Photos of ceramah at Teratai Mewah Apartment

Taken on 02 March 2008. The rain did not stop our rakyat from coming to hear me speak. I am most touched and honoured. My pledge to serve you gets stronger all the time. Thank you, my Wangsa Maju constituents. Vote KeADILan come March 08, this coming Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Photos of ceramah at Teratai Mewah Apartment

  1. Anonymous

    Sdr WeeRain or shine we are coming out in force to get rid of the useless Chair Throwing YEW. Yew was not it to be W.Maju. I was at the ceramah last night. I knew the rain did not bother the rakyat, they just stood there even it was running. The people have decided to go with you. So pleae work harder to ensure that YEW looses his deposit.YEW better not fight any more just do what you are good at. Just keep on throwing chairs during MCA meeting and you will definitely be allright. Do what you are good at, YEW. We will vote you as the champion in a chair throwing contest!

  2. sophie

    Wee,It is our honor to have you to come in Wangsa Maju. Please assure that you have my vote on 8th March.Further to that, we would like to welcome you to move and make your home around this side of the city.

  3. Anonymous

    I was 1 of them at the ceramah, we welcome you to wangsa majui must reemphasis that wangsa maju or rather Malaysian needs strong opportition voice in parliment, to break off 2/3 BN position.You are the strongest opportition voice i have ever seen during my 30 years stay in Wangsa Maju.My family has at least 5 votes for you, we want you win, not only win but WIN IN BIG. TIME TO CHANGE.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Mr.Wee,Pls convince the malay community that the party keadilan will also take care of their wellbeings and may be better if they volt for party keadilan. Our future is decided by their precious vote and do not hestitate to vote for change.

  6. Anonymous

    Dear Anon 04-03-08 00.35We, Malays, are not stupid as what the BN leaders thought we are. We know that they want us to be stupid so taht they can cheat us whilst they bleed the country wealth for themselves. The Malays have been marginalised too. So are the Indian, Chinese and others. We must all go for change. We must face all the monies and mass media of Barang Naik Party to tell lies after lies to protect thsoe corrupted leaders. Reject BN and vote for PKR, PAS, DAP and otehr opposition parties to defend Malaysia from the robbers.Vote for Wee Choo Keong. The experience politician and the right man for Parliament. Lets put Wee there to defend our country.

  7. Anonymous

    Mr. Wee! Still got about 24 hours to go! Ganbatte!Just now a group of motorcyclists were like cruising at Jalan next to the LRT station, holding the PKR Flag. They’re boisterous, noisy, honking around and all…. irritating, but i chose to raise up my left fist into the air when they pass by to show my support.Mr. Wee, let our voices not to be unheard. We’re counting on you!

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Mr WEE,I am staying at Jalan 70/26Taman Sri Rampai.At the end of the road a few hawkers were relocated which is not the right spot for them.They can rent from the many shoplots that are ready for occupation by sharing amongst themselves.We have complained to Bandaraya and they are powerless to do anything as the power to grant them this spot came from the MCA.The irony of it is that they were supplied with electricity and water even there is no address.You or your rep.should come and see for yourself.We have insuffient turning space and customers also take our parking space.If they find us complaining the next day all our cars will have scratches.The abuse of power by MCA for their voters must be exposed.We the residents paid good money for our property and have a right to enjoy same.We dont want these stall as there are ample hygenically maintained eateries just walking distance.

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