BSKL suspended until further notice


In 1998/99 BURSA SAHAM KL introduced the “Circuit Breaker” where if there is a drop of 10% of the index the circuit breaker will trigger and the BSKL will suspend trading. Today the BSKL circuit breaker did trigger when the index dropped by 130 points and the BSKL was suspended until further notice. This is the first time that the BSKL was suspended since the circuit breaker was introduced.

This is a very clear sign that the investors have lost confidence in the BN government where the PM, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi hung on to office when BN, under his his premiership has lost many parliamentary and state seats, and more importantly lost 4 States to the Barisan Rakyat component parties.

As an MP for Wangsa Maju I call upon PM, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi to resign immediately to save the country from diaster and overcome the crisis of confidence. The Malaysian people from all walks of life have spoken out loud and clear and the PM must listen and step down immediately.

Wee Choo Keong

24 thoughts on “BSKL suspended until further notice

  1. Kenshi Chuah

    This is the first time KLSE suspend trading(from 2.58pm- 3.58pm)This is the sign that BN wanted to treat us? now the trading become worst 137.92 (time 16:02)

  2. Anonymous

    This is a good sign of crisis of confidence. The Sleepy Head must resign as PM in order to save the country from disaster.

  3. Anonymous

    I heard that Abdullah wants to appoint Khairy as a minister but there are protests from Rais, Hishamudin, Muhidin, syed Hamid Albar and others. The crisis in UMNO has just begun. SO let watch the movie…

  4. Anonymous

    Why you don’t want Najib? Altantuya!!If no to Najib, then Tengku Razaleigh is the only viable choice to save the country. Anyway Abdullah and Khairy have caused enough trouble for this country. So let get rid of them.

  5. Anonymous

    Please do not ask Pak Lah to resign. I would prefer he stayed on so the opposition parties can crush him with a majority win in the next election.

  6. Anonymous

    Congratulations YB Wee on your election victory. I am very sure you will be an excellent MP to your constituents. However, i hope you will not be calling on Pak Lah to resign. He is not the problem with the government. He has tried his best to clean up the mess started by Dr M. He needs more than one term to do it. The protest votes were more to do with the MIC hyprocrite Samy Vellu, the MCA duds and the Umno Youth firebrands all of whom have been making people worried. That’s all.

  7. Anonymous

    Congrats … Its a start of a new beginning for Wangsa Maju. We’d be looking forward to the regeneration of the condition of this area. Here’s a few simple request in satisfying our comfort. 1. Cleanliness – of road sides – rubbish dumping area 2. Improve town plan – Silly Road signs – Misleading road signs – Condition of road 3. Beautify area – add trees – add flowers – bring healthy environmentThat’s all .. thx .. all the best in your journey

  8. Anonymous

    “However, i hope you will not be calling on Pak Lah to resign. He is not the problem with the government. He has tried his best to clean up the mess started by Dr M. He needs more than one term to do it. The protest votes were more to do with the MIC hyprocrite Samy Vellu, the MCA duds and the Umno Youth firebrands all of whom have been making people worried. That’s all.”Pak Lah cannot be defended because it was he who maintained the suppression of mainstream media freedoms, crackdown on peaceful protests & many others.The angkasawan project certainly didn’t help him as nobody wants to see money wasted on a space tourist.

  9. Mike

    Suppression of the mass media, freedom of expression,and crck down on peaceful protests are all facets of the cord war era.The old leaders, including Abdullah and Mahathir carry “cold war” baggage.It was the norm to interpret all such activities as pro-communist during that era.Today’s young are imbued with Western values and want to voice their feelings.So choose leaders who are younger, who can understand your language and your aspirations.

  10. kbguy

    Sleepy head cannot resign immediately to prevent market shares drop drastically and it may take some time to recover. Maybe he will resign sutterly.. in a few days later, or weeks or maybe months.He is denying because he don’t want to drop his water-face, just like him denying the dissolving of parlimen on 13/2/08.

  11. every dog has his day

    People, look at it positively.All this while, the Bursa is beyond the reach of us ordinary wage-earners. If the market slide continues, somehow it will reach an optimum level where even poor folks like us can join in the fray and profit in the process. We shall invest when the share prices are low and thank the wretched NB regime for enriching us poor folks in what is deemed their godforsaken GE12. This time around, the rich and corrupt goes poorer whereas the poor and impoverished is enriched by the toppling of the godforsaken UMNOputras and their MCA-MIC lackeydogs.Finally, let Lenin and Karl Marx turn in their graves for our socialist democratic principles that is blooming, post-GE12. The euphoria is still growing.

  12. stocktube

    it’s expected as foreign investors were selling because they don’t like uncertainties … and the huge losses by badawi was not seen as a sign to park their fund …anyway, it’s only temporary but i’l would love to see it drops further to buy cheaply into quality stocks, definitely not umno-linked stocks such as equine capital, scomi, ecm libra, uem world etc …anyway congrat again wee … it’s time to wake the police up to patrol the street for better security …cheers …

  13. Anonymous

    There are some parties that are trying to instigate Abdullah into pulling in Keadilan (the whole party) into BN for his safety during the UMNO election. It is supposed to be easier to pull in PKR rather than PAS and DAP (idealogical differences). I don’t know who will defect but it would harm the opposition alliance badly if any of this nonsense happens. Plus the opposition will lose their states. I hope it does not occur.

  14. nobita1403

    A lot of people had the saying, we can’t blame Abdullah 100%, because he is the victim of Mahathir. He will need more than 1 term to clean it up…bla bla bla….In my opinion, 1) Clean up mess by introducing Khairy???2) How bout promises like ending corruption that he bluntly made?? Look at Zakaria and his pallace…3)Do you ever think anyone can be PM? Do you think the job is easy? Leader is always held responsible for every fault ur subordinate make. Its ur responsible to make things right! If u can’t manage the shit people left, then u r not the right person to be elected. Try tell me an example whereby u do not need to clean up messes when u take over…So, dun blame… better yet accepted the fact that i need to improve or better still admit i m wrong and take full responsibility.

  15. Mercedez

    Yang Berkhimat Wee. Firstly, Congratulations for winning Wangsa Maju seat! As an outsider, I consider what you are going to do as YB more important than the election itself. Let us move forward and start planning. Doing is easy, you just delegate to the local authorities – their job is to carry out orders. So, please use your influence to plan effectively for the rakyat (the Boss). Please take note that the people are ready for a change and not just talk. Talking is over for now. Action is needed to remedy a raft of issues1) Road management? Absent road signs – where should I turn? Do you know that we do not have a useful road directory? To make matters worst, most of the roads do not have signs (maybe they were stolen or not clearly visible). We are the laughing stock when not only we do not know where the Jalan is, when we asked the taxi drivers for direction, they also shaked their heads and cannot direct you to the destination. I know I have only a hand drawn map to get around KL hospital, PJ, Shah Alam, Sunway, Klang etc. That map is 6 years old and need updating but I could not get any better information. Please see to it that tourists and locals have a useful road directory for your area specifically and KL generally rather than depend on the good old memory. Then we could have less headache, traffic accidents, road rage (because the jalan suddenly become no entry) and frustrations. You can play a significant role in highlighting the historical places and cultural heritage of WMaju. Everyone should be proud of our multicultural background and heritage.2) Public health and hygiene. This is so critical when we have diseases that we do not have vaccines for. So please focus to increase hygiene level in public places – like having a place to wash hands with soap at all eateries. Muslim restaurants have wash basins with soap, why can’t other eating places have these as well? Are we living in 1950’s where water is scarce? Eating places should also have clean toilets for public to use, even if we have to pay to use one. This is no excuse for a country like ours who has celebrated 50+ years independence from our British masters. We must be proud of our hospitality, food and culture. Clean toilets are for everyone’s convenience, not just tourists. Rubbish should be collected and not subject to open air for flies, dogs and rats to visit. Fancy eating or drinking in a stall where you have to pinch your nose not to smell the poor drainage and flies. I feel sorry for the operators and the customers who could not afford to go into food court to eat or drink. So we are now living in class society where the poor are forgotten and invisible. Eateries should be a clean and pleasant place to eat. Please promote food safety, public hygiene and public health in your ceramahs from now. The community need to be aware that healthy living is not a privilege; it needs cooperation from everyone to do the right thing. It seems everyone is busy making a fast ringgit at the expense of food safety – note that not all food items from China are safe for consumption. You can play a big role in this cause. Everyone should applaud you for this.3) Crimes and community safety. I do not need to say more on this. It is everyone’s duty to report a crime or suspicious happenings rather than pass the buck to someone else. We must honour and respect law and order and assist the police as much as possible. We must treat our law enforcers with trust because they gave their lives to protect ours. You can play a major role in getting people united to reduce crime rate by helping each other, less kiasu, more generous towards victims of crime, bertimbangrasa to our neighbours and raise our conscience to look out for each other regardless of race, religion, creed or wealth. What is the point of being wealthy but your children or widows in the community have no food to eat? 4) Community education on social justice. Public should be made aware of their rights to seek justice in their everyday lives. For example, people who were “kena” by unscrupulous retailers or shops used to report to Michael Chong (MCA public complaints bureau) and highlight their misery. Where do people run to now that MCA has been decimated in the election? Will you champion the cause of the small and ordinary folk who has been threatened hoodwinked, shortchanged and/or lied to by major corporations, retailers, or Ah Longs? We must empower our consumer body to protect the rights of everyone in Malaysia. You can use your profile to be the people’s champion seeking for truth and justice.Hooray, I have finally found a champion in you to further these issues for the betterment of everyone in Malaysia. I hope to see you do well in future.Terima kasih and selamat sejahtera.

  16. Anonymous

    PM is not perfect but i think he is quite a gentleman and good person. he brought up the awareness of efficienct, clean government to most ppl and we expect highly of him. i guess it is not easy to go against corrupted mates within his BN by himself and maybe few good ppl in BN implement change or they may have blinded from facts as they are in the dark themselves. i wonder wat would Dr M would do to protect himself from opposition against his government, whereas pak lah did not totally ban media as well as net and stop opposition totally from being heard. i dont know if he allow longer period for GE activities, and no interfering opposition ceremah because of his ignorant, arragont or being democratic but i certainly welcome the situation. he certainly did few bad decision maybe due to influence or difficult/isolated situation within BN, but i really appreciate the GE results. when asking PM to step down, i wonder who will be better person with integrity, determined and better execution to lead the government. chinese saying, it’s better to make enemy with gentlement instead of becoming enemy of dirty fellow. to me anwar is not clean as well, during his speach he made statements without evident and used ppl emotion, maybe he turns into new leaf after being betrayed by BN but from wat i see now he is not a good person compared to PM, but he seems to be a strong influencial leader. i always wonder why politician trying to be so extreme (so as the supportor) and tricky, maybe this is the rules of nature, i hope most ppl can judge by themselves instead of blindly support any politicians and maintain the harmony balance, i certainly hope PM and opposition work together for better malaysia. and feel sorry for losing good candidate during GE, i hope this sacrifice is worthwhile and even so, i hope they dont give up. also i’m very concerned how BA work together and choosing MB.

  17. Anonymous

    Dear Mr.WeeThere is a problem that we will like to share with you.With the change of the state government in Selangor, some BN assembly men become opposition and the MP is also opposition(Party Keadilan).These will end up that no grants at all from the state and also the federal government. This in turn will affect the social developement in the rural area and also kawasan palimen like Wangsa Maju.Since the oppostion now is stronger than before, is it possible to speak out on the people’s behalf so that state and federal grants should be also given to the opposition.Since it is the government elected by the people, all the rakyat should be treated equally. If not so, I am afraid the voter will turn back to future oppostion party.With the federal grants too, you can solve a lot of social problems in Wangsa Maju.Please voice out for us. Thank you.

  18. Anonymous

    Well, I am disagree with you this time on Pak Lah to resign as PM, Wee. He is a sleepy PM and failed in leadership in the last 6 years. That’s the reason we successfully win the election with unexpected reault. If we (DAP, PKR & PAS) want to take over the government from BN in the next election, let him be there to give us more issue to fight for. If Najib take over, it will be totally different.What we need is to serve the people and get their trust for next election, it will be the time for us. Hurry will make more mistake, what we need is a good strategy to take over the government from BN in next election while serving the people that selected us.WL.

  19. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. WeeI just read Sinchew Daily. I think it is not the right time to dissolve your own party to join Parti Keadilan yet. As a comment I read, they declared you as a “jumping frog” which I feel it is wrong. I am so glad you have won. It is not wrong you stand election under parti Keadilan because DAP and other do so. Wait for the right time to merge but a leader of your parti stand stronger than individual.Pls comment.


    If father-in-law quits, son-in-law may be in power next.As known Khairy won the Rembau seat by 5,000 votes majority after a recount. I’m not sure of the number of postal votes there though.An internal source states that Khairy may be vying for the Minister position in the Ministry of Internal Security.

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