Terima Kasih, Xie Xie, Nandri, Thank You !

It’s just passed 5.00 pm, Saturday, March 8, 2008.

The casting of votes for the 12th General Election has ended. And I was informed that the first results of the poll will probably begin to trickle in as early as 7.00 pm.

We shall wait with anicipation for ours.

For Wangsa Maju, like all other constituencies throughout the country, there will only be one winner, be it for state or parliament.

In our case, one representative will represent you Wangsa Maju-ians in Parliament. I pray that you have voted wisely … rightly, and everything being equal, may the better man wins.

I hope, with all the support that you have shown and given me for the last 13 days, to be that man. For I sincerely believe I will be more than able to do the job. I know deep in my heart Wangsa Maju’s problems are not insurmountable. All that is needed is for that one man to stand fearless to speak for the rakyat of Wangsa Maju and to serve without fear or favour.

We shall know, won’t we, who it will be before the night is over.

Whatever the outcome, I will accept the report card that you have issued me. Whether I win or not is not important. What is important is that Wangsa Maju wins. Let the rakyat’s voices be heard and let the changes that are so sorely needed here begin to take place and not be empty promises.

Should I be unsuccessful in this campaign, let me assure all Wangsa Maju-ians that I will continue to be available to serve you should you require my service. That is my promise and my commitment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Wangsa Maju-ians for indulging me and giving me the opportunity to share with you my concerns and vision. I also thank you for your trusts, warm welcome and warm encouragements. I also thank you for doing all you can to help me promote my cause.

My sincere thanks also go to my fellow party members, associates and friends who tirelessly sacrificed their time and effort to help in my campaign. There’s absolutely no way that I could have done it all on my own.

Thank you. We’ll be in touch.

9 thoughts on “Terima Kasih, Xie Xie, Nandri, Thank You !

  1. Anonymous

    I sincerely hopy that you will win. You will then be able to make Wangsa Maju a better, safer place to live.”Wa Chaya Lu”Auntie

  2. Zawi

    Mr.Wee,The best man may not win in a Malaysian election. There are several factors beyond ones control that may determine the result. Only an act of God can determine the best man wins. If you have done your level best to win, hopefully God will help you.

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Wee,We joined you for the last 13 days.Win or defeat is not so important.So long it is the Wangsa Maju voters’ decision. and you have made the effort to change. We will very delighted to see you are leading now. All the best.Forget and forgive the past, good things will be returned to you.

  4. Anonymous

    tahniah saudara wee choo keong!tak sia2 saya undi saudara di sk wangsa jaya pagi tadi!dengan kemenangan saudara saya harap saudara akan bekerja keras utk membawa suara rakyat ke parlimen & memastikan bahawa soal keselamatan warga wangsa maju menjadi persoalan utama yg perlu diperjuangkanjangan khianati amanah rakyat, rakyat telah tunjukkan kuasa mereka, sekarang wakil2 rakyat perlu tunaikan harapan mereka…TAHNIAH sekali lagi dari saya850618-03-***7

  5. mohd nor abdul manaf

    saya adalah seorang ahli UMNO tapi saya rasa tidak tepat BN menggunakan slogan Selamat, Aman , Makmur kerana adakah Malaysia benar benar selamat dgn kehadiran begitu byk pendatang tanpa izin yang bekerja di malaysia?By the way, congrat Mr Wee Choo Keong. Tuan Haji Mohd Nor Abdul Manaf

  6. Anonymous

    YB WeeYou must iniate actions to revamp/cleanup the judiciary. First thing is to demand for the suspension of Low Hop Bing from presiding cases in the court of appeal becuase he was implicated int he VK Lingam video clip case.We need a clean judiciary that can look after teh interest of the people and dispense realjsutice and not justice BN style. We can a clean and fair judges in the judiciary. Those corrupted judges must face justice and prosecution like any other Malaysians. In fact, they should be punished maximum because they have betrayed the trust of the nation.

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