Wangsa Maju is to us Wangsa SeMaju !

UPDATE 28-02-08: Ceramah Perdana Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim bersama calon PKR Parliament Wangsa Maju – 28-02-08 (Khamis), 8.00 malam di Padang Permainan Blok A8, Seksyen 1, Wangsa Maju. Semua di jemput hadir!

UPDATE 3.44 pm: Large-scale vandalism and destruction of PKR’s posters, banners, buntings, etc. in the Wangsa Maju constituency have been noted carried out by suspected agents of Barang Naik party. We have made a police report at the Wangsa Maju police station regarding this underhanded tactic and urge the authority to take stern action and ensure fair play throughout the election campaign period. Our police report number is 00274/80.Wangsa SeMaju for all the voters.

My dear constituents,

First and foremost, let me declare P116 to be Wangsa seMaju!

Why? Because after spending quality time with you over the last 3 evenings, I have seen and felt the ‘progress’ that has already taken place in your hearts and minds.

You are sharp, smart and forward-looking than what the previous administration gives you credit for. They think bodoh and therefore they think you are like them. But they are so wrong and they insult your intelligence.

They think they can continue to divide Malaysians. They think they can continue to lie to the rakyat. They think they can continue to rape and abuse the country’s wealth for their own benefit and leave the rakyat to suffer and fend for themselves.

They think wrong! And I know you know betterand deserve better – my fellow Wangsa SeMaju voters.

You deserve recognition and respect. You deserve better representation for your voice. You deserve your share of the country’s resources and wealth that’s rightfully yours as rakyat of this constituency and country. You deserve freedom as your fundamental right.

Above all, you deserve to be heard and you deserve to be served.

And I say Wangsa SeMaju voters you will be heard, like I have been, and you will be served.

Give me your support and work with me and together let’s drive out the Barang Naik party. Let’s bring in Barisan Rakyat, with Parti Keadilan Rakyat walking and working with you.

As long as I am doing the right things and have your support, there’s nothing that we cannot achieve together to ensure our freedom and bring greater progress to this beloved place you call home.

I will not be intimidated by the police, the agents of the Barang Naik party. Remember, in a democratic society, the people should be accorded with the fundamental right of freedom of speech, assembly and movement. The Barang Naik party is only interested in paying lip service to freedom.

Wangsa SeMaju voters, always remember this: when freedom is outlawed, the outlaws are free.

So I do hope that the Barang Naik party will take note of this and stop denying the people their freedom and right. We will not accept your bully and lies. We will be unstoppable.

Thank you my dear Wangsa SeMaju voters for all your kind words, support and encouragement. I shall do my utmost to serve you in and out of Parliament – without fear or favour.

Let’s work together to get rid of

the Barang Naik party on 08 March

and make P116 into the enviable

Wangsa SeMaju !

15 thoughts on “Wangsa Maju is to us Wangsa SeMaju !

  1. gagak hitam

    Encik Wee yang dihormati,Gua amat bangga dengan kehadiran Encik Wee mewakili P116 Wangsa Maju dan bertanding menentang barua MCA itu.Sebagai penghuni di kawasan ini sejak 18 tahun yang lalu, memang kita sudah merasai pelbagai perubahan mendadak. Paling ketara ialah kegiatan jenayah yang semakin berleluasa. Jadi,poin yang dikemukan Encik Wee semalam di Taman Bunga Raya amat bernas. Tak cukup takat pasang papan tanda rakan cop je!Seperkara lagi – area-area Desa Setapak dan Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2 itu banyak dihuni oleh pelajar-pelajar TAR Kolej dari luar bandar. Ramai antara mereka tidak membuang undi untuk P116. Kalau Encik Wee nak bersemuka dengan penduduk tempatan, gua syorkan pasar pagi Seksyen 2 & Desa Setapak, dan juga restoran-restoran sekitar Desa Setapak. Pergilah masa hari Ahad. Ramai orang tak kerja…jadi diorang rajin keluar awal awal pagi makan breakfast.

  2. Gan

    Stay strong and undeterred, remain committed towards denying the BN a 2/3 majority.I hope and pray that the voters in Wangsa Semaju will heed the call towards working for a Malaysia for all Malaysians !!

  3. Wee Choo Keong

    Saudara gagak hitam …Saya amat bersetuju dengan pandangan saudara. Kes2 jenayah semakin hari semakin meninkat kerana kerajaan parti Barang Naik tidak mengambil berat issue keselamatan di Wanga SeMaju.Demikianlah kalau saya ada peluang untuk mewakili kawasan Wangsa SeMaju, saya berjanji dengan sesungguhnya untuk menyuara issue keselamatan di Parliament supaya ia menjadi issue pertama negara.Kami akan meceramah dan melawat ke tempat2 yang di cadang oleh saudara. Saya juga harap pengundi2 lain boleh memberi pandangan mereka kepada saya supaya kita boleh melaksanakan tugas saya dengan baik.Terima kasih.

  4. Vincent Chin

    Thank you for standing up for us. The issues in WM are-high crime rate -high crime rate -high crime rate -high crime rate and lastly, high crime rate.

  5. Wee Choo Keong

    To vincent chin …Good morning saudara chin and thank you for your comment.I am in total agreement with your observation which echoes saudara gagak hitam’s before you. In fact in all my ceramahs, I have repeatedly raised this high crime rate issue and asked for everyone’s support to help put me into Parliament that it will become a national agenda to fight crime.In reference to Nurin’s case, which took place in Wangsa Maju itself, we should always be mindful that this kind of kidnapping could happen to any of our children.My heart reaches out to the victim and her parents and family for this unfortunate incident and I pray that no other family should fall victim similarly.Help me to help the rakyat of Wangsa Maju and elsewhere. Help to get me into Parliament and vote Parti Keadilan Rakyat come March 8. I am here to serve you all.Good night and God bless you and your family. Thank you.

  6. hafiz

    Mr Wee,Yes, its good you stress on crime which is rampant in WM. there are many children in this area and what parents want is a safe environment for themAlso try to address the issue of waste management in the flats at Section 1.I will be there to see DSAI speak, and hope to hear from u for my 1st time!

  7. wong ks

    yang Berkhidmat Mr Wee,I was pleased meeting you last night at your walk-about in Teratai Mewah. No doubt it was a short chat, I could sense that you’re strongly commited to serving P116…. and to all Malaysians, please vote out BN this time around – don’t be conceited but vote for our children’s future; they matter most. BN only good at this – making empty promises. Wake up from our slumber – we’ve been trampled over and over again, yet we repeat the same mistake. The day of reckoning is March 8, 2008. Do something great for mankind (in Malaysia), vote BN out!!We’re all behind you, yB Wee.

  8. robert

    yB Wee,I’m a registered voter in Wangsa Maju and I’m glad that a seasoned politician and a 2-term MP like your goodself is in the running for P116 Wangsa Maju.May I suggest that for your walk-about, meet the constituents perhaps you could make some time visit the pasar pagi at Teratai Mewah and Prima Setapak – there’re heaps of middle-aged Chinese voters there whom I believe majority are the fence-sitters. Better still if you could give a ceramah there; let them see the light – what nots that the present BN govt has been shoving down their throat and always getting the shorter end of the stick.Make them see that a vote for BN is actually an endorsement of sending our children’s future down the drain. Enough!!! Vote BN out.yB Wee, our support is with you. People of Wangsa Maju, vote for yb Wee – help him to help us.

  9. Chinese voter

    IT WILL be great if you are elected in Wangsa Maju. I suggest you go house-to-house to meet the voters. Not everyone goes online to read your story. Majority wants the their MP to speak up for them.Hold ceremahs, visit the markets B4 sunrise, visit the shops, shopping areas, flats, Condos & houses. You have 8 more days – you need to campaign at least 20 hours per day.This is your best chance to retain this seat as everyone is now sick of the MCA for toeing the UMNO agenda.I will continue to tell people to vote for you.

  10. Goh

    Thank you for your committment and confident to us. We will definitely go all out to support and vote for you on 8 March. We will kick out the curly hair gangster Barang Naik. Very soon in the parliament Wangsa Semaju will be always heard inside.By the way,your posters was destroyed by a group of children riding bicycle nightly waving and shouting BN going around tearing and putting down our posters.P116 will soon becomes like Kepong very soon and many years to come.Regards

  11. Anonymous

    Hi Mr Wee,If I have the opportunity to meet the so called MCA wakil rakyat,I will ask him two simple questions. 1)How many TARC students had been killed or injured for the past 4 years because of crime and since he become our wakil rakyat? 2)How long we need to wait for traffic improvement in Jln Genting Klang? The situation is getting worse and worse. I will vote for you and hope you will make changes!

  12. Wee Choo Keong

    Dear Wangsa SeMaju elders, brothers and sisters …I am indeed touched by all your sincere comments which are very encouraging. I will definitely take note of the advice and problems you have highlighted.I can fully understand your feelings due to years of frustrations. Most voters who have Barang Naik MPs and State Assemblymen representing them usually feel the same way. It’s sad.I beseech all of you to stand firm and not be swayed by the Barang Naik party’s last-minute publicity stunts.Of course, you will constantly be pounded by all kinds of wild allegations and propagandas against the Barisan Rakyat (comprising PKR, PAS, MDP, PSM, DAP, PASOK & others) by the same Barang Naik controlled newspapers, TV and radio in the ensuing days up to polling day.Reject them all and do not be brain-washed.For the next 10 days, it would be advisable to avoid these medias (and save your money as well as your sanity) because this Barang Naik party will not stop dumping rubbish propaganda at you.Don’t fall victim to their lies and sweet-talk but be resolute to vote for Barisan Rakyat on 8th March.Vote Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) for CHANGE! Thank you.

  13. Kenneth

    YB Wee,This is the first time I will be voting in the General Election. I will lend your my support to you as I believe your strong background and experience as MP will change Wangsa Maju into a better place to live especially the when the crime rate is increasing. I was an ex-TARCian and I’ve noted that TARC students are an easy prey for criminals. A few cases has led to loss of human life and I’m deeply saddened by that. Everytime when crimes happened, the police will just behave “hangat-hangat tahi ayam” and later on the things will continue to be as usual. It is just like a wheel or cycle. Things will repeat and I want to see some action that is permanent to curb crime. In addition, I hope you will look into the traffic situation in Jalan Genting Kelang and area surrounding Prima Setapak. Thank you for your attention.

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