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MP of all divides condemned the MAS – AirAsia share swap!

Lt to Rt: Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, Tan Sri Azman Mokthar, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof, Tony Fernandes, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, Nazir Razak, CEO of CIMB Bank

During the Committee Stage of the Budget Debate today, many MPs of all divides spoke strongly against the secret MAS – Asia share swap.

YB Hajah Nancy bt Hj Shukri (MP for Batang Sadong, Sarawak), YB Datuk Hj Muhamad bin Hj Aziz (MP for Sri Gading, Johor), Datuk Bung Moktar (MP for Kinabatagan, Sabah), YB Datuk Wira Hj Ahmad bin Hj Hamzah (MP for Jasin, Melaka), YB Datuk Dr Makin @ Marcus Majigoh (MP for Putatan, Sabah) yours truly and other MPS questioned the rationale and condemned the said secret share swap, the so-called “Collaborative Frameworks” and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes’ instance of his AirAsia outfits would not use the aerobridge in the new KLIA-2.

Questions were asked why AirAsia did not object to the use of aerobridge in the airports in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Singapore, Australia, London and etc. MPs insisted that the Ministry of Transport should impose regulations that make it compulsory for all airlines in KLIA-2 to use aerobridge for the convenience of the elders, pregnant ladies, children and disabled.

YB Kinabatangan has gone further to describe the culprits who cheat the the rakyat  as “Perompak Negara”.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, MD of Khazanah Nasional Bhd, En Mohammed Rashdan Yusof, Tan Sri MD Nor Md Yusof and Datuk Azman Yahya  were not spared by the MPs.  YB Kinabatangan also called for MACC to investigate into this matter and sent those responsible to jail.

Yours truly demanded the Deputy Minister of Transport, YB Datuk Rahim, to explain three pertinent questions:

  1. How could the Department of Aviation (DCA) approve the Air Operation Certificate (AOC) to Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka FAX within two months of its incorporation (incorporation date 19-5-2006)?

  2. After having discovered that six aircraft were grounded due to un-airworthiness  and one aircraft was cannibalised for spare parts, why DCA did not withdraw the AOC from FAX?

  3. When FAX changed its name to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd at the end of 2007 and under such circumstances how could the Ministry of Transport granted 32 international routes to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd to compete with MAS and it only operate 16 routes and thereafter terminated 3 operating only 13 routes?

The Deputy Minister of Transport did not answer these three questions. Yours truly also asked the Ministry of Transport to immediately withdraw all the routes that have not been operated by AirAsia X Sdn Bhd. Yours truly will definitely pursue further until answers are given.

In respond to the Deputy Minister stating that MAS was making huge losses, yours truly informed Parliament that when Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman was the MD of MAS, MAS not only able to make profits but managed to keep a sinking totaling RM2 billions. Further, your truly informed Parliament that the problems were not solely about management. It was about LEAKAGES. As long as LEAKAGES were not plugged, replacement of MD and management team will not be able to address the problems in MAS. One of the classic example of the leakages was Alwafeer Air. MAS management went ahead to sign the lease agreement with Alwafeer Air to lease three aircraft against the advice of professionals in MAS and no due diligence was carried out.  Alwafeer Air did not have the Air Operation Certificate when the lease agreements were executed.

Yours truly also informed Parliament that the losses sustained in the Alwafeer Air was more than RM60 million.  In fact, it could be more than RM150 millions. Further, the Alwafeer Air matter has also caused problems to the air hostesses and the captains whose salaries have not paid for many months. Some of the air hostesses, had no alternative but to work “PART TIME” at night. Yours truly used a stronger word than this in Parliament. Yours truly asked the Ministry of Transport to investigate into these problems and provide immediate helps to the air hostesses and captains.  

The said Deputy Minister of Transport could not provide satisfactory answers to the points raised by all the MPS.  Yours truly is certain that this secret share swap will not end here unless the Government intervened to stop it.

17 thoughts on “MP of all divides condemned the MAS – AirAsia share swap!

  1. Well done, YB. This event will go down in history when MPs of both divide converge against Perompak Negara to save a National Asset. MAS Unions must come in fast with the solutions.

  2. I is my sincere hope that the other MPs will continue the pressure to re-examine the entire MAS-AK share swap deal and Tony’s other dealings.

    I am dissapointed in the inaction of the PM.

  3. Syabas YB on getting support from your fellow MPs. With so many issues are up in the air now we need to focus. If I recall, you also brought the matter on NFC to Parliament.

  4. Hope that MACC, SC and Bursa KL will seriously investigate into the disgraceful acts of these bas..rds. Enough is enough.

    Tan Sri Azman Mokthar and Rashdan must be sacked for the deal. Of course, Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof and Datuk Azman Yahya, who has been recently appointed to the board of AirAsia is no angel in the dirty secret deal.

  5. Azam Mokthar must be running AMOK in Khazanah. Not seen as much in Khazanah as before. Must be hiding in the lubang facing! He has been helping his friend in this share swap deal. Lets see whether TF will help him. Soon Tf will say that Azman Mokthar has never helped. THe new MD is the one who has helped him most.

    Syabas to the MPs. Whack them more.

  6. Bravo YB for getting support from other MPs too. Wonder what is that bloody TF is up to now becoz in today’s SUN there is an article saying that the Red Indian is going to set up another Super Premium Full Service Carrier and will sure get MAS involved in it.
    Damn you TF, we don’t you to set up anymore, whatever FSC and you don’t have to pull MAS into your dirty job. MAS can survive without you and make profit too. Its the pariah like you that bring the National Carrier down and your are a disgrace to the country and your mother be cursing in her grave too for having a son like you.
    All you know is to suck up all the funds in MAS and also to lick the ass of those people behind this bloody swap deal. If you think that the RAKYAT are all stupid and idiot like you…well you are so damn bloody wrong. The RAKYAT and MAS staffs are all smart people and all of know what you have up your sleeves,
    You are really a disgrace to the people of your own race too.

  7. We must stop the Red Indian from raping or cannibalizing MAS like what FAX (AirAsia X ) did to the aircraft. The MAS staff must all stand up against this Red Indian and those stupid Melayu macai like Rashdan, Md Nor and now AJ. These stupid Melayu are just budak suruhan aje.

    The MAS Union leaders are just useless because most of them have vested interest in MAS contract. One of the Union leader wife has been given contract to clean the cabin and etc. Forget the union a bunch of useless guys.

  8. Perompak Negara are the right words to describe. Syabas to the MPs who have spoken for the plight of MAS staff and our national airlines.

    Where is Dr Wafi – he must be safiing around now. If he is of any good MAS wouldn’t have gone into the Alwafeer Air deal. He is just a deadwood that is good for burning soto ayam only! Tak malu si gaji buta ni termasuk yang lain deadwooed dalam MAS.

  9. The problem with Khazanah is they depending to much on consultant and the only criteria they look into is P&L. And they manage this from their ivory tower at KLCC. Non of their Executive Directors bother to talk to the “men \ women on the ground” i.e. Those staff that actually do the real job. Once you only depends on top management to give the feedback and those feedback was done at places like Mandarin Oriental, this the kind of result you will get. It is not too late for Khazanah to listen to the song by Boney M titled Rasputin. To help those in Khazanah you can equalized your consultant as ” Rasputin” and you know the end result. AA business model is solely based on “taking advantage” of others. To get a numbered seat so you wife and children can seat together, you need to pay extra. To get a towel at Tune Hotel, you have to pay extra. To reduce cost, no aerobridge at KLIA2 – don’t give a damn about pregnant mothers, old folks or the physically challenge people. You can see the same take advantage and dumb the shit here already – as Pak Lah no longer PM and unable to dispense anything , TF claimed he received nothing during Pak Lah’s time. AA will suck extreme drop of juice from MAS and in 3 years when they contractually no longer bound by their agreement to hold shares in MAS, they will dump those shares. At it will left to Khazanah to clean the shit. So Khazanah you better listen to the song now and so thinking whether your Rasputin is giving you the right advise!

  10. TF had cancelled his Media Conference regarding the Airport Tax. (Utusan Malaysia).


    TF blame MAHB because of the tax and he said the anger of the rakyat to Air Asia because of the MAHB tax.he blaming the RM6 for airport tax.hahahaha.funny.

    …Tony berkata, MAHB telah membuat terlalu banyak janji kosong dan syarikat penerbangan itu dipersalahkan terhadap prestasi buruk mereka. – Bernama

  11. Serve MAHB right. Give more discount on airport tax to the bloody thamby TF and see what happened now, This bloody TF turnaround and bite back at MAHB.

    Hey, TF you are really a bloody DOG…oops too good to be a DOG…too stupid to be a PIG or COW…..hhhhmmmmm…let see…OHHH I know what, TF you are just a patch of dirty, stinking, bloody, BULL SHITTTT.

    You have been given so much discount on airport tax and now you blame MAHB for a mere RM6.00…….LOL till I DROP.

    Hey, Snake…..MAHB doesn’t make Janji Kosong…it’s people like and your gang that make JANJI KOSONG….and you guys are all just a bunch of empty tin cans….always and forever making so much noise.

    Hey the RAKYAT BUKAN BODOH…la…..they know it’s not the airline who imposed airport on them. STOP talking bull shit and go back to your rubber estate and tap rubber trees la. I think if you were to go back to the rubber estate the rubber trees will also die by just looking at your asshole face.

  12. RM6 je kot (pronounce as nam hengget jea kot).

    do you realise that we must pay RM6 to you just to seat together with family members and we need to pay more RM8/one way conv.fees just because we bought Air Asia tickets.

    hello macha. you need to cermin muka you dulu la before asking MAHB.

    bloody sucker.

    mengetuk dulang paku serpih,mengata orang dia yang lebih.

  13. Hi Thamby, who are you to dictate terms to MAHB? The rakyat pay for the airport tax and you have no right toe say no to aerobridge. After all you owed Airport axes for many years and got a discount. You bloody scoundrel. Now you are still keeping the airport tax of untravelled passengers. Please hand over the airport to MAB. It is not your money.

    your passengers were charged for almost everything. Soon passenger will have to pay for using the toilet too. I think that the rakyat should boycott AA for a few months then you know the power of the people.

  14. the RM6 will definitely goes to Air Asia because of the untraveled passengers because the refund fees also too high. again Air Asia ‘makan duit’.

    got discaunt???so, the remaining money goes to Air Asia…wow…memang makan duit rakyat…holding the airport tax is just a rhetoric excuse to get the discount and the ‘makan’ all the remaining money…


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