Jom, kita pi ceramah di Wangsa Maju

Programme malam ini
27 February 2008
7.00 pm
Lawatan ka Pasar Malam Setapak
8.00 pm
Ceramah di Teratai Mewah Apartments
Restoran Afrose

9.30 pm
Ceramah di Seksyen 4, Wangsa Melawati
Padang Permainan

Datanglah beramai2!

 Terima kasih.


4 thoughts on “Jom, kita pi ceramah di Wangsa Maju

  1. Anonymous

    Mr WCKI shall be there, insyallah, becos i stay in setapak garden. Up-close wht the future YB. ( nothing is impossible)CheersAnnie

  2. Zawi

    Mr.Wee,See the support you are getting from the above comment. That should inspire and motivate you on. Care not when they harass you. It will only backfire on them.

  3. robert

    YB Wee,Tonight, my family and our extended families shall lend our support to your ceramah at Teratai Mewah. Together we bring down the Barang Naik!

  4. zorro

    Brother….good idea to log on to (open letter to Tony Pua) for a sense of what a potential supporter EXPECTS to hear from his candidate. If not for Haris that SS2 ceremah would have bombed out. Guest speakers can work for or “against” you depending on their content and delivery. Just my dua kupang’s worth.

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