Wangsa Maju, you won!

It’s your victory, Wangsa Maju. Celebrate it. I am not important. What we do together is. Walk with me. It’s your trust, support and vote that made all the difference. yang Berkhidmat will remain as yang Berkhidmat … serving with humility always.

Update 09 March, 11.35 pm : Wangsa Maju rakyat are a fortunate lot. You even have this blog watching out for you. I just hope my best is good enough. The link is here.

23 thoughts on “Wangsa Maju, you won!

  1. everydog has his day

    This is the victory of the people who made an informed decision against long-standing corruption and tyranny in this nation. We needed a figurehead like Anwar Ibrahim to unite the parties, but it was the people who made that smart choice – a quantum leap of sorts – to vote for change. The BN’s shocking defeat is a big slap on the face for Badawi and his present tenure is shaky to say the least. Unseen forces within UMNO are bound to play it out in the next few months to unseat him from the reins of power. Meanwhile Mahathir is getting vocal.If Pak Lah resigns, Najib will step up and it will then be back to old-style cronyism and nepotism; and worse, Mahathir;s dictatorial era will be back again to haunt us. Najib is very much worse and is a cold blooded person…Tunku Razaleigh once said Najib is neither friend of Malay, nor Chinese or Indian Not even the faraway Mongols either. Altantuuya had proven that to us in broken bits and pieces.Remember, if Badawi is forced out, Najib will take over. This is Mahathir’s agenda, and it is the agenda of old UMNO guards who irreparably corrupted this nation in the first place. And we all know what Najib stands for…Altantuuya, multimillion (whopping $500m to be exact) defense contract fees and what not and getting away with murder for all that.Mahathir just held a Press Conference to push his own selfish agenda (he thinks and acts like he is still the Prime Minister in charge!!), and by proxy, to pave the ground for his son Mukhriz’s ascension to power. Standing next in line to Najib. But foremost, he would want Najib to take over from Badawi. When he does, we can forget about Altantuuya and the RCI into the heinous VK Lingam tape scandal.And it will be a return to strong-arm rule all over again for Bolehland citizens. We are not supposed to allow that to happen. That’s why we voted in the BR to change all that.It wasn’t Mahathir who stomped the country for change. It was Anwar. To pre empt Mahathir making a comeback the back-door way, we need to install Anwar back into Parliament. To do that Badawi must show magnanimity to his arch-foe of yore. He must befriend his old enemy to beat off a bigger threat. The tide has changed somewhat, psot-GE12, and it’s going to be tougher than it seems on the surface.Many will see this election’s results as a vindication for the BR, but other disgruntled Umno members like hidden-agenda Mahathir, watch-and-wait Najib (and impatient Khairy) will see this as an opportunity to grab power and the booty that comes along. The next few months will see Mahathir staging a “hidden-dragon” coup to oust Badawi from the hotseat. Najib will bide his time before his next move, smiling behind our backs now like the “crouching tiger.” Just watch and see. Pak Lah, to redeem himself from the GE12 debacle, now only needs to do two things foremost. The first thing Abdullah Badawi needs to do is to clean up the mess of a corrupt judiciary and the sycophantic media of the old guard dating back to the 80s.Corruption will always exist, but the judiciary and the media in any democracy acts as the first and last line of defence watchdog. Instead, we have had lapdogs barking against the voices of the people for too long. The shocking mediocrity of the mainstream media is pathetic. The corruption of the judiciary is endemic. Both already rotten to the core and beyond repair. A complete overhaul of the rot and decay is not out of place. They still have not come to grips with the new political landscape yet. It is important that members of the old guard from Mahathir’s era are not allowed to worm back in. We should start from a clean slate. Such a move per se will checkmate any of Mahathir’s hidden agenda plans, post-GE12. It is in the national interest that Badawi do just that.A saving grace in his swan song, unshackling the good citizens of this wretched country from the twenty-over odd years of Mahathir’s godforsaken reign where the integrity and sanctity of our institutions were ransacked, raped and plundered with impunity. RWIN-WIN LAH B4 U GO, BADAWI!!!REINSTATE THE RULE OF LAW (PURGE THE JUDICIARY OF DEADWOOD N DRIFTWOOD).FREE THE PRESS N REPEAL THE ARCHAIC PRESS LAWS N ISA (FREE THE HINDRAF 5, I BEG OF U)

  2. BohMiaLang

    Dear WeeIn the euphoria of your win, I hope you have not forgotten me for I am one of the many faceless people whom you have shook hands with and uttered promises of bringing changes that will uplift our lifestyle in general, something which was much yearned and dreamt about but very unlikely to materialise until this fateful day.Indeed the people of Wangsa Maju have given you this mandate – and having followed your political career’s up and downs, I have confidence you will be able to make life a better place in Wangsa Maju. It is my wish that you will stick true to your highest conviction, thick and thin, sleet or snow, and hail or rain – as I did when you spoke at the hawker centre in Taman Danau Kota two nights before the election. Good luck in your career and the ascend to the political pedestal. Please keep your feet on the ground and remember to keep the promises you have made to the people who vowed to vote for you that fateful evening. Xie-xie

  3. 'ainamin

    Congratulation! We, the Wangsa Maju-ians will always support you and we have faith that you can bring changes here! You will always have me and my family’s vote that’s for sure!

  4. everydog

    Mr. Wee, Mr. Wee,Why not do a postmortem of all PKR-DAP-PAS postal vote statistics and find out whether there is a discernible trend that the postal votes are not impacting adversely on any of each party’s chances of victory or defeat. You suffer a whopping loss of 1065 postal vote yourself and they are not contributing to your overall victory. Why? Phantom voters at play or a case of deliberate sabotage from unseen hands. Worth pondering in the long haul. Never trust the UMNOputras and their MCA-MIC war machine.GE12 over. Think GE13. Phantom voters and vote rigging is here to stay with a demonic government.

  5. ewoon

    i am 100% behind ‘every dog has his day’ above.Will Badawi do it?It depends when he will wake up.Barisan Rakyat lives!Barisan Rakyat rules!Barisan Rakyat rocks!

  6. richard

    yB Wee,I had the opportunity to talk to some of your party workers while they’re preparing for the cycling campaign at Tmn Teratai Mewah. I expressed my anxiety reg the existance of Wardieburn Camp i.e Postal votes.Well, they appeared not concerned; true enough the postal votes almost wrecked our victory.I hope that it’s not too early for you to keep any eye on this situation for the powers-that-be might take advantage in the next GE.Selamat berkhidmat!

  7. kbguy

    Congratulation on ur winning. Now is the time to proof to the people that they’ve made the right choice ! And please don’t fail the Kelantanese ! hehe…from another Kelantanese guy..

  8. aeab & liza

    congratzme and my wife voted for you…the people has spoken…dont forget us the rakyat or come five years we’ll meet again…we know you can deliver…keep on blogging..

  9. Anonymous

    I hope everyone understands that this is just the beginning as BN is still in power with a simple MAJORITY.Therefore many promises made by the DAP, PKR & PAS cannot be implemented without approval from BN.The fight to save Malaysia is not over.

  10. zorro

    Wee, the campaign was gruelling. But believe me, what comes after your victory is more demanding and daunting. You have promises to keep. The work begins, but I will walk with you every step.

  11. zaidi

    YB itulah ungkapan saya semasa malam pertama ceramah YB disetapak indah, terbukti kejayaan dan keyakian bersama membuahkan hasil akan tetapi YB dan rakan2 akan digempur dgn hebat selepas ini. jangan bimbing kami adalah penyokong setia YB. Kami tak perlu berada bersama YB setiap masa utk menyata sokongan akan tetapi sentiasa bersama YB dialam cyber harap YB dapat berkhidmat diWangsa Maju dgn baik. Welcome and well done.

  12. tehsin mukhtar

    we are counting on you! don’t disappoint us..I would have voted for you, but I failed to change my address from AU4 keramat to Bukit Wangsamas (Setapak precinct) where I am now! I voted for PKR and PAS anyway. I hope you can bring change to Wnagsa Maju and always remain accessible to the people.

  13. Anonymous

    YB Wee, I know you will not fail us. I know you will definitely stand up for us. You promised to speak up on two subjects: 1. To get the government to prioritise CRIME PREVENTION; and 2. Fight For Independent of the judiciary and a clean judiciary that we used to have.We would like to see Justice Low Hop Bing (Court of Appeal Judge) to be suspended and to be investigated. We cannot have an active judge hearing cases when his integrity has been a subject of ctroversies i.e. being implicated in the Lingam Video clip fiasco.YB Wee you better make sure that you demand for Low Hop Bing to be suspended as he is no longer fit to dispense justice.We are proud to be our new MP.

  14. nobita1403

    My whole family VOTED BN, accept me; i voted you. I believe it’s time for a change.CONGRATULATION!I would like to join you to serve even for the smallest job role. What should i do?

  15. Penulis Tamu

    I Voted you and I hope you’ll serve Wangsa Maju.Thanks… Proud To Have A Yang Berkhidmat named Wee Choo KeongPenulis Tamu

  16. Anonymous

    Yang Berkhimat Wee. We are all proud that you have won. You have fought against all odds. Very few politicians would wnat to fight in the Malay majority seat but you dare to take on that responsibility and you have done it very well.You are just the right person for Wangsa Maju because you are not rascist in anyway. Please stand up against the BN in Parliament.Wangsa Maju people really care about the security and the judiciary, whihc is rotten to the core. Please remember this two important issues that you have stressed in your election campaigns.YB Wee we are happy and proud thatyou have won in Eangsa Maju. We also knew that SPR and the MCA were tying to cheat the Wangsa Maju voters by delaying the announcment of the result for so many hours. Tanhiah Sdr Wee.

  17. Anonymous

    YB Wee you must expose the corrupted judges. You must demand for actions to be taken against those judges that were implicated in the V K lingam video clip. They are: Eusoffe Chin, Ahmad Fairuz, K L Rekraj, Mokhtar Sidin and Low Hop Bing. In the interim, you must call upon the Sleepy Head PM to suspend Low Hop Bing from presiding over cases in the Courtof Appeal as his integrity is questionable. Justice must not only be done it must be seen to be done. YB Wee please do tkae the appropriate action for the immediate suspension of Low Hop Bing.

  18. Wee Choo Keong

    My good brothers and sisters of Wangsa Maju,Thank you very much for your kind words of support and encouragement. There’s no way I can fail with all of you behind me.Together we will make Wangsa Maju a strong voice in Parliament.Thank you.

  19. Lucky 7

    First i would like to congratulation to you, hope become our spirit to voice out in parlimen.secondly, i has attend your ceramah two times in my area, MRJ and danau kota, more impress is when speech in danau kota, heavy rain, and some people make annoying when you speech. Your speech is great, really impress me.

  20. Kenshi Chuah

    Some question want to know1) What is your public email address?2) After won the election, where is the location/Room you will serve in Wangsa maju areaThis is few question want to know!

  21. Wee Choo Keong

    To Nobita 1403 08:29 …Thank you for your support and offer to help.Of course there is a role for everyone in Wangsa Maju with me as your MP.Please let me have your contact number through email. I will get in touch with you once my service center is set you.Thank you, again.

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