Wee Choo Keong to Serve

Wee Choo Keong yangBerkhidmat

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to PKR – especially Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim who has unselfishly given me this golden opportunity to represent PKR and the rakyat in Wangsa Maju.


Warm greetings, my fellow Malaysians …

I wish you and your family the best of health and hope everything is as well as life will provide.

Having said that, and without sounding patronising, I am of the view that life can only be as good if we will take it upon ourselves to do the necessary to make things happen. Like they say, we are ‘the managing directors of our destiny so let us take control and not delegate this all-important life-affecting responsibility to the self-serving lot that has become so commonplace.

It’s exactly with this belief in mind that I have decided to create this blog. I seek your indulgence and hope my views about things in general, and our socio-political condition in our beloved Malaysia in particular, will strike a common chord among us and therefore allow us to touch base with each other and engage in fruitful discourses.

We may not all agree altogether but at least let us agree to disagree that we may learn from the wisdom of an alternative perspective.

It’s no secret that I will be contesting in this soon-to-be-held 12th general election and hope you and your family will give me and other opposition parties the support to enable us help achieve the things we wish for our family, friends, fellow Malaysians and country.

I shall declare that I am here to serve my fellow Malaysians without fear or favour and let it be known our common interests are always above my own – so help me God.

Stay tune and may God bless you all. Thank you.

Wee Choo Keong 

69 thoughts on “Wee Choo Keong to Serve

  1. Gan

    Dear Wee,Glad to hear that you are in the running, all Opposition parties to unite to deny BN the 2/3 majority !!Praying that all Malaysians will unite and cast their votes wisely for a Malaysia for all Malaysians for now and for our future generations.

  2. Anonymous

    I will tell all the factory workers in my factory in Wangsa Maju to vote for you. A big feast for the company’s family day on 8 March morning and after which they can proceed happily to vote for you.

  3. Mosesfoo

    Mr Wee,Congratulation to your presence in the cyber world and best wishes on your political future.It is hope that you can provide multi-lingual access to your visitors as platform of interaction for all Malaysians.Regards

  4. muststopthis

    Mr WeeThank you for offering yourself selflessly to the constituents of Wangsa Maju. Having spoken to you before, I know your stand and belief in the changes that you can make. Your open support for the people’s declaration speaks for itself. I wish you all the best and will be forwarding your blog to all my 689 contacts in my personal contact list!There is hope yet for Malaysia!muststopthis.blogspot.com

  5. zorro

    give us your ceremah schedule…and use your kelantanese dialect to win over my malay friends at Wangsa Maju…..chinaman weh speaking like anak keletegn alway make the mek swoon.

  6. Anonymous

    Aiyah! U should have stood at Ampang lah, that Idiot Azman Wahid is a sure loser as he became the invincible man after the last election. I vote in Ampang and Bukit Antarabangsa Adun, and can only forward U my best wishes. Break a leg…….

  7. Mr. Smith

    Good decision and Good Luck to you. Just one thing Wee.It’s time to bury the hatchet with the DAP. Be humble and join hands with them so as to get DAP votes and perhaps help in your constituency. Remember, our enemy is BN not DAP or any opposition parties and personalities. Its time to set aside personal animosities.

  8. Anonymous

    I will vote in Bukit Bintang & thank you so much for not splitting the opposition votes; wish you all the best in Wangsa Maju & will tell my business partner to vote for you!

  9. Anonymous

    Agree with Mr. Smith. Opposition parties should unite and fight against the common enemy. Deny this govt. the 2/3 majority!!Anyway, good luck to you.

  10. Anonymous

    Mr Wee, I welcome with great joy this news of your standing in wangsa maju. You are right to not split the votes in BB. There is heightened hope now when sense and reason prevail. You won BB on a DAP ticket, it was the corrupted judge and system that did you in, so put aside any animosity and baggage towards the DAP, and move on. Your new journey has just begun..the important and decisive step is taken, the end is in sight and near..thunder on, and we shall see the end of this BN hegemony. Hapus BN, Hidup Rakyat!!

  11. shanghaistephen

    Yeah bro,Welcome to blogsphere and yep…you are now going to ruffle alot of feathers and go…bro, go kick some arses and dig deep into the pits of corruption !This calls for a drink…Cheers !p.s. and take away the word verification in your comment box lah bro…eyesight failing me !!

  12. Maverick SM

    We are extremely glad that you chose not to fight against your own brethren and instead work hand-in-hand against a common foe.We need to have a system with integrity and accountability and we hope you will work with the rest in the opposition to provide the check and balance.Wish you the best and may be address you, Yang Berhormat oleh Rakyat kerana Yang Berkhidmat kepada Rakyat

  13. Zawi

    Mr. Wee,As a blogger and a Kelantanese, I will do my small part to see that the injustice meted on you is somehow set right. You have a chance. Lets pray for your success.It is OK to keep the word vrification otherwise they will spam your site.

  14. Markko

    YB soon-to-be,welcome back, Mr. Fighter!The news of you standing for election in wangsa maju is another thriller second to the return of cili padi. I am not voting in wangsa maju but will definitely give u my support.Power to the people.

  15. everydog

    Mr. Wee, Our future, free of CORRUPTION, CRONYISM AND NEPOTISM, in part depends on you, as one among many others, and through your efforts we seek to make this godforsaken Bolehland country great and admired once again by us ordinary folks. The gist of the political message in your campaign platform should, in my view, be eulogised in terms of a timber house where we have all live, work and stay together – AN OLD TIMBER HOUSE. Imagine the situation in this country as of that in an old timber house:1) Shaky foundations – corrupt BN governmnent2) Leaky roof with termite eaten roof trusses – a crooked and CORRUPT judiciary 3) Creaky flooring – inefficient and CORRUPT civil service, including inept and lapdog-like EC4) Cracked walls and partitions – CORRUPT police, RELA5) Leaky ceiling – corrupt ACA6) Broken fencing – creeping Taliban wild dogs trespassing the compound) giving us the creeps!The woeful situation in this country is such that political CORRUPTION and incompetence after 50 years of BN misrule and mismanagement not unlike the white ants or TERMITES had insidiously eroded and destroyed the above timber house to its very core and foundations where the credibility of our political institutions are now at stake. Very soon, I repeat, very soon, our old timber house will collapse on us if we don’t do something about it; and this country will no longer be safe and fit for us if we do not dare to make the change!Mr. Wee, you must HELP US to rebuild the house – a shelter for all that is of better quality, of concrete, steel and glass if need be in this very age of modernity and pluralism. An old timber house set in a rural backdrop of religious backwardness is no longer viable living ground in the 21st century. A glass and steel building housing all of us in ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRANSPARENCY is what we look forward to and what we must have as the people of this godforsaken Bolehland country, sorry, my beloved Malaysia (excuse me for my long-engendered cynicism).Tell the BN we longer want to stay in an old timber house while the BN cronies and UMNOputras themselves possessed expensive real estate in some foreign lands where they can run to seek refuge in case their often-harped-about May 13 comes around to haunt them. We are looking forward to you helping us to make the change. Please lead us on to cross the Rubicon. We dare to make the change now. We shall change for a better tomorrow. Everyone of us, we want a better house for everybody – the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and the Dan Lain-Lain. Even the birds in the sky and the monkeys in the jungle will be pleased. We are not afraid anymore to make the change. Just change! .Just lead us on to make the change.Thank you, Mr. Wee.Regards,everydog has hisday with a timberhouse

  16. Ben

    Dear YB,Thank you for giving the Wangsa Maju folks a decent hope. We hope you will clean up this place; birthplace of all the armno puppies. If you succeed, you will kill 2 birds with one stone; dislodge corruption and cut off their supply of mat rempits and other hoodlums who rob students in broad daylight and plotical gangsters on call.

  17. Hiro

    Congratulations Mr Wee for coming on board. Your presence will yet be another breath of fresh air and a rallying call for all opposition supporters and sympthisers who have been somewhat demoralised the past few days due to unsettled seat allocation and Fong Po Kuan not contesting. Together, you guys are the surprise candidates, dropping in on BN at the right place at the right time, hopefully catching them with their pants down. I must also congratulate PKR for reaching an agreement with you to contest in Wangsa Maju. Lastly, both you and DAP were victims of a corrupt judiciary. I pray that you will both make peace one day, if not already. You guys are true heroes, and like big men, you must lead the rest of Malaysians by showing your forgiving nature :)All the best in the coming battle!

  18. Melvin Mah

    ‘Uncle’ Wee,Congratulations and welcome to the Malaysian blogging community. I would really appreciate your determined resolve in combating the injustices that is seen in the Malaysian society. This will add another punch in the fight against BN idiots who bash bloggers for nothing just like ‘Boy George’ Azalina.You did mention the other day to me and Haris of ‘the end is near’. But contesting in a territory which was not once yours might be a bit of challenge for you to convince what can you do for them.All the best!

  19. Anonymous

    A million and one thanks for not contesting a fellow opposition member in Bukit Bintang. It’s definitely a good sign for all opposition parties except the corrupted and evil BN. TQ again, your are great!!

  20. Anonymous

    Good to hear that you are contesting. Always felt that it was such a waste that you are not with DAP but it is good that you are now with the oppositions to help correct some of the wrongs.I hope you will be in friendly term with DAP and work collectively for the good of the rakyats.God bless good people like you.

  21. mekyam

    Ambo pung tupae doa supayo Pok Wee menae besar! Mego puok peropok BN curi hok Pok Wee utk berkhidmat tikko pilihae rayo lepah. Rakyat keno bui balik lah ke Pok Wee.Hok ngundi ambo pung demo ropok jugok. Demo sekat orae biaso hok dok luar Malaysia drp ngundi. Jahat sunggoh!

  22. Anonymous

    After all the years of fighting, you definitely have my respect – and even my votes if I’m registered in Wangsa Maju area :)

  23. Wee Choo Keong

    My fellow Malaysians,Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I am humbled …I am humbled because I never knew I have your support. This gives me even more encouragement to pick up the mantle and run with it.Your dream is my dream as well. I will persevere to do my utmost best so stay with me and spread the word. I am going to need all the help I can get.I will reaffirm my stand. I am not important but what we can do together is. Let’s do it for the Yang di Pertuan Agong, rakyat and Malaysia.God bless you all. Thank you.

  24. Anonymous

    Thank you Mr.Wee. This is a big step towards a united opposition front. You do it for the sake of this country’s democracy and put the people interest first and you own feeling second.

  25. Anonymous

    Hi YB Wee My name is Daniel i am from klang i heard so much about you and now i am so excited to know you are coming back…Do it or dont never try(JEDI QUOTE) you have my full support welcome back………

  26. bayi

    Dear Mr WeeI am from Pahang and I have always felt some kinship for those from Kelantan and Terengganu. In your case, the offer of an alternative representation platform enhances our common values even more.Congratulations. Though I am not from Wangsa Maju, You still have my support.

  27. Pratamad

    Glad to hear that you are contesting under KeADILan. After 14 long years of justice denied, may I wish you all the best, under the banner of People’s Justice Party – how fitting! Let’s work hard to stop the rot!

  28. Papa Aqeef..

    Bro CK Wee,Congratulation for your nomination as Wangasa Maju candidate.. Eventhough I’ll cast my vote at Shah Alam but something for sure, my vote will goes to PKR/PAS/DAP..Lets deny 2/3 BN majority!!!All the best!!

  29. frankie

    Brother Wee, I hope and pray for your success. Work hard, stand as a Malaysian, fight like a Malaysian. Folks in Wangsa Maju, you guys need to support this fella!

  30. bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca

    10/11 dulu kawe ghoyak dah demo kena blog. Demo kato tok de…Akhirnya berblog jugok…Hope you will return to Parliament, Bro!

  31. Vani

    Hi Mr Wee,I vote in Wangsamaju. Now you know whom my vote will be going for..If you can tell us ur ceramah schedule, we will be there in full force. And also, the Malay population is the majority here. I m sure you will win their hearts, hands down.Good luck…now I m going to learn the ink thingy in order to vote…Cheers

  32. sayadahbosan

    All the best bro. U adalah antara ahli politik yang saya hormati kerana pendirian saudara.My vote and my wife’s vote are for u. May God bless u.

  33. Anonymous

    mr weecongratulations on your decision not to contest at BB and also on starting this blog. i’ve always been a supporter and hope you win big in this election.thanks for your efforts in making malaysia a better place!good luck!BBvoter

  34. Anonymous

    Through patient & tenacity, the rainy days are over. We are sure bright sunny days are ahead for you…Go Choo Keong, U the Man !

  35. Mr. Smith

    When Fairuz disqualified you and made the loser the MP, I cursed the judge with all the words I could find.I am glad that Lingam appointed judge is now hiding like a worm in some hole in KL and you can stand tall.EVIL will never triumph. And BN is EVIL.

  36. Anonymous

    Encik Wee,I believe that your wanting to be a parliamentarian again is not due to seeking revenge but rather for purely looking after the interest of the people.We are counting on you! Too bad I can only cast my vote at my kampung.Good luck!

  37. Anonymous

    Dear Mr WeeWelcome to Wangsa Maju. I have voted in WM for the past 5yrs, of which 3 have gone to the opposition. There’s lots of diehards PAS supporters especially among the pensioners, whom you have to woo to win their hearts. You know the stigma of DAP, BN will poison their minds with racist issues blah blah blah. U can rest assured that my husband and I shall be voting for you. Way to Go, GOOD LUCK!annie


    Yang Berkhidmat Bro. Wee :kaweh cukup gembira demo tanding di kawasan kaweh. Kaweh dok Seksyen 2. Kalu nok kaweh tolong berkempen, kaweh sedia anytime. Kaweh anok Cina kelateh. Budok SM Chung Hwa, Kota Bharu. Dulu kaweh kerja di Taman Tun, dekat rumah demo. Demo pun pernah dua-tiga kali mai ofis kaweh di Lorong Rahim Kajai. Rasanya kita dah lebih 10 tahun tok jumpo.Tok apolah, nanti kalu demo mai Wangsa Maju, kita boleh jumpa semula di Wangsa Maju. Di Wangsa Maju pun ado banyok pengundi kelanteh kito. Jangan bimbang, demo boleh menang ! Kito anok Kelanteh mesti tolong-menolong. Itulah semangat kito!

  39. Wee Choo Keong

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, saudara-saudari!I am very humbled.Am getting used to blogging (with some help of course) and finding my way around. Please bear with me while I get up to speed.Take care … God bless … and I will be ‘talking’ to you, soon. Thank you.

  40. Anonymous

    For about 11 years, a bunch of us (people in the media, politics, NGOs, etc) were trying to get the Domestic Violence Act drafted, tabled and passed. Finally one night in 1994, the bill on Domestic Violence was tabled in Parliament. Only two people (i think) stood up and debated in support of this bill, and you were one of them. There was a lot of heckling from the others (both govt and opposition) who were seated because this, they said, was a bill that concerned women and they ridiculed you for pursuing issues that concerned women. But you persisted and fought hard, and the bill was finally passed.I want people like that back in Parliament. All the best!God blessME136

  41. Wee Choo Keong

    Adek – Kakak amo yang amo kasehi,Amo gasa syok sunguhlah atas sokonge orge kito di Wangsa Manju, Kelante dan negeri lain. Terima kasehlah dibegi sokonge gini kuat. Jage binbenglah, amo mesti lawe puak-puak BN denge habis-habise. Kalau adek-kakak ada masa tolonglah begi bantuan dagi segi tenaga. Amo perlu tenaga adek-kakak dan hagap adek-kakak bole date bilek gerake Pati PKR di jala n Genting Klang dekat minyok pum Petronas depen Shell sebelum sampa JPJ Wangsa Maju. Jumpa de maleni pukul 9. Magilah kito berjaung sama-sama untuk mengulingke BN! Terima kaseh sekali lagi deh.


    Kalu boleh, siarkan jadual ceramah Bro. yang ditetapkan sepanjang kempen sampai 7 Mac dalam blog Bro. Boleh la pengundi Wangsa Maju pakat gi ramai-ramai tak kiralah di kawasan majoriti Cina di Seksyen 2, pekan Setapak, Kg. Cina di Jalan Gombak atau kawasan Melayu pun tidak kurang pentingnya di Seksyen 1, Seksyen 10 dan Danau Kota.

  43. Anti-BN

    Wee,wish you well in your endevours. I’m praying hard that you win. I’m a Malay voting in Wangsa Maju. I will vote for you and try to convince others (Insha Allah). Whenever the BN candidate visits a place, holds a ceremah in a certain place, follow him and do it in the same place. Trash all his concoctions and appeal to the Malays too. You speak Kelantan dialect and we have come Kelantense here. Try to win over them. PKR being pro-Malay as far as top ladership is concerned should be a boon here. Point to it. Wish you well and may God bless your efforts. Down with BN and Putras who have been cheating us for 50 years.

  44. william

    Dear MP Wee (even though you’ve has been screwed by the Boleh-land Court),Congratulations to you for making a deserving comeback. The truth has came out that he has been screwed before by BNish cronies. Time to take revenge to correct, correct, correct the law.You have made unselfish move by not contesting in Bkt Bintang even though he mat not like DAP, or rather, the Lims very much. This is to ensure the opposition votes will not be splitted and will continue to check on those rascals Pak Lah’s MPs.However, like me caution you that you will face a difficult task at Wangsa Maju. The Wangsa Maju’s Chinese are so kiasi and pro-MCA (to protect their business), and there are too many Army camps around where govt servants are forced to vote BN or risk facing action. The MCA MP no doubt has some record there, but merely to the Chinese community as far as I see while the Wangsa Maju UMNO is known to be KJ’s mat rempits.Nevertheless, lets go and deny BN. My constitiuent is at WMaju, and you can count on my vote for you.

  45. zoz

    My vote goes to you, being in the opposition.Hope you will awaken to the fact that being a member of the opposition, you could be a team player, for the interest of the opposition camp.Very often, you have outburst the ills of DAP, due to your personal hatred for LKS. Being a learned lawyer, and seasoned politicians, you need to project the sense of the interest of the larger picture in projecting a unified image for the opposition, rather than repeatedly voicing your personal anger against LKS.Pls keep your personal grudge to yourself , rather than washing dirty linen in the public. Or else, you voice of unhappiness would serve as a tools for BARISAN. Pls wake up.

  46. ewoon

    Welcome to blogsphere, bro. It’s about time you reclaim what has been robbed you – your rightful place in parliament!Hang VK Lingam and Ahmad Fairuz out to dry for having connived to cheat you of your parliamentary seat.Now the world knows about it and the world should reinstate you your rightful place.Honourable people of Wangsa Maju, let’s get Wee back into parliament! Syabas!

  47. The Ancient Mariner

    The very best of luck to you and welcome to the blogosphere. Very glad that you did not get into a 3-cornered fight in Bkt Bintang.

  48. Anonymous

    It is rather unfortunate that DAP has again nominated the current MP for Bt Bintang as the candidate to face Lee CM of BN. As I always maintain that since opposition MP’s are scarce, we have to have these opposition MP’s who must be articulate in Parliament. If DAP cannot retain Bt Bintang, then the responsibility is with the DAP leadership. I’m sure DAP has better candidates for Bt Bintang other than the incumbent. Please wake up DAP if you want to offer credible opposition politics. Gone are the days you will win hands down no matter who you nominate as the voters of today are different and more savvy.

  49. ewoon

    To zoz of 23:28,i concur with you view, sir/madam.Yet, i beleive no opposition leader is insulated from criticism should it be warranted and this includes LKS.Opposition leaders are subject to the same critical eyes of the public as the leaders of the administration of the day.The good governance, transparency and meritocracy we demand of the administration of the day also apply to the opposition … otherwise we will be just as hypocritical.LKS is no god and if he errs he deserves every diatribe that comes his way. Taken, that the manner of delivery should be couched within the unspoken limit of common decency.Cheers.

  50. Puravalen

    Abang Wee. It is impoosible to put you down – they can disqualify you thru foul means ; sentence you to 4 years for contempt thru foul means ; detain you uder ISA for foul reasons etc ! We are with you – we need grey matter and a fearless person in Parliament . Puravalen

  51. GobloKing

    Good luck Mr Wee!BTW please bloggers – vote regardless of race or religionVOTE FOR COMPETENCY & ETHICS – I don’t bellieve Wee wants yr vote because you & he are Chinese…he wants yr vote because we are ALL Rakyat Malaysia & he will do his best to represent All Rakyat Negara who loves this country!

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