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AJ & Al-Ishal Ishak: How much did MAS pay for re-branding & new livery?

Page 1 of the new livery and re-branding design materials by Landor Associates in London.

Regrettably En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ), the Group CEO of MAS, still refused to provide answers to the several pertinent questions posed to him regarding the designing of new pale blue livery of MAS and the re-branding exercise, in HERE, as follows: 

  1. When was the decision made to change the livery of MAS to pale blue?
  2. Who made the said decision to change the livery?
  3. Was MAS Board consulted before proceeding to change the livery?
  4. Did MAS obtain approval from the Cabinet for the change of the livery?
  5. Which company was appointed to provide the design of the new livery and so-called re-branding of MAS?
  6. Who appointed the designing company for the job?
  7. Was there an open tender for the appointment of the designing and re-branding company?
  8. What was the total cost of the said designing and re-branding work for the new livery?

AJ responded with lighting speed to address the issues of uplifting the AirAsia X Sdn Bhd 35,000 passengers in MAS where e-mail was sent out in the early hour at 12:26 am in HERE, and information leak on the ferry flight aka “Hooray Flight” in HERE & HERE.

En Al-Ishal Ishak, formerly from Baraka Telecom, now SVP marketing & promotion of MAS

It would appear that the decision to change the livery on the whole fleet of aircraft and re-branding MAS was hatched and decided in the early part of this year. Yours truly isn’t sure whether it was done before or after the appointment of En Al-Ishal Ishak, as the SVP for marketing and promotions, in January 2012.  This is a new position specially created by AJ.  AJ must have a special vision otherwise he wouldn’t have created this new post. May be with the setting up of this new post the turning around of MAS will be faster than expected, in HERE.

But it would appear that the commissioning of the designing of the new livery and re-branding exercise was done after the appointment of En Al-Ishal Ishak.  En Al-Ishal Ishak has said:

“said 2012 will be a breakthrough year for Malaysia Airlines on its path to recovery. We recognised, however, that we could not achieve financial success without clearly defining our brand positioning. Ogilvy understood this and throughout the pitch process, were best able to translate our message into a powerful campaign idea,” in HERE.

It seems that En Al-Ishal Ishak is a very low profile officer in MAS.  He was previously from Baraka Telecom. May be he has been working too hard to market and promote MAS for the past six months. Hence the low profile.  Can anyone help to enlighten us about this new recruit that was parachuted into MAS after the share “suap”?

Despite the massive losses of RM2.5 billion as proudly announced by AJ, AJ has increased the marketing/promotions budget of MAS from 2% (in 2011) to 4% for 2012 of its total yearly revenue.  Presumably with such budget AJ woould be able to “turn around” MAS at a faster pace.

If we were to take 2011 revenue of RM13.9 billion for 2011 the total budget for 2011 was RM278 million, then the 2012 marketing/advertising budget will be RM556 million! Therefore, AJ has RM556 million to help him turn around MAS and repair the battered image of MAS after the share suap!

No wonder AJ was not too bothered when more than RM10 million has been spent  by MAS to sponsor Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ QPR, which was almost relegated recently.  Perhaps AJ knew he still has another RM546 million more play with for marketing/promotions to turn around MAS.

Under AJ, we have been told again and again that MAS is bleeding. Profitable routes like Bandung, Surubaya, Dubai and others were terminated. AJ also gave up the additional profitable route to Sydney, which the Cabinet awarded to MAS exclusively to operate from July 2012 to 2013. The additional Sydney route was given on a silver platter to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. After MAS terminated the Bandung routes, AirAsia added an additional flight and its fares has gone up to almost double since. Yet, AJ has said that Bandung route was not profitable.

AJ seems to be more interested in re-branding of MAS with new livery and mass advertisement.  AJ must have taken the cue from Tan Sri Tony Fernandes (Tony). As early as 14-9-2011 Tony was already talking of turning around MAS by re-branding, in HERE.

Re-branding cannot turn around MAS with new livery and cutting its profitable routes as both of which could not increase its revenue. Such exercises will only increase unnecessary expenses and loss of revenue.

Mass advertising through the mass media is not the answer to re-building a brand like MAS. As has been said before MAS already has a brand name and there was no need to start a brand awareness campaign.

Changing of the MAS livery from two vibrant colours of red and dark blue to one single pale blue will not be seen as an effort to increase revenue for MAS. However, it was just dumping good money for nothing. This was an exercise in futility and it will only add to MAS losses. I doubt if AJ and En Al-Ishal Ishak could justify such a sum of RM556 million for marketing /promotion budget when AJ was talking about cutting staffs transport allowance of RM10 for those working in KLIA.

Successful brand building is determined by more good customer experiences/services rather than implementing new livery and re-branding campaigns. Put in bluntly, MAS should be concentrating on how to improve its overall customer services. Making its customers feel satisfied and happy to fly with MAS. MAS should be looking after the welfare of the staffs well especially the crews, who are interacting directly with its passengers, so that they could perform better than before. At every touch point, MAS must ensure that its staffs are properly trained, attentive, polite and helpful because such qualities will ensure the return of the passengers to MAS.

Perhaps MAS staffs especially the crews can tell us how they have been treated by MAS under the new management after the share “suap”.

How could customers be happy when top executive of MAS like Rashdan flouted the “No Infant” policy in the First Class cabin?

It was most unfortunate that AJ was condoning abused of power by Rashdan and didn’t bother to send letter of apology to the First Class passenger, Mr Hii, who was so upset by the disturbance caused by Rashdan’s baby as can be seen from the Voyage Report, in HERE.

It would appear that AJ has emphasized on media campaign with the new single colour livery, the pale blue. MAS unlike the low cost airline which needs constant advertising and media blitz about its low cost fares.  Customer service is the lowest in its priority.  MAS is a premier airline which needed an excellent customer service.

Until this date AJ is still refusing to answer the above pertinent questions. AJ was so quick to praise Rashdan with two e-mails in a span of two hours, and issue warning e-mail about the leaking of the ferry flight/hooray flight and etc.

From the artworks produced by Landor Associates (Londor) in London, the new livery of single colour was meant to be used for all the aircraft of MAS including the turbo prop and not restricted to the A380 as announced.

The cost of the designing and re-branding by Landor cannot be cheap. Please see below the remaining artwork provided by Landor on 17-2-2012 at which time Rashdan, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun were still in MAS.

pg 2
pg 3 for 737
pg 4
pg 5
pg 6 for turbo prop
pg 7 for turbo prop
pg 8 for turbo prop
pg 9
pg 10

Hopefully AJ will now provide honest answers to the above twelve questions. More importantly, what was the total cost of designing of the above livery and the re-branding exercise where Ogilvy & Mather and Landor were commissioned.

93 thoughts on “AJ & Al-Ishal Ishak: How much did MAS pay for re-branding & new livery?

  1. Only the clueless would double marketing and promotions budget to RM556 million when MAS is bleeding and staffs benefits/allowances have been cut left right and center. The only thing that AJ didn’t cut is his RM250k a month and the salaries, perks and allowances of the top management and the clueless directors like Dato’ Rohana of ASTRO, Tan Sri Azman Yahya of Scomi and Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng of IJM.

    It is not MAS that need re-branding. It is AJ and those clueless directors that need their GAJI BUTA brains check!

    AJ is just good in wasting money. Treating MAS as his own family airlines. MAS is bleeding and he is flying to London and back as though he is flying to Penang and back. He is doing a munir majid way. AJ had to decide if he wants to be with his family in London, just resign and live in London period. when he resign, MAS staffs will feel the way as when that Nanny Danny left.

    1. After screwing up MAS, Jala is now screwing the country via GAME CHANGERS.
      and Nor Yaakop said he was the best MD money can buy!!! Ptuiiiiii.

      “The Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) will not create widespread high-paying jobs due to the lack of innovation in its formulation, said the think-tank Research for Social Advancement (REFSA) today.

      The research outfit claimed that the ETP’s main problem was that it was using “recycled” projects which were far from being game changers and the way they were selected using the lab technique prevented innovative ideas from flourishing.

      “Instead of being transformative, the ETP is, at best, just a very slick repackaging of old ideas,” said REFSA. “These ‘recycled’ projects cannot be expected to result in transformative change or high-income jobs.”
      REFSA also noted that the numbers actually flatter the ETP, because the ETP total was boosted by mega-projects such as the the Klang Valley MRT and the Petronas RM60 billion RAPID project — which comprised more than 50 per cent of the total committed investment of the ETP as at the end of 2011.

      After stripping the two mega-projects out, REFSA said that the CIPE or capital intensity of the remaining EPPs was a “minuscule” RM305,000.

      In some of its responses, PEMANDU also criticised REFSA for not offering better alternatives to the current plans, but the think-tank said today that its final analysis of the ETP’s annual report will contain recommendations.

  2. Heard MAS charter section had to provide a plane to ferry AA passengers to Medina a few months ago because AA has no landing right. Can anyone help?

    1. Thats what I heard too. It was a perlude for AA to chiluk the haj and umra business from MAS with help from clueless Nanny Danny.

      I understand that the MAS Haj & Charter Dept was curtailed from seriously bidding for the charter in favor of AA. That why TF made sure that his macais all well entrenched in MAS.

      Ajay, please wake up and stop the rot. If you cannot, let others take your place to soldier on. Please rid MAS of all TF sleeper agents.

      1. Dear YB,
        What I’m afraid of the most and had commented through your blog few months back will become a nightmare!! Mimipi jadi kenyataan? We must stop Air Asia from stealing Tabung Haji’s pilgrims charter!! HELP!! S.O.S!! Mayday!! Mayday!! Don’t let Rafidah use her influence to ferry jemaah haji!! I thought last time TH stop AA from flying the pilgrims as they do not have MOF Bumiputera License, do they??(Air Asia survived only because they have a premit from the old Air Asia(during DRB Hicom management)!!

      1. Please provide more details. The date of flight and how many AAX passengers and whether AAX paid for the charter flight or not? We must expose the pariah and Pariah’s budak suruhan AJ.


  3. Honestly sir, I truly concur with you. Why the need for re-branding – especially at this junction of time. The act of dumping (passing on the whole load of blame + all things bad) to the previous owner, management & even back to government is so pathetic. That’s an easy course to take. One would come out so good & rosy in an instance. I think our Malaysian government, via the so reliably proven Khazanah has again picked the wrong person to handle MAS. That has been the problem with our leaders in the past … for selecting the right person / group to head MAS. It’s like a curse or disease – MAS keep on getting crappy person / group to do the needed task.

  4. Never heard of this guy Al ishal Ishak. Not well known in the pr or advertising world. In fact he has no track record. Whatever happened to Baraka Telekom? What success has he ever had? Was he parachuted in as a friend of someone or was he interveiwed for the post amongst other contenders. So far he has just killed the red brand we used to have and come up with a real bland boring scheme……

  5. In fact its worse..they had already painted the new airbus 380 with the old livery..and we asked to change..an expensive vo indeed…

    1. Anonymous

      Thank you for the info. Please give me details so that YB and us know about it. We must real hell for sucking up to the Pariah and his set up at the expense of MAS. By the way who is the head of MAS charter?

      Please reveal his name here. Please expose all the Panamera Deadwood that being planted by the Pariah.

  6. MAS do not need any rebranding coz MAS is already a well known airlines. AJ talk so much about MAS bleeding badly, then why not AJ and the rest of the BOD show the staffs what leadership by example is all about.

    AJ should take the first move and come forward to have his salary reduce. Instead of drawing a salary of RM250K, AJ I think a salary of RM60K is more than enough. By cutting staff allowances doesn’t help the company to recover. That Martin “wheel” Barrow are not needed in MAS due he does nothing but talk cock.

    The staffs of MAS are all trying to earn an honest living but people like AJ, Zalida, ZZ, Azhari and all Panamera Deadwood are enjoying all the perks and big salary. Aj and croonies, ingat gaji yang kau orang dapat tiap-tiap bulan tu halal ke atau kau orang ni memang semua makan gaji buta yang tak halal. The more gaji buta you all makan lagi bertambah gemuk…la…macam makcik kilang biskut tu yang kerja duduk kat HC untuk membesarkan buntut dan anu dia aje.

  7. AJ oh AJ , tau kah perkataan berjimat cermat. Brozer , this is not a right time to spend un-necessarily lah.

    Company is bleeding , you are spending company money like there is no tomorrow .

    This is an airline you are running not IPP, dah 10 bulan pun masih terkontang kanting , tak tau hala tuju lagi kah ?

    To paint a new logo/livery it will cost cost at least MYR 900,000.00 per aircraft with a down time of at least 10 days, lost of aircraft utilization cost money too ,if 110 aircraft , how much more are we spending ??

    Aircraft to be paint strip to remove old paint/logo/livery , if you just paint over it , berapa ratus kilo pulak additional weight added on the aircraft . Extra weight will cost extra fuel , thus extra money.

    With the re-branding, the new pilot and cabin crew uniform looks like just another cheap skate airlines uniform , no exclusivity !!! Look like a porter at
    an exclusive hotel down south.

    You cut Dubai route , Emirates Airline come in with bigger A380 aircraft and their flight is always full !! Can’t even get a seat on the inter airlines tickets .

    You cut Bandung flight , Air Asia increase their flight and increase its fare .

    You retimed the evening flight to Hong Kong, Air Asia took the slot and you re-schedule MAS flight at 00.55 hrs (12.55 pagi). Sapa nak naik flt pukul 1 pagi sampai Hong Kong at 4.55 pagi ??

    Since day one Sydney flight is a lucrative flight for us due London/Asian connectivity, the Aussie loves to fly on MAS due to our hospitality but you don’t take the additional slot given but give it to Air Asia instead.

    AJ please leave, your place is in IPP , where business is guaranteed by TNB.

    Kita orang pun dah rimas lah seeing you , Azhari , Zahrah around.

  8. AJ better tell the truth before more shits will hit the fan. Better move to London and live peacefully with your beloved wife. No point to muck around anymore. You have been given a chance to provide answers but you chose to keep your silence. Please pack your beg and follow Nanny Danny and Rozman. Don’t worry Azhari dan the fatty biscuit lady will be in the same boat as Nanny Danny.

  9. As stated in Utusan this week, Danny is expected to take over at RHB Investment. RHB is owned by EPF our pension money. Before RHB become a Rashan Hancurkan Bank or turn to nanny’s Real Hot Babe, lets make a petition to EPF so this appointment can be reversed. Otherwise our pension will go!.

  10. AJ sudah lah. No point trying, we know you can’t handle MAS. Look at this re-banding exerxise sudah cukup. It will cost MAS million to engage Ogilvy & Mather and Landor Associates. MAS is bleeding remember. Is it ok for you to burn MAS money. You are just a budak suruhan. Please FO. We don’t need you.

  11. Sebenarnya AJ nak tunjukkan kepada kita bagaimana pengurusan yang hebat yang dia telah pelajari dari si Rashdan yang tak sempat dilaksanakan semasa dia didalam MAS. Pengurusan yang hebat tak perlu dapatkan kebenaran dan nasihat dari Kerajaan..kerana semuanya ditanggung beres oleh pihak Khazanah…

    Ciri-ciri Pengurusan yang baik dan cemerlang:-

    -mesti bersedia memotong gaji/alaun pekerja seberapa ramai yang boleh
    -mesti bersedia membuang pekerja seberapa ramai yang boleh…Union mesti setuju demi kebaikan Syarikat.
    -mesti mengecilkan jumlah/saiz Jabatan tidak membuat keuntungan pada Syarikat
    -mesti mengetatkan disiplin terhadap pekerja2
    -mesti potong peruntukan untuk program2 sukan dan kebajikan

    Sebagai MD Syarikat bertaraf Antarabangsa, gaji mesti ratusan ribu, baru ada standard kalau nak berbincang dengan puak-puak pelabur dalam dan luar Negara…

    Semua urusan pembelian dalam Syarikat mesti dalam jumlah RM ratusan ribu…baru dikatakan syarikat bertaraf dunia..nak beli screw pun mesti dalam jumlah RM ratusan ribu..

    Semua pengurusan mesti sentiasa sibuk dengan kertas cadangan bila masuk ke bilik meting, walaupun cadangan bertaraf tingakatan 6 sahaja.

    Hebatkan..inilah nilai yang perlu dibayar untuk ..Tranformasi MAS!!!

  12. So that is why Hong Kong evening flight is rescheduled to midnite.. For the sake of giving way to AA!!!!??.

    Melampau kau ni AJ! Memang celaka! Sakit hati aku sial!

  13. Clueless AJ, if you think that by keeping quiet this matter will be blown over. You have mistaken. You try to help Nanny Danny by condoning his nonsense and still he had to FO. Now you are still trying to help someone or yourself we do not know, by keeping quiet again.

    Don’t waste your time. Just own up how much MAS paid Ogilvy Mather and Landor, who made that decision, who appointed Landor and Ogilvy. Did you get the necessary approval from the Board and Cabinet? How much did you pay them?

    AJ please go and sell nasi lemak in London will be better for you because you be Nanny Aj to your wife there. No need to waste a First Class seat so often to London.

  14. at the rate all have been commented looks like aj and the management have to put in the media all the moves they are making… will make and whatever. hope no need to put in media when to go to toilet also.susah ni.. who is actually good for mas.. any names from anybody.

    1. hmmm that’s a very tough one. Have to find leader with integrity, intelligence, good people skills, good corporate track record, and a deep passion for making changes that will benefit MAS in the immediate and long term. Now, let’s line up all the EVPs and SVPs…..and the candidate is……….nobody!! If like this, how about the CEO of Air NZ who’s available soon? Or if don’t want Mat Salleh, how about Dato Syed Zainal? PM Najib, please take note.

      1. There is a better Candidate who is actually related to current chairman and. Also former PM but he is also the Current President of MAPA he is a man of good integrity who had honored all his words Capt Hizamuddin ZA. Or who else maybe former Mas Capt Sam black who was sacked by former mapa press now Dato Capt Mohd N A why is our 380 registered as 9m-MNA

  15. When is the 747-400 being phased out ? AJ announce it will be in November this year but EVP FO Capt Izham Ismail says it’s in March 2013! What happened to the Haj Charter? using a380? An MD who got no clue how to run an airline. Better ask Dr don to be Director with executive powers then can sack AJ and the rest! Martin Will be the first I hope then could be senior management EVP SVP etc it’s going to be ugly if anyone has the balls to clean up the airline. Ask Idris Jala now Dato seri and Munir Majid now tan sri who went to London to beg forgiveness from a sultan just because the captain of MH2 did not agree to upgrade his kawan kawan. The royalty concerned now flies SQ only but withdrew datukship conferred to some individuals.

    1. Anonymous. You are factually wrong. We all have issues here but lets be accurate about what we say or it’s becomes meaningless. The Sultan issue was never about upgrading but an issue with an insubordinate IFS. Capt Izham Ismail is about as usefull as a block of ice in Alaska. He is clueless and the ultimate ball carrier. Having Dr. Don is also not a solution as he has outlive his shelf life. The change must come from within. There are credible people suppressed by the current Management seat warmers! Examples like, Izham Ismail, Zahara Zaid, Missman Leham to name a few.

      1. The IFS John Johson and Capt Zamani Sulaiman. I got my facts right guess who was suppose to to be actual Team A captain? Don’t tell its Dato Missman being suitable I reckon then it should be Capt Dr Ooi what about Former SVP Kamil AB or better still ground staff Dato Manimaran?

  16. The Bulan has always been facing forward. Malaysia Airlines as it’s known rebranded in the 80’s had the mas wording with indented red colours on MalaySiA airlines reflecting the history of the company formed in 1972 as Malaysia Airlines System. You and new management just robbed all the history of the company I had worked for 40years without knowing a brand build by the staff of this airline. Am happily retired watching you abuse our EPF money I had withdrawn but dont know how many of your current staff will curse you every day for all the abuse. The greatest MD Mas ever had is Tan Sri Aziz who gave us all a 3month bonus and ask all staff who respect the religion to resign as money earned is not halal as alcohol is served and carried on board flights but came another MD who installed prayer rooms? Behind galleys that have a full stocked bar. What a joke? I guess he is having his last laugh after MAS stop suing him in court.

  17. Another useless parachuted botak in MAS. Who is this Al-Ishal Ishak? No track record at all except he is friend of that clueless AJ. I thought that AJ is a straight man. You got to be joking.

    If he is straight he wouldn’t have given concession after concession to the Pariah. Look at the Re-Accommodation agreement and the low fares charged to AAX. With that sort of prices inclusive of taxes, MAS will be subsidizing AAX.

    Yet that bas..rd AJ can tell us that MAS is bleeding. How MAS not to bleed when he gave away profitable route to AA like the Bandung, Sydney and now re-timed MAS flight to midnight to Hong Kong.

    AJ is either stupid, brainless, otak udang or he is going all out to help the Pariah.

    AJ go to AA and we are sure the pariah will pay RM300,000 a month. in MAS you are getting too little. Only RM250,000. WTF!

    1. About Al-Ishal Ishak –
      Like the Roman said “When in Rome, do what the Roman do”.

      So, to work in Mas, do what the MD do – Ishal is the sparring partner of AJ as they do marathon run together always. To AJ, if you are his good partner, you are good to run an airline too.

      However, AJ’s interpretation of running a good airline is, make way for AA to make more profit and MAS can continue bleeding. After all MAS has a bunch of LOW PRODUCTIVITY STAFF. Thats whyhe makes MAS to withdraw from Bandung, Dubai etc and also closes the hub in Kota Kinabalu. ALL for the benefit of AA. Thanks a lot AJ and Amok too.

      By the way, Ishal was an entrepreneur at one time but it went bust. So good he is at busting a business and he will transfer that expertise to make MAS go bust too. With the kind of expenditure he and AJ has plotted, MAS is going down sooner than later. Is this not right AJ?

  18. Kalau la ada hak aku dlm satu sen duit yg korang top management belanja untuk benda tak betul, Dengan Nama Allah aku sumpah korang dpt musibah yg semua orang akan berpeluang tgk. Amin.

    I think you people up there had gone too far!

  19. New MD of mas still AJ after 13GE but Capt Ahmad Jahudi Badri father inlaw of our soon to be the 1st lady PM’s younger sister of nurul Izzah anwar.

  20. Dear Anonymous ,

    Satelah berpuluh puluh tahun MAS berhidmat maka tahun ini dukacita di maklumkan bahawa MAS will not carry our lembaga tabung haji pilgrims.

    It was already decide when the Pariah and Danny Nanny is still around . Reason ? MAS not making money carrying this hadj pilgrims .
    Load of b…ll s..ht of course.

    The only logic at that time is Air Asia X had cancel its London , Paris and Indian route .
    They had excess A 330 and A340 aircraft , so
    use it for Malaysian hadj contract lah.

    Now that two of AAX A340 is lease out to one of African base airlines , they may not interested to do tabung haji contract anymore .

    Heard that tabung haji will get a Dubai based middle east airlines to carry 50 % our pilgrims and other 50 % of pilgrims will be carried by Saudi Air (the normal arangement)

    Its a shame that AJ still follow the decision made by Pariah and Danny Nanny on this .

    Yes , B747-400 will be phased out next year when all MAS A380 is delivered , MAS may still use up to 2 unit B747-400 as standby aircraft , just in case A380 had problem .

  21. … they are NOT gonna be replying la, the YB’s question is too hot to handle – even Comms have gone dead-silent…
    … instead of engaging his staff and winning hearts and minds, AJ is busy attending Airshows and Roadshows… great !! sooner or later, he will have NO SHOWS to show….

    1. Comms lady busy gallivanting in London la, posing for photos wihen MAS got Skytrax Best Cabin Crew award, eh eh eh, ini betul lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama! What has she contributed to the Cabin Crew department, or even to MAS? Malu la sikit oi!!

      1. would like to congratulate all of MAS cabin crew.. which is also very well known as The World’s Best Cabin Staff 2012.. They did again didn’t they.. and it wasn’t that hard wasn’t it.. all they did was BE themselves.. don’t let others tell u otherwise..the award is for the worlds best cabin crew.. not the worlds best rostering staff, not the worlds best baggage handlers and definitely not the worlds best office-people-who-supposedly-support-them-from-behind-while-they-do-all-the-hard-work award.. but remember this, don’t disappoint yourselves by expecting some form of reward from the top..
        The crew did it for themselves, BY themselves.. so again, congratulations my friends.. you deserve the BRAGGING RIGHTS!

  22. Looks like with all the remarks/suggestions given by you people on this article…AJ would have to use the over RM500m of the A & P to clean himself up…I am still curious with the BN Govt, knowing that this people are screwing the National Airline in broad daylight…nothing is done…maybe..like the BN Govt style….or I can say UMNO……You Ummph I No!!!it would be a out of the world case scenario….like Aviation Expert..Rohan-Astro / Barrow…and The Pariah inside men still enjoying everything under the sun??? If this is how they run MAS…You can expect what to have when they run the country in the next GE…So….BN / UMNO ….do something before the National Airline is stripped to bones…..

  23. Skytrax – 2012
    World’s Best Inflight Entertainment – Emirates
    World’s Best Airline Alliance – Star Alliance
    World’s Best Airport Services – Thai Airways
    World’s Best Leisure Airline – Air Transat
    World’s Most Improved Airline – China Eastern Airlines
    World’s Best Cabin Staff – Malaysia Airlines
    World’s Best Low-Cost Airline – AirAsia
    World’s Best Regional Airline – Garuda Indonesia

    Aiks!!! MAS ? WORLD’S BEST CABIN STAFF (again?) even with all the shit and blame thrown at them, they still can win this award? I wonder what the mgmt and MASEU has got to say about this now…. “STFU and be thankful you still have a job!! ?, Still not happy? RESIGN!! ”
    Hello BODOH BANGANG punye HR/HC and MGMT… Your cabin crew are the ones that faces the customers/passengers most longest and yet they are treated like dirt (for so long). Its a damn wonder they have NOT help kill the airlines reputation long ago with lousy inflight service. Instead (most) of them take pride in their job and still give the best….
    MD gets paid 250,000 a month and crew (hardly) gets 5,000 a month – yet HC keeps harping that cabin crew is overpaid instead of being overworked. REALLY!?

    Mebbe this AJ will win the WORLD BEST AVIATION CEO/MD award to justify his 1/4mil (RM250,000) a month salary….

    1. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! and we just got the congratulary email from him… from “Famborough”…. ” Hello ~ the place is called Farnborough (any ‘aviation’ expert would know how to spell it !) ~ you f ‘eeing idiot!!

      1. World Best UNDERPAID Cabin Crew

        Please send the e-mail to YB for publication to show how stupid is that clueless CEO and his Non-Strategic Comm. That is that stupid AJ’s problems.

        He is becoming more stupid everyday because he is one of the weekly joyrider to London!

  24. tak payah nak ambil balik orang lama lama yang lapok dek zaman. masa idris masuk baru dia beli system untuk kira duit tiket tiket. sebelum tu tada system. so sekarang abru mas ada system. itu saja.so tak payah Dr Don atau Tan Sri Aziz. nak jaga mas bukan susah dan bukan senang. bukan susah sebab system semua dah ada dan pekerja semua mahir mahir.bukan senang sebab industry ini dah lapok dan tak boleh buat profit. so bawa superman pun susah.kalau orang lapok nanti jado cerita dongeng.pekerka mas sekarang pun bukan yang era 70 dan 80 puluhan semua sekarang gen x dan gen y. macam mana nak kerja dengan atok atok.semua canggih dengan IT dan berfikiran jauh jauh.permainan mas dah lain. padang pun dah lain ..pemain pun dah lain. lagi gigih dan hebat. saingan hebat dan cepat. so kena berada dek zaman terkini bukan 8- puluhan.tak payah lah berangan mak jenin.

  25. I think that clueless Aj need a thorough A & P for himself. He should join AirAsia period. most suitable because he has a low class brain. No CEo of an airline will give up Sydney additional route! Only idiot like AJ would do it.

    Only fool like him would give up Haneda, Bandung, Dubai and etc. Aj please explain why is your rationale to give up Sydney, Haneda, Bandung, Surabaya and the low fares to uplift AAX passengers?

    Letak jawatan aja! Kami tak perlu orang yang bodoh sombong dalam MAS.

  26. AJ you are damn smart to increase the A&P Budget to double from RM280 million to RM560 million. WHY? So that you can sponsor the Pariah QPR and other nonsense? All the profitable routes you terminate or retimed to accommodate the Pariah, the lifting of the AAX passengers with extreme low fares and now the change of colour of MAS livery.

    You bloody liar! you told us that it was meant for A380 only. Don’t lie. The livery published in YB’s blog say it all. Hope that you wil soon be suffering from the fate of Nanny Danny. Go on sucking up to the Pariah and you will know soon.

    We will expose your and that botak Al-Ishal every move. That Al-Ishal is another good for nothing idiot _ another Panamera Deadwood.

  27. That botak Al-Ishal is another parachuted deadwood after the share swap just to hold AJ’s hand to do all the stupid promotions. He is just his running partner. What this idiot know about advertising and promotion. He can even promote his own company which went koyak.

    AJ your time is up. Your life will be miserable. If I were you, I will will pack up my bag and bring the two botak Al-Ishal & Azhari, Nor Zalida and that fatty biscuit lady to join the Pariah or Nanny Danny. Only these two will protect you.

    Kalau masih ada maruah, pergi terus, Tak payah lagi, You are just taking MAS for a ride. For your weekly laundry service to London to see your wife and kids.

    When are you taking up your British Citizenship?

  28. The tak malu Aj and his crony Al-Ishal Ishak. What to malu anyway! Received a good RM250k a month with perks and can go on a free weekly trip to London for his rendezvous. I pun tak malu kalau dalam keadaan ini macam. Ptui!

  29. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar MD of Khazanah must take full responsibility for all the nonsense happened in MAS because he was the one responsible for all the appointments of the CEO and the top executives like his crony Rashdan.

    The worst was his decision to allow the share swap with his good friend Tony. He should also take responsibilities for the appointment of the useless directors Dato Raohana Rozhan from Astro, Tan Sri tan Boon Seng from IJM and Tan Sri Azman Yahya from SCOMI. what good have these people done to MAS? Nothing except enjoying their allowance and free travel.

    If they have done their job as directors, they wouldn’t have allowed Aj to spend million to do re-branding and change of livery, sponsoring the Pariah’s football club and other unnecessary expenditures.

    As long as Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar is the MD of Khazanah and MAS is under the control of Khazanah, MAS will always be in the shit. Azman Mokhtar will not want to see MAS flying high? We ll should know why???

    Did I hear something about 4th Floor or Tingkat Empat?????

    1. Very true. They are worst than Tkt 4, they are TRAITORS. We shall lynch them. Khazanah MD and Chairman must take full action or resign.

  30. yes the main problem is tan sri azman mokhtar. he should be changed immediately.yes the 4th floor is active

  31. AA & AAX were allowed to grow at the expense of MAS because of 4th Floor. Under the Slumber Jack the taking away of 96 MAS routes was under the disguise of Air Rationalization Program. The pariah shouldn’t shout so loud. Then it was allowed to owe Airport Taxes up to the tune of RM120 million. MAB couldn’t do anything.

    What did Azman Mokhtar do, NOTHING. He should have instructed MAB to take actions to recover the Airport Taxes. We should be clear here. Therefore, Azman Mokhtar is one of the culprits for MAS’ problems. Then the final nail came, the share swap.

    We would like to ask AJ why he needed RM560 million for A&P to turn around MAS. AJ is still unable to account for the cost of re-branding and the new stupid livery.

    We must press this clueless idiot to answer those questions.

    This clueless guy has no time for MAS because he spent most of his time in London with his family. He can turn around MAS? He must be day dreaming!

  32. looks like another joker wants to be mas md.thus this thing about aj all the time this time around. after this who is next. Must be someone inside mas wanting to be md now or is it anyone from yesteryears.Who can it be ??? semua wants to be jaguh..agreed tan sri azman moktar and the chairman must resign also. both not beneficial to mas. they agreed on the share swap and all related to it. so put the blame on all bod , chairman who is sitting very preetty and quietly on the chair and also azman mokhtar. all to be blamed.

  33. Yes fully agree with the comments on Khazanah. Amok is responsible for all the losses in MAS starting from his stupid WAU. It has been more than 10 years and the government should take action to stop all these nonsense.

  34. When one talks about WAU, one must bring Tan Sri Nor Mohd Yakop. He is the chief architect. WAU will be incomplete without Tan Sri NorMohd Yakop.

  35. when come to credit,Nor Yacob, Khazanah and Mas board will come forward very quick to show their faces as if the success is because of them. When come to answering issues raised in this blog everyone of them hide and just keep quiet. I bet they say do not waste time replying to bloggers.Just continue with our agenda to transform GLCs.YES more than 10 years of restructuring, transforming bla bla etc. GLCs all incur losses after losses. What a bu…..t !!!

  36. Please be reasonable. Don’t expect AJ to answer any questions of such nature. He couldn’t even answer questions during MAS Townhall session. To expect him to answer such hard hitting questions will be asking too much from AJ.
    Further more, please don’t disturb him lah he is having his good time in London with his wife.This is his weekly routine. Please understand.

    He will remain clueless until his contract is up. He is only good in sending out email to praise Nanny Danny and threaten staffs.

  37. yes i agree the main issue here is khazanah tan sri azman mokhtar and tan sri md . tan sri md nor initiated the wau that cause mas to loose everything and give mas catering away. And now he initiated the share swap with tan sri azman mokhtar. so he should pack his bags and not pretend he knows nothing.both are in cahoots with tf

  38. actually why still keep mas chairman who did nothing during his time as md except sell all mas assets and give lucrative contracts away to…..then he come back as chairman . why. there must be a reason. then he agree on the share swap and all the rest. so something really funny here. lets find out what he wants and will do.

  39. CCF was rediculously good and benefited to AA, Do you know the Flights to Beijing was losing passengers due to the schedule was change! MAS now fly at odd hours ref MH360 & MH361. They are bleeding, where as for AA which taking MAS slot doing very well, having good load. I am sure that is what called sweat the assest, squeez ours to benefits the rivals. Ha..ha..ha.. Guys you have the best person running your company .. till death do apart…

  40. Al-Ishal good for nothing. What Marketing & Promotion? He knows nothing about airlines at all. Just like AJ.both are Mr Blur.

  41. loh… walk in between the rain. that is how one has to do when taking care of mas.avoid the puddles and dont get wet.. can you..impossible!!!!!and watch everybody pull the carpet under your feet.

  42. Dear PM, Please listen to the plight of the MAS ‘s staff and employees. The facts and comments raised in this forum are no nonsense. YAB has not been appraised of the actual issues and solutions to the problem in MAS. The basic reason is because the board of MAS,the top management and Khazanah are clueless on what is the real issue in MAS. They are actually blind. That is why MAS has been losing money for more than 10 years. All they proposed to the government is restructuring, transformation and change CEO. New CEO comes in will be asked to recycle the same thing. Khazanah is fooling the government. The earlier YAB stop their nonsense BN will have a better chance of winning GE.

    Sincerely Yours

  43. tak payah tulis kat pm lah. mas dah sememang lama berpenyakit..luar dan dalam.dalaman lagi teruk.macam gomen department saja. gomen pun dah bagus sekarang tapi mas masih lembab. tepuk dada tanya selera. siapa salah.setuju tan sri azman kena letak jawatan. pembelut negara. semua tak buat kerja betul.rugi saja beli saham mas.

  44. THe Slumber Jack is the Advisor for MAS. What has he been advising MAS so far? He must be advising Nanny Danny to do everything to help AirAsia. So far the Slumber Jack had not spoken a word about the share swap and AiAsia. For that matter he has no said anything on anything. He must be asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…zzzzz!

    Why must MAS pay so much money and office space to main a person for doing nothing? Aj should take step to remove him so that the salary and cost of maintaing him can be saved and passed on to the deserving staffs.

    Slumber Jack should realize that enough is enough and it is better for him to dream at home. For a start it cost MAS nothing.

  45. Skytrax shuld have another award, ‘World’s Useless Airlines’ MD’…then the award will go to AJ (menang tanpa bertanding) for as long as he is the MD of MAS…He only know to pick and choose those pretty stewardess ( to his eyes) to be on certain flights…TAK PADAN DENGAN PENDEK!!!

  46. In return of getting the best Cabin Crew award, the management forced the cabin crew to work 3 weeks a month in Golden Lounge, effectively reducing their already lowest paid salary among the region. Haven’t they learn it’s unwise to screw with people who are dealing with your customer at the front line with the longer duration of time?

  47. Can anyone tells us the where about the MAS CEO , the board directors and Amok Khazanah? They are very very quiet and there is no response from them at all.Their offices are empty. Why no modal and no WAU to bluff the public anymore? Why hiding and leave your office empty.? You can bluff people some time but not all the time. Sorry your time is up..

  48. MAS Admirer, you are so right. Who would want to fly to Beijing on MH360 which leaves at 6.10pm and arrived passed midnight and then MH361 depart at 1.30am…..gosh AJ you must be out of your mind. Not only that, MH370 depart KL at 12.25am and you only reach Beijing at 6.35am, which is still too early to check-in to the hotel.

    If I am a business man I would not want to travel with MAS with schedule like that. AJ you better revert those timing for the Beijing sector and don”t keep licking the Pariah TF’s balls. Then the departure time for MH74 to Hong Kong is really screwed up, it depart KL at 5 mins to 1.00am….well you guess it right that flight on get into Hong Kong at 4.55am….how I came to know about it because my cousin was on that flight back to Hong Kong.

    AJ….AJ, why do you have to cause such inconvenince to people. Don’t think that your staffs are blind…..which they are not. Everyone knows you are doing all thses for the benefits that animal Pariah TF. You seems to talk so much about how badly MAS is bleeding and yet you re-timed flights so that the Anjing Pariah TF can take the prime slot. Takkan you tak pergi sekolah, saya rasa budak sekolah pun tahu…..time 12.00 tengah-malam tu adalah time untuk berehat dan tidur bukan nak heret bag ke airport untuk naik flight.

    Is this part of the Marketing Strategy of you and Al-Ishal Ishak, to screw up MAS further? IS this how both of you promote MAS? If both of you said YES, then both of you really am damn STUPID, BANGGANG and BAHALUL. Kamu berdua ni memang makan tahi berak nasi, dalam kepala tu bukan otak tapi rumput.

    All of you bring bad vipes and fung shui to MAS, no wonder la so many MAS staff meninggal dunia not because of sakit, tapi heart attack dan muntah darah sebab tengok muka kamu semua (AJ,AL-Ishal, Zalida, ZZ, Azhari dan all the croonies). The worse of all is muka Si Botak (Azhari) tu, kalau tangok muka dia terus muntah…sebulan tak lalu makan sebab dia selalu ingat dia handsome sangat….asyik sengeh aje….puit..puit.

  49. AJ not only a big screw up on the livery and advertising & promotion under Al-Ishal Ishak your budy. Now we have been told about the re-timing of our flight to Beijing and Hong Kong where MAS flight will be arriving at odd hours in the morning.

    Why are you so kind to the Priah’s airline and allowing him to take over MAS routes and now slots?

    You must be thinking that you are the Group CEO for AirAsia! If that is the case please pack up and go. We will do a kenduri to celebrate.

    AJ, you are an idiot to do thing like this or allow such thing to happen in the first place.

  50. There is no smoke without fire
    To        : All Staff System-wide
    Date     : 16 July, 2012
    Dear Colleagues
    Speculation on Group CEO’s position
    This morning Utusan Malaysia carried a lead in their business section a speculation that Group CEO, Ahmad Jauhari (AJ) is quitting his post.
    I am very happy to report that AJ has assured me of no such thing. If it is anything to go by the events over the past few weeks, he is a most energized and motivated person – all ready to serve his mandate.
    The rumour is clearly unfounded and seemed quite mischievous.
    Let us all gather round AJ instead and reaffirm our endorsement of his leadership to steer our airline out of the current malaise. Let’s go.
    Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof


    1. Why lah deny deny then betul betul.
      They make themselves look so stupid. No wonder MAS so screw up.

    2. Kalau tak ada angin tak kan pohon bergoyang, or is it because monyet yang bergayut? AJ is sure as hell energized, where was he this past week? Hooray2 kat London, jadi highly paid host to guests at Farnborough, lepas tu terima Skytrax award – ini betul2 la lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama….ada tak ada AJ pun Cabin Crew boleh deliver la. In fact, with AJ’s and the “great” Salleh Takbrani’s handling of the Cabin Crew, it is beyond miraculous that the Cabin Crew can still deliver so amazingly! But lets see what happens next year with all the current mismanagement of the Crew. Back to AJ , eh , wouldn’t ALL of us be energised too if tak payah dudok kat office , and hooray2 kat London?

    3. Ini chairman pun tolol Dan buta kah. Can’t he see that AJ is bloody lost, blurred and shameless. Pruitt!

  51. actually I dont understand what everybody wants. do they want mas to be killed off. then maybe all those with vested interests will be happy. they know who they are.so question yourselves and be true. mas is already critical. if everything comes under the microscope then the management have to report even the colour of their underwear to everybody.mas is being played like it is a political party.but at the end everybody looses.more so the staff. so dont fall into the hands of the people who wants mas the national carrier to die. remember it is the national carrier.it is the nation pride.

  52. The e mail from the chairman inferring that Utusan is mischievous and malaise intention. May be Utusan may want to explain and clarify the matter. Suffice to say what is being reported in the paper is not true.It will reflect better maturity on the part of the top management. Just a 2 cents advise.

  53. Everybody in MAS want a CEO that will protect MAS interest at all time. Unlike Aj, he gave almost everything to the Pariah. Routes, special low fares to AAX and others.

    We don’t need a CEO that draws salary from MAS and look after the interest of the Pariah.

  54. MAS incurred losses since WAU started. If Amok thinks WAU is so good why dont you introduce WAU2, WAU3 etc.? Since Khazanah took over ,MAS has incurred billions of losses. Amok in Khazanah should be held responsible. Otherwise someone can introduce TAU,ZAU, CAU etc in the future and still get away with such irresponsible act.

  55. naga

    I am in agreement with you. Azman Mokhtar of Khazanah must take full responsibility for what had happened to MAS. Azman Mokhtar has made MAS in the terrible state after the share swap. Azman Mokhtar has been in Khazanah for too long and he has built his little empire there with Nanny Danny.

    MAS can only recover without Azman Mokhtar in Khazanah. H should be sent back to the 4th Floor with Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakop who is the real man behind WAU.

  56. Let’s go. ( yes…thats what you guys should do )

    Exactly… the chairman, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof takes the Group CEO,
    Ahmad Jauhari (AJ) by the hand , pasing by 4-5 more offices to collect the remaining Dead Wood and leave MAS as soon as possible to avoid further leakage of funds and reputation. All the Airline industry is laughing their buts off about these jokers and their silly behaviour.
    “steer our airline out of the current malaise”
    By spending millions and throwing money out the window every day???
    Nobody has any trust in you jokers…whatever you write or do…

    Congratulations to our Cabin Crews…. you made it again… even without the support of a proper Management… or just because of that.

  57. halo bukan lembu. if u dont like low salary and be treated like dirt, resign lah. why wait and complain? i managed to send my kids to U with mas small salary. then i join asiana to make more money. my friends told me there are 900 excess cabin crew. u said salary 5000. thats extra 4500000 per month. 1 year? if other airlines like Singapore Airlines, emirates, asiana, you are gone.

  58. Beringatlah dan bersabar dibulan Ramadhan yang mulia. Firman Allah, segala rezeki dan gaji datangnya dari Allah, bukan dari manusia. Allah jugalah yang memberi dugaan dan kesenangan didunia ini untuk menguji kesabaran untuk bekalan diakhirat. Janganlah mengutuk, menuduh, mengumpat sesungguhnya semuanya datang dari Allah. God who give ith and God who take ith, irrespective of religion.

  59. Can’t really understand why people don’t like the new design. We all shouldn’t be too conservative… So outdated thinking…

    1. So you like funeral colour, its ok. But maybe you so advanced in thinking that you don’t understand simple concepts like “BRAND”. Its about MAS identity and the emotional connection that not only we the staff, but the public as well, has made with the red+blue all these years. But some clever fools go and hire some consultants who tell us what the new “brand” should look like with no engagement whatsoever with the most important group of people whose buy-in you need to sell the “brand ” that is the staff themselves. And the Marketing chief can tell us in the presentation, we need to BELIEVE in the brand. How? We dont even like it! So now, to save the situation, AJ says, never mind la, its for the A380 only. Now we have funeral ble, blue+red facing left, and blue+red facing right. So who is surprised that we all (and customers) end up confused, like “rojak” this whole branding thing. Like tikus membaiki labu, we must be the laughing stock of our competitors and even our “red collaborator”.The whole team responsible for this rojak should be removed.

  60. share swap is no more, but collaboration still on. if true, why air asia sign us$80mil with singapore firm? why not mas engineering? Star paper bizweek sat 14 july page 12. YB pls chk. and mas still carry air asia passengers.

    1. woke up this morning, and read the best ever news in NST Business section, AA will end all ties with MAS! ini macam cerai talak tiga. Hope this means Azahari will pack up and LEAVE! Thats why they dont sign with Mas Engineering? Maybe thats Azahari’s “best achievement” in MAS? My prayer is now all of us must work together again, AJ, please make sure the new structure you choose the best people for the job who can motivate us, and who we can respect, not all the current EVPs you have, please.

  61. Cant agree with you….

    Its not so much about whether people like or dont like the new design…
    The issues are :

    1. Did you get the Shareholders’ approval to change the design? Since this is a national airlines, not your father’s airlines.

    2. Did you actually changed the design coz you really need to change or just bcoz the Pariah told you so.

    3. Why change the design during the time when you are screeming that you are ‘bleeding’, coz for sure you need to pay the consultant firm to make new design and pay for the paint job! unless they get their daughter’s or son’s classmates to design the logo for their school project and get their inlaws’ painting workshop to paint the aircraft!

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