Former Port Klang state assemblyman Zakaria Md Deros dies

Breaking News from TheStar Online: He died after suffering a heart attack early Tuesday morning. You can read more here.

20 thoughts on “Former Port Klang state assemblyman Zakaria Md Deros dies

  1. Zawi

    WCK,May God bless his soul. The guilt that he contributed to the fall of his party and the state must have been to much for him to bear.

  2. Anonymous

    hm…. things are sure getting more and more dramatic in Malaysia. I really hope that the people has trusted the right person.You have 5 years to prove yourself Mr. Wee. Good Luck.

  3. Anonymous

    At last such an arrogant and corrupt personality met his creator. Hope his family could bury him with his RM7mill Bungalow. This is a warning to other people including myself. God will never tolerate with such of idiocy. Only time will tell.It’s ok now.. Time for Abg Z to answer .

  4. Anonymous

    Did he get a heart attack walking from one end of his mansion to the other. Or did he get a heart attack from carrying all those bags of cash?

  5. Anonymous

    I’m an atheist. I think he got away scot free without honestly answering for his crimes. But his descendents need to atone for his sins by doing good deeds.

  6. Boon Kheng

    I actually attended a political forum organised by Sin Chew Daily which Wee Choo Keong was one of the speakers. Everyone was SOOO interested in Zakaria’s bunglow case. Teresa Kok jokingly answered, “There’ll be a sequel to Zakaria’s episode.” So I decided to wait for the insights to be revealed.But who knows Zakaria pass away. I wish to restate that he deserve no respect. His family will not be able to chicken off from his wrongdoings. Questions after questions will be rained on them.Regardless of circumstances, the truths are going to be revealed. All of us have the right to know.

  7. GobloKing

    ya lor.this is too sudden too soon…I can hardly believe zakkie died so “conveniently”that &*(&@(! knows alotta sure are we some other poor burger ain’t lying in his stead?I totally agree there must be justice to recover his ill gotten gains BACK!If the people of Phillippines can gun for Marcos family after his passing, we should be able to do the same!what bugged the piss outta me was the “respect” shown to zakkie when that bodoh and keriswaver attended his funeraldoesn’t ANYONE but me think that just taks the bloody cake?yeah..yeah…let dead dogs lie, respect the poor dead fella…HELLLOOOO…to all you good religious ppl who will slam me big big for being so UN PCWhen I meet my maker I know that lying, cheating and robbing the nation ain’t gonna be part of the “test” I will have to take before I enter whatever pearly gates there may be!

  8. Anonymous

    God has ways of telling others that there is a price to pay for ill gotten gains. One may build a big mansion from ill gotten gain but god may prepare a smaller place for him or her. A general moment.

  9. Anonymous

    Dun believe for a second he had a heart attack! I suspect foul play! He had a lot of secrets that would get a lot of high profile politician and people in power in trouble and he surely was not going to go down alone. I am sure high profile politician who want to shut him out would take drastic measure to make sure he does not talk. Who did it and how! I dun know! I hope someone out there will tell us one day! But the arrogant son-of-a-b***h deserve what he got!

  10. wee2wee

    Zakaria=chiak ka liau (hokkien)The Selangor Government must not let him rest in piece. Every piece of his corrupt gain must be revealed and prosecuted.

  11. every dog has his day

    LATEST NEWS ON THE GRAPEVINE-Zakaria Deros of Kelang didn’t die but fled to Indonesia om news that the Selangor Government fell into the hands of the Barisan Rakyat. Hie death and disappearance were “engineered” by unknown forces immediately the results of GE12 were announced for the state of Selangor.The dead body they put on public display before burial belongs to some other deceased person. Perhaps it would be interesting if the matter is pursued further by interested quarters or the body exhumed for a post-mortem or DNA analysis. The circumstances surrounding the death and disappearance of Zakaria Deros is indeed fascinating. The so-called demise kept buried plenty of dark secrets that certain quarters still alive and kicking today do not wish exposed.And this is just the tip of the iceberg and the aftermath of GE12 does give rise to plenty for us to conjure about the previous BN administration in Selangor.No wonder they shred and destroy all the incriminating evidence in the government offices.

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