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Does MAS need Martin Gilbert Barrow as an Advisor?

Mr Martin Gilbert Barrow only academic achievement was GCE “A” Level

Updated at 9:30 pm on 9-7-2012.

Mr Martin Gilbert Barrow (Martin), who was appointed to the Board of MAS during the time when the late Tan Sri Azizan was its chairman in 2001.  At that material time, he has no aviation experience at all except that he was a friend of someone in the Board of MAS.

After the MAS-AirAsia share swap was inked on 9-8-2011 by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, the MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, Martin resigned from MAS Board.  Somehow Martin got himself into MAS again.

On 16-1-2012 En Ahmad Jauhari Yahya (AJ) appointed him to be the Advisor to the CEO.

Below is the e-mail from AJ:


To        : All Staff System-wide

Date     : 19 January 2012

Ref       : GCEO/CIR 006/12

Dear colleagues

Martin Barrow – Advisor to Group CEO

Martin Barrow was an independent non-executive director of Malaysia Airlines for almost 10 years up to August 2011. During that time, he was instrumental in the formalisation of the Board Safety & Security Committee and  worked with the Operations team to set up the Corporate Safety Oversight Department.

I am pleased to inform you that Martin and I have agreed that he will continue to be associated with Malaysia Airlines as Advisor to Group CEO reporting to me.

He will sit on the Board Safety & Security Committee as an ex-officio member under the chairmanship of Tan Sri Krishnan Tan who is also our board member.

 In addition, Martin will advise us on global developments on a wide range of commercial issues, continuing his active links across the airline industry and the regulators, and will support our marketing and sales efforts worldwide. You can all contact him direct at martin@Martinbarrow.comwhen you need advice or help with any initiatives.

 Please continue to treat Martin as a member of the ‘Malaysia Airlines family’ providing him with access and to any information for him to perform his functions. He will of course be treating all information as confidential within the Group.

Thank you.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Below are the background information of Martin:

Date of Birth:     10 March 1944 (68 years old)

Nationality:        British

Qualification:    Gained Oxford and Cambridge Board Examination “A” Levels in Science and  Mathematics.

Attended courses in Finance and Marketing.

Working Experience:

1962-1964 Traveled extensively in Asia, working in Australia and Malaysia.

1964 Joined Matheson & Co, London.

1965 Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong.

1965-1975 Management role in the Group’s operation in Hong Kong, Japan and  Thailand.

1975-1980 Managing Director of the Group’s operations in Japan.

1980-1983 President, Olayan Saudi Holding Company, the Group’s affiliate in Saudi Arabia.

1983-1988 Regional Managing Director, Jardines operations in Hong Kong and China.

1989-2001 Director, Jardine Matheson Ltd – Group Head Office.

Key Experience in Public Service:

1979 Elected Chairman of British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

1984-1994 Member of the Aviation Advisory Board

1984-2001 Chairman of the Sailors Home and Mission to Seafarers.                                                                           

1987-1990 Member of Steering Group, New Airport.

1988-1995 Appointed by the Governor of Hong Kong as a member of the Legislative Council.

1988-1996 Chairman of the Hong Kong Tourist Association.

1989 Chairman of the Community Chest of Hong Kong.

1990-2001 Chairman of the Hong Kong Arts Festival

1996-2001 Chairman, Committee on Deregulation, Business Advisory Group.

Date first appointed to MAS Board:  29 August 2001

Board Committee:  Board Safety and Security Committee (Chairman)

Other directorship of public companies:  Nil

Looking at his background, he has attained GCE “A” Level as his highest qualification and no experience whatsoever in the aviation industry or public listed company.

At least Tan Sri Azman Yahya is more qualified in that sense as he has a degree, is a director of several famous public listed company namely SCOMI, CEO of Symphony House, Bolton and others.

Dato’ Rohana Rozhan and Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng, both with no aviation experience, holding high post in ASTRO and IJM but both believe they have vast knowledge about aviation.

With Martin’s background especially his GCE “A” Level, it is doubtful that he could contribute much on matters pertaining to safety and security in the aviation industry and/or advise the CEO on the global developments on a wide range of commercial issues, continuing his active links across the airline industry and the regulators

Yours truly has been informed that throughout his directorship in MAS, Martin has been traveling extensively on MAS free of charge and of course, First Class by virtue of his directorship. Now he is still enjoying his free First Class travel on MAS as the Advisor to the CEO. Yours truly has also been informed that MAS is paying his five stars hotel whenever he visits KL.

Can anyone help with his travel itineraries thus far and whether they were for official business or personal?

At a time when MAS is BLEEDING, does MAS need to spend hundred of thousand Ringgit in keeping such character like Martin and others in MAS? 

The Board of Directors of MAS will be having a meeting on 17 July 2012. MAS Board must revisit the appointment of its members and such appointment and weed out the “deadwood”, which is costing MAS a lot of money to sustain them in terms of salaries, allowances and the privilege of free First Class travel.

The Board of Directors of MAS should also withdraw all privileges accorded to its ex-directors namely Tan Sri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun both from AirAsia who were appointed to MAS Board by virtue of the said share swap. On 2-5-2012 the said share swap was reversed by YAB PM Datuk Seri Najib.

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37 thoughts on “Does MAS need Martin Gilbert Barrow as an Advisor?

  1. Keep up the good work YB Wee…. your insight into exposing these “freeloaders” would definately help in getting rid of them sooner since our own people does not know who, how and what is going on…
    This (wheel)Barrow somehow have managed to plonk himself within the inner circles ONLY to ensure his “free” passage to and from the UK. God only knows what he has contributed to MAS except to pander the managers and the staff with empty promises and bull. By looking at your detailed info on his resume – after 2001, he is more like an ‘expired product’ instead of an asset to the airlines. Even his involvement in the aviation field “expired” in 1994!

    On a serious note, with hope that you would be offered a position on MAS board – to help make positive changes since you seem to be the only one that is aware of the rot that is happening with the upper management.

  2. This Mat Salleh is a parasite in MAS. He has a Japanese wife. He has been traveling for free on MAS to Tokyo and back. The majority of traveling were from KL/Tokyo/KL and KL/London/KL.

    How could one appoint this Martin Barrow as the advisor to the CEO and to sit on the Safety and Security Committee, when he has zero knowledge about matters relating to the aviation industry.

    No wonder MAS is in such a mess as it is headed by this clueless AJ.

  3. Kita masih mengekalkan mentaliti penjajah dalam MAS. Apa saja yg dibuat oleh mat salih, kita anggap dia terlalu bagus dari segenap aspek. Lihat lah PROTON dgn Danny Bahar. Apa saja Danny buat sebelum ini, naik helikopter, private jet takda sapa yg tegur until Melayu sejati seperti Datuk Seri Khamil Jamil dengan berani membuang Danny Bahar. MAS memerlukan melayu yg berkaraktor seperti Datuk Seri Khamil Jamil untuk membuat untung dalam masa yg singkat iaitu tampal semua leakages dgn membuang pengarah2 yg tak berguna dan mengisi kekosongan dengan pegawai2 melayu berprestasi tinggi dan bercita2 tinggi mahu melihat MAS untung. CEO sekarang melihat MAS hanya akan untung pada 2014, dan sudah tentu anda akan lihat pada 6 penggal yg akan datang, hanya kerugian yg dapat dipaparkan. Jadi sebagai CEO yg bergaji rm 250,000.00 sebulan, adakah anda tidak malu dgn mendapat gaji yg tidak setimpal dgn sumbangan anda setiap bulan?

    1. really ?? 1/4 million ringgit a month….( and this does not include the other USELESS directors and VPs) and to think of all the staff slogging their butts off, struggling to travel all the way to KLIA (especially after the BIG SHIFT from Subang – no thanks to that TF!) suffering with increased travel expenses. Almost all the “graded staff” is holding 2 or 3 jobs just trying to make ends meet while these directors are chauffered driven to work….

      Personally – I wonder how many 1st class tickets needed to be sold, just to pay your freaking monthly salary… Please FO go back to Malakoff!! Opps.. or you could get smart and really prove your worth but firing all these useless directors first, next – learning what your award winning staff is feeling and try to win their hearts and minds…. then try to fix things, from the top first. We have had enough of useless CEOs after Tan Sri Aziz left. Maybe if you do things right from now, you might be loved and forgiven…

  4. It is as though there are no other qualified Malaysians to sit on MAS Board. If we want to appoint a Mat Salleh, surely there must be much better one than this freeloader.

    How do you expect MAS to recover when MAS had to pay good money and free first class ticket to sustained this Mat Salleh.

    AJ, what so wrong with you? You have appointed useless Mat Salleh like Shane Nollan and others of PlaneConsult. Don’t you think for a moment that you are wasting MAS fund unnecessary?

  5. For a start…Vinnie..saya sokong kalau semua BOD gaji di’freezed sehingga MAS dapat plush dalam masa yang tersingkat…take payah tunggu sampan 2014! Kedua…semua penerbangan BOD di luluskan kepada economy je……drebar, housing untuk mat salleh di tarik balk…..what say you….

  6. That Azahari, fatty Zahara Zaid and Nor Zalida Ahmad must also go so that MAS have the chance to recover. We cannot be having idiots heading those important departments.

    Hopefully Clueless AJ will wake up soon from his slumber and take the necessary actions to get rid of Martin Barrow and these three.

  7. Biasala tanahair ku,tiada sentuhan org putih,tiadalah kejayaan.tengok sahaja orang putih di MMHE milik negara pun orang putih terajui.dapat byk project tapi semua project tanahairku yg punya,tiada satu pun project luarnegara yang dibawanya.tiada seorang pun berani Tanya…semua Akan jadi dungu kalu orang putih sentuh.tak disangka bangsa Malaysia kurang mampu…

  8. What else to expect if a group CEO travels dressed like a farmer up to Paris and London and back in one day for fun. All this is a good example for “cost saving”. The Farmer has no experinece in aviation, so why should it be a requirement for his consultants to have it. just make sure you travel in style and keep on wasting money, whilst others even buy their pencils from their own money. Ahhh ….shameful people with no dedication to MAS…
    MAS is bleeding, ehh ??? Start costsaving at the top and from the top to prove its meant serious. As long as MH can affort to have farmers and frequent flyers in keypositions…tell us another. The rot starts at the top.

  9. Dear AJ, if MB was that good he would have already made a difference and gave lots of idea when he was a board member. Why Tan Sri Aziz not good enough to become your advisor? Oh yes I forgot, Tan Sri Aziz is a malaysian, and not a mat salleh, hence not good enough lor.

  10. “What 2 do? This management run by ball carrier managers so that they can keep their job. Upper management depending on middle management but midldle management screwing the rest below. MAS is screwed.”

    Lu tolong wa, wa tolong lu, asal gaji masuk.

  11. MAS top management and BOD must be sleeping when they appointed Martin B to the top position. When AJ came on board with Khazanah, they must be sleep walking.

  12. First and foremost, why do we even have AJ as the CEO?!!! He also doesn’t have any airline experience, and have only been managing stable assets in IPPs !!! Managing politicians on tariffs definitely not the same ….. never ending frustration with this company…. btw, anyone saw the seat configuration on the A380s? I bet they got it all WRONG again….ha ha

  13. it is the same with KLMRT project. A mat salleh was appointed as Project Director as if none of our engineers qualified to fill that post. We have built 2 LRTs projects, ERL, monorail etc etc…. dont tell me our engineers did not pick up anything from these projects. We can employ probably 10 local engineers ith their salary! YB check also on group of expat engineers good for nothing in MAS engineering section. They should be weeded out too.

  14. A380 configuration ??? Yes jumbled up ………… Due to the last minute seat reconfiguration instructed by T.( which cost additional of at least USD 1.6 millions per aircraft) , the business class passenger in the upper deck are having a bigger roomier toilets which is originally meant for first class seat passengers.

    Now first class passenger who pay premium fare being short changed by MAS by having a smaller business class toilet in the main deck .

    They can can reconfigure/change the seats , but it will be a major job if they want to change/reconfigure the toilets or galley .

    Never ending story………

  15. I wonder what is Malaysian Govt doing ? Is Najib aware of all the wrong doing and mismanage of money in MAS? Or he just close his eyes and worries more in the coming GE that is very challenging to win?
    Wake up Malaysians we are being swindle by the incompetentcies. YB keep up the good work!

  16. every i pray and request from Allah I doa that the crooks in MAS from the top to others are punish not in akhirat but also in this world as you can lie to MAS staff but you can lie to allah.

  17. Every time i pray i ask from Allah to assist to help MAS as this crooks can lie to MAS staff but you cant lie to Allah.

  18. This Mat Salleh was not fit to be an advisor to the CEO. What can he advice? Just imagine a CEO need an “A” Level holder to be an advisor! AJ must be as clueless as ever. That’s why he needed to send out two e-mails to express his heartfelt gratitude to the Nanny Danny, who is a failure in MAS.

  19. Not only we had to terminate this Martin Wheel Barrow. MAS must aso terminated the good for sleeping Slumberjack in MAS. Why mus MAS pay such a high salary for a Slumberjack, who has not said anything to help MAS during the share swap. Why Slumberjack?

    Was AA your special “preferred” airline? or your son ….

  20. I agree with Hazrul. The other advisor that MAS got to get rid in order to save cost is the Slumber Jack, who has done nothing in MAS but MAS had to maintain a big office. What is the point?

    Where is your pride Slumber Jack?

  21. anwar
    main person to go is the ugly looking Ahmad Jauhari who is now having a nice time at the Farnborough Airshow and am sure he would also have some dinners with Tony and his gang all on mas account.

    YB you have said in many months about this AJ character and he is still in MAS uptodate and will be in the next 2 years and our words has no value to MAS as they will do what they want despite of all your efforts to assist MAS.

  22. AJ, im not sure what is your qualification but i’m very sure you are NOT qualified to run an airline. Especially MAS. Word of advice, why not leave MAS, concentrate on your Triathlon thing then you can live peacefully and have scandal with celebrity if theres any that still find you attractive ( which most of us doubt so)….

  23. There is simply NO EXCUSE for AJ to have an “advisor” . Its already 10 months, in that 10 months, all sorts of CON-sultants have come and gone, at a cost of millions. To do what? To “think” for AJ? So, besides AJ’s handsome salary, MAS has to fork out some more millions for these CON-sultants (remember Planeconsult?) for them to hand-hold AJ (and Danny and the Board)!. Wheel barrow has been around for years! What are his deliverables? Besides doing “inflight checks” on his regular runs to London and Tokyo……ini macam kalu, business mana tak lingkop? How many seats do we have to sell to pay for all these “luxuries: like a personal “advisor” to the CEO? I think even if we overbook and strap passengers to the wings and get load factor of 150% also still cannot break even. Lagi bagus buka kilang biskut aje la.

  24. Dear YB. Again you do very good job expose wrong doing of MAS. Does MAS need Martin Gilbert Barrow as an Advisor? Answer is No-no-no. Because board of director alredy got board safety and security comitee chairman Tan Sri Tan Boon Seng @ Krishnan and member Ahmad Jauhari bin Yahya. See page 37 MAS Annual Report 2011. My fren in MAS also say Kapt Oii is already very good manager for safety and security so why need this Martin to advise? Someone say he only got only a A level or LCE but no airoplane experience, so how he better than Kapt Oii (40 year experience), i dont know. Also he got kickoff old MAS board of director because he didnt do any job. So why take him back? Haiya, Like this, Malu-lah.! MAS must sack him. Safe money meh. tq

  25. YB ~ if MAS ever need an advisor now, it should be Tan Sri Aziz. and nobody else (which includes this ‘freeloading’ A-level qualified Mat Salleh). I am scratching my head and wondering out aloud, why is the former PM (AAB) an advisor to MAS too? Now what aviation experience does he have…

    I humbly think Tan Sri Aziz would know better than that sorry excuse for an advisor. As it is, the ex-PM screwed up so bad that he almost lost the 2008 election for BN, perhaps he should just retire and go hold hand with Jean and ride into the sunset (and stay in Kepala Batas!)

    If Dr. Don can be brought back, there is NO EXCUSE MAS to say GOOD BYE to that (sleeping) advisor and bring back Tan Sri Aziz to be the advisor. Perhaps then, we would see Tan Sri kick some people out too…

  26. The Wheel Barrow should be given the boot and yet that clueless AJ can appoint him as a Security and Safety Advisor to him. Slumber Jack advisor too should be given the boot. Another good for nothing. The Slumber Jack can only contribute to the losses in MAS.

    The Slumber Jack should quietly disappear and enjoy his regular sleep. That will be the most fruitful thing he could do for MAS.

    The Mr Clueless should also go.

  27. Every time this Mat Salleh comes into our department in MAS, it is like Darth Vader coming to a Star Destroyer to inspect his Imperial Clone guards. The saddest thing is all the bosses will layan him as if he is going to draw his light sabre and cut off their head! A lot of people in MAS can do better than him and yet all their views are overlooked. This Mat Salleh will always ask for our opinion and then will write it down only to ciplak the information elsewhere. God only knows how many secrets he has taken out and passed to other airlines or aviation companies.

  28. no need to bring back all the has beens.. semua dah brain dead and the business time was different and the workers in mas now are gen y..not that type of people anymore.let not dream too much.we want a new mas…. not a replay of yesteryears.

  29. MAS EVP dapat 10 free tiket 1 st class setahun ooo…perluke byk tu…byk annual leave diorang…lol.
    camne le nk untung from sales..Aj tak tau le dpt brape…

  30. Check before you lie. Where EVP got 10 free tickets a year. Please do not resort to fitnah and bohong.Jangan cakap dusta.Jawap dengan allah nanti.

    1. eh, kalau 2 SETS of annual priviledge ticket and up to 5 dependents plus spouse or spouses (kan ada EVP yang ada 2 bini), kira2 dah LEBIH pada 10, kan? hai, mana MAS tak lingkop, EVP pun tak pandai kira………

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