Police stopped our ceramah last night; we’ll go for it again tonight!

UPDATE: “Choo Keong: Flying Dutchman no more” by Terence Netto at malaysiakini. Read it here.

Versi Bahasa “Choo Keong: ‘Flying Dutchman’ akhirnya bertemu tempat berlabuh” di sini.

We had expected the BN (Barang Naik) party to resort to their dirty tactic sooner or later during the general election campaign period. Well, it happened last night.

Our ceramah at Taman Sungai Mulia, which began at about 9.30 p.m., was stopped by the police at approximately 11.00 p.m. even though we had applied for a permit. But the police claimed otherwise. The large crowd present was unhappy and angry with the unfair police action but we of Parti Keadilan Rakyat managed to calm everybody down. We declared that we are law abiding though others may not be.

In any event, true to their form, this is one of the dirty tricks used by the Barang Naik party to prevent other political parties from interacting with the rakyat cum voters. They must be afraid of losing ground with their already shaky position and that’s why the dastardly desperate act.

Rather than reacting emotionally, we at Parti Keadilan Rakyat call upon all voters to reject BN for such undemocratic action at the ballot box come March 08. Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

T O N I G H T ! ! !
26 February 2008
8.00 pm
Lawatan ka Pasar Malam Taman Melati
Flat Sri Kedah
9.00 pm
Ceramah di Taman Bunga Raya
No. 27 Lorong Masuri 1
Padang Permainan

Datanglah beramai2!

Terima kasih.

14 thoughts on “Police stopped our ceramah last night; we’ll go for it again tonight!

  1. Anonymous

    The Police should be neutral and not play politics and take sides.How can we vote BN for another term as they complete control over everything from the judiciary, law enforcement, government, etc which should run on their own as they have superiors in charge.

  2. Anonymous

    aint no surprise from the party of chickens. they even have a doctor (ayam) standing in Bukit Bintang. all they drool for is a place in the legislature, rob shoulders with their corrupt tuan in UMNO, and protection from the taikos to cover up their corrupt acts.remember the ling dynasty. how many poor investors were screwed by ling family abetted by the STAR paper with a glorified story about the Berjaya counter. no audited accounts till now, delisted from KLSE. personally, billions were borrowed by one member of the Ling family from RHB, a bank owned by EPF which means contributors money. and what the Authorities do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. you may asked why? Answer:thats the way the senior families in BN works. all corrupt acts by them will be covered up provided they walk on the “right” side of the corridor.

  3. Anonymous

    these polis just looking for excuse only, waiting for unruly crowd behaviour and WHAM, they got excuse not to give any more permits to opposition to hold ceramah. They up to their dirty tricks. Such low down tactics only happen in bodohland administration. As long as the supporters are calm and patient with their “below-the-belt” moves, we are safe. A lot of voters behind u Mr Wee, Let’s show them this 8th, we’re a force to be reckon with, inshallahAnnie

  4. Anonymous

    Go to hell the police!!!they should be neutral now. Let them catch you and you will even win this election wo any problems.Maybe this is the works of our curly hair MCA…..Mati Cina AkhirYour supporter in Wangsa Maju P116.

  5. Hee

    Kindly be informed that there will be 3 free n boring dinners for everybody in Wangsa Maju…..26/2/2008 at Setapak Garden1/3/2008 at Desa Setapak6/3/2008 at Jalan Genting KlangEAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT AND VOTE FOR WEE CHOO KEONG- PKR !!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORTER OF NEW YB MEMBER PARLIAMENT FOR P 116 WANGSA MAJU!!!!!!!!!!!Congratulation N good lucks

  6. Robert

    YB Wee,Thanks for being a candidate in Wangsa Maju. I can assure you of 4 votes from my family alone.We look forward to seeing you representing us in Parliament. All the best.

  7. Anonymous

    Mr. Wee,Don’t be discouraged by all the dirty tactics that the haprak party will use in their power.Me and my family are steadfast behind you. You can count on us for all our votes.We want you in Parliament for all of us in Wangsa Maju. That Barang Naik guy like his name says can only look.We want change. We want justice for all Malaysians. Go Mr. Wee go!

  8. Zawi

    Mr. Wee,By their action they are making the rakyat hate them. Just abide by the police action but let the people know that the ceramah was stopped by them even though you have valid permit. All the more reason for the populace to reject this Barang Naik Party.

  9. Anonymous

    Hello Mr. Wee.I just returned to home from your speech on 26/2/2008. I am sorry that I was late… I just got back from work. I passed by and was captured by your voice.I’m a 24 yr old TARC student, a registered voter, right now starting out my lone fight of urging my peers to register as voters.I have seen too many injustices in my beloved country… I thought of emigrating, but to where shall I belong lest the land that I was born?I was saddened, if not amused, by the childish and irritating acts of certain UMNO MPs in the parliament…. they always play on gender and racial issues, to think that one of them can’t even get a bank established in his own constituency! What a shame!PKR has got the heart of the youngsters, slowly, but you’re making progress. Mr. Wee, you must think out of a way to provoke political awareness among the young people in this country before you and your party can remain triumph. I wish that I can be of help to you, and do a part in promoting social justice, equality, freedom and mutual prosperity of Malaysia. Too bad that I’m not voting in wangsa maju, but in Kempas, JB. You guys should try to get more candidates in Johor! We are very angry with the BN already. Where is the gerbang perdana? When can we release ourselves from the clutches of traffic jams in JB? Thanks to this stupid bridge, we stuck for 6 years!Mr Wee, kindly, I beg of you to have a look at the Wangsa maju LRT every morning. Ask the people are they happy with the LRT service?11 out of 10 will say NO.See how rushy and dangerous when the faulty LRT train arrives. God, must they wait for a casualty to occur before considering improving the service?

  10. Anonymous

    yeah i agree, the LRT service is just worsening. i wonder what happen in rapidkl. its been running for almost 10 years and we still get things down!

  11. Wee Choo Keong

    I hear you people.Give me your support and work with me and together we will put right all that has gone wrong.That’s my promise.Remember to vote Parti Keadilan Rakyat on 8 March.

  12. Wee Choo Keong

    To all my readers …This blog has been set up to engage readers in fruitful discourses – not to spread seditious lies.Any comment that is deemed seditious will be deleted. Thank you.

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