Away and on the road

My dear brothers and sisters,

Let me assure you I am here to serve.

This blog serves as a platform for us to connect and engage and it will help us tremendously with the work we need to do in Wangsa Maju.

Yes, I do read your comments when time permit. And as I have said before, I would have wished it humanly possible to reply to every comment given our 24-hour-day capsule that also have continuous renewing work and commitments coming on stream.

Please understand and keep talking. It’s through our talk that we get to know issues and we can prioritize accordingly.

Be informed that I will be maintaining blog silence until the weekend. I will be travelling and be away on other matters.

Thank you and God bless you.

Wee Choo Keong

27 thoughts on “Away and on the road

  1. Anonymous

    Hi YB,now that the campaign is over, we have won the election. I think we need to organise some volunteers to do the cleaning, BN has done their part but still I see a lot of banners of Keadilan here and there in wangsa maju. don’t show a bad image to those who has support us. if needed i can offer help as well.Adam0123301911

  2. Penulis Tamu

    Salam sejahtera YBBlog Bahasa Melayu kena ada.. ramai orang tak fluent english… maklumlah kami ni orang flat…

  3. gigondas

    Dear Choo Keong,I live in Taman P. Ramlee and voted for you. So did my mom and sister. You are one chance that will make our community better. Please use it well or else we will be back through the ballot. BTW, a suggestion you should drop the term YB as it will make you more approachable.regards,

  4. Zawi

    Mr. Wee,Seperti yang di pinta oleh Gigondas, saya memilih untuk memanggil En. Wee tanpa menggunakan title YB untuk menunjukkan bahawa En. Wee tidak kisah apa nama yang nak di panggil asalkan ianya secara hormat.Saya juga menggunakan BM untuk membuktikan bahawa walaupun blog ini berbahasa Inggeris, En. Wee boleh memahami Bahas Melayu dengan baik.Sebenarnya En. Wee tidak perlu menjawab setiap komen disini. memadai sekiranya En. Wee menjawab secara umum apa yang di luahkan disini mendapat perhatian En. Wee. Sekiranya ada seorang pembantu, beliau juga boleh menjawab bagi pihak En. Wee dan menjelaskan sebarang tindakan yang telah diambil. Blog ini adalah satu forum untuk menghubungi En. Wee.Ssya ni tukang sibuk je bab saya tak tinggal di Wangsa Maju pun cuma saya ingin En Wee menjadi MP contoh bagi lain-lain MP dan ADUN untuk berkhidmat untuk rakyat.Haji ZawawiPasir Mas,

  5. Anonymous

    En. Wee,Betul tu.. kena ada clone blog Bahasa Malaysia. Inikan bahasa kita semua. tidak semua orang di kawasan tuan fasih bahasa inggeris. terutamanya yang tidak tinggi tahap pendidikannya.Sekadar cadangan untuk YBThanksnizam

  6. Anonymous

    I am sure Y. Berkhidmat Wee never like the title YB. I have heard from friends that our Sdr Wee always tell people to call him Wee period. Therefore, I think it is a non-issue on the title.Sdr Wee is a simple guy from the way he behave and dress up. So let not waste time in talking about such issue of YB and the like.Let give him our feed backs so that Sdr Wee will understand our plight.Sdr Wee please make sure that you bring up to Parliament the rotten state of our judiciary. We need a clean judiciary. We do not need a judiciary where justice can be bought by big boys. Sdr Wee so please do not forget about this serious issue.

  7. Anonymous

    I do agree with anon. 20:20The judiciary is a big concern for small men on the street. The jkudiciary is there to protect us, the small men. After the V K Lingam video clip scandal, we know tht justice can be bought. Justice is for teh righ and powerful.Bro Wee, please bring up to Parliament about the scandal in the judiciary so that we can start the cleaning process.I have read about this Datuk Low Hop Bing (the Court of Appeal judge) was implicated in the Lingam video tape scandal andyet he is still presiding over cases in the court of appeal.Bro Wee when Parliament start, you must speak for the Wangsa Maju people and expose this Low Hop Bing and other corrupted judges like him.We must get rid of such corrupted judges as soon as possible. LETS STOP THE ROT. So Bro Wee, you better prepare to expose these corrupted jduges and if necessary face the music. We are behind you – the poeple power as shown by the 12th General Elections results.The Sleeping PM must take heed that we have had enough of the BN nonsense.

  8. Anonymous

    From the very start I already observed from the Mr Wee’s posters that he already made it a point to tell us that he is a Yang Berkhidmat. He had set the trend.So there is no point talking about thsi issue. Sdr Wee is a very approachable man. So please do not worry about such small little.Please give Sdr Wee a bit of time to get his serrvice centre sorted. We must remember that Sdr Wee had to start everythign from scratch and hje has no housing developers to help him with the funding.So we must also try to understand Sdr Wee. Sdr Wee you must also look into the housing development in Wangsa Maju which we feel taht it has been over developed and wihtotu proepr planning.Please check on the PLATINUM! I am sure that alot of things have been happening. Sdr Wee I already give you teh tip. I am sure that you can smell it from far. I trust that as a matter of time you will be exposiong this issue in Parliament.WEE please keep up with the good work. If you need help please put it on your blog and we will respond.

  9. Anonymous

    Saudara WeeCongratulations PKR-DAP-PAS, but pls don’t let the victory inflate your egos. In the coming 4+ years NEVER EVER FORGET that its the RAKYAT that elected you bcos WE want to be in the drivers seat of our country1) PKR-DAP-PAS should have a collective policy that all party members (not just elected reps) are referered to as SAUDARA/SAUDARI eg Saudara Anwar, Saudari Elizabeth, Saudara Khaled, Saudara Guan Eng, Saudara Husam and so forth..2) PKR-DAP-PAS can start ball rolling by NOT starting their speeches with the 5 min time waster “tun, tan sri, puan sri, datuk, datin, yb…” – make it collective policy to start straight with ‘Saudara & Saudari’3) All elected saudara/saudaris MUST immediately have a blog that is constantly updated. If you are not a blogger yet, contact one of the active saudara/saudari bloggers to be your rep in cyberspace4) A collective PKR-DAP-PAS website w/ a DIRECTORY of all the blogs of Saudara/Saudari yang berkhidmat, contacts for mobiles, assts & Service Ctrs, an update of collective policies in the 5 states + WPKL & links to related websites. The best eg is MALAYSIA CENTRAL’s website – it is as simple as expanding their GE 2008 Resource page Remember its the civil servants on the ground (counter clerks, local councils, land office etc) that can undo all your aspirations & hard work to serve the Rakyat – so deal w/ them quicklyGood Luck Saudara & Saudari – stay focussed its a long & winding uphill

  10. Anonymous

    Adam (first anon),regarding the banner/posters. I’ve been told that the supporters who have been putting it up wanted to keep all the banners/posters/flags until the very last minute of the dateline, so that people know who won and who is their representative. And, also a form of victory celebration. No fret. They will take it down when the time comes. I hope they remember though, or else, they will be fined.~anon 11.55

  11. Sean E

    If you want to have a better future for our children in Malaysia, do your part by signing the on-line petition at This is one of the way (non-violence) to bring our message to the Government. Don’t just sit there, stand up and be counted!Why do we need to reform the Election Commission?1) Gerrymandering. The discrepancy between number of voters in voting areas is too great. The smallest parliamentary seat (Federal Territory, Putrajaya) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency.2) Phantom voters. A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of the voters. Party members from the ruling parties will then vote on the voters’ behalf. Random checking of a person’s identity must be conducted using those finger print checking device (like the bank use). Any voting done on another person’s identity must be made a serious offence under the election law.3) Postal votes. The rules on postal voting must be reviewed, tightened and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition. Voting under postal voting is not secret as it is under the watchful eyes of the senior officers.4) Spoiled votes. How do we define spoiled votes. It is very easy to turn good votes into spoiled votes (by adding one more x to the ballot paper). Are spoiled votes being verified and watched over by the party representatives? In marginal areas in which the winning margin is razor thin, the so-called spoiled votes need to be scrutinized.

  12. nobita1403

    In my opinion, the term YB is just the fruits of success/victory. A people representative call YB is merely a way of reminding the representative that he must “serve”. Further more YB Wee already change from “Yang Berhormat” to “Yang Berkhidmat” right? I don’t believe by calling a person “YB” will result in decreased “approachability”…It all depend on the person himself, whether he is serving full heartedly or merely a sleeping actor (like someone we know).As for language for the blog…i believe whether it’s in BM or English, it doesn’t matter. U may choose to write in what ever language u prefer…(BM, English, Chinese, Tamil…) I believe YB will find ways to understand it. If one really find its difficult in conveying message to YB, u may contact him at his office later… To maintain a blog cloning in every language will be not efficient. hehehe…try imagine u need to translate one statement to so many language…hehehe…

  13. sophie

    Dear Wee,Please organize some information for the communities. Such as NGO that giving communities service and some of the important details for the people of Wangsa Maju for self-help. I believed you don’t wish that people call you up for the “sampah tak kutip” or “lokang sumpat”. It is a waste of time and energy.Or any of the non-profit organization giving services for the poor in the area, such as Kembiri for the pet-owners.Thank you.

  14. Moses Foo

    Mr WeeDo drop the YB thing…just Mr will do.I think USJ community web portal is a good example of bringing the people together.You can help the people to initiate one under the auspices of your office or the community in that area. It is good to empower the people over your area so that they feel proud to belong to that area and do everything they can to make living there worthwhile for all. In this way it can help develop potential leadership talent, human and leadership development for the country, and so on. It is time we really look into this issue to bring Malaysia up in term of its human talent potential.I suppose there is a lot for you to do and I believe you can initiate something together with the people of Wangsa Maju who are more than eager to help.Of course there are also the students of TAR College. I’m sure with their talent, youthfulness, and resourcefulness, something can be developed over the years to come. I was a student of TAR College also and had stay in Wangsa Maju before.So, many best regards to the people of Wangsa Maju.

  15. Valerie

    Mr. Wee, Congratulation! Work hard n please keep ur promises, you are the hope and for Wangsa Maju’s people. By the way, may i know where is ur current office, the phone no : 03-4149 9854 can not be reachable. Is that any way to contact u, need some advises from u. Thank you.valerie

  16. Chong

    Dear Mr Wee: Hey Mr Wee, congratulations upon winning a seat at Wangsa Maju.I have heard of yr “ceramah” before and it shows your are realy going for it and so u have won it. Well, I have lots of complain would like lodge to you. First and foremost, my resident area have been districted by big vehicles that’s lorries and buses. They always parked theis vehicles here and thought the roads or even the area belongs to them.Sometimes, while we park the place the always parked. They will shout at us and say go away(in their mother tounge). Isnt that sound radiculus? Thats our resident area and they just park as they like. What should we do to get them off from here.These have been happened 5 years agao but action werent taken when we loadge the complaints. Next, thats our security!!!! We pay taxes and taxes for what???? Is true the goverment have been corrupt for the past few years…..Where the police gone? Our area here have been break in by theieves for so many times but no police officers even come here before!!!! Can you believe it??????!!!! come on human, is break in not rempit or whatever!! They waste their time at all those rempit and minah?! Can they catched them and stop them? Answer is no no no…..i hope Mr Wee can pay a visit here and have a look at our area…few houses but trees and road never been cut or repair before….why are they collecting our income taxes and watever taxes???Corrupted!!!! I realy hope Mr Wee can look through at this cases! We realy need help! Our area Jalan 6/23f, Jalan Langkawi, Tmn Teratai Mewah, 53000 K.L. I hope Mr Wee can pay a visit or have a glance with this area if possible. I also hope Mr Wee can revert as fast as possible

  17. Anonymous

    Now that I have seen teh news about the cracks in the coalition between DAP, Pas and PKR, I can understand why Sdr Wee was sacked in the late 1990s. The DAP leaders (father and son) plus the other ball carriers will bring the DAP into diasater and the public will loose confidence. DAP is a party of nepotism and cronyism. It is no difference to Badawi and his son-in-law.

  18. richard

    I thinks it’s better if we confine our comments here on things/subjects that matters to Wangsa Maju – leave out discussions about problems that’s currently plaging the BR or BN or any individual party for it brings us no benefit. Besides, it might breed discontent among us, inviting unwanted attention from the CyberTroopers.Thank you.

  19. Junaidy

    Hello.. I am a resident of Wangsa Maju Parlimentary.. Specifically at Jalan Wangsa Murni 10, Wangsa Melawati..I just want to inform you that my father’s car (brand new Silver Honda CRV Generation 3, plate number WQC 486) just went missing this early morning in our house GATED compund… The missing car is only realised when my father ready to go for his Subuh prayer in the nearest surau… FYI, our gate has been cut off and I’m still wandering what kind of people can stole our car from padlock gated of my house… So people of Wangsa Maju, if you seen this car (brand new Silver Honda CRV, Generation 3), feel free to report/ contact the police…. Or you can call direct to me at 014-2942269 (Junaidy).. Thank you…p/s: I hope the newly elected MP Wee Choo Keong could look at this matter seriously as the crime rates in Wangs Maju Parlimentary has become worsen day by day….

  20. Junaidy

    ** This message is sent to me by another victim of car theft which happened 3 days ago.. Hopefully, YB Wee could take action on this matter & the police force investigate this cases ASAP…. Dear YB Wee,In fact I had contacted Mr Chuah on 12Mar08 & posted an email to you on 13Mar08 but there is no progress & reply.So surprisingly view your blog where another car stolen happen to Junaidy’s father this morning (15Mar08). It just 3 days after my case, where is the police? It seems like no action being taken, or else it won’t be happened so frequent. Hope that you will be looking into this matter seriously & provide a helping hand to us as a helpless victim.For my case, the incident happen around 8.25am to 8.30am on 11Mar08 in front of Fun Station Child Development Centre, Section 2 Wangsa Maju when I was sending my daughter to the mention daycare centre, I had turned off the engine, holding the car key in my hand working towards the right passenger door and open the door to let my daughter come out from the mention car. Out of sudden a black car with tinted window driving toward me & double parked in front of my car & the other car. There are 2 persons in the black car 1 driver & 1 passenger, the young Chinese Cantonese speaking guy around his 20+ came out from the black car and working toward me with about 1 feet + parang and threaten me that he has parang, he want my car key. As my daughter still in the car, so I was begging with him that does not injure me & my daughter, and let my daughter came out from the car, he agreed and ask me be hurry up. After I get my daughter out of the car, I also begged him to take some of my personal belongings, and he also allowed me to take my handbag & my daughter’s school bag before I passed my car key to him. Then he asked me be faster to go away & don’t look at him. At the same time as some of the parents, teacher & children in the daycare centre were looking at him and he had shouted at them not to look at him, one of the child’s father had contacted to Wangsa Maju police station & also bring his car lock to fight with him for a while, none of them were injured. Finally, the robber managed to drive off my car.The police only came 10 minutes later to take down some records, and asked me to report to Balai Polis Wangsa Maju. I visited Balai Polis Wangsa Maju around 9am+, to file my report, then, they requested me to bring together my car registration card and Insurance policy to refer to Inspector Mohd Hannis in Balai Police Setapak to obtain my police report. And I was told to wait for their investigation before they were to issuing police clearance report to me so that I can claim my insurance from insurance company. Unfortunately, I had left Balai Polis Wangsa Maju around 10am+ before your visit on 11Mar08 at 11am+. I am wondering that is my case is highlighted to you on that morning by the police? It is warm & fresh on that day, a car robber with parang, it should be the most serious crime happen in Wangsa Maju as compare to previously just car stolen & car tolled away by toll track which is comment in Wangsa Maju.I am wondering as a helpless victim where can I asking for help other than report to the police, and it seem like no one know that such serious case happen in Sec 2 Wangsa Maju. The robber might take this opportunity to make another crime, by them there will be another victim as this case was not publish in newspaper & it is so easy to rob the car from those parent as me who are also sending & picking their child daily. There is no camera install in the daycare centre. The only camera is at Desa Setapak traffic light junction, which I am wondering whether will it capture the crime happen to me on 11Mar08. In fact I had told the police to view the record but there wasn’t any answer from them.As a helpless victim, I ready need your help to publish this crime so that at make know to the public of the seriousness of the crime in Wangsa Maju. All the parent & children are also in danger everyday going to the daycare. It just happened to me without injury, the next minute it might also happen to someone else & might be injured. It is so hopeless & helpless to say that in Wangsa Maju driving you will get rob with parang, walking you will get snagged handbag or valuables, parking your car there will get stolen or toll away by toll track, which is happen to my friend as well.I would ready need your help to look into this crime seriously & take action to prevent any other unwanted crime to happen to parents & children in Fun Station Child Development Centre as we will be there daily, and also the safety of all resident in Wangsa Maju. And finally hope that you can help me to obtain the police clearance report soonest possible so that I can make my insurance claim. Now without a car I’m in trouble of sending my daughter to kindy.Hope that you are able to turn Wangsa Maju become safer place to stay & also to hear from you soonest possible.Sew Ping Ping012-2822848

  21. Junaidy

    ***Another message by Mdm Sew Oing Ping regarding her car theft that happened on 11th March 2008… Hopefully all Wangsa Majurians can take this note seriously & give a helping hands to the victims*****This is the email that I forwarded on that day do help me to circulate.Dear friends,Urgently need your help. My car Toyota Vios Silver color with Registration Number WLV5422 robbed by a young & fair complexion Chinese Cantonese speaking guy with parang with him at his late 20 in front of Fun Station Child Development Centre, Vista Wira, Section 2 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur around 8.25am 11March2008 while I am getting down the car to sent my daughter into the daycare centre. Hope that everyone can help me to circulate the email. Thanks,Ping Ping012-2822848

  22. Anonymous

    You must come over to Sarawak and educate the voters. Votes can be bought for RM100-00 and our future has been sold for a pittance

  23. Anonymous

    We must not ask for the Sleepy Head PM to resign. We should encourage him to stay on and ae politppoint his son-in-law to be a full Finance Minister. By the Sleepy Head staying on with his son-in-law then there iwll be more issues for the opposition.Glad that Malaysians of all reaces spoke out loud and clear that there is no room for race politics. UMNO, MCA, Gerakan and MIC politics were the politics of irrelevance.At least Malaysians need not put up with the orrangance idiot like the Sleepy Head and son-in-law, the ultra racist.

  24. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear En Junaidy, Madam Sew Ping, Mr Chong and other residents,I do take note of the problems raised in this blog. Thnak you so much for informing me and educating me of the problems of WM. As for the theft cases of En Junaidy and Madam Sew I had already contacted the Chief Inspector of WM and he is looking into the matter. As for the other matter relating ot MR Chong and others, can you pleae bear with me fora short while until I find an office space for my service centre. I am interested in a place in Teratai Mewah Flat and someone is trying to contact the landlord and I am still wating to hear from him.Please bear with me. I have organised a Makan party for all the election workers, supporters and voters on 19th March at 7.30pm at Padang Main, Lorong Mahsuri satu, Taman Bunga Raya, Setapak. Please come and bring your family and friends. Satay, Lamb curry, fried rice and other food and drinks are provided.i look forward to meeting up with you all on 19th and we can talk more about the problems. Thank you.Wee choo eong

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