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The Voyage Report on the scandalous “Nanny” Danny

The original Voyage Report MH 122 1st January 2012

The highlighted parts shown how “Nanny’ Danny and wife abused their powers

Please read in HERE, HERE & HERE.

47 thoughts on “The Voyage Report on the scandalous “Nanny” Danny

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Nanndy Danny where are you going to hide now? The best place is the toilet bowl. Your wife and children must be proud of you as the Deputy Group CEO of MAS.

    The incompetence AJ, Md Nor and the members of the Board, what more evidence do you need to take take disciplinary actions against this Nanny Danny.

    YAB PM, please take immediate actions against Nanny Danny and the rest of the AirAsia imports in MAS before it is too late.

  2. Now MAS staffs would like to see how are the cronies and incompetence members of board of directors are going to defend the nanny Danny. If this is condone, MAS can close down its Disciplinary Section. It is a free for all.

    If still no action against this bloody arrogance bas..rd then MAS is doomed for sure. Get out Nanny Danny. Then you can upgrade your nanny to your master bedroom with your wife. We don’t care just get out of MAS. We can stand the sight of you or even hearing your name in MAS.

  3. I was in a Management position in MAS 2 years ago, and during that time, Dato Seri Idris Jala instituted a zero upgrade policy in the aircraft. All upgrades must be done on the ground and through the system. This is to prevent leakage of revenues where passengers who know friends (pilots, IFS/Chief Stewards) get a free upgrade without paying, I have seen cases where ex-MAS employees buy the cheapest economy class tickets and then automatically get upgraded to First Class when the enter the aircraft. (never having to occupy their economy class seats) and they also boast that they never have to travel “cattle class” even though they only bought economy class tickets.

    There has be instances where even the Sultan of Pahang’s entourage had to seat in Business or Economy class because the first class was occupied by paying passengers.

    Danny in upgrading his nanny broke the rules, it is no wonder that the Capt also upgraded his family (which is not permitted) so 2 wrongs as contained in the voyage reports. Evidently the Deputy CEO’s nanny is more important than the Sultan’s Entourage.

    Do what SIA does, every employee and family members not allowed on First Class, this includes the family of the CEO. Only the CEO himself is allowed in First class if on duty travel.

    Stop these mini Napoleons from ruining our national carrier and country! Can MACC do anything about this abuse of power?

    1. What are you talking about lots a bullshit. Captains and senior first officers are entitled to travel in first class as covered in our MOU! I reckon you are not former management. Captains can use their annual free travel for wife and kids in first class and this is allowed by our terms of employment go figure and get your facts right! Captain and first offers are allowed to occupy first class seats on their duty rest and catered 2portions of first class meals while operating. All had been agreed from Adams days as part of our perks. Anyway nobody can occupy super 1st class seats being up in front flying the plane. I get hungry I eat deny me try please!

      1. Wat he meant is the upgraded of the captain family when they supposed to sit in the economy class

  4. YB Wee,

    It is indeed a sad day for MAS when wholesale INDISCIPLINE by one of the highest-ranking official is silently CONDONED by the Board.

    Lesser citizen of MAS would have been shown the door before they could even say “Gosh!” So now, we all can forget Discipline and bury Corporate Governance coz precedent have been set by the power to be.

    YB, I heard that when Danny Nanny denied any wrong-doing to MESA Secretary at the townhall, he was politely advised by En Matdiah to clarify the matter with you. However, I was made to understand that Danny Nanny went on whining that he wanted to sue you (YB Wee) for defamation. Did he served you any preliminaries or legal demand, Sir?

    1. Pak Berlalang

      Thank you Pak Beralang for your comment and participation here.

      I heard nor only that Amok’s most trusted crony denied his wrong doing but also reciting several Quaranic verses from his handphone to swear his innocence. I am sure that other MAS staffs who are subjected to disciplinary actions will not be spared if even they are prepared to swear by reading the Holy verses from their respective handphone.

      Now that the original Voyage Report has been published for all to read I just wonder whether Danny would like to this time “Sumpah Laknat” on his innocence in the proper manner. I just wonder which mosque he is going to “Sumpah Laknat”.

      Thank God, I have not received any Letter of Demand from his lawyer. However, there are defences available. The best one is Justification and the other is Fair Comment. In the interim, the Top Management should respond to this original Voyage Report for MH122 on 1-1-2012. Silence is no longer an option for the Top management including the Board of Directors of MAS.

      MAS union excluding MASEUS should be asking the Top Management of MAS why are they condoning such blatant abused of power by Rashdan.

      Thank you

      With kindest regards

      wee choo keong

  5. YB Wee, I think its time to listen to all MAS Staff. As someone who always travel with MAS, it is worst image i ever seen since the swap project and the new CEO. I guess you are the best person to let PM knows about this and convince him to change other CEO and the best decision is to pick someone from MAS to become a new CEO. Everyday I read your blog and very embarrassing figure and damage has been done by the CEO, Danny and AA people and all their cronyism. So, don’t too long. MAS reputation has been left far away from other airlines and absolutely cannot compete with SIA and even GARUDA…

  6. No worries for Danny boy.

    It is his words against the Voyage Report.

    We will repeat his swearing again.

    Danny boy can do no wrong.

    And he wonders why people call him Danny boy.
    Actually not – he knew it already.

  7. Disciplinary actions are for staffs who are not from top management. No actions can be taken. nanny Danny is immuned to any disciplinary actions.

    Why are you all harping on this Nanny Danny? He is Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony so cannot take actions, The pariah needed Nanny Danny to do the necessary to “SAVE” MAS. Why are you all so against him?

    He helped to promote MAS in UK by paying RM18 million to QPR and stopped Firefly jet services, changed of logo to funeral pale blue colour and others in order to save money for MAS so that MAS can pay more salaries to top management mah!

    Lets get him and the idiots out from MAS. The Board only know how to extend to the appointment of Shane Nollan, the good for nothing Mat Salleh and PlaneConsult.

  8. Till today Nanny Danny still show his asshole face in MAS. If I were you Nanny Danny, I akan cari lubang cacing and sumbat my face there, kau tak malu ke? So what have you got to say now since the VR been published and for all to read?

    AJ, why is the Plane CON-sultant Mat Salleh still hanging around in MAS? AJ you are just too stupid to sit as the CEO of MAS and Nanny Danny you are once of the greatest ASSHOLE or the world.

    We the RAKYAT know what you asshole are up and why you asshole are still hanging around in MAS.

    PM are you still sleeping? The VR is already out, so what more proof do you need? Why did Nanny Danny been call for disciplinary action, and why only staffs been send for DI?

    YB, think we have forgotten about Zahrah Zaid (Head of Human Capital) which was brought into MAS by AJ? Nanny Danny wasn’t call for DI, could it be because of Zahrah Zaid?

  9. Wahai Si Danny..

    Dengan cara terhormat elok lah kau keluar aje dari MAS…mungkin kau nak kami letakan permaidani merah dari pintu pejabat kau sampai ke pintu pagar….! lagi cepat lagi bagus.

  10. Lets see where that aresh… Going to hide now. How long more that useless idiots AJ, Md Nor, board members (Azman Yahya, wan azmi, krishnan Tan, rohana) to condone the abused of power by Nanny Danny.

    Daany, ave you upgraded your maid to your bedroom?

  11. Everybody, do you all think that with all your curses on Danny and wishes for him to get lost from MAS, it’s going to happen? Danny has the “protection” of Khazanah, and the BOD because the NEWCO or split of the airline is the end game for Danny. By hook or by crook, they will make the Newco happen, which will result in 3000+ staff sent there who will have new terms and conditions of service, bust the unions, and achieve the “right-sizing” without having to pay retrenchment rates. Danny will have his “airline”, a new toy, to lord over. It will be the beginning of the end for MAS as we know it. This will all have the blessings of the powers that be. After all even the previous PM, the sleepyhead, used taxpayers money to pay off FAX’s (Air Asia’s) hutang to MAS after their fiasco in East Malaysia. This act alone, in a developed country would have landed the PM in jail. In Malaysia, he is rewarded by getting appointed as ADVISOR to the very airline he screwed – MAS.
    The BOD has had at least 3 meetings since the “findings” on Danny’s abuse of power was submitted to them. Any decision? NO. The next meeting is on the 22nd May. Do we expect any decision from the BOD on Danny’s abuse of power? Obviously not. The BOD is no better than the very person they are protecting.

  12. To Danny, admit your mistake, take responsibility and resign like a man who believes in Allah SWT. if you dont do this, you are selling yourself, your maruah and your deen for a very very low price. everybody makes mistakes but in your position, these type of mistakes are not tolerated, now and in the hereafter because you are abusing your power and position. ishtighfar Danny!

  13. Pak Pandir

    You should know who are on the BOD. Datuk Azman Yahya, Wan Azmin, Rohana of Astro, Krishnan Tan. Who are these fu.kers? Azman Yahya is also from SCOMI. He was also in the last MAS board before sure swap. After share swap he is the only member to be appointed into MAS and to AA Board as a Khazanah rep. Who the F.. is he? What does he know about aviation? He only know one person> Tan Sri Nor Yacop.

    MAS staff must watch this Azman Yahya every move. The IT Department people must expose what the hell is going on there.

    Now I want to see why AJ, the brainless, and Md Nor, the WAU expert, going to do about the maid upgrader. Let them protect the maid upgrader and see they can do it for how long. If they don’t do anything, we must get both of them out in disgrace like the maid upgrader.

  14. Danny, where is your “maruah”? Where is your wife and family “maruah”? Just because of being a crony and gaji buta, you and your wife and family do not mind the embarrassment you have caused and to MAS!

    It must be your Cambridge upbringing that made you thick skin. You are cursed everyday by 20,0000 MAS staffs. You are only supported by an handful idiots like AJ, Tan Sri Md nOr, Azman Yahya, Shane Nollan and a few others.

    Trust us, we will make sure that you will be out in disgrace. So are AJ, Md Nor.

  15. How are you maid upgrader? still trying very hard to hang on on straw. Your thick skin wife must be proud of you! We will carry on to “CACI” you and family until you leave. You can join AAX and do what you have done in MAS. I am sure that the Pariah will look after you.

    Ha ha Ha! Dany boy you are f.ck this time. So better run to your master and the Pariah for advice how to hang on to your gaji buta.

  16. What else AJ got to say in defend of this maid upgrader? He is a disgrace to MAS. He should be thrown out of MAS now. He is now MAS enemy No. 1.

    Maid Upgrader get out now. We do not need you in MAS.

  17. That bast..rd must be thrown out of MAS as soon as possible. He dared to swear when the evidence is overwhelming then he is not a human being. Allah will punish him. A Muslim will never dare to swear in Allah name when the thing was true. But this bast..rd will do anything to save himself for the sake of the Pariah.

    AJ is no different because he is also sucking up to the Pariah. AJ had to face Allah too.

    i had never seen Malay like Rashdan and AJ. These two must be thrown out of MAS as soon as possible.

  18. Aj what the hell you are doing as a Group CEO in the light of such a damning Voyage Report against this Nanny Danny? AJ should also be subject of DI as he is condoning such a blatant act of abused of power.

    AJ is a useless manager. Good for bullshitting. He is also part of the Pariah’s agenda. how could he allow the extension of the contact of the useless Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult?

  19. Danny, your actions and words are a complete disgrace to Malaysia Airlines. We do not respect you. In meetings we shake your hands maybe smile but inside we think so lowly of you. It is a great shame for MAS to have top management like you. I’m sad for you cause you are too arrogant to see the cancer that you are.

  20. Now I see. Hii, Captain and Danny wanted upgrade. One did not asked permission while the other asked but did not get. welcome to malaysia. semua sama aja.

  21. Everybody, remember what happened on 9th August 2011? The day the share swap was announced, and with it, the unceremonious kicking out of Tengku Azmil and the previous BOD. In the last 8 months almost all EVPs have left except the “decorative-but-incompetent” Hayati who surrounds herself with ampu bodek lackeys, the man who chairs the the “longest meetings” in MAS BUT with no output or results to show – Salleh Takbrani, and the one AJ calls a “joker”, the balls carrier,the one who-will-not-rock the-boat Capt Izham. Now, now, now, why do these 3 survive? Simple, because they represent the very worst of the legacy management left behind and are the “showcase” for the incompetency and political manouverings of the MAS before the share swap.
    Unfortunately, these are the ones TF , the BOD and the consultants see
    regularly. So is it any wonder that the whole MAS population IS DESCRIBED as “LOW productivity?” That is also why Aj is shocked that this low productiviy masses can achieve 90percent+ OTP and can “save” flights.
    Back to 9th August 2011 – share swap = new CEO and BOD. Now, the very same share swap is reversed, shouldn’t the CEO, DCEO and the BOD be kicked out too? No need to give them a “second chance”. 8 months is long enough. A new employee, executive and up, is given 6 months probation. If cannot pass probation, bye bye. Back to CEO, DCEO and BOD, without an iota of a doubt, you have all FAILED in your probation and in the carriage of your responsibilities ” to SAVE Mas” – okay lah – to TURNAROUND Mas. Worse, you all have well and truly left MAS in a shambles (maybe it is more exact to say, they have FUBAR-ed MAS). Please do the honourable thing and leave, leave NOW!! Staff will NEVER trust all of you. Just GO.

  22. If one were to take a poll in MAS regarding AJ and the maid upgrader, the result ill be 20,000 against 0.

    AJ the Pariah’s crony, the maid upograder and Azman Yahya Krishnan Tan, Rohana and Wan Azmi better FO now. No one in MAS trust any of you. All the gaji buta. just FO. We don’t want to see your faces at all.

  23. The silence following the unravelling of the share swap is deafening. Clear indication that AJ has no authority to make any decisions but is just a puppet waiting for instructions from above – chief among them is Talam Dua Muka … of Kerala descent (same as Tony F) who is holding Najib by the b***s

  24. AJ is not fit to be the CEO of MAS. He has no inkling of how to protect MAS. He allow Shane Nollan to charge AAX with extreme low cost fare below market rate to uplift AAX passengers, refuse to enforce the agreement when AAX failed to pay the RM31 million and condone and/or cover up Nanny Danny abused of power where Nanny Danny unilaterally upgraded his maid and baby to First Class against rule and policy of MAS. The above are not all.

    AJ and Danny FO from MAS please. we do not both of you.

  25. what the problem? everyone dont vote for barisan nasional this election.simple.everyone vote opposition party.if they win,everyone complain and make public.

    1. YES. MAS staff, families, friends, customers & well wishers CAN move & campaign from NOW to gather MORE THAN 1 MILLION VOTES to PAKATAN RAKYAT. Throw BN out. Get PR to help reorganize MAS. Gather evidence on AMOK, Danny Boy, AJ, TF, KM, ZZ, AD, & ALL the new imported A-holes. When PR wins, get these f…ers investigated & charged in COURT. Send them ALL to where they belong …….JAIL.
      Muslims: Pray the HAJAT prayer & ask ALLAH for help to send these mother f..ers to jail & Allah’s punishment. Also those who r behind them like the MAHAFIRAUN, the DIME, etc, etc.

  26. Correct Version:

    Try this:

    MAS Pilot Training Academy JV

    MAS – Investment 9 Simulators = 10% Equity
    CAE – Investment 3 Simulators = 50% Equity
    Air Asia – Investment ZERO = 40% Equity

    Hey I wanna get in on it too.

  27. Now that the original Voyage Report has been published, I wonder tether this maid upgrader idiot would want to “sumpah” again by reading from his hand phone.

    The maid upgrade’s wife should advise his stupid husband not to invoke God’s name in vain just for the sake of defending the indefensible. We in MAS know this f..king maid upgrader is the no 1 bullshitter of all time. He is good in showing off is Cambridge degree. That means nothing to us. The maid upgrader is only good in abusing his power.

    I hope that he has upgraded his maid to his bedroom together with his wife too.

    AJ masih tidur algi kah? This good for nothing Group CEO is no different to the maid upgrader by condoning the abused of power. He is jus as guilty by condoning. The Baord of director is no different.

    We must do everything we can to get rid of the maid upgrader, AJ, Datuk Azman Yahya of SCOMI and ex-Danaharta head, Rohana of Astro, Krishnan Tan of IJm, Wan Azmy Wwan Hamzah of Landmark, who are with ZEZRO knowledge about aviation accept representing their own narrow interest.

    the above name idiots please FO from MAS. We do not need you. Since MAS is bleeding MAS must save cost by getting rid of the GAJI Buta top management of MAS.

  28. Air Asia is offering 250,000 seats ‘free’.
    Promo period: last date 20 May 2012
    Travel period: 04Jan-22May 2013
    Passengers only pay fuel surcharge and taxes. Assuming each one pays 100 ringgit, this amounts to 25 million ringgit. Do you think anyone who takes up this offer is going to buy one way tickets – of course they are going to buy return tickets. Taxes from other countries can be high and add the fares and fuel surcharge for the return trip and this can easily translate into hundreds of millions of ringgit. Air Air Asia will have filled their coffers with hundreds of millions of Ringgit without operating a singe flight and they only need to deliver on this next year. So they now take your money and multiply it – they actually getting free money to invest as they like. And in the event they scrap operations, big (and stupid) brother MAS will take them probably for free as part of the post share swap unravelling collaboration. All are now suckers – all you idiots who are taken up by Air Asia’s nonsensical ‘free’ offer and MAS which has to come down from its premium 5 star pedestal to lick the a**e of the mighty LCC. Air Asia is laughing all the way to the bank – thanks to all you suckers. It is incredible that Msians who usually take first and pay later – through instalments should now pay between 8 and 13 months in advance for something they may not or may not have a chance to use

  29. Gaji Buta AJ is still asleep or trying very hard how to save this Nanny Danny for the pariah’s agenda. AJ, have you pressed for payment of the RM31 million deposit from AAX. How long are you trying to help your pariah boss?

    After giving very cheap sale ticket, now MAS had to help on delay payment. Was this the way to turn around MAS? Was this how you help MAS to recover from BLEEDING?

    Tak Malu kah AJ? Tiada maruah Kah? Letak Jawatan shaja.

  30. hat AJ has made MAS a subsidiary to AirAsia. Hence the special low fare to uplift the 35,000 AAX passengers. AJ is the worst CEO MAS ever had.

    Now he is condoning the Nanny Danny for his upgrading of his maid to First Class. Evidence is too clear that this Gaji Buta AJ is the same as the Nanny Danny, Rozman, Shane Nollan and Azhari.

    Now we should know why AJ allow the extension of Shane Nollan and PlaneConsult for another three months.

    AJ must also be out of MAS.

  31. AJ is still living in denial syndrome that all is well if he remains silence and thing will blow over. no way AJ. We are watching you and your nanny Danny. We want to see for how long you are going to defend this idiot Nanny Danny who has damage MAS too much. he has killed Firefly jet service to serve his master pariah.

    Now AJ is showing that he is also serving the Pariah by protecting this Nanny Danny. We will never co-operate with AJ until nanny Danny and the AirAsia imports are thrown out of MAS.

  32. Captain of MAS must have their wings clipped as well. Enjoying all the perks and also seems shielded from punishment. Time for management to review these overpaid pilots who always get the best terms & conditions in their CA time over time. Some even accorded Datukship for doing nothing. Yes time to keep these little Napoleon’s in check as they think they are indespensable and has become kepala besar and arrogant .

    1. I think your comments smack of envy. In all categories of staff, whether they are captains, engineers, cabin crew etc, there are good ones and not-so-good ones. In my 30 years of working as a ground staff, I find 90percent of our Captains very polite, professional, highly intelligent and generally very pleasant. Of course there are some as you describe. So it is not fair to tar all of them with the same brush. However, if you want to find the single largest concentration of Napoleons, look no further than our HC, and the bodoh sombong is not confined to those with high positions only in HC, it cuts across their whole culture! As for saying they are “overpaid” have you done your homework? If YOU happen to be in an aeroplane, what is YOUR life worth? I will not begrudge the Captain who ensures I, and hundreds of others,
      arrive at our destinations safely. MAS’s Captains have a world reputation
      for this.
      One more thing, be careful, by saying they get Datukships for nothing is actually insulting the very Sultans who accorded them.

  33. bodoh sombong, danny the nanny ni, muka tak tau malu, kesian ibu bapa dia, kesian family dia.
    punya anak macam dia. Danny orang kampong dah tau,
    chou lah…dari MAS.

  34. AJ why are you and the Board still condoning the abused of power by the maid upgrader Nanny Danny?

    Tak malukah Nanny Danny? Isteri dan keluarga si Nanny Danny tak malukah dengan tingkah laku si Nanny Danny?

    Ptui! kepada AJ dan nanny Danny.

  35. Dear YB. Is the below story printed in the Star (13-5-2012) to reply to your story The Voyage Report on the scandalous “Nanny” Danny ??? You can read it here….. http://thestar.com.my/columnists/story.asp?col=prioritylane&file=/2012/5/13/columnists/prioritylane/20120513102153&sec=Priority%20Lane

    Sunday May 13, 2012

    The kids, the help and the classy traveller


    When flying First Class, it would help if a few basic rules are met, especially when you’re bringing the entire family.

    I have always believed that class is in-born. It is something that one either has or one does not. You can’t go out and buy it, just because you think you can afford it. It comes naturally. It’s that certain quality that differentiates old money from new. Old money is always tasteful, understated yet consistently elegant and stylish.

    The nouveau riche on the other hand, are, more often than not, crass, loud and at times vulgar. In fact, sometimes class has no association with money whatsoever. You can have no money and still have class, and you can have all the money in the world and be as tacky as a neon sign in a red-light district.

    One of the things that make tacky people, well, tacky, is the way they constantly want the world to know they have money. If you have an ounce of class within you, you will know you don’t have to advertise your wealth for people to recognize your worth. On the contrary, you always conduct yourself with dignity and consideration, putting propriety of conduct above your own vanity. The tell-tale signs of your wealth, if at all, should be peripheral. People may notice, but not because you shove it in their faces.

    I’m not sure if it’s the sign of the times but there are more people now who try very, very hard to make people know they are wealthy or important. As a frequent traveller, I find that nothing encapsulates this more than the people who proudly travel with the kids and the hired help. And they want the world to know that their ability to afford this must mean they are really rolling in dough.

    I have no objection to people travelling with their kids and domestic staff. If it does nothing to your bank balance and it makes your life easier, then why not? By all means, go forth with your brood and drag the maids with you. But I feel that there is some etiquette in doing that. Not only so that you don’t inconvenience those unfortunate enough to be travelling with you, but also so that you wont be judged tacky or of not having any class.

    This is particularly important when you are flying on a commercial airline. I am sorry, but I cannot stand those families with screaming kids all sitting in First Class along with the maids. I think that’s only acceptable if you take up the entire First Class section.

    Otherwise you rob other passengers of the enjoyment of the First Class experience for which they have paid huge sums of money. Here’s the newsflash: People are too polite to tell you, but the fact is, nobody likes the ceaseless chatter of your annoying little child except you; their running up and down the aisles with the maids chasing after them is not adorable; and no one wants to hear your spoiled little brat screaming when he or she doesn’t get everything he or she wants.

    If you must travel with your whole household in tow, then you should always bear in mind the comfort of other passengers. That’s the kind of consideration that shows you have class. For one thing, it is simply inappropriate for maids and nannies to fly in the same class as you, unless, as mentioned earlier, there is only you up there and no one else. Otherwise it may make other passengers uncomfortable.

    Secondly, if you must have your domestic staff along with you, they should be suitably attired, ideally in uniforms or outfits which define clearly that they are workers travelling with their employers.

    They (and perhaps your unruly children) should be seated in a different section of the aircraft and only occasionally be called to attend to you if necessary. If you have a problem child who cannot be separated from you, then short of flying private or not travelling at all, you should seat yourself in the lesser class with your problem child and the maids so that the end result is that you don’t make others suffer for your personal comfort. Self sacrifice is always laudable and appreciated, whereas inconveniencing others so that you can have it easy is quite plainly, tacky.

    I know of a very refined couple who insist that their children and the maids, nannies and their what-have-yous travel ahead and wait for them at their destination. This allows them to travel later, lighter and in far greater style and elegance than they would have, were they to be with the entire clan. But I guess this may not be an option for many, nor indeed something many would be inclined to do.

    Whatever it is, the point I am trying to make is simple. Don’t be the anecdote that other travellers tell when describing what a horrible flight they have had. Sympathize with the people who have to suffer the antics of you and your clan, rather than expect them to be sympathetic of the fact that you have to travel with your unruly kids and the maids that can’t control them. It’s irrelevant that you can afford to take your kids, the maids, and the maid’s uncles to fly First Class with you. What matters is that you realize that doing so is simply inappropriate. That is the distinction between having class or not.

    ■ Snobama thinks the best option is just to buy one’s own airplane.

  36. I thought that the Danny boy is supposed to invoke God’s name another name to prove his innocent.

    AJ, the idiot, what the F..k are you going to with this Danny boy and, of course, your useless self? You know you are wasting your time and everybody else time by hanging on to the post of Group CEO when you doing nothing except to protect the Pariah and this Dany boy.

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