We were heavily rained out tonight

To say the weather was unkind to us tonight would be disrespectful to our ‘rainmaker’ I think ;-) There’s a time for everything and I guess this should be taken as reprieve to our hectic schedule.

We may have been rained out somewhat but our spirit remains as gungho as ever to reclaim Wangsa Maju for all Wangsa Maju-ians! We want the Barang Naik party out so we can begin repairing the ‘damages.’

Despite the heavy downpour, I still managed some walk-abouts and was able to talk with some of you. I continued to be humbled by the warm reception and encouragement extended to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray I can return the constituency’s trust and goodwill with my service in the days to come.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every commenter who has left kind words, ‘tips’ and wisdom in my blog. I would have wished that if only it was humanly possible for me to answer every comment … but such is the irony of this overwhelming electron-speed communication technology given our 24hour day-cycle.

Also, I would like to draw your attention to this blog called ‘Wangsa Maju For Malaysia’ by resident.wangsamaju, which needs your participating support to really make it come alive as a community blog. So far resident.wangsamaju had been lone-ranging it and he could do with some help by some of you submitting some blog-ticals (if there’s such a word.) I support what resident.wangsamaju is wishing to achieve and he has my moral backing.

Thank you and good night. You will see me back in Wangsa Maju later in the evening that’s for sure. (Please refer to our latest timetable.)

9 thoughts on “We were heavily rained out tonight

  1. resident.wangsamaju

    Likewise, thanks too, Mr WCK. I’ve updated the link to your site in http://wangsamajuformalaysia.blogspot.com/ to the position it deserves.I have not been in Wangsa Maju for a long time, neither was I born here. However I can make a judgment (no pun intended, Lingam)that WM is one of the best places to stay. This is homeground, folks. And homeground deserves a voice- your voice.

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Yg Berkhidmat Wee,I am deeply saddened that your posters clearly have been torn down after only a day of glorious display. However, i’m glad that now there are flags in sight in tmn Bunga Raya. I know your PKR banner/poster/bunting budget is as small as some ppl’s brains, but i do hope you start to put up more of it esp at the polling centre of TBR. ~ anon 11.55

  3. richard

    My fellow Wangsa Maju-ians, if you need to vote for someone to look after the potholes, street lights, garbage-collection, longkang, please do so PROVIDED its the THIRD vote i.e the vote for local councillours as was and still being proposed by the Barisan Rakyat.We don’t need the General Election to vote for the Barisan Neraka to do these things – its the DBKL’s duty which it failed miserably. Ask yourself, did the chair-thrower Yew raised these matters in Parliament or for that matter, have you read/heard about him fighting/championing about national issues. Kita telah lama diperbodohkan – dia makan gaji buta; yang sensara Rakyat – khususnya di Wangsa Maju yang beliau terajui sejak 4 tahun dahulu.He’s only visible during the Chinese Ghost month (maybe he’s a hantu too), officiating the many Chinese temples’celebration in his constituency. Don’t believe me – see those booklets printed using the Rakyat’s money which he recently mailed out to his Chinese constituents. My house alone, we received 3 books!! To pay back his good ‘deeds’, all the Chinese temples here proudly displays the BN flags, posters, his banners, buntings.For example, with Yew’s ‘protection’, a Chinese temple converted from a unit of Rumah Panjang still stands adjacent to the Prima Setapak condo, even though it’s neighbours are all gone. Besides, the word “Roboh 10-11-2007” is clearly visible on its side. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself.I’m not being anti-Chinese, I’m one too. These examples just shows how that Yew chap mismanages the mandate, and good governance expected of an MP. This 8th March, please vote for a candidate that has the track record of fighting for the Rakyat that has long been squeezed, trampled, screwed, taken for granted. PLEASE, PLEASE VOTE FOR WEE CHOO KEONG, WEE CHOO KEONG, WEE CHOO KEONG.

  4. Anonymous

    weeanother rent seeking projet authorised by BN (Barsian Neraka) and they are doing it during this time. E-Kesihatan is being revived despite widespread objections.Please alert the Rakyat during your ceramahs on another money leeching project approved by BN.

  5. richard

    I was driving along Jalan Genting Klang this afternoon and noticed that workers were busy putting up zinc-roofed tents whereupon I think a dinner will be held in a day or two by the MCA goon.This Yew chap is a fine example of how the Barisan Neraka’s pembesar-pembesar misuse the country’s fund (read: tax-payer’s money) for their own gain. Apparently it’s a 100 table dinner (costs at least RM450.00 X 100 tables = RM45,000.00. Last Wednesday, one was held at the Taman Setapak pasar malam). Wonder where the money came from??As a recap, the Election Commission only allows RM200,000.00 per candidate for campaigning.So, Wangsa Maju-ian, we must put a stop to this nonsense. How? VOTE FOR WEE CHOO KEONG!! VOTE FOR BARISAN RAKYAT!!

  6. Vincent Chin

    Richard- dbkl fell short, but YTL did nothing to arrest the problem. The nice roofings are up near Carrefour too. Great info on the costs, Richard!

  7. Anonymous

    Since Yew is giving us free dinner, we should go and eat the dinner. After all we paid for the dinner through our taxes. After you have eaten, just say thank you and vote Keadilan on 8th. I am certain of voting for WEE because from Wee’s track record I know that he will stand up against BN (Banrupt Negara). A vote for Wee, is a vote for Democracy and Freedom. Instead of throwing chair, we should throw out Yew, who is so useless and spineless.

  8. sally83

    hoping lawyer wee will win in this election, even i am not a voter of wangsa maju, but i had been here for years and i am planning to settle here as well…. but the most thing i consider in this area will be the quality of living and safety of this area, here is like my second home and i hope it will be the best place to live in KL.ALL the BEST Lawyer Wee, my prayer will be wth you~~~

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