Wangsa Maju Poll Results Live!

Wee Choo Keong has requested that the results for Wangsa Maju be posted on this blog on his behalf as they become available …

UPDATE 11.00 pm:

Wee Choo Keong has asked that this statement be posted on his behalf: “Wangsa Maju has won! The rakyat of Wangsa Maju is more important than I am. I only represent their voices in and out of parliament. I will serve them as I have promised. Wangsa Maju-ians, please give me some time to prepare my proper Thank You statement. Ribuan terima kasih, dan selamat malam!”
UPDATE 10.45 pm: “PKR Wee Choo Keong wins Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat with majority of 150 votes.”


UPDATE 9.36 pm: News received that Wee Choo Keong looks like winning Wangsa Maju parliamentary seat. Votes counting being confirmed.

Sekolah Menengah Chung Hwa
Won by 268 votes majority
Sekolah Ugama Kg Sungai Mulia
Won by 438 votes majority
Danau Kota
Won by 326 votes majority

Taman Ibu Kota
Won by 98 votes majority

Sekolah Mun Yee
Won by 177 votes majority

Section 2
Won by 609 votes majority

TAR College
Lost by 152 votes

Wangsa Melawati
Won by 111 votes majority

Postal Votes
Lost by 1065 votes

49 thoughts on “Wangsa Maju Poll Results Live!

  1. everydog


  2. everydog

    Mr. Wee,I just tuned off TV3 awhile ago. You know what, there was this so-called guest speaker, a suave Malay gentlemen aptly dressed in coat and tie, telling the whole world that the victories all over the country by the PEMBANGKANG is an anti-Melayu assault on Bolehland, he is practically inciting racial hatred and inflaming the Malays against the DAP-PKR-PAS alliance, especially DAP. Let’s hope our Malay brothers are sober and enlightened enough to the fact that we, every citizen of this land, are all totally pissed off with the UMNOputras and their MCA-MIC lackey-dogs and goons.The defeated UMNOputras are now resorting to inciting and inflaming racial hatred and resentment though the mainstream media: “DAP menggalakkan perasaan anti-UMNO, dan ini bermaksud mereka sengaja menggalakkan perasaan anti-Melayu. Anti-UMNO adalah anti-Melayu.What kind of crap is that?! As if we have no minds of our own and are easily swayed by racist filth.Don’t be surprised the next thing they will do is to create an incident. An excuse to declare an emergency of sorts to nullify and negate the results of GE12 to their advantage. It happened before and it can happen again as in May 13, 1969. Watch out for the vile and vitriolic filth being spilled out of the mainstream media presently undertaken in full swing on the air. A prelude to something untoward and nasty, and instigated by the mainstream media coz their paymasters cannot stomach the stunning GE12 defeat.

  3. wan mat

    The Malay brothers are sober, don’t worry. That is an UMNO opinionated statement. Reflective of the rouge’s attitude. Next they will create unrest, so let us just be prepared by not retaliating.Tahniah, Wee. Teng benate amno ni bbetor. Biar lembek.

  4. Gary Ooi

    WCK, I support you even though ‘m from Penang and haven’t registered to vote for this election which!! Way to go..kick BN out!!! I’m sure our Malays brothers are not stupid enough to believe in the lies of BN..They suffered enough under BN!!

  5. Anonymous

    the suave man didn’t read the newspaper today of Ong Tee Keat said “vote for DAP = vote for PAS”. stupid la these people.I “X” you on my ballot paper. :) ~anon 11.55

  6. Anonymous

    From MalaysiakiniWee Choo Keong takes Wangsa Maju – 10.42pmUnofficial: Former DAP leader Wee Choo Keong, has won the Wangsa Maju parliament seat in Kuala Lumpur for PKR. He is reported to have won by 500 votes. This will mark the return of the fiery lawyer to Parliament.

  7. Anonymous

    Congrats YB Wee…good to have you here in wangsa maju! Support you to the end! I believe you can represent us well in the parliament…RegardsKen

  8. Anonymous

    Dear WCKCONGRATULATIONS!!!Your long trek has just begun but never fear, we are alwyas right beside you ALL THE WAY.May GOD bless youAnnie

  9. richard

    yB Wee, Congratulations on your winning the Wangsa Maju seat. My family and I, apart from all reform-minded Wangsa Maju-ians are so happy that we have a credible, outspoken, fearless Parliamentarian to speak on behalf of all Malaysians.*muaks, muaks …err that from my wife…

  10. Anonymous

    Congrats YB Wee. Hey, remember its Berkhidmat and Not just Berhormat.Please also close the chapter of feud with DAP. Work together with DAP and PAS for a better Malaysia.Once again, CONGRATS.

  11. Anonymous

    WoW!! You won! I am soooo happy that I don’t think that I can sleep tonight. Now, we have a rep in Parliament who can fight for us! “Wa Chaya Lu”. Auntie

  12. Anonymous

    Congratulations on ur winning Mr. Wee!I am just a UTAR student, although i am still not qualified to vote, but i am on ur side! We need you!

  13. MoneyMatters

    Dear Y Berkhidmat WeeCongrats, This has proven that we are all Bangsa Malaysia. Fight all the way together to deny those culprits in UMNOPUTRA, MCAPUTRA and MICPUTRAI am your Malay supporterNizam

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Mr.Wee,Pls do not celebrate your victory in gland scale. Watch out the security and safety of your supporter.

  15. Anonymous

    Congra YB WeeGod has answered the people’s prayers and may you ensure our judicial system regain its glory and may people unite under Bangsa Malaysia. Just like the Petronas advertisement that like when were young we see each other as friends helping one another in time of needs.

  16. Anonymous

    Congratulations, Wee. Our effort to flying back from Tokyo is not wasted at all. See the wind of change and this is just a beginning for you and others who were elected by us. Next election will see how you help us this term and we believe you will do the best for us.

  17. Anonymous

    Today is a glorious day. Hopefully in the next election, all opposition parties will do better and get up to 45% of seats at least.Finally, there is hope that Malaysia can be saved.

  18. Anonymous

    Congrat! I am so happy for you and us, the Wangsa Majuian. Now we know that the BN leaders will hear more about Wangsa Maju. They will also know that YB Wee to korek!Korek!Korek! Korek! them all the way.I really am happy!! Thank you all Wangsa Majuin who supported YB Wee. I am sure that he will speak on our behalf.

  19. stocktube

    It’s great to be able to feel the air of freedom again … congrats wee … the tsunami of change has begun … hope there won’t be any defections from opposition components …cheers …

  20. Mat Salo

    YBee Wee,Congrats Sir!Makes me PROUD to be a Malaysian again!-A Malaysian PKR supporter (couldn’t come home) in Indonesia.

  21. Anonymous

    Congratulations untuk demo,Dear YB Wee Choo Keong,Together with others MP from BA,we the voters will see how the BA can pressure the Bee End in parliament so start draft the works now and when doing it in solidarity,full cooperations and for the sake of rakyat, next PRU the BA will receive more firm and strong support from voters. So it is now depending on BA MPs current track records until next five years.Please relay this message to your MP friends in parliament.”Masa untuk berubah”

  22. Anonymous

    Congratulation Yang Berkhidmat of Yang Berhormat Wee Choo Keong!!! It’s Show time in Parliament…Our PAHLAWAN OF RAKYAT!!! Hidup Barisan Rayat!!! Hidup WCK!!!Bravo!!! =)…..serve them right…even undi hantu from Postal Votes also can’t help them this time.

  23. Anonymous

    Syabas YB Wee! You deserved your YB title which they took away from you. Now let us all work hard to keep our Malaysia away from them.Syabas Rakyat Malaysia!

  24. Penulis Tamu

    tahniah dan terima kasih kerana sudi mewakili kami rakyat wangsa maju. semoga Yang Berkhidmat Wee Choo Keong dapat melaksanakan tanggungjawab dengan amanah.Hidup Rakyat!www.adilnewsnet.blogspot.comwangsa maju resident

  25. Anonymous

    Hi YB, Congratulations on your winning over wangsa maju from YB Yew Teong Look. I am previously an Idaman Sutera resident, in which we face troubles and did not receive full support to solve the issue from YB Yew. Now our family has move to Taman Tai Onn, and yet we face the same realities under YB Yew.I hope to see a change from your leadership over Wangsa Maju. My vote to you is a hope to myself and my family.All the warm wishes and blessing to you.

  26. Wee Choo Keong

    Thank you all!You did it. I am only a ‘servant’ of Wangsa Maju.Let’s make Wangsa Maju a place of peace, progress and prosperity for all.Continue to give me your support. It’s with you behind me that we can go places. The first place – Parliament.

  27. Eric

    Finally we have won in our Wangsa Maju after 10 years of struggling and fight for the last two elections. I am so happy and tears of happiness when you was announce the winner after a close count inside the Ibu Kota Community Hall.Congratulations and you will be serving all the peoples of Wangsa Maju soon. Our voice will be heard in the Parliement very soon.

  28. Anonymous


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