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Datuk Ibrahim bin Ahmad Badawi: “We want to work with MAS”.

On 26-10-2012 Datuk Hj Ibrahim bin Hj Ahmad Badawi, the brother of the former PM (YB Tun Abdullah Badawi) and also the Executive Chairman and majority shareholder of Brahim’s Holding Bhd (Brahim’s Holding) was quoted by the Star to have said: “We want to work with MAS.” For the full Star report read in HERE. (more…)

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Dengan ingatan tulus ikhlas, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha kepada semua umat Islam serta sahabat-sahabat yang beragama Islam. Terutamanya kepada bakal-bakal haji yang kini berada di tanah suci Makkah. Saya berdoa semoga mereka semua dalam keadaan sihat dan dapat mengerjakan ibadah haji dengan mendapat haji yang mabrur. (more…)

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Tuan Wee Choo Keong [Wangsa Maju] minta PERDANA MENTERI menyatakan apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan dakwaan Kerajaan bahawa Malaysia adalah sebuah negara berkebajikan dan apakah ia tidak akan menjejaskan kesihatan fiskal Negara. (more…)

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Yg Bhg Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib, Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur yang baru.  The winnable candidate for PRU13?

Pada 17-10-2012  jam 9:50 malam

Dato’ Raja Nong Chik bin Raja Zainal Abidin: Yang Berhormat daripada Seputeh, saya rasa soal pembersihan itu akan juga melibatkan sebab airnya datang daripada Selangor. (more…)

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En Al-Ishal Ishak, the former SVP Marketing & Promotion of MAS. He resigned in September 2012 and joined AirAsia  

Updates on 23-10-2012: YB Datuk Awang Adek, the Deputy Minister of Finance, was replying to the points raised by MPs during the Committee Stage Budget 2013 debate this evening. He was unable to furnish Parliament with all the replies as he was not well and he has promised to provide written replies to all the points raised during the said debate. However, he managed to speak for about an hour. He did inform Parliament that a Special Task Force headed by the Attorney-General has collected all the information regarding the foreign fund from Mr George Sorros that was subsequently given to Suaram and Malaysiakini and asked MPs to wait for the actions to be taken on this matter. Yours truly will publish once yours truly has been given the reply on the points raised on the consultancy fees paid to Landor Associates and Ogilvy & Mather.

Yours truly has been questioning about the consultancy fees paid by MAS to Landor Associates and Ogilvy & Mather but the top management of MAS is not only keeping mum but hiding behind non-disclosure or secrecy clause in the agreement.   For the background information please read in   HERE. The re-branding of MAS was done in a haste without the approval of the Board  when En Al-Ishal Ishak was the  SVP Marketing and Promotion.  Yours truly has been informed by reliable sources that En Al-Ishal Ishak who left MAS last month has recently joined AirAsia.    (more…)

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Redflex AES used by Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd

Automated Enforcement System (AES) has been a hot topic in Parliament during the  policy debate for Budgeet 2013 yesterday.  There are pro and against from both divides in the HOUSE.  The same in the cyber space. They are some who are blindly  supporting or against the AES without knowing how was the AES project awarded to the two companies. Yours truly has spoken about the AES in Parliament during the 2011 session. (more…)

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The new logo of MAS

YB Tuan Wee Choo Keong (Wangsa Maju) minta Menteri Kewangan menyatakan atas alasan apakah pengurusan MAS “re-branding” MAS dan menukarkan warna corporate iaitu biru tua dan merah kepada biru muda dan sila memberikan jumlah kos utuk “re-branding” ini (baryaran kepada Landor Associates di UK dan konsultant lain?


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