A new beginning for Wangsa Maju

UPDATE 7.00 pm:  It’s confirmed I have secured an appointment with the Chief Inspector of Wangsa Maju police station at 11.30 am tomorrow (11 March) to discuss the security issue in the constituency

My brothers and sisters,

After some much-needed rest, I am glad that I am now back on my feet again – ready to serve.

But first thing first, a big thank you for all your support to help get me into parliament. I am now your Ahli Parliament Wangsa Maju. Walk with me. Our journey has just begun!

Your interest will always come first. Your voice will be my voice. Your fight will be my fight. I will serve Wangsa Maju without fear and favour – so help me God.

Brothers and sisters, please give me some time to set up my new abode in Wangsa Maju. I will have to review our constituency’s need and see where would be the most ideal place to locate our bilek gerakan or nerve center to serve Wangsa Maju effectively. So please bear with me okay.

By the way, here’s a little aside news. I was privy to information that almost all the major newspapers in the country had been booked by the Barang Naik party to advertise their congratulatory messages on 09 March to celebrate their victory. But the spaces booked were apparently cancelled at the last minute on Friday 07 because they heard Barang Naik party was going to lose big time! Boy, were they right.

The wind of change has blown and it will continue to blow until every specter of racism, injustice and corruption in our country is cleared.

The rakyat has spoken. The rakyat is the boss. The rakyat will call the shots. The rakyat will take back control from the arrogant, the corrupt and the hypocrites.

Walk with me my brothers and sisters. With about 60,000 of you registered voters behind me, we cannot fail!

Our first item on our agenda is the security situation of Wangsa Maju. I will be meeting up with the OCPD of Wangsa Maju soon to urge him to give this item first priority. Then I will seek the commitment of the IGP on same. Then I will take our case to Parliament to make this issue into a national agenda. Wangsa Maju will lead the way.

The second item on our agenda in Parliament will be our judiciary. We need to fix it urgently as you have seen how our judges have been influenced and controlled by businessmen and lawyers.

Until and unless our judiciary is clean, independent and incorruptible the rakyat will never enjoy full freedom and democracy. The rakyat will not have their protection of last-resort. This will never do. Justice is not for the rich only but also for the poor and the down-trodden – the ordinary rakyat.

Justice is a right, not a privilege. Justice can never be held ransom. Justice is not for sale in the supermarket.

Walk with me Wangsa Maju. Interesting times are ahead for the better. Should you have issues that I should bring up in parliament on your behalf, please feel free to leave me a comment. I need inputs from you.

Thank you and have a good day.

39 thoughts on “A new beginning for Wangsa Maju

  1. sophie

    Dear YB Wee,Lega, rasanya.I think many have the cold-feet feeling, looking at the number of majority vote in Wangsa Maju on that night. Anyway, “menang tetap menang” I believe you can use this blog space to get assistant in setting up your work team, ideas and recomendations may be gether and it definately will contribute to your decision making.We are here to help you to help ourselves.Thank you again for coming to Wangsa Maju..

  2. Anonymous

    My sincere congratulations, MP Wee, on being chosen to be the voice of Wangsa Maju in particular and Malaysia in general. You are again our Yang Berkhidmat.This is the initial step of our mutual journey to restore Malaysia’s dignity, integrity, sense of belonging & togetherness, a sense of good development and better hope for our future and those of future generation.Many cheers from your buddies in TTDI.Best wishes,John

  3. Anonymous

    Tahniah Saudara Wee! Pergilah ke Parlimen dan ganyang cukup-cukup pelahap-pelahap yang mabuk dengan projek-projek yang tidak menguntungkan rakyat.

  4. Anonymous

    FIRSTLY Congratulations sdra YB Wee on your election:Let me sensitize YB on the pressing problem at the moment.We the residents at Teratai Mewah Apartments Block 4 are feeling the pinch of life badly. Cost of living has gone up tremendously. The Management Corporation Block 4is headed by one ANTHONY and his bunch of cohorts in the Committee are threatening us with all kind of collections in the name of service charges for almost one year now. These are extra payments. Initially it was RM 50 per month then raised to RM 60 per month. Additionally there is a SINKING FUND RM 40 payable every three months, from time to time again.Latest he wants contributions RM 598.00 from each household in the name of repairing the lifts. Non payment is threatened with water disconnection for our houses though our water Bills are promptly paid. Further a reconnection fee of RM 30 is imposed by him/his Commitee on us residents all the time on the flimsiest excuse.Is it legal and proper to threaten us with water cuts if the Bills have been promptly paid for usages of the water? This is actually gangsterism and hooliganism way of dealing with us especially the poorer residents living from hand to mouth.ANTHONY and his Commitee has never prepared any statements in writing on the collections and expenses aspects incurred to date and distributed to us the contributors.We smell rotten fish in their activities. Are these people taking us as suckers to support their lifestyles? Please INVESTIGATE and find urgent solutions.Please YB look urgently into these bread butter and daily survival issues for us.Also there are 2 Lifts. Only one is functioning in a terribly dilapidated condition and does not work at times. This may just crash one of these days and innocent lifes maybe lost. The other lift has been permanently grounded for some time now, NOT working.We especially those at the higher floors are suffering in silence. The senior citizens are just trapped on their floors unable to walk on the ground floor at times due to fears of the unpredictable single lift all the time.Am sincerely hoping that YB will make the effort to urgently look into the issues highlighted above.God Bless and thank you.10 Mach 2008

  5. GobloKing

    Well…I have done my Snoopy dance for you when you won becase you have shown your willingness to listen to the people, and do it at OUR level!So Congrats on a well deserved victory to represent the Rakyat!I pray hard now that the Opposition Winners will not let Ego and Power get to their HeadsPlease -God, Let Everyone put aside the small stuff in Life and CONCENTRATE & FOCUS on the BIG PICTURE ie RUNNING the constituency, Helping to Right WrongsI believe people like you & Anwar who’s had to swallow humble pie big-time are also “big” enough to do what is needed now!I BELIEVE IN YOU.

  6. Anonymous

    MP WeeCongrats on your winning! As I told you at your ceramah, you chances of winning is high cos we had all heard of you & your bravery in speaking up. We would like to hightlight to you that the pavements along Wangsa Maju Section 4 had been under renovation since October 2007 till today. The railings which separate the carpark from the road had been removed & placed aside in the car parks. Would appreciate it if this matter could be looked into.Thanks.Auntie (“Wa Chaya Lu”)

  7. Anonymous

    Congratulation, MP Wee. I went to Wangsa Maju to vote even though I’ve move away from Wangsa Maju. I’m glad that opposition has Won the parliamentary seat. Looking forward to see your fiery side of showing no fear to fight against racism, injustice and corruption in parliament. Well done.

  8. Wee Choo Keong

    Anonymous 10.3.08 at 14.13Please let me have your phone number and name. So that I cna call you to discuss your complaint furhter. Please call Ms Diana at my office 03-216169688 and leave your phone number so that I cna call you regarding your problems.Sorry I am still new to the area. I am looking a a place to rent to set up my service center. So please call and leave your number and I will definitely call you as soon as possible. I look forward ot hearing from you soon.p/s Nobita1403 and other supporters – Thank you so much for the congratulatory message. I don’t want o be drunk by these messages and I want to get down to work in Wangsa Maju to make Wangsa Maju a better place to live in.

  9. Anonymous

    Sir,I got a story to tell.. I write from Block D-11, Section 2, Wangsa Maju. First, my sincere congratulations to your winning. Although I am sad that the difference of your winning was only by 150 voters.. You should have had a bigger number, but you won and I am so glad. This year I voted for the opposition as I was painfully rejected by BN when 2 years ago I rang the MP�s office, asking them to listen to my plight and his office simply rejected me.His article came out in the papers after his victory, the head lines read something like �24-hour MP for Wangsa Maju folks� This is what happened. At our Section 2, we had 2 young Chinese youths in their late 20s, who are mentally disturbed. One stays at Block D13 and the other one I am not sure but his father is a taxi driver. I suppose both are harmless as there has not been any life threat incidence happened then. The one from Block D13 is finally in a mental institution all paid for by his family. The second guy is let loose to wonder around when his father goes out in search for an income. This guy screams and screams till thy kingdom come, and run on the main road like in a marathon.. His screams are so loud you cannot imagine it Sir. It is so scarry when this happen in the early hours of the morning.I rang the MP then to tell him to speak to these families on a personal basis, so that help and advice can be extended to these families. On my first call itself Ms.Chan rejected me saying that they don�t get involved on personal matters. Pardon me, but your headlines flashed �24-hour MP� �what was that all about ? She said they only take complaints from the outside picture.. OK to all readers today, let me tell you what happened to this second guy.. somewhere last month (February 2008), a cruel human splashed acid on him. Word went around, that his body and face is all badly burnt and he is now at KLGH fighting for his life. As at today, I dont even know if he has died. To Mr Barison Nasional-Yew Teong Look, I am not surprised if Ms.Chan even conveyed my message to you. But let me say that you caused for this innocent life to be deformed to this state. Mr. Wee-Sir, the smallest complaint, is never too small to look into isnt?. Because I could not handle it myself, I tried to reach out and I was rejected. You will have loads of such cries from the folks of Wangsa Maju. So help you God to keep up with our cries. I pray that you be given the strength to do your will. Good Luck and we need you to be our MP.

  10. Anonymous

    YB Wee. I like your blog for Parliament. Great idea. This is the way to start. You are my MP and I am proud of you. Keep it up and Wangsa Maju is behind you all the way. You, as our yg Berkhidmat as wirtten all over your blog and campaign material, you must lead us and we will be your pillars. So don’t worry speak up.Make the cleaning up of the rotten judiciary as your first priority. We must hang these judges like Mokhtar Sidin, KL Rekraj, Tun Eusoff Chin, Tun Ahmad Fairuz and Low Hop Bing. Low Hop Bing (the sitting Court of appeal jduge) must immediately take leave pending invewstigation by ACA.YB Wee you must speak up for us that we do not want a rotten judiciary which has been shown in the Lingam video clip. YB Wee you must expose the name of thsoe judges until they resign and make sure that they are charged in court for whatever offence they have committed. These corrupted judges should not be allowed to move freely. They must be sent to prison like what they have doing to others. There is no space in Malaysia for corrupted judges becasue they have betrayed our trust.

  11. Anonymous

    CONGRATULATION !You deserve to win. I and my family (5 of us voted for you) all the way from Kuantan, Pahang. Now cited in Kuantan due to job obligation. However, we still maintain our place of voting, my mother’s house in Wangsa Maju.keraskekong

  12. Anonymous

    Wangsa Maju wants Low Hop Bing (Court of appeal judge) to immediately stop presiding over cases until he is clear by the ACA as he was also implicated in the Lingam Video Clip.In the light of the serious allegation about Low Hop Bing, the Chief Justice should suspend Low Hop Bing from hearing cases in order to prevent injustice. Low Hop Bing is no longer fit to hear cases in hte court of appeal. If Low Hop Bing has self respect, hemust take the honourable to resign. Let see whether he will do that.

  13. YASMIN

    Hello my old friend. I’ve been following news of you with great interest and joy.You’ve been lost to us for so long. Too bad I sold my Wangsa Maju flat with your help ALL those years ago. Welcome back to the fray at long last – you deserve all your successes.For the first time I can remember Malaysians are not afraid to say they support the Opposition! Can you imagine?Hope we can meet up soon – no complaints from me…yet!Can’t wait to tell Kim! Congratulations!! Big hug!

  14. Anonymous

    Hhahahahaa…I did the right thing by shaking the winner’s hand way before the polling day! Congratulation to all rakyat! It was not only Mr Wee won, but we as rakyat Malaysia. You know what, after 30 yrs, last Sat was the first day I felt proud to be called as Malaysian. I can now walk on the street without looking at colour of the skin of the people. :)Mr Wee: If you need a helping hand, just voice it out. I will assist in whatever I can as I think Wangsa Maju can be a better and cleaner place to live in!P/S: I honestly think you won by bigger majority than that 150 votes. The postal votes are fake!!Chill…CYY @ Sec 2

  15. Anonymous

    Yes, my dear old friend, Yasmin. It was great to have heard from you. Malaysians from all races and all walks of life have woken up and spoken out loud and clear on 8th March that they have had enough of all the corruptions, abused of power and the injustices inflicted by BN against small men on the street. To other commentors, I have taken note of your points on the JUDICIARY. I shall speak up on the issues raised in my blog regarding the state of our judiciary. I know that Wangsa Maju people are very concerned about the scandals that have been exposed in the Lingam video clip. I shall definitely make the issues concerning the judiciary as one of my priorities in Parliament. Thank you Yasmin and others Wangsa Majuians for your supports.All the best. Choo Keong

  16. Anonymous

    Please bear in mind to eradicate crime requires more than just the police.It requires crime prevention, eradication of poverty/poor, education, jobs, drug use prevention and finally police enforcement for those who commit the crimes.

  17. lostinspace

    Congratulation to everyone who voted the right person!I think complaints/issue/problems will be pouring in like a bursting floodgate in coming days. Guys/Girls, Lets get things organized. Please help the YB to help us. Try to be specific when you are addressing the issue. Put it in a proper way such as:Issue: Location:Involved party:Recommendation/Mitigation:You may add any necessary information to ease problem escalation.We might need a dedicated system to handle this.I can volunteer myself during weekend if you need to setup an OpenSource server for that purpose.You may reach me at gmail.I have some security concern to be voiced out but lets wait for your bilik gerakan.Till then. Cheers~

  18. Anonymous

    Congrats … Its a start of a new beginning for Wangsa Maju. We’d be looking forward to the regeneration of the condition of this area. Here’s a few simple request in satisfying our comfort. 1. Cleanliness – of road sides – rubbish dumping area 2. Improve town plan – Silly Road signs – Misleading road signs – Condition of road 3. Beautify area – add trees – add flowers – bring healthy environmentThat’s all .. thx .. all the best in your journey

  19. Anonymous


  20. Anonymous

    YB Wee, it is time to merge MDP with PKR. Great win for you. Vindication for being denied as an MP because of Lingamgate. Great win for Rakyat Malaysia.

  21. C P Chua

    Congratulate!I am resident in Desa Setapak almost 14 year, I have one things need to address here, which I observe quick long ago. There is the rubbish collection. It happen that Alam Flora Contractor not come to collect our door step rubbish for almost 5 days and this make our are fulll with smell and as well as the worms. So hope that your can ask your man to monitor this.Thank You!p/s: I would like to suggest your Service Center is best located near with Wangsa Maju LRT as it is the Transport Hub so for those who don’t have the car they also easy to access and also those who after work and what I know that quick number of Wangsa Maju Residents are using the LRT to work, so they also can reach your center.

  22. Anonymous


  23. Anonymous

    YB Wee, congrats!Pls fight to put the police on the beat. Make the police walk the streets, instead of just lepak in their aircon balai and wait to take report.TQ

  24. Anonymous

    YB WEE,tahnioh ore kito… kijo molek-molek nati 5 tahun lagi mene pulok…kito pakak pakoh demo pulok… congratulations !!..

  25. tehsin mukhtar

    Yes, the security situation in the Wangsa Maju area is important to the residents. You can hardly see a police patrol car in the area except to issue tickets/roadblocks. I hope that you/your aides can get together the residents’ associations in wangsa Maju to work together with the police. I got together the residents in my housing estate to form a committee after a robbery (even though we are gated) in order to voice our concerns to the housing developer appointed managers, but I am disheartened that most are still kiasu and living in their own worlds and not appreciating the fact that we have to look out for each other as neighbours and the developers is giving us a lot of broken promises. I hope maybe you can give a talk in our area and reach the community as some of the races still have this “existing” in their own world thing. I think the associations have to work together with the cops. All I want is for my kids to be safe in their own beds at night. Thank you.

  26. every dog has his day

    Dear anon 14.1,The issues you raised pertaining to the housing woes you faced in the place where you stay are best left in the hands of an attorney of law. Try taking the lead yourself and establish among all the residents affected in the locality a residents’ committee and seek legal action. Such issues though not to be trivialised by anyone are however not the domain of a MP. He can direct you to the nearest help though. Don’t expect him to handle the nitty-gritties. He may use his good offices as the MP for the sake of goodwill to bring together the contending parties involved to come to an amicable solution if he deems fit and appropriate.A Member of Parliament is not one to clear the drains, repair the roads or fix a broken streetlight. That’s the job for a local councillor in the specific area where you live. An MP is one who reviews the laws of the land and fight for justice where the law affects the ordinary citizens’welfare and wellbeing.What this country needs, and the state of Selangor being in the hands of the BARISAN RAKYAT now must spearhead,is to legislate to bring back the Local Council elections that were abolished and repealed by the corrupt BN regime.They purposely make your MPs the road repairers, the developer’s lackeys, the drain cleaners, et al, to line their pockets and also enrich the BN’s mighty war-chest with lucrative public works projects, etc. Diverting the MPs to do the voter/residents’ dirty work take their mind off from focusing on the law. That’s why this country’s laws are all one-sided and never debated upon before they were passed. Even the Federal Constitution is taken for granted by the wretched BN regime. Their MPs were merely interested in collecting the sleaze. And there’s a myriad ways to line their pockets, mind you, at grassroot level. No wonder the corrupt BN MPs are all staying in posh palaces with a garage of big expensive limousines in their porch.Therefore, we must not burden our new MP like Mr. Wee with such demands in handling your particular problems. He should be looking at the big picture. Your specific problem falls under the purview of the existing Local Council that has not been not performing its duty presently. Mr. Wee may consider it ripe at this juncture to tell the local councils to appoint an OMBUDSMAN in their housing department whose specific duty is to solve the woes faced by residents of highrise apartments or condos.Mr. Wee, I am of the opinion another of the issue you should bring to Parliament is that of reviving Local Council elections in Selangor and all over the wretched country, including the ineptly-corrupt DBKL mayorship. This “son of a keris” is not averse to using public property for private use. With due respect to him, I did not call him a son of a bitch (or a son of the gun).Like I say, corruption and sleaze is a way of life in Bolehland from the halycon days of the wretched BN regime. Let’s try to do away with the culture. Let’s call for vital changes.

  27. Rosman

    Yg Berkhidmat Wee,I am Rosman.. I wud like to congratulate you, the Rakyat and the Barisan Rakyat ADUNs and Ahli Parlimens for working hard to make their way to the Parliament and Dewan Undangan Negeri. I am currently working overseas and my family and I are very proud of the results of the PRU12.- I thought I saw you and your families at Kota Bharu Airport at the night of Feb 9, 2008. I wanted to say hello but I was unsure. The next time I will greet you as your supporter. Good luck in your coming job as Yang Berhormat. Regards from afar. Rosman.

  28. tehsin mukhtar

    every dogfella…betui gak cakap hang…the local councils must be spruced and cleaned up so that they will do what they are supposed to do…maybe give them a rebranding exercise in Selangor and all the wrested states as an example to the BN held corrupt regimes…I don’t think many know what these councils are supposed to do..even myself..so used to them doing nothing…just look at the pathetic state of our roads, longkangs, lightings, eateries, the discharge from eateries and pasars right into our drains etc2 etc2…we need to know what comes under the purview of which official so that we can direct our problems to the right place and make sure they get attended to.And when all else fails…then look for Mr. Wee..heh heh.Tehsin

  29. every dog has his day

    Mr. Wee, When you talk to the topdog cop aka OCPD Chief Inspektor Balai Polis Wangsa Maju, request him to admonish or give a pep talk to his uniformed goons. Tell him the cops should all take away the Saya Anti-Rasuah badge. It is all crap. As far as us ordinary citizens are concerned most if not all cops are dirty bastards, sleaze and slime infested creatures of the wretched BN regime.Tell the topdog to get his turkeys not to loiter in mamak stalls, coffeeshops and other shady places. Such unpolice-like conduct gives us a dastardly poor impression as if they were not in our bad books already – serupa bermalas-malas dan buta gaji. THEY SHOULD BE SEEN ON THE STREETS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE where even the Mat Rempits would think twice before they dash about in the traffic. If the cops are hungry or thirsty they can have their packet drinks and munchy-grunchy beside them always. Who are we to complain about that.But please DO NOT loiter and laze about in the mamak stalls or the coffeeshops for hours on end! I hope your topdog cop in Wangsa Maju is reading this. If you carry out a deed poll on every citizen in this wretched country, even Wangsa Majuans, public opinion of local cops and their performance is 10 out of 10 in the negative. That’s why I used the term dirtycops. A contemptible lot.Tell them to disabuse and dissociate themselves from the corrupt BN regime and make a fresh start themselves to earn and regain our respect. We still need them to fight crime. They should not let us think and perceive of them as “white-collar” criminals either. The POLICE SHOULD LIVE UP TO THE “MESRA RAKYAT” MOTTO. That badge is essential.

  30. yok hoong

    weefrom day one when your blog was up, i have not miss one. you said it, walk with you. i will wee, but if you ask us to wlak with you, you must walk with us together.your call has, to me, been genuine todate. i have asked friends to go back to their constituency to vote for you. not too many, but the gesture is good enough to me. wee, do it and i have this sense that you are the right person for wangsa maju.god speed and take good care.

  31. bohmialang

    Hey Wee,We in genting kelang and parts of gombak also voted for you. you better make sure your security plan covers our areas as well – not just the posh bungalows and double storey terraces of wangsa maju’s high end property units. remember your promises made, my friend.

  32. Matthew Tan

    YB Wee,I’ve been following your political career during your days in Bukit Bintang although I was not old enough to vote. I’m glad you’re back in Parliment.Unfortunately, I voted in Setiawangsa and not Wangsa Maju. Feeling a little embarassed to be in the only KL seat that’s won by BN…..Anyway, Wangsa Maju does play an important role in my life esp with the horrendous traffic situation in Jln Genting Klang and the terrifying crime rates. I have faith that you will do better than the previous guy and continue to serve the ppl in Wangsa Maju and more importantly, be the voice of the people in Parliment. I consider myself a patriot and it really hurts to see the country in shambles due to some good for nothing people trying to benefit it for our own good. I’m glad we now have people like yourself and the other patriots to really do what’s best for the country. Please do not let us down.So, welcome back to Parliment and all the best for your term as an MP.

  33. Anonymous

    Helo Mr. Wee,congratulations to you! i’m really happy that you have this blog for us to “talk” to you. i’m writting this from Flat Bandaraya DBKL (near Melati LRT station). I’m wondering if you can set up a task force in cleaning up the area. maybe some residence committee to over see the cleanliness and tidyness of the flats and surroundings? we have managed to change the gov, i’m sure ppl will be motivated to change thier attitude perhaps with some right direction? you have a tough job ahead of you, i wish you all the very best. and i hope you have all the right ppl to assist you.rgds,cellv

  34. Anonymous

    Dear Yang Berkhidmat Mr Wee,I congratulate you on your win. Now you are our voice. The voice of rakyat! The voice of Wangsa Maju.Although I no longer stays in Wangsa Maju, but I still comes back to vote. And I vote for you. Because I want justice and I want all the rakyat in Wangsa Maju to be heard. I was appalled to receive newsletter mail from MCA YAB Datuk Yeo Teong Look out of no where on what he has done to serve Wangsa Maju folks. But seriously, I have been staying in Wangsa Maju for 21 years. To me its just nonsense, I have not even seen his shadow nor his cronies came knocking to Wangsa Maju folks door checking on their welfare.We have high hope on you Mr Wee. and we hopes you will do us the Wangsa Maju folks proud by voicing our concerns.

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