Media Release by Wee Choo Keong, PKR candidate for P116 Wangsa Maju

Release date: 28-02-08

Abdullah Badawi said yesterday:
“Judge BN by its track record”

In the 2004 General Elections (GE) campaign, Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi (Badawi) had pledged that fighting corruption was his first priority if he were to win the GE. The nation gave him a landslide victory.

Fighting Corruption

Soon after Badawi took office of the Prime Minister (PM), after Kasitah Adam was charged for corruption involving RM3.5 million, Badawi announced that it was one down and there were 18 more big “sharks” to go. The nation backed Badawi all the way with his call to fight corruption.

Four years passed by, and while Badawi was still having his “honeymoon,” most of these 18 big “sharks” were still swimming in Parliament until it was dissolved on 24-02-08. Malaysians laughed at the bribery charge of RM3.5 million against a minister as in the case of Kasitah Adam because it is an open secret that bribery at high places involves a few hundred million Ringgit.

How can one fight against corruption when the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) itself is corrupt. During the Royal Commission of Inquiry, Dato V K Lingam’s secretary, Ms Jeyanthi, said that an ACA officer had told her that the ACA had to close the investigation because the case involved powerful people in the BN administration and she was paid RM3,000-00 to keep ‘quiet.’ If the ACA was also involved in such corrupt activities, then Badawi’s record for fighting corruption was just another misleading and meaningless public statement that he had been known to make.

In fact, it is an open secret in Malaysian society that BN has inculcated a culture that generally if the rakyat want to get things done fast then they had to pay bribes for quick delivery. When one is stopped by the traffic police, one is expected to pay bribes otherwise one will be issued with a summons and face inconveniences. CORRUPTION HAS BECOME A WAY OF LIFE UNDER THE BADAWI’S ADMINISTRATION. IT HAS GONE FROM BAD TO WORST.

Launching of National Plans

Badawi had launched the 9th Malaysian Plan some two years ago with massive publicities in our controlled mass media. Until this very day, there has been no public debate on the 9th Malaysian Plan nor has it been put into action. It was a total failure for Badawi, as the ex-PM, for treating the 9th Malaysian Plan, a serious national agenda, as a joke and another of his publicity stunt.

I call upon Badawi to produce his record on fighting corruption since 2004 and how many of the plans and/or projects that he had announced had been implemented.

Wee Choo Keong

5 thoughts on “Media Release by Wee Choo Keong, PKR candidate for P116 Wangsa Maju

  1. Zawi

    Mr. Wee,Before the 9th Malaysia is fully implemented they launched all the Corridors confusing the people even more. Now the people wont be able to gauge their performance since The 9th Malaysia plan is never mentioned anymore, only the Corridors, North, South and East matters. To me he is an abject failure.

  2. Anonymous

    Sdr ZawiYou are absolutely right. Badawi kept on announcing coridor after copridor and they are only empty coridor like the 9th Malaysian Plan. All Malaysians must take note that BN leaders were never interested in the welfare of the people that’s why they don’t bother toimnplement the 9th Malaysian Plan. The Pak Lah sleep too much that’s why he had not implement the 9th Malaysian Plan. The Sleepy Head should just resign and stay in Perth – afterall Patrick Badawi already gave him a big mansion in Perth.Enough is enough. We must get rid of these UMNOputa. They are bleeding our country. Wee please find on and I am sure you will win W/maju because you have therakyat but the MCA has only themnselves. so 9-3-08, lets all knocked them out from Malaysian political landscape.

  3. Choo Leong

    Bro Keong,Do you think you can videotape some of your ceramah and put it up on the web.Is it alright for me to download and make copies of it to distribute? Not everyone has access to internet.OCL

  4. Wee Choo Keong

    To choo leong …That’s a good idea. Let me check with my people and I will do the necessary. Thank you and have a good day.

  5. resident.wangsa maju

    The corridors are not economically viable- the high demand of building materials will artificially increase prices of building & construction materials thus impacting low-medium cost housing projects.By the way, AB, what track record?

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