1 police personnel to every 4,400 Wangsa Maju-ians

I was at the Wangsa Maju police station this morning as our first step in looking into the security problem in the constituency. Below is the full report in Malaysiakini:


Wangsa Maju: Reality check in curbing crime
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Mar 11, 08 3:24pm
There is just one police personnel for every 4,400 people in the Wangsa Maju parliamentary constituency in Kuala Lumpur – a finding that has left newly-minted MP Wee Choo Keong shell-shocked.He visited the Wangsa Maju police station this morning, as part of his post-election rounds, to bring up security issues as these have been at the top of voter concerns.

Wee, the secretary-general of the Malaysians Democratic Party, had contested the seat under the PKR.

Inquiring into the rise in crime in the constituency over the past several years and action being taken to reduce the rate, Wee said he was in turn asked what actions he had in mind given the dire lack of resources and personnel.

“I was told there are 68 police personnel in charge of Wangsa Maju. This means every police personnel has to take care of 4,400 residents. I find this completely unacceptable!” he said when contacted after his meeting.

There are about 300,000 residents in Wangsa Maju currently, but the number is expected to rise to more than 400,000 over the next decade.

Wee said he has not met with the Setapak district police chief or other senior police officers as his purpose this morning was to meet with the lower- and middle-ranking officers.

When he asked what has prevented a larger intake of recruits, Wee said he was again shocked to hear the reason for the poor response among young Malaysians to a career in the police force.

“Some personnel have a basic salary of only RM800 a month. No wonder nobody wants to join the police force. How can you survive with only RM800 a month, especially in the Federal Territory!” he exclaimed.

“This will be something I will bring up with the district police chief and hope it will be brought up to the Inspector-General of Police.”

Crime in Setapak district, which encompasses Wangsa Maju, has reportedly soared in recent years, although the crime rate has generally risen nationwide.

Analysts have cited the crime rate and economic hardship as among key reasons for the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) electoral setback, with only 140 of its parliamentary candidates winning in the 12th general election last Saturday.

Opposition candidates, meanwhile, had their best-ever showing, capturing 82 seats in Parliament and denying the BN retention of its two-thirds majority.


27 thoughts on “1 police personnel to every 4,400 Wangsa Maju-ians

  1. Zawi

    Mr. Wee,Increasing the number of police personnel wont translate into a btter crime prevention act. Start with the present strength and tell them to make their presence felt. People will feel safer if they know there are police personnel on beat duty somewhere. The problem now is that you don’t see the police anywhere at all until you go to the police station. The one in the patrol care seems more interested in doing checks on roadtax more than the act of crime prevention. Not paying roadtax is an offence but it is not as life threatening as muggers and snatch theft.My point is, even if they increase their staff strength to the ratio of 1:1, you may still not be safe as long as the police are no where to be seen.

  2. tehsin mukhtar

    Mr. Wee,I agree that the pathetic low wages of the cops are a big problem with the current cost of living. It also gives rise to the problem of “suap” and resentment. Compared to what the previous leaders were being paid and were helping themselves to, it is a big insult to those entrusted in protecting our security Another problem is the attitude and the lack pf professionalism, maybe due to the many shortcomings in the police forces training program. The cops do not even wear seat belts ( just as an example). Non-Enforcement of the existing laws is also a big problem. Last week my friend was rammed by a speeding car and her legs were crushed, two of her friends were also injured along Jalan Ulu Klang. The police revealed that the Iranian driver had hit SIX people before and HE IS STILL ON THE ROAD despite being blacklisted… and according to my friend, the police seemed to have sympathy for this rich Iranian…we all can guess why….This is a clear example of our lax enforcement and the attitude of our officers. The police force needs a definite manpower beef-up, proper training, some pride in their work and a good decent salary!Meanwhile, I hope we can find a workable way to get together ALL the neighborhoods and housing estates, flats, apts, bungalows, terrraced houses, business premises, whatever in Wangsa Maju…. and form their associations (not for profiteering) and work with the existing force and help make this constituency a safe place. We have to watch out for each other, our kids and our properties too. We can’t live in our separate oysters anymore.Tehsin:tehsinmukhtar@yahoo.com


    YB,Congratulation for winning w.maju parliment.FYIwangsa maju is not a very safe place anymore espcially in sec 2 to the residents and students. I have seen several kes ragut in front of my eyes. When we can the police, it takes 15-30 minutes to arrive. Is is call effiency.My house have been broke in during CNY and I call 999. The operator ask me to go to sec 1 police station to report. So what is the use of 999, it should works like 911 in US, take the online report and send the patrol car to the resident house for further investigation. At the same time send the motorcycle police to investigate because the thief just ran away. They will not ran far. Is all the police is already a sleep at that time. There should have a motorbike police to go to the place to help the resident immediately. Government spend so much money in 999, not just to take report but to take action immediately.Another things is the police is not very polite when taking down the statement. Its look like we are the suspect.” Cepatlah, u tahu tak saya ada banyak kerja ini”. Compare to the poster on the street, that all the policeman is similing to the citizen. In TV, Gerak Khas ” Cik, banyak bertenang, kita tidak akan melepaskan penjenayah itu”. This word will not be reality but in TV onlyLastly I urged there should be more police car patroling in a resindent in the whole malaysia to protect the property and live of all malaysian. In addition to that, increase the amount of the CCTV in wangsa maju alsothank you

  4. Anonymous

    yB Wee,The ratio 1:4,400 doesn’t shock me more than what I’ve seen with my own eyes at Taman Teratai Mewah. e.g.(1)On duty policeman (in uniform with revolver in holster) having drinks in the mamak restaurants. I really wonder whether this is allowed. Anyone could enlighten me?(2)Policemen in uniform hanging around the horse-betting outlet(magnum, ToTo)on draw days. To provide security to punters or to the outlet owner? Luckily, this nonsense stopped a few weeks before the GE.

  5. tehsin mukhtar

    BTW, Penang new govt considers all hawker and parking summons before mar 11 as null and void…aiseh…tak acilah…Selangor ada chance ka…heh heh…10 minutes (unforseen) over parking time also kena RM50…kalau RM10 fine bolehla tahan sikit…kalau tak mampu byr masa tu berganda2 lagi sampai RM100/200…I really hope the councils can be revamped and be more reasonable and people centred…

  6. Mosesfoo

    Mr WeeI think you better consider upgrading your website. You will eventually find this insufficient for your need.I think there some very good IT guys who for a reasonable fee can develop something good for you.Lim Kit Siang’s blog and Malaysia Today encountered major problem at the height of the election. What more when your traffic start increasing when you increase your service level to your constituency.Regards

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Wee,Instead of asking for more enforcement to work on the area, why not educate the public inclusive the law breaker that they have better things to do or there are better way to solve thier problems (monetary) instead of breaking the law.Advertise the phone number of the police station instead of calling 999. I think it will be much effective in giving the information on time and action can be taken immediately.Emphasize on the self descipling for each individual to do their part right and the whole environment will be better. Do not think that someone else suppose to control and clean the mess they themselves have done it. I think this is the waht the public is lack off in every area of their living.By the way, do consider to place the Bilik Gerakan along Jalan Genting Klang, like, around Mayban or CIMB, this will allow conveniences to the visitors that coming by car or by bus.Thank you.


    YB,Concerning low policemen wages- my opinion is push it back to the police to lobby for higher wages. It could take quite some time maybe up till budget time or longer if it’s addressed at all. Hence the immediate issues at hand are lack of manpower. Police should revamp their processes to arrest this problem with IMMEDIATE effect- curb police ‘lepaking’-reschedule their timetable to allow for more ground patrol-employ civilians to carry out clerical task/ non-core tasks.-get auxiliary police force deploymentIt is not acceptable for the police to throw us that ‘lack of recruits excuse’. They must demonstrate some effort to think out of the box, improve the situation within limited resources. People are dying out there.

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Wr. Wee,In the long term, the Police Force should adjust the salary so that the Police Officers could earn reasonable salaries.In the short term, I suggest you to rely on RELA Corps, or simply form a volunteer group similar to RELA Corps.JH

  10. Yuen-Chi Lian

    One funny experience to share, the shop near my house was broken twice in the midnight. There was once that we called up the Setapak police station but they took a very long time to arrive (it should take only a few minutes drive from the station, in the MIDNIGHT), when the thieves have already left.I had also reported illegal firework activity that annoyed my nights. I was brushed off by the cop on the phone when I requested them to patrol the area at the time the activity was happening. I was told that they would only take action if I filed a report officially, pfft, even though they’re aware of the issue. Maybe I wasn’t doing it right.The attitude of the cops is a big issue. I’m not sure how we can fix this.

  11. Anonymous

    我,人住在wangsa maju sek 2 。治安的严重性必不能被数据证明的原因是:居民并不热诚报警。在失去有效检验警方工作效率的平台,居民以本身抽象的经验拒绝再相信新警方的工作效率。即使是黄朱强成功提高了警方的工作效率,下届大选也将面对模糊又情绪化的投票。拒绝相信是社会运动的绊脚石。这也是姚常禄不以人民作为中心后所面对的失败。推广一个公开化,非营利化的地方(wangsa maju)网站或部落客,鼓励报案者参与纪录本身的受害案件,由地方政府或工作人员或wangsa maju警方的答复和交待,即可解决目前主观又模糊的印象。警员的人数是治安的重点,可是社会参与者才是维持治安的根本。wangsa maju拥有其他地区所没有的聚集能力,拉曼学院(Tar College)学生。拉曼学生已经掌握基本中英巫,习惯网上交流并且得到资讯,都可以在网吧(cyber cafe)上网,非常方便。拉曼学生也是属于流动性的社会参与者,由wangsa maju 这一站开始推广,就可轻易的发展出去。房屋的出租表示购买者不居住此地。虽然拉曼学生非本区选民,可是以目前拥挤的房屋发展,拉曼学生可以是这里的未来主人。而选民却是由拉曼学生得到治安的讯息。地方网站不但能够清理wangsa maju LRT 前面贴满了房屋出租布告的那几根柱子,也能够成功弥补议员和居民之间的沟通。我常听见有贼进屋!办公时间,办公室的门都在上锁!这里拥挤的交通也令人非常不满!汽车没有parking lot,巴士排气太黑,这些是不是你工作的范围?你还要居民再忍受回教堂播出那些已经超度的音波吗?这不是人权侵犯吗?新巴杀(pasar)(wangsamaju sek 2)的建设失败,早上不够积极,夜晚却没有人到。这些资金是不是浪费了?人们喜欢露天喝茶,小贩却害怕被抄牌,到底有没有贿赂文化?验证性的数字!科学性的数据!永远比你那额头已经贴上的YB更好看!让我们看看你的诚意!感谢上天,姚常禄下台了!弟子们的老子上

  12. Anonymous

    i think you should suggest police to take one of the shop lot in section 2, wangsa maju as police station which i think this has already practise in Johor.

  13. J.D. Lovrenciear

    Yang Berkhidmat Mr Wee, I have on several occassions in the past highlighted this plight in the main stream English dailies (Letters section). My argument still stands, i.e. it is meanigless to keep going for ‘Super Corridors’ and ‘Mega Structures’ when that money should be better spent in beefing up the police force. But my feedback it never rang any bells but saw many promises. There is no short cut to this security and public safety concerns; trust that with this election transformation in the nation, the government will have learnt its lesson. By the way, God bless your initiatives always.

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Mr.Wee,-get the GOF and FRU to beef up the police numbers. Afterall the FRU are part of the police force. Most of the time they are on standby doing nothing. Why spend more money employing more police when we have these FRU and GOF.-How about RELA and the ARMY? We’ve got well-fed soilders doing nothing but drills all over the country. -Visual presence of our enforcemnet agencies is important. Petty criminals e.g. snatch thieves, pickpocketers, mat rempit etc will fear commit crimes if our boys in blue are a shout away. Request frequent walking patrol during the day and car or motorcycle patrol during the night especially between 2 to 6 a.m.-More police pondoks spread out to all the neibourhoods. Currently the police stations are few and centralized.-Get more chineses, indians and other races to join the police force. All malaysians have a duty towards public security.Thanks

  15. Anonymous

    No wonder CRIME is on the rise.The govt should pay the cops a good pay.Use the profits from Petronas to finance the police or do they want to lose even worse than the last GE. The cops should be paid more so that less corruption, and more people will join.These are too many clerical staff in govt depts – mostly Malays, they should not blame other races for not joining the police force, as these people rather work comfortably in offices than out with the police.Priority must be given to maintain crime.

  16. Anonymous

    Sdr WeeGlad that you have taken up the isssue of securities in Wangsa Maju area. AT least you have started working on important issue. We are proud that you are not like some newly elected MPs were tying to patronise us by going around to say thank you to the voters for voting for them. We do not need patronising MPs. We want MP that look after the interest of the people. We know that you have not move around to thank the poeple. Take your time. Just help us by looking after teh interests of the people like what you did by meeting teh police.What you have done is more important than getting the newspapers to take pictures showing the MPs saying thank you.Sdr Wee I like your style. You have shown us by your acts. Other MPs were trying to pretend to be nice but they do not know where to start.We are proud of you. We are extremely lucky that you have decided to stand in Wangsa Maju, a mixed seat and fighting against teh 11,000 majority votes of Yew Teong Look. Anyway you have also shownus that you have ball! I like it. You are the man for Wangsa Maju. we must all help Sdr Wee to be effective by contribuiting in whatever we could.

  17. Anonymous

    DEB/NEP & PoliceI propose the government increase the salary & benefits of the police force to encourage more citizens to join the force.As most policeman/women are malays, it is inline with BN’s DEB/NEP as well.

  18. Anonymous

    Dear En Wee,The idea to increase the number of police personnel is not your new idea. So is the effort to increase their salary. Please don’t ridicule whatever has been done before this for the good of the people. By the way when will the promise to lower price of petrol and commodities come into effect? We are eagerly waiting. You and your team have won just because you capitalise on the super tape issue. What has Gwo Burne Loh done to the community as compared to Datuk Lee Hwa Beng? And so the unknown Nik Azmi Nik Ahmad in comparison to Datin Paduka Saripah Noli. Please dont edit this comment

  19. Anonymous

    When i was in the askar wataniah, a Private’s pay is only RM649.88!The lowest ranking police personnel should deserve at least rm2000 per month.Also, their firearm is outdated against the crime gang who are wielding assault rifles and even fragmentation grenades.imagine a six-shot 0.38 inch caliber pistol against M-16?-ISAAC

  20. Wee Choo Keong

    Anon 14.3.08 @ 15.16 Just for your information I have brought the salary scales of the police and also called for more police personel to be on the ground when I was the MP for Bukit Bintang in 1990. So please be informed that this was not the first time that I brought this up. As for Gwo Burne Loh and Nik Azmi, give them a chance to perform and I am sure that they will be much better than the Lee Wah Beng and Datin Saripah Noli. If these two BN leaders were that good, why were they rejected outright by the voters. The fact that they were rejected speaks volume i.e. Malaysians have had enough of the non-sense of BN.Please get your facts right. We are not in the Federal government therefore, we are unable to reduce the price of petrol. Why don’t you ask your PM, who has lost Penang and the other 3 states, to table a motion in Parliament to reduce petrol price, I am certain that all the 82 opposition MPs will support it. So please tell your PM to act quickly so that the petrol price will not burden the people.

  21. Anonymous

    Dear readers,What the writer meant was: can the promise be fulfilled out of the blue without affecting other sectors/processes/world economic scenarios and the like. Your advisor confided that price would be lowered once your party takes over by the 9th March. As now Selangor is fully “owned” by your party surely now can it be done in Selangor, that is Selangor alone? In that case Selangor has to enact new law to enable it to confine this measure to its own shore only and those trying for profiteering activities will be prosecuted? So the moral is:please show your professionalism when making promises. I am just giving opinion.

  22. Anonymous

    Hi YB Wee you recently visited Wangsa Maju Balai Polis, this cause big storm to IGP Musa, he just ordered action again Chief Inspector Mispani.

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