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Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly

FiREFLY - Your Community Airline will be cannibalised very soon!

Updated 06-09-2011 @ 11:30 pm: It was a known fact that MAS set up Firefly to provide an alternative to AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd previously known as Fly Asian Express Sdn Bhd aka as FAX. Remember in 2006/2007 FAX snatched Rural Air Services (RAS) from MAS during Tun Abdullah Badawi’s administration and received about RM65 million from the government as subsidy. However, in a short span of 8 months or so it dumped seven un-airworthy aircrafts to MAS with a total bill of RM35 millions.  

On 12-11-2010 Firefly said in the Star that “it would fly commercial jets for domestic routes and begin with crossover routes, e.g. Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, on Jan 15. Asean will be its next stop”.  So it was crystal clear from the decisions of the the new management of MAS consisting of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun (both of AirAsia and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd/FAX), Tan Sri Md Nor MD Yusof, Datuk Azman Yahya and En Mohammed Rashdan Yusoff aka Danny to terminate Firefly services from JB to Kuching and JB to Kota Kinabalu via an email dated 25-8-2011 as published below. We have been indoctrinated by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes that competition is healthy and good for the travelers. Are we witnessing the real Tan Sri Tony Fernandes now?  

Perhaps we can now see a bit clearer whether MAS needed AirAsia to survive as made out to be the case in a news portal and msm or the other way around. For The Star full report please read in HERE.

Updated 03-09-20111:  First and foremost, may I take this opportunity to send my condolence to the family of the untimely death of the Bernama camera man, Arwah Noramfaizul Mohd Nor, in Somalia yesterday. The world must condemn this senseless killing of an innocent man who was there to do his job. 

I have been informed that during the Hari Raya season several full load flights of Firefly have been cancelled at the eleventh hours. The cancellations have caused enormous inconveniences to members of the public, who were on their balik kampung back to see their families like you do. Why cancel full load flights during festive season? Where is the business sense of MAS current management? Even if you want to help your close friend like Tan Sri Tony Fernandes/AirAsia, please don’t do it at the expense of the public. This was not the way to kill FIrefly, indirectly MAS. Surely with all your top financial qualifications and famous credentials under BinaFikir you should know of better ways to skin a cow! Why are you in such a rush to kill Firefly in such a desperate manner? I am sure that Datuk Omar Ong will advise you against such ill thought out decisions.
Below is the e-mail dated 25th August 2011 from MAS HQ to all its agents.
Dear Valued Agent,
Greetings from Firefly!
We regret to inform you we will no longer operate JB – Kuching V V & JB – Kota Kinabalu V V route from September 15 onwards. We don’t advise a re-routing of flights because we don’t want to inconvenience you further. A re-route through a third destination such as KLIA will double the length of your travel time if not more. To minimize disruption to your time, we strongly suggest the solution of a refund.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused and wish to offer you a refund in the form of credit shell. Please allow 8 weeks for the refund to be processed. Due to our network rationalizing exercise, and we’re very sorry that this has inconvenienced you. 
We at Firefly are more than obliged to work hand in hand with you on other routes and will do our very best to see the production grow for both our parties.
The above is the email sent out by MAS HQ to its agents on 25th August, 2011. The work of the powerful unseen hands. This must be part of the game plans of the so-called “MAS – AirAsia share swap”, which was shrouded in secrecy.  After the signing ceremony of the said share swap between Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes on 8-8-2011, it was immediately announced that Firefly will soon change its business model. Presumably, what the economic genius in Khazanah and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes meant was Firefly will stop competing with other low cost airlines, in particular AirAsia.
Instead of chasing after huge debts owed by Alwafeer Air, in HERE which involved non payment of leasing rentals for three jumbo jets amounting to ten of million RM, En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof, the Khazanah’s representative in MAS management was more interested in how to disrupt and/or stifle Firefly for the benefits of the competitor of  MAS.  Guess who?
If the stopping of Firefly’s profitable routes to East Malaysia was part of the said secret share swap exercise by YB Nor Mohamad Yacop, the former Minister of Finance II under Tun Abdullah’s administration now Minister in charge of EPU, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar and En Mohamed Rashdan Yusof, both of whom are former business partners in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd, then Firefly is as good as dead! The future of MAS is not hard to determine.
The time has come for the rakyat, bloggers and, most of all, the MAS Union to join hands to stop the rot.

56 thoughts on “Greetings from Khazanah: Fly AirAsia fly

  1. what do you expect from the Bina dan tak Fikir? The brains are between their legs. The e-mail was an obvious strategy to immediately stop Flyfly from competing against AirAsia, the closely connected to 4th floor. It will not be too long that Firefly sill stop flying to its destination like Kok Semui Kota Bharu, Penang, Singapore and etc.

    Now I know why Datuk Eddy Leong, the MD of Firefly is resigning soon. Who wouldn’t when you get people like Rahsdan, who know sweet f..all about aviation to tell you what to do. Not mention Tony, the lobbyist. God bless MAS and Malaysia.

  2. IF this magnitude of ‘day-light robbery” can happen to MAS/Firefly today, imagine what will happen to the rest of the GLC (better to call them GOC for Government Owned Companies) in the coming months and years!

    We the rakyat should not even bother to ask why it was done the way it did. We simply and clearly MUST tell the government — we have lost any faith in the Government.

    The consequent of this loss of faith — well the Government and its advisors and managers — should at least be able to figure this out.

  3. The bloody guys are trying to finish off Firefly to help AirAsia. Competition should be welcome. Toby Fernandes is a very powerful man. Tan Sri Azman should hand over MAS for free to AirAsia since Khazanah wants to help Airasia.

    What is the government doing about this obvious way of killing Firefly. If Malaysians can accept this then good luck to Malaysia. Azman Mokhtar do you have conscience? Nor Yacob is a gone case. .

  4. Mana dia sistem keluhuran undang undang kita, mana dia pengamal undang undang kita. Inilah sebabnya saya salahkan mahathir kerna dia hancurkan semua sistem pertahanan kita. Sudah masanya Rakyat bangun menentang kemungkaran ini. Allahu akbar!

  5. Dear YB,
    How come Perkasa is not making noise on this MAS – Air Asia issue.
    Is this because MahaFiraun is involved.

    I am now withdrawing my support for PERKASA and BN.


  6. As long as there is incompetence, corruption and a lack of transparency, things like this will continue to happen.
    The leaders always forget that their bosses are the rakyat.
    The rakyat always forget that they are the bosses of the leaders.

    Wake up, MAS Staff.
    Lets show Malaysians that MAS can lead again.

  7. Aaaahhh… these are the secrets of Air Asia’s success:

    1. Kill competitors using the help of lobbyists to the Govt
    2. Take customers money waaaaay in advance
    3. Pay vendors waaaay late – in the hope of negotiating a discount when the vendors are desperate for payment owed to them
    4. Cancel unprofitable flights. To hell with customers that have booked (and PAID) waaaay in advance

    So is TF a good businessman or simply a slightly better dressed big bully?

  8. Azman Mokhtar dan Mohamed Rasdan undurlah. Not fit to lead Khazanah. Just go back to where you belong BinaFikir. Then both of you can do what you like. You can get AirAsia planes to land in BinaFikir Sdn Bhd office also, we don’t care. when both of you trying to destroy MAS then we will have to fight both of you.

    The only words to describe both of you: HARAPKAN PAGAR, PAGAR MAKAN PADI. Tak malukah?

  9. was this secret share deal part of the 4th floor plan to finish off Najib?

    No one in the right mind would bother to do such a deal with Tony Fernandes.

    No one in the right mind would have agreed to stop Firefly from its operation in order to please Tony.

    Under the present circumstances, No one in the right mind would keep Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Mohamed Rasdan Yusof any where near Khazanah!

    Kick out these two BinaFikir Sdn Bhd from all GLCs.

    YB better start a campaign since they are not listening.

  10. Beware of this Tony the lobbyist. He will do anything to achieve his goals. SO we must be careful of him. He doesn’t care for MAS or Firefly. I will not be surprise if Firefly is grounded forever so that AirAsia can dominate the Malaysian sky.

    He already got Rafidah Aziz in AiirAsia. so he will get Tan Sri Sidek, kSN to speak for AirAsia. Tan Sri Sidek is a Rafidah boy because he was working under Rafidah in MITI before.

    I already heard that Sidek is also against the building of aerobridges in KLIA2. What is the post of KSN got to do with the building of aerobridges. This is a MAHB matter. Aerobridge is no longer a luxury but necessity. it is for the convenience of the passengers of all ages.

    MAHB please tell Tony to F… Off if he interfere with the running of our airport. He has no business to dictate terms. If he doesn’t want to use the KLIA 2, well and good. Let him use the LCCT that was specially built for him by Sleepy Head or the 4th floor administration.

    MAS staff should also tell Tony and his kuncu in Khazanah like Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan to stop interfering with the growth of MAS especially Firefly. If they want to help AirAsia, ask them to join AirAsia officially and stop hiding under the skirt of Khazanah and MAS. Pstui! Pstui! to this BinaFikir bas…d.

    note: sorry a slight editing. Vulgarity is discouraged here.

  11. Why don’t Azman Mokhtar instruct his budak suruhan BinaBodoh partner Rashdan to give Firefly to their friend TOny F. Cannot believe these people can do such things to MAS. Rashdan was put in MAS to take instructions from Tony and to indirectly protect AA.

  12. Time to get rid of Najib Razak and his cronies economist advisers like Azman Mokhtar.

    Najib Razak thought that he can still fool the Malays by using UMNO to gain powers purportedly to fight for Malay culture, language and race.

    Its only a front for plunderers like Nazir Razak, Azman Mohkatar, Bakkee Nur Jazlan, Tengku Zafrol to enrich their cronies through GLCs.

    The Transport Minister is not involve in MAS merger with Air Asia. All is done by his brother Nazir. Why was Nazir Razak at the merger ceremony when the TM was not?

    Time to vote UMNO out. Perkasa is a better bet to look after Malay interest as it consists of Malay intelellectual NGOS.

    The Malays need to choose their leaders based on merits. And Najib fail badly.

  13. This Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan must be removed from Khazanah before MAS and other GLCs are koyak. They just know how to BINA but tak FIKIR. But BINA for who? Tahu sama tahu. Bloody Ba….

    Stop bastardising MAS and Firefly for AirAsia – just to barrow Nazir Razak’s famous quote. Nazir is no angel too in this bloody share swap just to screw MAS.

  14. I wonder the bigger angel Omar Ong was in elegant silence mode. Don’t tell me he was not aware of this famous share swap! “Now Everyone Know What Is Going On” in this share swap rubbish.

    It is a share swap to enrich. the RM6 million question is WHO? or to save which airline – AirAsia or AirAsia X Sdn Bhd?

  15. Well done, People.
    Keep the hammering and pressure on just like we did on Munir, Sada, Azmil, Anuar, Barrow in

    The current team did the right thing by sacking the previous management but they made the biggest blunder by opening the gates to the Barbarians.

    A friendly advice to current MAS Chairman, please do the right thing before history repeat itself.

  16. Alwi

    Correct! Correct! Correct! Omar Ong didn’t surface in this dirty share swap deal. Nazir was there like a sore thump. But of course, Omar Ong, the big angel who is also a newly appointed director of AirAsia, didn’t surface at all. Too good to be true. If dig further I am sure something will show up.

    Must stop Azman Mokhtar forcing Khazanah to buy the 10% AirAsia XXXXXXX sdn Bhd’s shares which I believe will just be the start of bigger scandals. Stop them from abusing public fund. Azman Mokhtar must be out before he screwed up more things in Khazanah.

  17. Yes, OO is the brain behind this deal whereas Nazir, Azman and the rest of the stooges are basically just that, STOOGES.

    TF used to ride on KJ and now it is Nazir’s

  18. troubleshooters2011@gmail.com

    Please do not expect too much from the new chairman. He is another budak suruhan Aman Mokhtar and Rashdan. We must get rid of the three and of course not forgetting the famous Nor Yacop. If these three are kept in Khazanah then not MAS will be finished but Khazanah.

    Luckily we are reminded of the characters like Rafidah Aziz and Omar Ong, the two new recruits into TF’s team. Omar Ong cannot be ruled out at all.He could be the champion of them lot.

  19. I am sure that Tan Sri Aziz, ex MAS Chairman, must be aggrieved to see the way in which MAS has been slaughtered left and right by people like Rashdan and Azman Mokhtar who have zero experience in aviation industry.

    These two only know how to BINA with no brain to FIKIR. They were only got for the 4th Floor administration when LCCT was built for AirAsia at its infancy and in about two years later renovating LCCT at a cost of more than RM100 million. All in all the LCCT cost more than RM200 million. The builder is of course Fajar Baru, a company from Rembau. A famous Parliamentary Constituency.

    All the facts are leading to 4th Floor! so beware friends.

  20. Having read the postings on AirAsia I do agree that Azman Mokhtar, Mohamed Rashdan and Nor Yacop must be thrown out from Khazanah otherwise there will be no peace in MAS and Firefly. Firefly will be dead in a matter of weeks.

    Nazir is a banker. He is only looking into the rosy figures but not the political implications from such stupid share swap which Khazanah thought that Malaysians are kids or idiots.

    Hope Najib will wake up before it is too late for him.

  21. What shall we do to stop the rot ?
    Requisition an EGM of MAS AA or KHazanah ?
    Which authority and who can unwind the Mess ?
    YB dont be follow the Light Brigade at Crimea ?
    You lead, I follow.
    But do we have the followers ?
    We ,interested parties and everyone who are against opportunistic self enrichment behind the corporate veil are waiting for cues and etc.
    At the end of the day we shout until are blue in the internet face…… and we are awaiting still.
    arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  22. if the government refused to listen and allow these vultures to continue doing what they have been doing during their 4th floor days then just too back. They cannot blame the rakyat except themselves. I have no love for the opposition who are extremely quiet about such issues but I cannot support the BN with such glaring nonsense.

  23. YB please look at the new appointees to the board of MAS. You should know who is Azman Yahya, Rashdan, Tan Sri Mohd Nor, Rashdan the stupid Bina Fikir bugger, Kamrudin MeLanun and Tony Fernandes.

    How can these buggers look after the interests of MAS. They are there to paralyse MAS so that AirAsia can go places.

    Thank you for exposing this dirty deal. Please ensure that you whack them including that Mokhtar dan Nor Yakob kao kao.

  24. John Tan

    Thank you for reminding us of Azman Yahya. The other one is Wan Azmi, the Diam man so I am told. How about Azman Yahya who man is he? I heard that he is the MAS sleepy giant man or connected with him.

    We must do a check on Azman Yahya. This guy was from Danaharta before. I heard something about him. Lets all check about these two fellows, Azman Yahya and Wan Azmi

  25. We must bastardise them before they bastardise! I cannot believe what I have read in this blog. How on earth such deal can be allowed in such day light? Najib is either stupid or blind or influence by Nazir his stupid brother.

    Maybe Nazir wanted to see Najib fall so to please Tony and company his immediate boss for now.

  26. Adam

    I am with you. I also agree with all the comments. It is too glaring for the eyes. Even the blind can see their moves. They just want to finish off MAS so that AirAsia X can survive. AirAsia is suffering and need MAS more than MAS need them. Trust me. AirAsia is living on Tony’s publicities and those “friendly” reporters and Malaysian Insider to paint a beautiful pictures about the sick AirAsia. Until this date, never paid any dividend to its shareholders. And yet we are told that it is flying high. I like the headline: “Fly AirAsia Fly” but to where?

  27. Azman Yahya a kelatenese another nor yaakob stooges. Chairman of Bolton and Symphony group. Wan Azmi former Land n General Chairman.

    Semua gaji buta gang, proudly groomed by MahaFiraun.

    Lets expose all these people naked, give them the snigger treatment.

    Hakkk ptuiii.

  28. Thank you CON AIR. You have shed some light on the personalities raised in the comments. What does Azman Yahya and Wan Azmi know about aviation? Zero! What are they appointed by Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar to be a director in MAS? or Why are they appointed by Tony Fernandes to sit on Mas Board?

    If these two guys plus Tony and Kamarudin Meranun, MAS will be cannibalised in a very short time. If I am not mistaken Azman Yahya was also on the MAS board that gave away routes to AirAsia X Sdn Bhd.

    Najib must immediately revamped the MAS board with independent minded people with interest to protect MAS. MAS is our national carrier and we must not allow people like Azman Mokhtar, Rasdan, Nor Yacop, Azman Yahya, Wan Azmi to screw up MAS.Get rid of them in order to save MAS.

    Tan Sri Mohd Nor is just a puppet. More importantly, the sleeping giant should also be removed otherwise in a few years time we will be reading from Star, other friendly media, Malaysian Insider to be the emperor apologists and why more MAS shares had to be swapped with Tony.

    I agree with the other reader that we must prevent MAS from being BASTARDISED – to borrow Nazir of CIMB’s word.

  29. Dear friends, the govt can still reverse the decision. The share swap is only in the initial stage like S&P. It is ok to cease opn of firefly in Klia becos of overcapacity and MAS must be run by professionals not Barbarians. We must give hell to these crooks. Pls continue exposing them and embarrass them in cyberspace. With these kind of insults, do they think MAS staff can give them support. Think again, very carefully think again, pea brain. Pissedstaff

  30. I am just astounded how silent the government have been regarding MAS and Air Asia. Its very obvious to the people I speak too that the main agenda is to get rid of Firefly and for MAS to suffer enough so that it surrenders routes to Air Asia X.

  31. UMNO dah lama hilang taring sejak Pm Mahathir lagi. …… kontraktor -kontraktor Melayu … sekiranya diberi peluang pun bayaran kerja tidak dibayar akibatnya banyak yang gulong tikar, Melayu banyak merayu dengan main cont bangsa lain, inilah membuat kita hilang kuasa dan taring.

    PEMUDA sekarang semuanya penting pocket sendiri, kalau tak pakai Q7 dan Alphad, bukan pemuda inikah bangsa yang akan menyelamatkan bangsa sendiri.?

    Nota: Mohon maaf kerana saya perlu mengeluarkan tuduhan kepada orang-orang tertentu untuk mengelakkan “legal complications”.

  32. To make it easier for Tony and his business partners like Kalimullah and etc to control the growth of Firefly Tan Sri Mokhtar and Tan Sri Nor Yakop should do another share swap or sale of Khazanah to them. Inthis way there was no need for cancellation of flights during Hari Raya season or at any other appropriate time. Just resprayed the aircraft with the AIrAsia name or resprayed MAS aircrafts with AirAsia X.

    No need to be so difficult to cover sini sana. Appointing people like Mohamed Rasdan Yusof (your Bina Bodoh partner) Azman Yahya, Wan Azmi, Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin Meranun to the MAS board under the pretext of helping MAS. Helping to save MAS? Ptui! Ptui! Ptui!

    It is so easy. Why are you so stupid Tan Sri Azman? Sell Khazanah to Tony and Kalimullah will be speedy way to help your friend your good friends, Tony!

  33. Datuk Seri Najib please stop Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar, Rasdan Yusof and Tan Sri Nor Yakop from screwing MAS further. No doubt MAS needed help. But not this type of “help” from Tan Sri Azman.

    We need real aviation professionals with real experience to the MAS board to propel MAS. People like Azman Yahya, Tony Fernandes and Kamarudin are not independent and have no experience in full service airline. Tony and Kamarudin standings are questionable because they are from AirAsia. Azman Yahya is a close friend of Tan Sri Nor Yakop and … YB you should have known better.

    Wan Azmi is a property developer and close associate of very diam diam.

    Now Rashdan has started to perform by stifling Firefly by canceling full load flights. Was this not enough clear indictions of their intention?

    Stop the rot, Mr PM. Stand up against these irresponsible lots. Revamp the MAS board with real professionals. Bring back Tan Sri Aziz as advisor to MAS. You will get immediate support from the rakyat as well as MAS employees whose morales as at its lowest.

    Of course you must remove Azman Mokhtar from Khazanah because this dirty share swap clearly showed that he is not only incompetent and pretending to be stupid. Amok is a bloody bas…d!

  34. Deepa dan pembaca lain

    Saya bersetuju dengan semua komen di sini. Buang si Azman Mokhtar dan Nor Yakop. Mereka ini adalah dead wood. Mereka lebih menjaga kepentingan Tony dan AirAsia daripada MAS.

    Buang di long kang dengan serta merta GLC lebih selamat.

  35. Aman Mokhtar how many more secret share swaps are you planning before you call it a day? Please get advice from your boss, Nor Yakob p and your good friends Tony or Kalimullah. If necessary Omar Ong will also be available.

    Azman Yahya just take instructions so don’t worry about this budak suruhan.

  36. Azman Mokhtar closed both eyes on the debt amounting to million of RM owed by Alwafeer Air. He was more interested in the share swap to help Tony and Kalimulah, the ECM Libra fame.

    Azman Mokthar and Rashdan trying to save MAS. Who are they trying to fool? Just to humour themselves because very body know that he is the most incapable chairman that was appointed by non other than Dollah Badawi!

    Therefore, everybody should now understand what the share swap was all about.

    By the way, do we all know who is the real person behind AirAsia? YB Wee should know because I remember he had mentioned the name in Parliament once. Please check the Handsard. This matter is developing to an interesting level. Let get the puzzle on the personalities behind it. Please tell us more about the personalities.

    Now we have Azman Yahya, former Danaharta chief, symphoni and etc & Nor Yakop’s little budak, Azmi the Landmark very close to diam diam so they said. Kalimulah, AirAsia X. Tony Fernandes the famous AirAsia lobbyist, Kamarudin is Tony parnter. Azman Mokhtar and Rashdan the Tidak memBina atau mampu BerFikir. Tan Sri Mohd Nor is a non starter and double yes yes man.

    Can you imagine these are the people that recently appointed to save MAS! I can only say like the other: PTUI! PTUI! PTUI! PTUI! PTUI!……………

  37. Amok! Amok! Now Everybody Know How To Do Secret Deal! Now Everybody Also Know How You Are Saving MAS! If you resign now, we are sure your friend, Tony or Kalimullah can help you by appointing you to be on AirAsia Board of Director or AirAsia X together with Rafidah. Boleh duduk semeja dengan bekas ahli Cabinet.

    Atau kena stay on sebab kerja tertentu belum selesai atau Firefly belum mati lagi. Undur-LAH! Tak malukah?

  38. The deal stink. It was so obvious that they just want to kill Firefly. I am told that Firefly is making money and why Firefly had to stop its popular services to Sarawak and Sabah. Why must it cancel its flight during the Raya season. I would have thought that they should increase their flight.

    No business man with the right mind will do what they did and are doing to Firefly.

    If they honestly want to help MAS they wouldn’t have even thought of the deal in the first place. Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan the shameless beings on earth.

  39. Azam Mokhtar, Mohammed Rashdan and Nor Yacop please answer what have been stated in YB’s blog. Why so quiet?

    If cannot answer the postings better resign lah. You all are too much. o

    It is about time that PM sack all the trio from office as they are no performers and at the same time not looking after the interests of MAS. If they can do such things to MAS, how about other GLCs.

    YB you should also start your research on other GLCs. Stop the rats from their activities.

  40. At the rate this share swap is moving with cancellation of Firefly flight during raya and stopping services for profitable routes from JB to KK and etc, this Bina Tak Fikir Rashdan was showing to his boss Tony F that he was doing what he can to kill Firefly for the benefits of AA.

    Rashdan why don’t you join the board of AirAsia or AirAsia X and help them directly. stop pretending to be working for MAS. You are not. We can see it.

    Why can’t he PM see that? The PM must stop the rats from eating up MAS slowly. at this rate things are going, I will not be surprise if Khazanah had to do another share swap in a year time to save MAS.

  41. it seemed to me that this Run Amok and Rashdan are both trying their best to undermine the PM, who is trying so hard to work a better Malaysia.These two were trying their best to work for a better AirAsia.

    Lebih baik jual Khazanah kepada Tony Fernandes lagi baik.Harpakan pagar pagar makan padi!

  42. For a start Rashdan must be removed immediately and all the AirAsia people must be also removed from MAS management.Azman Yahya is questionable. Wan Azmi has no clue about aviation industry. Why is he in MAS? to do what? Draw salary?

    So the PM must get rid of all the dead wood that were recently appointed to “SAVE” MAS. Bullshit! Save what? Save their own friends and to do more damage to MAS. Just remove them and MAS will have a better chance of surviving.

    I agree to the call for PM to step in to save MAS from these bas..ds. They are not fit to be anywhere in the GLC except their own grandfather companies.

    Najib – please take immediate step to remove Rashdan and Amok immediately and appoint professionals to run MAS. Mohd nor is just a YES man. No point.

    Tank you MR PM. MAS needs you now not Tan Sri Nor Yakob.

  43. This nor yaakob guy screwed up everything he touch. First He screwed mahathir, then paklah n now najib. No wonder people cal him black midas .

  44. Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar dengan kawan dia yang Tidak Berfikir/Tiada Otak tak payah dengan susah nak matikan Firefly, jual Khazanah kepada Tony aje. Rakyat Malaysia semua bodoh jangan takut. Nanti PR 13 Najib baru tahu.

    Kalau saya jadi PM saya akan buang Nor Yakob, Amok dan Rasdan dari Khazanah. Kemudian Azman Yahya, Tna Sri Mohd NOr dan Wan Azmi. Semua ni tidak boleh dipakai lagi.

  45. Azman and Rashdan think that the rakyat tak FIKIR like them. They didn’t know that the Rakyat knew that in the secret share deal both of them are BINAing something. what? Azman said Tahu Sama Tahu! Thats why Tony just love both of them. Tony loves both of these 3 Bina tidak Mahu FIKIR because they love to protect companies especially private limited company like AirAsia X Sdn Bhd!

    Malaysia should be proud of these two because they want to use public fund through to help limited company because they have acquired the principle of caring society. They should be more caring to help a few more thousand sdn bhd. Big problem here because the directors are not their good friends so cannot help.

    I think that we better ask PM Datuk Najib to sack both of them not only to save MAS but Malaysia.

  46. Tan Sri Azman and Rashdan Yusof why both of you are so quiet? Answer lah on the Alwafeer Air scandals? Must be too busy carrying plans to cancel more routes for Firefly. Now profitable routes JB to KK already cancelled. Any other route? If this is part of the share swap, you might as well put Tony as the MD for Firefly who can do a better job by killing off Firefly faster!

  47. What else to say? so obvious want to kill Firefly. Now cancellation of flights from JB to KK and hari raya flights cancelled. Rashdan the Bina Tiada Otak boy should also cancel all flights by Firefly. Firefly instant death will definitely please Rashdan’s friend, Tony.

    Just cannot believe a Khazanah rep in MAS can do a thing like this. What is the PM doing about these glaring rubbish by this Bina Tak Fikir boy?

  48. Khazanah is sooooo stupid idiot or just act stupid for their crony benefit….. You let the rival be in your board or director and most stupid is be in exco comittee to set the direction for MAS and firefly…Hallloooooo so call inteligence graduates…DO YOU THINK TONY MAIN OBJECTIVE IS TO HELP MAS AND FIREFLY OR TO ELIMINATE THE COMPETITION FROM FIREFLY AND MAS….?????? MAS much better than airasia in term of service and net working….if MAS operate like airasia of course MAS can make profit..charge every single things…just compare the benefit of MAS crew and airasia crew…airasia crew take own transport or public bus to work…..

    Khazanah is bailling out airasia…airasia X IPO have to postpone before becaouse investor dont have trust in airasia x future….Khazanah give CPR to airasia…but tony twist the fact……

    This definetly another “budak tingkat 4” works….stupid decision been made in rush and quite…like robber…Wake up…Khazanah is helping airasia…Airasia NEED MAS MORE THAN MAS NEED AIRASIA….

  49. The termination of JB Kuching and JB K Kinabalu Firefly routes was a clear evidence of Rashdan, the Danny little boy, thinking that he is a corporate player with high qualifications, therefore he can bullshit. Even an idiot will know that this decision was made to help his close friend, Tony/AirAsia.

    Was this how the little Danny boy trying to help MAS and Firefly? My little Danny please go and learn more from your taiko to do all the bullshit.

    PM must quickly step in to sack this little Danny boy first before it is too late. Thereafter, the rest of them like Azman Yahya, Md Nor and Azman Mokhtar will then be back to line.

  50. Wee Choo Keong, bolih anda beri pandangan dan ulasan atas Sime Darby beli saham E & O ?
    Nampak macam ada kaitan ngan yang ini AA MAS.
    M O tak sama, tapi GLC ini sudah sendiri pandai.Saya tak suka lah deal ni.
    arjuna waspada.
    changkat lobak.

    1. arjunda waspada

      Terima kasih atas pandang anda dan komen-komen constructive yang diberi oleh anda dalam blog saya. Selepas saya membaca beberapa, pandangan saya adalah share swap MAS – AirAsia yang sulit ini ada sedikit similarity kerana ada player yang sama dalam kedua-dua deal.

      Sila jegok blog RockyBru dan lain2 anda boleh faham kenapakah saya menyatakan demikian.

      Kalau sempat saya akan naikan satu psoting baru mengenai dengan share swap yang sulit tersebut.

      Izinkan saya mengunakan kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada anda dan keluarga dan juga semua kaum Melayu Selamat Hari Raya.

      Terima kasih.

      wee choo keong

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