Some photos, an email from a supporter and a video clip on YouTube

Photos taken during my visit to Pasar Setapak this morning, 01 March 2008 …

A heart-warming email from one of my readers of this blog who sent it to me this morning …

It is self-explanatory and the sender’s details have been withheld to protect his identity. Thank you very much, Encik Zawi.

This is his comment …

Video clip highlighted to me by one of my readers, mohamad, appearing on YouTube …

Mr Wee and all,

Here’s a good video editted from Mr Wee’s talk 2 nights ago..

8 Haribulan Mac 2008 | Apa Perlu Kita Buat?

spread it out!!

Many thanks, mohamad. Click here to view video.

6 thoughts on “Some photos, an email from a supporter and a video clip on YouTube

  1. Anonymous

    mr weei saw u few time at ur ramah mesra session, u r nice n may hv chances to be WM MP…i suggest u can improve ur campaign team, they r bit weak. if u wanna the resident to hv impression bout u, ur campaign team hv to use loud device to introduce u as a candidate of WMmayb sometime u urself also can use the loud device to introduce urself, then resident may hv an impression on u….

  2. Anonymous

    Mr WeeI have heard so much about how you have sufferred all the injustices when you were the MP for Bukit Bintang. You sufferred for the public when you exposed the financial scandals within the MBf Finance Bhd. Today you were proven right and MBf Finance Bhd collapsed. Had the authority listened to what you had spoken in Parliament today MBf would have been saved and you will still be the MP for Bukit Bintang.Anyway I am happy that you have now been vindicated by the Lingam Video Clip and that you are going Wangsa Maju new MP on 8th March. I am going to go all out to make sure that you are our new MP becaue I knwo you will do a good job to look after all our interests.Parliament need unselfish people like you. Wangsa Maju must reject Yew Teong Look who only knew how to throw chair at people in order to be conferred the titlte of Datuk.

  3. Reformasi Rakyat

    terima kasih kerana sudi bertanding di kawasan saya… selaku ahli keADILan saya amat berharap saudara memenangi PRU di kerusi wangsa semaju ni…vote wee choo keong

  4. Anonymous

    Saudara Wee,I have heard many of the comments given on the issues of BN on the past week campaigns.For this coming week, we hope that you can sort of explain or intruduce some of your ideas of improving the services in WM. It will certainly help to boost your image and capability to the public of WM. Also, it will help to enhance the confidence level of the public toward your service.

  5. Anonymous

    apo kaba oghe kito..? i’m just came back from ‘ur ceramah at tmn melati..good luck n u have my sad cannot join the battle in kelate but so happy to have kelantanese here to serve all malaysians..kito perebah BN kali nih!

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