Visit to pasar tani at Taman Kota Danau this morning

Some photos taken during this morning’s visit to Wangsa Maju, 02 March 2008.

Yes, I like big bikes, too. Like everyone else, I have a hobby and I believe in working hard … playing hard. Sunday is usually the day I take my iron-horse for some ‘exercise’. Why should it be any different this Sunday?

I am a down-to-earth guy and I want my constituents to know me as I am. I really enjoy it when the rakyat I meet can talk about their love for big bikes, too. That way we connect and we can talk about anything under the sun. It’s important for a MP serving his or her constituency to be approachable so the rakyat can bring their problems to him or her anytime.

Thank you all for spending time with me this morning. I really appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “Visit to pasar tani at Taman Kota Danau this morning

  1. primasetapak

    do you plan to visit prima setapak’s pasar? i’m sure people around prima setapak area (and hot spring area, opposite us) would like to meet their candidate …although i’ve to admit some of the residents here somehow required to vote at titiwangsa constituency … nevertheless there’re great numbers here who would be going to wangsa maju to vote come 8th mar …hope to hear and see you at prima setapak … mca has been bombarding this area with vans equipped with speakers selling their candidate on daily basis like there’s no tomorrow …kick out the chair-thrower …

  2. fred

    oops, i think you have came to prima setapak’s pasar on 1st mar … sorry because i couldn’t recognize some of those photos posted … anyway we need ceramah and what you will do for us …

  3. Anonymous

    I fully agreed with primasetapak. To throw out the Chair Thrower Yew Teong Look. How? Simple – Vote for Wee and he will be out on 8 March. Whuy waste time? Yew Teong Look cannot speak Bahasa Melayu well. It is therefore obvious that he cannot represent the people of Wangsa Maju effectively. Since Yew is part of Barang Naik Party, even if he were to loose he can be appointed to be a senator. Under the circumstances, Wangsa Maju will get two representaives in Parliament: one Wee, teh people representative and Yew the Barang Naik representative. Thereafter, Yew can start to throw chair again.

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    To all the above …Just got up from my 40 winks … and you’ll be glad to know we will be holding a ceramah very near to Prima Setapak’s pasar tonight at 8.00 pm.Let us not be deterred by the rain. Come one, come all. Let’s pejuang together for the betterment of Wangsa Maju!See you there. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    En.Wee,Wangsa Maju adalah satu kawasan di mana penduduk-penduduk terdiri daripada kumpulan yang tidak mampu.Terdapat banyak masalah sosial di kalangan golongan yang miskin. Mereka berharap wakil rakyat mereka dapat berjuang untuk kehidupan yang lebih selesa dan maju di kawasan itu. Sila minta bantu pemandu-pemandu teksi, bas dan juga penumpang KTM untuk menyebar maklumat tentang calon Keadilan supaya anda akan dapat sokongan pada hari pilihanraya.

  6. richard

    It’s my pleasure meeting you this morning at Pasar Teratai Mewah and attending your ceramah few hours ago. I must say the crowd was very enthusiastic, not once bothered by the rain.Every vote to Barisan Rakyat counts and at every count, together we bring down the Barisan Neraka!! My mother is immobile, yet that’s not going to stop me from bringing her to the voting centre to give you that precious vote.

  7. Anonymous

    Mr You look COOl with the Harley. Wangsa Maju needs sa dynamic person like you to speak up against the corrupted Barang Naik Party especially the MCA.Enough of the MCA lies in the Star. We should boycot the Star and other Barisan Najis newspapers until they started to publish the truth. Malaysians must be very careful from now until the 8th, the Barisan Najis Party will no doubt churning more rubbish to confuse the people into voting for them. Wangsa Maju must say NO to Barang Naik Party. Vote Wee Choo Keong, the PKR candidate, who dares to speak up for the people in Parliament. we definitely do not need a Chair Thrower.A vote for WEE is a vote for justice and the future of our next generation.

  8. Anonymous

    Wangsa Maju must reject the Chair Thrower YEW. Vote WEE in on 8th.Send the Chair Thrower to be with the housing developers, who are his backers. So how can he defended us and look after the interests of the people of Wangsa Maju.VOTE FOR MR WEE!

  9. zorro

    God Almighty, gestapo helmet, tank-top, bandana,what next macho Wee. Rocky and Tony Yew seething…..I ride with you when you bring out your Humvee Mr Wee.

  10. everydog

    You make yourself out to be a Hell’s Angel with non-compliance headgear resembling safety helmet! Geez, Wee-O boy, I am surprised the dirtycops didn’t pounce on you on that day and produce you before a magistrate! You could be fined for road safety misdemeanours and other like offences and blew your doggone chances to walk the parliamentary steps. Your plans for GE12 scuttled perhaps. For heavens sake, take good care of yourself, you rascal-like attire and your foxy smile from now until GE12, please. Geez, Wee-O boy, watch your steps and watch your back!

  11. Anonymous

    Yeah Mr wee, you gotta preserve your image…. We all know we can’t judge a book by its cover, however most Malaysians still are very conservative.Hehe you sure look like terminator…. terminate that Yew Looker… can only look cannot do anything.

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