Video ceramah Dato’ Seri Anwar dan Wee Choo Keong di Wangsa Maju

To view the videos, please click here.

Also, here‘s what happened before I gave my speech yesterday …

Before the ceramah started, a resident came up to me with a list of problems, which have not been attended to by the MCA candidate. The issues are security in Wangsa Maju, clogged and smelly drains, flats not re-painted for many years, children’s playground too small for the 7,000 residents and they have not seen his face ever since he was elected in 2004.

After walking about and talking with the voters for the past few days, I could gather that their No.1 concern is the security and high crime-rate in Wangsa Maju.

In fact, security is one of the major issues in Malaysia now and Malaysians are very concerned with this life-endangering state of affair, which has been grossly neglected by the Barang Naik party.

I am told that only 7% of the police force was allocated for crime prevention and the rest was for crime investigation and special branch, which is to monitor the activities of the opposition parties. I dare say that 7% is far too low and it was for this reason that the crime rate in Malaysia is on the increase.

It looks like the Barang Naik administration is not interested in crime prevention and is solely responsible for the total failure of its policy in this area. And it is for this reason that Nurin was kidnapped in Wangsa Maju.

Let’s be serious about the issue of crime prevention. Now that Nurin had been kidnapped and until this day the police is still groping in the dark … let’s give this matter serious thought.

Let’s not wait until our children are kidnapped and then start taking action. It will be too late. Therefore, let’s take preventive actions by using your precious vote to vote for me, WHO SAYS WHAT HE MEANS AND MEANS WHAT HE SAYS.

My dear voters, if you elect me as your MP, fighting crime will be one of my main priorities. I will push the government to make crime prevention as one of Malaysia’s main national agenda. I will make sure parliament will hear me and take positive action. I will make sure I deliver.

Therefore, please help me to help you. I need your vote to speak for you – in and out of parliament. Thank you.

Undilah KeADILan! Vote KeADILan!


Here, Video V K Lingam – please click on inks to view.

Part I

Part II

Part III

17 thoughts on “Video ceramah Dato’ Seri Anwar dan Wee Choo Keong di Wangsa Maju

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, Mr Wee, you are right. THe police must concentrate on crime prevention rather than crime investigation and special branch (equivalent to KGB). You will definitely get the votes of my family memebrs and me.I will definitely campaign for you. I am sure that many family do not want their children to be kidnapped like Nurin.Mr Wee from your track records when you were the MP for Bukit Bintang we know you care and you are prepared to sacrifice for us. The MCA candidate also cares but only stated in his own campaign magazine and bill board.We had enough of the MCA idiot who say one thing and do another. The rakyat became important when there is a general elections. DUring normal time, the MCA does not give a damn about the voters. The MCA is good in making monies at the expense of hte people.I and my family are determined to kikck out MCA in Wangsa Maju. How about you, my fellow voters, in Wangsa Maju?

  2. Wee Choo Keong

    To zawi …Thank you very much for your support. I notice you are a regular visitor to my blog, too. Please help me by spreading the word about this blog. Terima kasih.

  3. Anonymous

    Great to view the Ceramah from your blog. Can you please inform those who are handling Keadilan website to post the list of those who are taking part in the election, and highlight their ceramah schedule so that we can attend. And if possible their blog address or e-mail address.May the good force (people’s power) be with you.

  4. resident.wangsa maju

    WCK, your site is looking great and I like the new labels. Wangsa Maju- let’s fix Wangsa Maju then let’s fix this country!

  5. robert

    yB Wee,Just today alone, I manage to persuade, brainwash 4 of my close relatives to vote for you i.e vote for change by getting rid of the Barisan Neraka. Along the way, it made to realised that we voters, not only the candidates, have the even bigger task of ensuring that our fellow voters see beyond the half-truths, full-lies propagated by the goons of Barisan Neraka.yb Wee, I think it would be great if you could also spend some time at the pasar pagi giving your ceramah. Lots of simple folks there who vote just for the sake of voting. With your experience and charm, I believe their votes will tip to your side.yB Wee, could you please consider a ceramah in Teratai Mewah? Quite a number of folks were disappointed it had to be called off.Thank you yB, we look forward to seeing you representing Wangsa Maju in the Parliament.

  6. Anonymous

    Mr.Wee,You are having a very touch fight against the BN candidate.Pls take good care of yourself. It is better to request the chinese press to publish your blog address so that your view will be received by the voter.

  7. Anonymous

    I have spoken to lots of people and majority of them are ready to vote for change – representatives who are ready to voice out for the good of the people. SMS to the blog address to all your friends and ask them to do the same. Ask them to watch his ceramah.

  8. Anonymous

    Can you pls pass a message to the Keadilan candidates who are contesting in Rawang. There is no contact information such as their e-mail address, blog, website and operation address.We have no information about their visiting schedule.Most people are willing to support them but we need to have more information about them. Any of their ceramahs posted on youtube?

  9. Anonymous

    will there be any more ceramah around prima setapak condo area? i just found out this site wck … so i would like to hear your presentation …

  10. Wee Choo Keong

    To anonymous 19:41 …It’s been very hectic and we are scheduling on-the-fly. Please come back often to this blog to check on the latest timetable. Thank you and please bear with us.Let’s kick out the Barang Naik party.Vote Keadilan!

  11. Anonymous

    thanx wck for your kind reply … i know your hectic schedule but there’re more than 700 units within prima setapak condo alone, not to mention hundreds more from plaza prima setapak and thousands more from the flats nearby …i think yeow tiong lock didn’t want you to know this but my area could deliver thousands of potential votes to keadilan … the people here are fedup with this idiot … most of us still remembers after he was voted in, the open air in front of hongleong bank which used to be free parking for years suddenly was leased to someone else to collect parking fees … guess the idiot was hunger for money …but most of us didn’t give in and willing to park a distance away … ultimately he gave in and reopen the open car park … that’s only tip of the iceberg … the most severe problem was the crime especially TAR college student who got killed because of snatchers … if you still can tell the audience during your ceramah how people were so furious that this BN idiot had no choice but to have open meeting with TAR college students of which he was jeered and fucked upside down … realized how serious it was and lifes lost only he get more patrol car and cctv within wangsa maju …i can write more but i think that’s all for now … i doubt you could get police permit to have ceramah at my area though …all the best wck … hope you could represent us this time around …

  12. Anonymous

    The name of the TAR College student who was murdered at Desa Setapak was Lee Kean Yip. I myself have walked on the same road many times but never at night because I knew just how dark and dangerous it was to do so.A few months before this incident happened, my friend asked me why Wangsa Maju and Desa Setapak is so dark. I told him that there are street lights there but they are not working. I surmise DBKL must be trying to save electricity.In the end, money & electricity was saved and a life lost.Then there is the recent hit and run at the Desa Setapak/Wangsa Maju junction which resulted in the death of a TAR College student.

  13. Concerned Malaysian

    I wish the oppostion parties would consider the SWISS decentralized confederation government as a model for the political future of Malaysia. It’s THE ONLY WAY TO PREVENT an all powerful political party from emerging and take full control the policy of the nations.I sincerely invite all of you to read

  14. Anonymous

    “AN armed society is a polite society” , Start stocking Huge baseball bat, wood, Parang, knife in your car and house for self defense. IN MOST CASES, POLICES ARRIVE BEFORE THE THUGS have already killed and raped the victims. Lets take full responsibility of your safety and stop relying on our limited and inefficient law enforcement. That’s my personal opinion.The privately funded ARMED Neighbourhood WATCH IS A GOOD START !!!!!!! STOP RELYING ON OUR POLICE ALREADY ..

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