"The Dead Voters Society" by TV Smith

Let’s take a breather from our hectic schedule and enjoy some light moments from our ever-refreshing TV Smith …

– start –

Dear all, living and dead. The Dead Voters Society would like to clarify a few issues surrounding our eligibility to vote this March 8. There have been much insinuations that we were planted to vote for certain parties. While it is true that some of our names were registered on our behalf when we were frail (living) centenarians, many of us have since changed our stance…

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2 thoughts on “"The Dead Voters Society" by TV Smith

  1. Anonymous

    THe dead voters will rise up to get rid of the Chair Thrower YEW.So Yew waste no time better get yourself prepare to work for DBKL to look after the collection of rubbish department in DBKL as said by Mr Wee during his ceramah.We are determined to get rid of you and all MCA candidates.

  2. Anonymous

    We voters should all co-operate and wear yellow T-shirts to the polling stations on Saturday 8th March. Let us show our solidarity and revive the gelombang kuning spirit like our brothers and sisters did in Nov 2007.Let the polling stations be inundated by a sea of yellow waves.Pleass spread this message to your friends.

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