. I am looking for a ground floor unit so that the senior citizens can come to the center with ease.Thanks, again. See you tonight at the jamuan makan malam. Cheers.

  24. Angel_X

    I’m sorry I didn’t go tonight…. got work to do…. from 10am to 10pm~~Wow! what a long post! I did read your article in todays’ newspaper. Well said. Guess this article formed a part of that newspaper article.Need some time to translate it, if you don’t mind :P

  25. Anonymous

    Hi YB Wee you resendly visited Wangsa Maju Balai Polis, this couse big storm to IGP Musa, he just ordered action again Chief Inspector Mispani.

  26. Wee Choo Keong

    To anonymous of 14:40 …I have just contacted Chief Inspector Tuan Mispani regarding your alert but he said that there is NO such action against him from the IGP.I thank you for your info but in future I would appreciate it if you could provide your name and contact number for such alert so that I can verify the information first before taking action.Thank you.

  27. Anonymous

    kawan saya telah diragut di taman desa setapak pada 16apr, jam kira-kira 730pm. tempat kejadian di persimpangan “Y” yang menuju ke kaw seksyen 2. pihak polis seharusnya memgambil rakaman cctv yang telah di pasang kira kira 50 kaki dari tempat kejadian.tolong lah membanteras jenayah di wmaju.

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