Notice to the rakyat of Wangsa Maju

UPDATE 1.40 pm: If a scandal of such magnitude, where Ground of Judgment has been written by a lawyer, happened in UK, America or other developed countries, the government would have collapsed. For the same reason, all Malaysians must reject the Barang Naik party as it has raped the judiciary.

This is to inform the rakyat of Wangsa Maju that today, 03 March 2008, there will be no activity carried out by me in the morning or afternoon in the constituency. All activities scheduled for the evening will go on as usual.

Given a choice, I would never have chosen not to spend time visiting my constituents and discussing issues with you during this critical period – but national duty calls.

Today is the day I have to submit my final written submission for the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the V K Lingam video tape scandal which became public on 19 September 2007.

As you would have known, I have been one of the main personalities in this inquiry. I have spent a total of 17 days at the Royal Commission of Inquiry, which ended on 15 February 2008, fighting tooth and nails to get to the bottom of the rot in our judiciary so that good may come out of it.

I did it for none other than king and country and for every Malaysian citizen, which includes everyone of you in Wangsa Maju, that our judiciary may never be compromised again.

I strongly believe an independent and righteous judiciary is integral to our parliamentary democracy and it’s our last bastion for all injustice. When our judiciary is put right, only then will our country and rakyat truly enjoy the freedom, economic prosperity and protection we rightfully deserve.

I hope to God I will be doing my best today. Thank you.

Saya yang Berkhidmat,

Wee Choo Keong

11 thoughts on “Notice to the rakyat of Wangsa Maju

  1. Anonymous

    My family, friends and I will make sure nothing serious happen in wangsa maju while you are gone. The chair-thrower Yew better not try anything funny yah?We will report you to the royal commission ok.Mr Wee, you go do your best. We know you will not let us rakyat down. Thak you for all the hard work you have done. We apprecaite you do it for all of us. Go Mr Wee.We vote for Wee Choo Keong ok!

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Wee,I live in Idaman Putera and am 47years old. I wondered who was the the BN opposition in Wangsa Maju Const. Just saw your poster and visited your blog. I now recall how you were unfairly disqualified many years ago despite the excellent work you had done in Bukit Bintang – but i think many of us living in this area will not know in time! You have to do something about this i.e. your past MP experience need to be made know to the people. For me and my family, you have our votes! – just in time, i might add!PS How much has your BN counterpart spent on the posters of his face all over the WM Const? I now even see his face in my dreams…i mean in my nightmares!!-worst still i received a coloured brochure of the petty things he has done-my tax money paid for this i presume!!!

  3. resident.wangsamaju

    It’s not only posters- there’s at least one PC & printer under every BN tent. Those PC, printers are probably linked to servers to. The expenditure is enormous, and we the people are paying for it.Good luck tomorrow, Wee Choo Keong. May peace and justice prevail.

  4. Anonymous

    Sdr Wee, Sememangnya Bahasa Malaysia bukanlah perkara penting bagi MCA. Tak hairan lah kalau pemimpin-2 MCA tak gheti BM…. Lihat saja website MCA, tak ada versi BM langsung , jauh lebih teruk dari DAP yang dikatakan anti-Melayu…

  5. Anonymous

    Sdr WeePlease publish your Written Submission in your blog for the public to read. This bloody judges are too much. They have no self respect at all. They are expected to do justice instead they inflicted injustices to the public.This is enough a big reason for me to vote against BN. You have suffered great injustices in the Court and system. You are a victim of the injustices caused by the rich and the sytem.You have been disqualified by the Election COurt headed by Tun Ahmad Fairuz. It is so clear that Ahmad Fairuz was talking with V K Lingam in the video clip. nough period. All Malaysians must get rid of Barang Naik Party from our political landscape on 8-3-08 and only after that we can live in peace and free from corrupt practices and corruption in the judiciary and government.I am my family (6 votes) will be voting for you, my MP WEE. I am certain that Wnagsa Maju people will send you to Parliament this time.

  6. zorro

    My friend, on saturday night I got you one vote. was introduced to this young lady at PJclub. Asked her where she stayed. Wangsa Maju she said. Good, u know who to vote for. Her reply, “Who”. If she was not a girl, I would have choked her. I wrote you name in caps and even drew her PKR logo with this warning, “If you do not vote him, I will come after you, get everybody out of your hoouse and then burn your house.” Her date, my very good who I believe has now veered from his addiction of girls with long hair confirmed, “better you do it…this guy is an arsonist.” Thanks Mus for the reassuring endorsement of my capabilities. Choo Keong…for you I will take the rap. Power to you.

  7. Anonymous

    Power to the people. The people will speak out loud and clear on 8th March. We have had enough of the corrupted judiciary. Luckily that culprit Mokhtar Sidin, the court of appeal, had already retired. According to the Ms Jeyanthi, Lingam secretary, Lingam wrote the ground of judgement for Mokhtar Sidin in a case where Tan Sri Vincent sued MCCG Pillai for defamation. Mokhtar Sidin ordered Mr Pillai to pay RM10 million as damages. what a big joke!Why is the government still allowing Datuk Low Hop Bing to sit as the Court of Appeal judge where Low Hop Bing’s name was brought up in the hearing of the Royal Commission?Whentyhe integrity of a judge is question, he cannot be allowed to dispense justice becasue he is no longer a fit and proper person to be a judge.So let vote against BN for a clean judiciary. Vote WEE, Keadilan candidate in Wangsa Maju.

  8. everydog has hisday with the truth

    Anonymous Wangsa Maju Boy said… Dear All, Pls go to (Mahathir admits Anwar is innocent).Pls view before the web is blocked!! 03 March, 2008 12:15Mr. Wee, you ought to follow up on the above and publicise on the issue to “capitalise on the truth” before it is too late. People of this country need to know before GE12 this Saturday. Let us hope it is still not too late.Next, in your earnest fervour to do good to this country,you said “I hope to God I will be doing my best today.” But that’s not good enough. May I suggest you pray to God together with us in church and pray for His guidance that righteousness shall prevail with His Blessings to come this GE12. Any church will do and I am sure any pastor will only be too happy to lead you unto the presence of My Father. May He Bless your sincere endeavours to help Wangsa Maju and the people of this country, Mr Wee. We bear witness with you in the presence of the Lord. The Truth shall prevail.

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Mr WeeI was at Wangsa Maju on 4/3/08 for your talk near zatimanis restaurant. In your highlights, you hope that your blog to be hit by 8,000 by 12mid night. Now, it has reached more than 8,000. Congratulation and we will give full support to you.Wangsa Maju BOLEH, “WEE” lagi BOLEH!!

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